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January 2014

THE EPISTLE OF ST. PAUL’S In recognition that all that we have are gifts entrusted to us by God, it is the purpose of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church to work and pray and give for the spread of God’s kingdom.

“Glory to God in the highest heaven and on earth peace among those he favors.” Luke 2:14 Dear Friends, “Happy New Year!” You’ve heard it a hundred times over the last few weeks. It’s a phrase on everybody’s tongue. And before that it was “Merry Christmas.” These and all the other holiday greetings and endearments make us glad to say them and they add to an inner uplifted feeling that begins to grow in us at the approach of Christmas and Epiphany. Does it ever occur to you that the state of the world runs counter to these heartfelt sentiments? With all the injustice and cruelty with which so many human beings live, with the worldwide violations of human rights, the poverty and deprivation which mark so much of humankind, oppression, corruption and unkindness that mark life in the world? How can we be merry and happy in the midst of all this? The questions are legitimate. Still, Christmas and New Year must be a time of renewal, hope, anticipation, of determination and zeal to work for a better world where more and more people can live with merriment and happiness. Therefore, wherever the powers that be are in control through domination, there is a greater responsibility for all of us take a stand against all that dehumanizes people, and to work for their freedom. The Christmas story is one of a liberating God who comes to join an oppressed humanity in the work of liberation. God’s message through the angels is a message of defiance. In spite of the presence of empire, human arrogance and oppression, God is announcing peace and goodwill. This is God’s plan, the Plan of Salvation. Glory belongs to God, and not to the powers of this world. The more this is genuinely acknowledged the closer we are to peace. It was during the Roman occupation of the Holy Land that the Incarnation took place. It is in spite of that occupation that Mary and Joseph found joy

and love in the birth of Jesus. It was in the midst of economic hardship that the shepherds came to visit a family of modest means and discovered joy and peace. It is in spite of the holy family having nowhere to go that the Magi came to offer their gifts to the Holy Child. Through our celebration of these blessed seasons of Christmas and Epiphany we defy injustice, we defy the oppressors and the powers of death and destruction in this world. The powers of darkness do not possess the last word. They can treat the children of God as non-humans, but they cannot take away our God-given human worth and dignity. In the most literal way Christmas makes us defiant. We defy the evildoers because we believe in the goodness which they are capable of doing. We defy hate because we believe in the power of love and forgiveness. We defy despair because we believe in life and hope. We defy war because we believe in the power of peaceful methods and international law and legitimacy. We defy and challenge those who humiliate and degrade others because we believe in the dignity of every human being. The Incarnation — God taking on a human body and being born as one of us — took place when God took on our humanity, when the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. This happened in Palestine, a forgotten backwater of the Roman empire, under Roman occupation, within a poor unmarried family who had no place to shelter from the elements, when a tiny baby was born in a barn surrounded by animals. Out of this fragile, unlikely beginning God has created joy for us and for all humanity. Christmas and Epiphany — the showing forth of Christ’s majesty to the world — are times of blessedness and peace. And at the same time they are seasons of commitment to the Holy values of God in the world, and our defiant stand that kindness and justice will prevail. Faithfully yours, Jack

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VESTRY NOMINATIONS This January, four of our current Vestry members will be retiring. Paul Cash, Mark Lavendar, Ashley Palmore and Greg Price have all served St. Paul’s diligently over the past three years. Each contributed their unique gifts to the leadership of the church. When you see them, please thank them for their service. In February, at the Annual Meeting, we will elect four new Vestry members. If you are interested in serving St. Paul’s in this way, please let Greg, Mark or Paul know (as you know Ashley and her family have moved to New York state). They will be seeking a slate of candidates to present for election at the Annual Meeting. Nominations are open to confirmed members of St. Paul’s who are eighteen years of age and older. Faithfully, Colleen Stevens Hewitt


On Saturday, December 21st, the Hanover Christian Firewood Ministry team gathered at St. Paul’s along with many members of our congregation as well as individuals from other local churches to pick-up the Christmas Boxes we had prepared for our 15 neighboring families. As you know, the firewood ministry delivers wood to these families for heat and cooking. Through an outpouring of love and generosity, St. Paul’s Church family was able to provide Christmas Boxes that were overflowing. Added to the gifts was a delicious Christmas ham for each box. When the boxes were delivered, hugs and thanks abounded, men were literally speechless, children jumped and shouted for joy. On December 23rd we received a wonderful surprise. Another of our parish families had a gather of friends and associates who donated money, food, clothing, toys and even 2 bikes! We scrambled together on Christmas Eve and a group worked feverishly to sort, wrap and deliver these gifts. To all of you who gave, who helped and who delivered these Christmas Boxes, it is important for you al to know how very much your caring and generosity is appreciated. Thanks to you, these families will be warm and cared for this holiday. What a wonderful Christmas you provided. Isn’t it amazing what a small church can do!?

SPAA CLASSES The SPAA classes will begin on Tuesday, January 14th and are held from 9:30AM-11:30AM in the Parish Hall. Our E-SPAA classes will begin on Thursday, January 16th and are held from 6:00PM-8:00PM, also in the Parish Hall. If you are interested in attending either or both classes, please contact Ann Long at 804-994-2134

GREETINGS FROM WINCHESTER! At long last. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to update all of you on our new venture, but one thing after another just gets in the way when you move. Bill is LOVING his new position. Even the commute from Winchester to Staunton three days a week isn't so bad so far. He works 2.5 days here and 2.5 days there. We hope that will change sometime in 2014 when The Legacy in Staunton is able to hire their own full time chaplain. We closed on a new home here in Winchester on Oct. 11th after a lot of searching and waiting. And no, I'm not all unpacked yet. But the important stuff is out, and that's what counts. We've had several snows already, which I'm not accustomed to, but they do a much better job of clearing the roads up here, so I get along all right. I haven't really started to look for employment yet, waiting 'til the new year. A word of thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers recently at the time of Alexander's accident. It's truly a miracle his injuries were so relatively minor considering the height of his fall. He is improving every day and not letting this get him down. He's young, he'll heal quickly and bounce back even faster. My special thanks to your very special rector, Jack, who showed up at MCV on Thursday to check on us. How special to see him and have him extend his unique version of love and care to the three of us. Always remember what a blessing you have in this special man. Our door is open if you're ever up this way. Tara has our mailing address and my email, which hasn't changed. Just give us a holler and let us know to expect you and we will welcome you with open arms. Missing all of you, Brenda Boldin CRAFT CLUB MEETING The St. Paul's Craft Club will have its first meeting of 2014 on Friday, January 10th at the home of Janet Kencitzski. The meeting begins at 10AM and all ladies of the Church are welcome. For more information feel free to call Janet Kencitzski at 550-1805.

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View from the Back Pew


by Scott Harris .

Have you ever wondered what happened to the Christmas spirit? I’m sure you remember, it was that giddy feeling of wonder and anticipation that kicked in about the first of December each year. A child’s memory savors the images of lights twinkling in store fronts and yards; the sounds and smells of Christmas celebrations and the comforting sight of a jolly Santa Claus. It was an almost indescribable feeling of happiness and an understanding that all of us were part of something magical. In spite of all the commercialism you knew it was something special, something important. At some point though the wondrous veil lifted and we realized that what we thought was the whole picture was only a fragment of something so much bigger. It seems almost impossible for many of us to separate the anticipation of Santa’s visit with the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Both have become intertwined within the emotional reaches of our heart and in the spirit of the season. It is a bit of juxtaposition with some feelings of guilt as we await the arrival of bountiful gifts and celebration on one hand and the less tangible quality of salvation and peace in the other. When I was younger I knew we were in the season of Advent when the first Christmas cartoons appeared shortly after Thanksgiving and when the circle of candles appeared in the church. I never felt much confusion by the commercial vs. spiritual aspects of Christmas and knew there was room for both. It seemed pretty clear to me then that both were different parts of the same thing. I’ve heard folks lament the changes in what the Christmas season has become nowadays. They talk of the hustle and bustle and the disregard for the true meaning of Christmas as if it is a recent occurrence; as if it is something recently misplaced. It’s an argument I answered for myself when I saw “It’s a Charlie Brown Christmas” for the first time. I was mesmerized by the character named Linus clutching his blanket and proclaiming the joy in the birth of Jesus Christ even while his peers were caught up in the hysteria and commercialism of the Christmas Season. He didn’t berate them for their selfishness or criticize their short-sightedness but rather showed them an example of the truth in his simple recitation from the 2nd chapter of Luke, “For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord”. Even with all our failings, all of our weak and selfish ways a savior was born, for us. As a youngster there were many things I didn’t understand in life and much I didn’t know, but I think I knew the truth of that statement when I heard it. I don’t worry that the meaning of Christ’s birth in our lives may get blurred in a world of increased consumerism and focus on Santa Claus. Santa is made from the physical pleasures; a concoction that gives us joy. I think Jesus would have encouraged that temporary distraction. He would have known that the things that touch our heart in turn nourish our relationship with him. I hope every one of you had the best Christmas you’ve ever had. I hope you celebrated the season and I hope you spent time with loved ones. Don’t beat yourself up too much if you occasionally get caught up in some of the more commercial aspects of the season. The Christmas spirit isn’t exclusively about any one thing. It’s about all of the things that make us human beings, the good and the bad, and the things that make us special in the eyes of God. You don’t have to take my word for it. Just listen to a Christmas cartoon when you have time and you’ll find the same thing I did a long time ago; the spirit of Christmas is about love. Faithfully, Scott “Faith is the daring of the soul to go farther than it can see.”-- William Newton Clark

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January 2014 SUNDAY




Church Office Hours: Monday—Thursday 9:00AM-1:00PM














5 8:00AM Worship 8:45AM Fellowship 9:15AM Christian Education 10:30AM Lessons & Carols 12:00PM Fellowship


6 2:00PM Prayer Group 6:30PM Vestry Meeting


8:00AM Worship 2:00PM Prayer 8:45AM Fellowship Group 9:15AM Christian Education 10:30AM Worship 12:00PM Fellowship


7 6:00PM YOGA


8 12:00PM Pastoral Care 2:00PM Hanover Woman’s Club

14 9:30AM SPAA 6:00PM YOGA





28 9:30AM SPAA 6:00PM YOGA


6:30PM Altar Guild 6:00PM E-SPAA Supper & Workshop


8:00AM Worship OFFICE CLOSED 9:30AM SPAA 8:45AM Fellowship 9:15AM Christian 6:00PM YOGA 2:00PM Prayer Education Group 10:30AM Worship 12:00PM Fellowship

8:00AM Worship 2:00PM Prayer 8:45AM Fellowship Group 9:15AM Christian Education 7:00PM Ruritan 10:30AM Worship 12:00PM Fellowship

6:00PM Youth Group

23 6:00PM Youth Group 6:00PM E-SPAA


29 12:00PM Pastoral Care

30 6:00PM E-SPAA

31 Last Friday Social


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H. Brockenbrough

Lessons & Carols

R. Evans

A. Holliday/H. Holloway


H. Ford

M. Pauley

A. Long

C. Hewitt/M. Lavendar


P. Cash

T. Moniot

R. Wortham

M. Young/T. Lambert


J. Sutor

N. Rowland

L. Snively

A. Cross/G. Price






J. Sadler

P. Lambert


C. Kent/ R. Young


E. Drudge

S. Walker

H. Barber

K. Walker/C. Kent


A. Sadler

W. Sadler

L. Rowland

G. Temple/M. Young


L. Farrell

J. Price

J. Farrell

J. Farrell/V. Ransone


Altar Guild: Mabel Nelson, Randi Wortham



The Last Friday Social will be held on January 31st at the Parish Hall. The St. Paul’s Youth Group is sponsoring “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” to raise money for their mission trip. We will have “breakfast for dinner” and watch the classic movie. Bring a beverage of your choice if you wish. Watch for more details. We will have our second Sunday lunch on January 12th. Scott and Wendy Harris will be our hosts. The sign-up sheets for refreshments after the services in 2014 are posted. Please volunteer for one of the Sundays. Our after the service fellowship is important. My sincere thanks to all of you who provided refreshments in 2013. I am so grateful to so many of you for all of your help in December. We had 60+ people attend the Annual Ladies Luncheon. So many people helped. I apologize if I omit anyone, but here goes: Thanks for helping to Katrina Farrell, Ann Long, Sandra Heins, Andrea Kent, Beverly Townes, Beth Harris, Stephen Walker, Lauren Farrell, Alex Beaudin, Corine Kent, Courtney Kent and Kendall Walkerk. Special thanks to our musicians: Alyssa Heinechek, Julia Farrell, Haley Barber, Georgia Temple and Chase Temple. Thanks To all who brought food and helped with the reception when Bishop Johnston visited on December 22nd. Faithfully, Anne Cross

My deepest thanks to Susan Newton for again inviting us to Summer Hill to cut Advent Greens and have cocoa and Cookies with Santa. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful setting. Our appreciation also to Andrea Kent and to Santa Claus for being there. A good group turned out to make wreaths for the church and polish the brass and silver: Wendy Brooks and her mother Alice Louisell, Ann Long, Jane Kencitzki and Gina Dunklebarger all pitched in. The church was vest for Christmas by Dale Sayers, Nina Rowland, Wendy Brooks and her mother, Ann Long, Corine Barber, Haley Barber, Archer Long, and Madison Long. They did a beautiful job. Thank you!! We will have supper and a workshop for all Altar Guild members and anyone who is interested in joining on Wednesday, January 15th at 6:30PM. It is important that all members attend to catch up on changes you may not be aware of since most of you are on duty only 1 month a year. We will learn some new tips for taking care of the silver and linen as well. A sign-up sheet is on the board. Faithfully, Anne Cross

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church P. O. Box 441 Hanover, VA 23069

Return Service Requested

Phone: 804-537-5516 E-mail:


8 0 5 0 S t . P a u l ’ s C h u r c h R o a d H a n o v e r C o u r t H o u s e

In The Diocese of Virginia Dates to Remember Jan. 1 OFFICE CLOSED Jan. 5 Lessons and Carols Jan. 8 Hanover Woman’s Club Jan. 9 and 23 Youth Group Jan. 20 OFFICE CLOSED Jan. 31 Last Friday Social

The Right Reverend Shannon Johnston

Bishop of Virginia

Christian Education Director

Ms. Andrea Kent

Organist and Choir Director

Ms. Sarah Cothern

Parish Administrator

Mrs. Tara Wright

Junior Warden

Mr. Tom Lambert

Senior Warden

Mrs. Colleen Hewitt

Rector Emeritus

The Reverend Alwin Reiners, Jr.


The Reverend Jack Sutor

Sunday Services are at 8:00 a.m., Holy Eucharist (Rite I) and 10:30a.m. Holy Eucharist (Rite II). Christian Education for all ages begins at 9:15AM. A nursery is available for the later service. Further refreshments follow all services. Parish office hours for the Parish Administrator are Monday – Thursday 9:00AM—1:00 PM unless otherwise published.

January 2014  
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