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2008 St Paul’s High School Bessbrook

St Paul’s High School 108 Camlough Road Bessbrook Newry BT35 7EE 028 3083 0309 Fax: 028 3083 9948 Email: Telephone:

Principal Mr Oliver A.G. Mooney M.Sc. (Ed. Management), B.A. (Hons), P.G.C.Ed. Chairman of Governors Very Reverend Father S. Larkin, P.P.

St Paul’s was established in 1966 with the aim of providing its students with a Christian education within the Catholic ethos. St Paul’s is a Catholic Maintained School catering for boys and girls between the ages of 11 and 18. The school is situated on a modern campus in pleasant rural surroundings between Camlough and Newry. St Paul’s High School has recently undergone a complete refurbishment and site extension, boasting state of the art teaching and learning facilities which will allow the school to continue to offer first class education to the children of our many different parishes.

Farewell Another year draws to a close in St Paul’s and yet another group of young people embark on a new portion of their lives. As graduating students you will face many new opportunities and challenges and these will in turn require carefully considered decisions. Whether you are a Year 12 student wondering about the next step, be that work, more study or a training programme you should not rush your decision as it will have a big influence on how your life will develop from this point. If you are a Year 14 student, then Third level education awaits or perhaps you may wish to experience the joy of work and all the demands and the rewards that are part of each day. Whatever direction you choose, the spirit of St Paul’s will travel with you. I hope your time here was happy and that the friends you had in St Paul’s will remain your friends and a great source of support throughout the rest of your lives. I know I can speak for all the staff when I wish you all the best for your future. 2007/8 has been another exceptional year in St Paul’s. Our students have brought great honour to themselves, their parents and St Paul’s through their participation and success in many events and competitions. Music, dance and the huge variety of sport have all brought continued success. Our choir and musicians have appeared on television again and our young Under 14 footballers set down another marker for the future as they surged through Ulster on the way to another title for St Paul’s. Our under 16s were unlucky to fall at the last hurdle but many of then will be back to participate in the U18 Colleges competition next year. School life never stands still and this definitely applies to our All Ireland winning dancers. St Paul’s now dominates Dance competitions on an annual basis in Northern Ireland. My final words to all you departing students is, “Be proud of your school, speak highly of it wherever you go and we will also be proud of you no matter what path you choose in life. Remember as a society and as a country we need everyone to play a part, the part you play may appear sometimes as unimportant or very minor but if you play that part well then everyone gains. Respect each other, support each other and remember that God gives us another chance every morning we wake up to do it better today.” Every good wish for the rest of your lives. Oliver Mooney Principal

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Year Heads Mrs Bridget McConville

Year 14

Well can you believe it? The seven years are coming to an end. This was the ‘wee’ group, the smallest group in Year 8 and one of the smallest in Year 13. We have had quite a journey with very few bumps along the way. I hope you feel the experience has been a good one and you will remember us fondly. Most of us will stay here for quite a few years yet and paddle along quietly while you embark on your new adventure, life will be exciting and challenging for you and you will be amazed at how time seems to stand still everywhere else as you ride your roller coaster. I wish you good health, lots of good company and a wee bit of luck along the way with success in everything you do. Success can come in many disguises, it is not measured by the car you drive, the number of properties you own or the size of your bank balance. It is when you find yourself in a place where you want to be - one that is right for you. There is no One Size Fits All. With this will come happiness and may you have nice people around you to share it with. I wish you luck in the pursuit of your dreams, we’ve heard it say, ‘If you want to give God a laugh - tell him your plans!’ May God keep a watchful eye over you and do remember to talk to Him. God Bless Bridget McConville

Mr Tohiln Murney

Year 12

The class of 2003 will always have a special place for me as they were my first year group. It was a great honour for me to be appointed as your year head. The class of 2003 had a great diversity which I felt would be fun to work with. The first assembly was probably the most daunting experience of the past 3 years. All of you were wondering why is Mr Murney on the stage? Hopefully my explanation wasn’t too tough a blow to take on a Monday morning!! The past few years for me personally have been a learning curve, I feel that as you have grown as individuals, so I as your year head had to find my feet and grow with you. Hopefully together we have done a good job! There have been many highs and unfortunately the odd low, as Ronan Keating sang “life is a rollercoaster” thankfully though the high points have been most prominent. Many of you have grasped the spirit of St Paul’s by actively getting involved in many of the different extra curricular activities, from dance, music and sport all of which you have represented the school with much credit. This years Ulster football final will be an everlasting memory for me, the performance and dedication of all involved was an inspiration to us all and even though the result didn’t go our way you won many admirers. Tohiln Murney

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Head Boy and Head Girl Danny Cinnamond Head Boy When I applied for the role of head boy I hoped that I would be chosen as I feel a great sense of belonging and loyalty towards St Paul’s. Having attended the school for almost six years at that point and having seen first hand the responsibilities that came with the job I knew it would be a rewarding challenge. The moment I found out that I would be the new head boy for 2007/2008I felt a great sense of pride for my school and couldn’t wait to start. Being Head Boy and a member of the student council has taught me many valuable lessons, that as a role model in a very large and successful school my attitude and actions could affect others around me especially those in the junior school. I learned to accept people and their differences as each is to their own and everyone has a place, it just so happened that my place was head boy and I have enjoyed every second of it. Although the experience was filled with stressful moments as well as the good times, I don’t regret a thing. It has been a great honour to be given this opportunity and if anyone was given a chance to represent St Paul’s in this way I would encourage them to jump at it.

Roisin Kelly Head Girl Being chosen to represent St Paul’s as head girl was something I never expected but am so grateful for. To represent the students of this school, especially my own year was a privilege as they are such great people who will undoubtedly go on to achieve so much in their lives. St Paul’s have provided me with so many opportunities including the chance to see my own artwork displayed at exhibitions, travelling to Lourdes as a helper and giving me the chance to experience life in Kenya.

These along with countless other experiences have certainly made me appreciate my own life and the people I have in it. I can only hope as the years go by we, in this year group, will meet people who treat us with as much respect and provide the encouragement we will need to help us through as the staff and our peers have provided us with throughout the last seven years and indeed the last 2 or 3 years for some people. Finally I would like to thank the teachers I have had over the years, my year heads, form teachers and Mr Mooney for supporting

me and believing in my ability, I couldn’t possibly have made a bigger mistake if I had not chosen to come to St Paul’s all those years ago. The different paths we choose in life will hopefully not diminish the friendships we have formed here over the last 7 years. In the wise words of another it is with a heavy heart I leave this school but with a firm belief it will remain always as part of my fondest memories. Just remember, “The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for.”

St Paul’s Senior Council St Paul’s Senior Council consists of a group of Senior Prefect and Leaders and the Head Boy and Head Girl. They act as ambassadors for the school and represent the school at many public events throughout the year. Each Leader is responsible for a particular class or area of school life and fulfils duties pertaining to that area. The aim of the Council is first and foremost to set an example to younger pupils and in doing so fulfil the message of our prayer to St Paul.

“O Glorious St Paul, by your prayers and example enable me to be a better person, more considerate towards others, more honest with myself and more faithful to God. Give me the courage to accept the pains and problems of the day, rejoicing always in the lord. Through your prayers, may I be rooted in love, always loving God, in fidelity to Sunday Mass and daily prayer; always loving my neighbour especially my family and friends. Make me patient and kind, never jealous or rude. Give me the strength to trust, to hope and to endure whatever comes. May I always know in my heart what you taught so well, that there are only three things that last; faith, hope and love; and the greatest of these is love. Amen”

Members of the Senior Council Danny Cinnamond (Head Boy), Roisin Kelly (Head Girl), Caoibhe Sloan (Deputy Head Girl), Joseph Murphy (Deputy Head Boy), Anna-Marie Fitzpatrick, Sinead King and Charlotte Rooney.

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Class 12/25

I have been Form Teacher to 12/25 for five years. I remember well taking them out to their form room. They were a lovely bunch and I took to them right away. They embraced the essence of St Paul’s right from the start. Almost all pupils in 8A1, as they were then, took on extra-curricular activities. Some began guitar lessons and others the drama club, dance and football. Football became so time consuming during year 9 that some class teachers were concerned, however, the pupils managed. We lost Leanna Hillen at the end of Yr 8. She went to Castlewellan. (to prepare the way for Mrs Darling, the then Year Head!). However we inherited Aveen O’Hanlon, a great addition to

the class. Lee Kelly was ‘promoted’ in year 9 to year 10.He had been born early and deserved to be moved. This allowed the class to accept Cathal O’Hara. We lost Stephen Murphy at the end of year 10 and gained Tara Feehan at the start of year 11, from then on our class remained stable.

These were the years during which they blossomed, disco’s became the main talking point on Thursday/Friday (what will I wear, how are you getting, etc.) and then the post-mortems on Monday. I have seen love bloom and fade and in some instances bloom again. We had Friar Tuck’s brought in to end years and even terms.

There have been many ups and downs; highlights would have been group outings. In year 8 there were trips to Gosford forest and then at the end of year 8 the whole year went for a trip to Gosford. Year 9 brought a trip out to the Mournes and who could forget the rope traverse! In Year 10 we all went to the ‘Ice Bowl’. That was brilliant. No major breaks!

As these boys and girls have grown physically, so too have their personalities. Each one is an individual that I feel really proud of. To have been a constant in their lives for the past five years, years which are so important in their development, has been an honour. I know I will treasure these memories for many a year.

Roisin Fearon

Peter Connolly

I came to St Paul’s in 2003 and have had an incredible time over the last five years. I have made many friends who I will always remember and who I wish every success to in the future. St Paul’s has given me so many memories and the one that stands out the most is our French trip to Euro Disney. I hope that all the friends I have made achieve all their goals in the future, and would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the whole class to thank Mr Muckian for all the work he has done for us over the last five years.

I started at St Paul’s in 2003. Over the past five years I’ve learnt a lot from my teachers and friends. I can recall a lot of good memories, one being our trip to the ice dome in year 10. My class 12/25 has been like a family and we have all got on well with each other. I hope to stay on in St Paul’s to do my A-levels. I would certainly recommend St Paul’s school to anyone considering attending here in Year 8 or Year 13.

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Form Teacher Mr

Laurence Muckian

Lauren Allport St Joseph’s PS, Meigh

Neil Barr Cloughoge PS

Hannah Coghlan St Malachy’s PS, Carnagat

Stephen Coleman St Oliver Plunkett’s PS, Forkhill

Peter Connolly Cloughoge PS

Roisin Fearon St Joseph’s PS, Meigh

Tara Feehan Bunscoil An Iuir

Corey Finnegan Jonesboro’ PS

Niamh Finnegan St Peter’s PS, Cloughrea

Megan Garvey St Michael’s PS, N’hamilton

Cassie Loughran St Joseph’s PS, Meigh

David Magennis St Joseph’s PS, Meigh

Declan Magennis St Joseph’s PS, Meigh

Christine McDonald St Oliver Plunkett’s PS, Forkhill

Colin McEneaney Killean PS

Emma-Marie McGahon Realt Na Mara National School

Lauren McGivern St Joseph’s PS, Bessbrook

Gerard McKeown St Patrick’s PS, Crossmaglen

Sarah-Ann McKnight St Laurence O’Toole’s PS, Belleek

Ciara McLoughlin St Joseph’s PS, Bessbrook

Vicki Mohan St Malachy’s PS, Ballymoyer

Martina Moley St Malachy’s PS, Ballymoyer

Deirbhile Murphy St Peter’s PS, Cloughrea

Helen Murphy St Laurence O’Toole’s PS, Belleek

Mairead Murphy Cloughoge PS

Sinead O’Grady St Joseph’s PS, Bessbrook

Aveen O’Hanlon St Malachy’s PS, Camlough

Cathal O’Hara Cloughoge PS

Mairead Quigley Cloughoge PS

Kevin Taylor Abbey CBS PS, Newry

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Class 12/30

12/30 (or 8A7 as they were known then) will always be special to me as 2003 was their first year in St Paul’s and mine respectively. I didn’t join them until November 2003, but it was obvious that their previous form teacher, Mr Francis Loy, had them well settled into the St Paul’s routine. It was an absolute pleasure to take on the role of being their form teacher. From day one I enjoyed the questions, the banter and the very strong sense of class spirit and loyalty. We enjoyed many trips together. In Year 8 there was the ‘Oh no you’re not’ of the pantomime in Belfast; the scouting skills (particularly those of Kevin and Stephen P) at Killowen in Year 9; and the grace and posture at Dundonald Ice Bowl in year 10. In fact many of the class would have been eligible for ‘Dancing on Ice’!

In 2006 we said a sad goodbye to Stephen P, Paul, Kevin, Miceal, Stephen R, Martin, Anthony, Oisin, Niall, Gerard, Denise, Grace and Debbie. We were joined by Emma, Niamh, Paul, Sean, Lee, Josh, Jamie, Micheal and Donal, who were made very welcome and who very quickly became an integral part of the form class. Involvement in extra-curricular activities is very strong in the class. In Year 11 Lee Lennon and Declan McAleenan were integral members of the U-16 Gaelic Football Team, winning Armagh League and Championship medals. In Year 12 Lee once again played a vital role in the U-16 and U-18 Teams. Danielle Mc Eneany and Dervla Rafferty have both been very successful members of the St Paul’s Cross Country Team. Dervla is also a member of the St Paul’s Dance Team which was extremely successful in the

recent All Ireland competition in Coleraine. Oonagh Woods was a member of the Dance Team from year 8-10 and was part of the Newry Dance Team which won first and second in the Ulster’s in February. What has always impressed me about 12/30 is their innate kindness and willingness to help. Many of the class are involved in voluntary work such as Micheal Campbell who helps out with swimming lessons for children with special needs at Newry Swimming Pool or Emma Harrison who is a member of Fire Cadets N.I. I will miss you all, whether it be Josh’s jokes or Sean’s assistance with the computer!! I wish you all every success in your exams and in your lives. Take care! Deirdre Graham

Niamh O’Reilly

Lee Lennon

Over the years I have been involved in music whether it is in a band or solo. I sing and play the guitar and I write my own words and music. I have always loved music and I began singing at a young age but only took up the guitar five or six years ago. I went on to record some of my own songs and have played in front of many audiences, at various events. The experience of singing live to an audience is one I will never forget! I would recommend performing to anyone and it is definitely worth all the effort.

I first year I joined the school crosscountry team. I won the gold medal at the Championships in Kilbroney that year and again in Yr 9. I came third in the Ulster’s and then got my place in the Irish Squad and I went over to London to run in the marathon. In Year 10 I won the Armagh Championships with the Gaelic football team and went on to get the School’s Sports Personality of the Year. In Year 11 I won the Armagh League and Championship with the fifth year team. In Year 12 I won the Armagh League and Championship once again with both the Under 16 and Under 18 teams.

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Form Teacher

Mrs Deirdre Graham

Micheal Campbell St Peter’s PS, Cloughrea

Emma Harrison St Malachy’s PS, Carnagat

Lee Lennon St Malachy’s PS, Camlough

Cathy Malone St Joseph’s PS, Bessbrook

Paul McAllister St Malachy’s PS, Camlough

Louise McCabe Jonesboro’ PS

Donal McCann Cloughoge PS

Danielle McEneany St Peter’s PS, Cloughrea

Joshua McGinn-Sheridan St Malachy’s PS, Carnagat

Sean McGuigan Cloughoge PS

Niamh O’Reilly St Michael’s PS, N’hamilton

Dervala Rafferty St Peter’s PS, Cloughrea

Daniel Rice St Joseph’s PS, Bessbrook

Shaunna Rice St Joseph’s PS, Bessbrook

Oonagh Woods Dromintee PS

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Class 12/02

It was a great pleasure and source of pride to have been form teacher to 12/02. The last five years have gone very fast but incredible transformations have taken place in this short space of time. I have watched fresh faced, shy children grow into lovely confident, and already very accomplished young adults and it has been a privilege to have accompanied them on their journey. This group is blessed with an amazing wealth of academic, sporting and musical talent and this was first proven when our class won the medal for the overall award on sports day in Gosford Park. Later two of our pupils scored A grades in GCSEs as juniors: Megan Burns in Irish and Monica Mallon in Music. Overwhelming success was achieved at Key stage 3 with presentations made to

the following: Emma Murphy in English and French, Brian O’Hare in Science, Monica Mallon in Maths, Megan Burns in Irish, Turlough O’Neill for Spanish and Goodwill, and Caitlin Malone for Endeavour. There is an incredible array of musical talent in 12/02. Laura Connolly, Amy McLoughlin, Roseanne McVerry, Kathy McNally, Megan Burns, Monica Mallon, Ciara Campbell, Turlough O’Neill are members of the school choir and have won gold medals in numerous competitions. They all impressed us with their fine performances in Viva Mexico assisted by Maeve McParland from the class and with Megan and Turlough playing main roles. Musicians abound in 12/02 also with Emma and Niall Murphy to the fore with the school traditional group and Sinead McManus, Lisa Black and

Monica Mallon with the orchestra. 12/02 can also boast great sporting aptitude and success with Peadar O’Hare, Kealan Downey and Brendan Doherty making it to the Ulster final of the U16 football. The girl’s football has also been successful with Katie O’Brien, Caitlin Malone, Maeve McParland and Megan Burns all on the school team. It is clear that 12/02 has the ‘X’ factor and I have no doubt with continued determination and commitment each and every one of you will accomplish your dreams and reach your destiny. I wish you good luck, good health and above all happiness and in the words of Wilcox “don’t hurry, don’t worry, and be sure to smell the flowers along the way”.

Monica Mallon

Peadar O’Hare

My interests in music and dance have developed and blossomed during my time at St Paul’s. I have been a member of the school choir and chamber choir for five years and have triumphed in feiseanna and even made several television appearances. I am the leader of our school orchestra and I am currently working on my Grade 8 violin. I have also enjoyed learning the techniques of the African drum in recent years. Being a member of the orchestra I have had the privilege of performing for President Mary McAleese. I am also part of St Paul’s dance team which has given me great satisfaction and enjoyed winning the Northern Ireland championships several times. I was thrilled when we were recently recognised as Ulster and All-Ireland champions.

I have really enjoyed my five years in St Paul’s, not only because I have made lots of friends, but because it has given me the opportunity to develop my skills as a Gaelic footballer. I started my football career with Dromintee GFC and have played with the school team since first year. I really enjoy playing football and have had some success: we have won 3 Armagh league and championships and recently made our way to the Ulster final where unfortunately we were beaten. I was delighted to have been selected for Armagh trials this year and my hope is to make the under 17 Development Squad.

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Form Teacher

Mrs Anne Mackin

Lisa Black St Oliver Plunkett’s PS, Forkhill

Aisling Boyle St Joseph’s PS, Bessbrook

Megan Burns St Peter’s PS, Cloughrea

Ciara Campbell St Malachy’s PS, Carnagat

Laura Connolly St Peter’s PS, Cloughrea

Brendan Doherty St Malachy’s PS, Camlough

Kealan Downey St Joseph’s PS, Meigh

Shane Farrell St Joseph’s PS, Meigh

Nicola Fitzpatrick St Augustin’s PS, Kent

Gary Magennis St Joseph’s PS, Meigh

Monica Mallon St Joseph’s PS, Bessbrook

Caitlin Malone St Joseph’s PS, Bessbrook

Amy McLoughlin St Malachy’s PS, Carnagat

Sinead McManus St Joseph’s PS, Meigh

Kathy McNally St Malachy’s PS, Camlough

Maeve McParland Cloughoge PS

Sarah-Louise McParland St Malachy’s PS, Camlough

Rachel McQuade St Malachy’s PS, Camlough

Roseanne McVerry St Joseph’s PS, Bessbrook

Emma Murphy St Brigid’s PS, Drumilly

Niall Murphy St Brigid’s PS, Drumilly

Katie O’Brien St Malachy’s PS, Camlough

Majella O’Brien St Marys PS, Mullaghbawn

Julie O’Hanlon St Malachy’s PS, Carnagat

Brian O’Hare St Peter’s PS, Cloughrea

Peadar O’Hare Jonesboro’ PS

Turlough O’Neill Dromintee PS

Sean Pearce St Joseph’s PS, Meigh

Nicola Preece St Malachy’s PS, Carnagat

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Niall Rice Jonesboro’ PS

Majella Shields Cloughoge PS

Class 12/24

It has been my pleasure to be Form Teacher to 12/24 this past two years. This class was formed in September 2005, due to each pupil’s subject choices.

this past couple of years, I am proud of each and every one of them. Each student has had their own personal achievements and I hope this continues in the years to come.

Even though we have had our ups and downs

I will miss the craic and I hope to see you all

again. I wish you success for the future and whatever you decide to do. Pupils missing from our photos are Patrick McCartney, Emma McClelland, and Grainne McVerry.

Megan Cinnamond

Steven Trainor

I came to St Paul’s High School in September 2003. I have enjoyed my time here, especially playing football for the school team. In first year we won the Armagh Championship, it was a great achievement. Since then we have competed well in the Armagh league. Outside of school, I have been captain of the Armagh Under 16 team, and I led my team to victory as we won the Ulster Title. I hope to stay on in St Paul’s to study A-levels. Thank you to all the staff at St Paul’s for all your guidance over the years.

I started St Paul’s in 2003, and I have enjoyed it. I loved taking part in football. I started my Gaelic career with Corrinshego GFC and I have played for the St Paul’s Gaelic team since first year. I have enjoyed great success and would like to thank St Paul’s for all the opportunities. Good luck to everyone in their exams this year!

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Form Teacher Miss

Laura McConville

Shaun Campbell St Joseph’s PS, Bessbrook

Megan Cinnamond St Malachy’s PS, Carnagat

Niall Colgan Cloughoge PS

Kevin Faloon St Patrick’s PS, Newry

Patrice Finnegan St Malachy’s PS, Carnagat

Conor Hughes Killean PS

Kevin Kearns St Joseph’s PS, Bessbrook

Grace King St Malachy’s PS, Carnagat

Kristian Magill St Joseph’s PS, Bessbrook

Martin McClelland St Malachy’s PS, Carnagat

Patrick McGrory St Malachy’s PS, Ballymoyer

Emmett Murtagh St Malachy’s PS, Camlough

Niall Sexton St Peter’s PS, Cloughrea

Steven Trainor St Joseph’s PS, Bessbrook

Conor Larkin Jonesboro’ PS

Anthony McNally St Malachy’s PS, Camlough

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Class 12/72

Arriving in St Paul’s, I was made form tutor to 9/A3, a fresh-faced group of enthusiastic students already making an impact on the school. Since that time they have continued to make their presence felt, whether in academics, the arts or the sporting fields. The face of 12.72 has changed a lot since those early days. We said goodbye to Declan McAleenan, Lisa Black, Julie and Aoife O Hanlon, Turlough O’ Neill, Mary O Gorman, Sheena Collins and Leanne Winters. But we welcomed Cecilia Byrne, Colleen McElherron, Catherine Maguire, Steven Murphy, Cathal McParland, David McSherry and Gavin O’Keefe. It now seems as if they were always a part of the class. 12.72 made a great contribution to the sporting life of the school. The school’s

GAA teams would be nowhere without the commitment of boys like Donal McKenna, David Mullholland, Gavin O’Keefe and Cathal McParland. The captains of these memorable teams often came from 12.72 with Christopher Canning and Damian Doyle guiding teams to many a victory. Not to be undone, the girls of 12.72 gave as good in football and camogie with Ulster success at U14. Eamonn Connolly captained the fledgling rugby team. On the soccer pitch Daniel Hughes shone at the Milk Cup and the talent of Gerard Grogan promising future great things. Not satisfied with dominating sport within the school, the class were heavily involved in the Arts. Cecilia Byrne played a central role in the excellent production of Viva Mexico. And no school choir would be complete without the likes of Colleen McElherron, Carolyn Connolly and Catherine Maguire. Irish dancing is well represented in the class, with Orla Quinn and Aichlinn Trainor picking up 20 All Ireland and International medals between them.

12.72 have always worked well as a group, they are widely recognised by their subject teachers as a “lovely” class and many have made generous remarks about the class. I could always rely on a number of students to keep me informed of the “going ons” of 12.72, often in a more effective way than any merit book or Sims. Indeed there were a few gentlemen who liked the occasional mid morning or afternoon stroll through the leafy lanes of Camlough or Bessbrook, just to take the air. Moving to their new home in Room ES/2 they made their permanent mark with a beautiful wall mural of Paul Henry’s “In Connemara”- thanks to Aichlinn Trainor, Cecelia Byrne and Kim Curtis. I certainly hope that 12.72 have enjoyed their time at St Paul’s and that they go on to realise the potential that they have. No doubt, we will see many back to continue their studies, but I wish all the class the very best and hope that they will look back fondly on their time in St Paul’s.

Aichlinn Trainor

Christopher Canning

Since I started St Paul’s, I have had the best years of my life. I have met the most amazing people and especially those in 12.72. I have made life long friends in the class. I thank all 30 pupils and Mr McCaffrey for my making my time at St Paul’s enjoyable and rewarding. I also want to thank my other teachers for all their support, guidance and commitment over the last five years. I wish all the year 12 the very best of luck in the future.

“When I started St Paul’s in 2003 I enjoyed playing Gaelic football and immediately got involved in playing for the school. I have enjoyed a lot of success winning 5 Armagh championships, 3 league titles and one Ulster title back in 2005.

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The highlight of my sporting life was being presented with an All Star in 2006 and captaining this years U16 team. I have really enjoyed my other subjects such as English and History. In my five years at St Paul’s I have made many good friends and wish them the very best of luck for the future.”

Form Teacher

Mr Emmet McCaffrey

Christopher Canning St Malachy’s PS, Ballymoyer

Joanne Boyle Killean PS

Cecilia Byrne St Joseph’s PS, Meigh

Rory Byrne St Dallan’s PS, Warrenpoint

Carolyn Connolly Jonesboro’ PS

Eamon Connolly Jonesboro’ PS

Kim Curtis Jonesboro’ PS

Gerard Grogan St Peter’s PS, Cloughrea

Daniel Hughes St Malachy’s PS, Carnagat

Conor Lennon St Michael’s PS, N’hamilton

Sarah Loughran St Malachy’s PS, Camlough

Alanah Mackin St Malachy’s PS, Camlough

Sarah McAleenan St Joseph’s PS, Meigh

Stephen McAleenan St Peter’s PS, Cloughrea

Colleen McElherron St Joseph’s PS, Bessbrook

Michael McEvoy Cloughoge PS

Catherine Maguire St Malachy’s PS, Camlough

Donal McKenna Dromintee PS

Cathal McParland St Teresa’a PS, Tullyherron

David McSherry St Teresa’s PS, Tullyherron

Ciara Monaghan St Joseph’s PS, Bessbrook

David Mulholland St Joseph’s PS, Meigh

Stephen Murphy Dromintee PS

Steven Murphy St Oliver Pulnkett’s PS, Forkhill

Gavin O’Keefe Cloughoge PS

Orla Quinn St Malachy’s PS, Carnagat

Aichlinn Trainor St Malachy’s PS, Carnagat

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Alan Camblin Abbey CBS PS, Newry

Ronan Downey St Joseph’s PS, Meigh

Damian Doyle St Malachy’s PS, Camlough

Class 12/50

My form class has continued to evolve over the past five years. Many pupils have come and gone during this time. All of them joining new classes and finding their place as they settled into St Paul’s. Some moved in year 8 and others at the end of year 10. Each pupil moving out caused heartache and new pupils moving in were always made to feel more than welcome. The one thing that has remained constant though has been the fact that boys have always

made up the majority of the class. The boys have always been protective of the girls and I have always admired this gentleness. I look back at photographs of the class from the time when we visited Gosford Forest Park when they were in Year 8. When I look at the photographs now, I can hardly remember them being so small. It’s as if I have missed them growing up to the mature and sensible young adults they are today. Each one being so different and yet united as one class. I wish all of you every success

and happiness as you embark on your future paths. I hope you continue to look out for each other and look after each other. And now for a few words of wisdom: We can’t act friendly toward someone for very long without feeling friendly. Many a friendship long, loyal, and self sacrificing, rested at first on no thicker foundation than a kind word. So be kind to each other, smile often and always be good to Mammy and Daddy! Don’t forget to visit now and again and let me know how things are going for you.

Sarah Louise Doran

Vova Samsonik

Sarah Louise is an exceptionally caring and gentle girl. I will miss her when she leaves St Paul’s. She carried much of the responsibilities and duties attached to the form class. She was the class Prefect and performed her duties with diligence.

Vova came to St Paul’s with a great attitude and hunger for knowledge. He fitted in almost immediately and having Russian as his first language was no barrier to his rapid progress. He has conquered the language barrier albeit with a Bessbrook accent!

Page 14

Form Teacher Mrs

Siobhan O’Hare

Stephen Boyle St Joseph’s PS, Bessbrook

Patricia Callaghan St Joseph’s PS, Meigh

Kellie Conlon Dromintee PS

Conor Donaghy St Oliver Plunkett’s PS, Forkhill

Sarah-Louise Doran Cloughoge PS

Louise Faloon Cloughoge PS

Christopher Flynn St Joseph’s PS, Bessbrook

Barry Gaskin Dromintee PS

Linsey Holland St Malachy’s PS, Camlough

Mark Hughes St Malachy’s PS, Carnagat

Nadine Hughes St Clare’s PS, Newry

Nathan McKibben St Malachy’s PS, Carnagat

Stephen McNamee Killean PS

Conor McShane Abbey CBS PS, Newry

Natalie Metcalfe Dromintee PS

Susan Quinn St Clare’s PS, Newry

Michael Reel St Joseph’s PS, Meigh

Stephen Ryan Redeemer Boys School, Dundalk

Vova Samsonik Grammar School No 2, St Petersburg

Darren Sheridan St Oliver Plunkett’s PS, Forkhill

Page 15

Class 12/21

Class 12/21 have been a great form class to work with over the past five years. I wish them all the very best as they face the future. As you leave us, here is a little poem to help you on your way…… “Five years have past so quickly, it’s quite hard to believe. As children you entered St Paul’s, young adults now you leave. We’ve shared a lot together, as we gathered every day, We laughed and joked and messed a bit and shed tears along the way. To do the very best for you, was always our intention Even if that meant a code of conduct or detention For those who will go out to work, it’s sad to see you pack And those who will return to us, you’ll be very welcome back. Be there for each other and always do your best, Remember to be careful when you pass your driving test. If you’re ever feeling lonely, turn to the man above And remember the wee prayer you learnt about faith, hope and love”. Good luck 12 21 and God Bless Mrs Oonagh Magee

Shauna Rafferty

Deaglan Mulgrew

I have really enjoyed being part of St Paul’s dance team over the last five years and we have achieved many gold medals in that time. My most memorable moment so far was winning the All-Ireland Dance Trophy this year. I also enjoyed being part of the school musical “Viva Mexico”. At the moment I am studying for my GCSEs and my favourite subjects are Health and Social Care and PE. I hope to pursue a career in Health or Sport. I would like to wish all my friends good luck in their exams and a big thank you to all the teachers for all their help and support over the years.

I have enjoyed the last five years here at St Paul’s and I have made many friends that I will always remember. In Yr 11 I got the opportunity to do my GCSE Art in one year and I achieved an A* grade. I finished my AS Level Art in Yr 12. I hope to get good grades in all my other subjects and return to St Paul’s. My highlights of school life include practising and performing in the school orchestra because it is really good craic!

Page 16

Form Teacher Ms

Oonagh Magee

Darren Bennett Cloughoge PS

Stephen Cassidy St Patrick’s PS, Newry

Steven Dennison St Peter’s PS, Cloughrea

Emma Donaghy St Malachy’s PS, Camlough

Sean Doyle St Malachy’s PS, Camlough

Louise Flynn St Peter’s PS, Cloughrea

Colleen Gorman St Malachy’s PS, Ballymoyer

Denise Hollywood St Michael’s PS, N’hamilton

Jamie Larkin St Joseph’s PS, Meigh

Linda Lavelle St Malachy’s PS, Ballymoyer

Eileen McConville Cloughoge PS

Emmet McKeown Cloughoge PS

Kevin Moan St Joseph’s PS, Bessbrook

Deaglan Mulgrew St Joseph’s PS, Meigh

Cillian Murphy Dromintee PS

Shauna Rafferty St Joseph’s PS, Poyntzpass

David Thompson St Malachy’s PS, Carnagat

Page 17

Class 12/27

September 2006 saw new beginnings for both myself as a new teacher to St Paul’s and 12 27 as a class. They were an amalgamation of pupils from three different classes re-formed as a result of their subject choices.

I would like to congratulate those of you who have worked hard over the last two years. As your GCSE examinations draw near I wish you all the very best of luck now and in your future. I hope you will look back on your five years here at St Paul’s with

fondness. Jacqueline Cooke is missing from the photo. Good Luck. Ms Kellie McShane

Collette McCabe

Gary McDonald

I have really enjoyed my time at St Paul’s especially the last two years as I have been able to study Health and Social Care. St Paul’s has also given me the chance to attend the Southern Regional College in Newry once a week. It has allowed me the opportunity to see what it would be like if I decided to go there full-time next year. I would love to stay on at St Paul’s and do my ‘A’ Levels in Health and Social Care and Science with the aim of pursuing a career as a Midwife.

I came to St Paul’s in 2003 from Cloughoge PS. I have enjoyed the last five years especially the last two as I have been able to attend the Tech on Thursdays. I have many memories of St Paul’s and I will always keep them with me. I’d like to give a special word of thanks to all the staff who have taught me over my five years especially our Year Head, Mr Murney and our Form Teacher Ms McShane

Page 18

Form Teacher Ms

Kellie McShane

Emma-Louise Ashton St Albert’s PS, Isle of Man

Patrick Crimmins St Joseph’s PS, Bessbrook

Ciara Devlin St Ronan’s PS, Newry

Miceal Fearon Jonesboro’ PS

Niall Galloghly St Peter’s PS, Cloughrea

Adrian Larkin Cloughoge PS

Collette McCabe St Malachy’s PS, Carnagat

Deborah McCabe St Malachy’s PS, Carnagat

Hayley McCabe St Malachy’s PS, Camlough

Paul McCabe St Joseph’s PS, Bessbrook

Gary McDonald Cloughoge PS

Declan McGinn St Joseph’s PS, Bessbrook

Marrianne McGuigan St Joseph’s PS, Bessbrook

Gerard Murphy Dromintee PS

Peter O’Callaghan St Malachy’s PS, Camlough

Megan Woods St Clare’s PS, Newry

Page 19

Class 12/83

It has been my pleasure to be form teacher to class 12/83. I have found them to be pleasant, helpful, hardworking and ambitious. They have all shown how dedicated they are to achieve their goals in 2007-2008 and have worked alongside their teachers to achieve all necessary qualifications they

need to continue on their chosen paths. I found all members of my form class to be friendly and caring young people to each other and the staff who work with them. I wish them well as they leave St Paul’s and I know they will be contributors and participators in their workplaces and communities.

Also in this class: Emma Brown, Michelle Keenan, Loughlin Larkin, Gerard McCartney, Claire White, Orla Morgan, Terence Toner, Brigid Ward. Good luck to each one of you as you leave St Paul’s. Mary McManus

Miss Julie Donaghy and Ms Mary McManus Vocational Education

Page 20

Form Teacher

Ms Mary McManus

Shane Byrne St Malachy’s PS, Camlough

Julieann Fearon St Joseph’s PS, Bessbrook

Kevin Fitzpatrick St Joseph’s PS, Bessbrook

David Gibney St Michael’s PS, N’hamilton

Annemarie Haw St Michael’s PS, N’hamilton

Sinead Mallon St Malachy’s PS, Camlough

Coisla Malone St Joseph’s PS, Bessbrook

Shauneen McEvoy Cloughoge PS

Shane McGuinness St Joseph’s PS, Meigh

Claire McTaggart St Teresa’s PS, Tullyherron

Mark McTaggart St Malachy’s PS, Camlough

Devon Murphy Jonesboro’ PS

Joanne Murphy St Michael’s PS, N’hamilton

Mairead O’Shea St Joseph’s PS, Bessbrook

Declan Oakes St Malachy’s PS, Carnagat

Stephen Travers St Malachy’s PS, Camlough

Kate-Marie Ward St Conor’s PS, Omagh

Page 21

Class 12/73

It has been a great pleasure to have been form teacher of class 1273 from 2006. I have found them to a pleasant, hardworking, conscientious group giving of their best on all occasions. During their time in St Paul’s they have successfully completed a number of courses: n OCR Level 1 certificate for I.T. users (New CLAIT) n NIOCN CV Job skills Level 2 n Essential Skills - Application of number / Communication

n CCEA - Dual Award Vocational Enhancement Programme certificate n “In House” module certification relating to employment. n GCSE Numeracy and Literacy The pupils have participated in a highly structured vocational programme. This involves work experience placement one day per week and participation in various units of work in the Southern Regional College. The social, educational and recreational

curriculum is geared entirely to the world of work. It has been a great pleasure to have taught this fine group of young people and I wish them every success in the future and hope that they will use the skills acquired to follow a successful career. Pupils missing from the photo above are Karl Toland and Colin McAleavey. On behalf of Mrs Josephine Conlon and Mrs Jane Poland, Classroom Assistants I would like to wish you all the best of luck in the future.

Gerard Hughes St Joseph’s LSC, Bessbrook

Aoife Kearney St Joseph’s LSC, Bessbrook

Darren McEvoy St Mary’s LSC, Banbridge

Paul McGeeney St Joseph’s LSC, Bessbrook

Colan McLaughlin St Mary’s PS, Rathfriland

James Millar St Joseph’s LSC, Bessbrook

Page 22

Form Teacher

Learning Support Unit Choir The LSU Choir have won every competition they have entered this year. They took first place at Newry Feis under the direction of Mr Peter Slane as well as picking up the gold at Warrenpoint Feis and Ballymena Festival. They secured the All-Ireland title in Drogheda with their renditions of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” and “The Rose” They will be rounding of the musical calendar with a performance at the Spring Concert. Congratulations to all involved.

Page 23

Mr Patrick McAvoy

Class 12/41

Barry McCoy

Brian Finnegan

Christopher Cunningham

Colm McDonald

Craig Boyle

David Doran

Steps Programme Project Manager

Bernadette Rocks Link Teacher

Mary McManus

St Paul’s High School The programme is adapted to assist the student develop the attitude and skills necessary to maintain lifelong learning, including the capacity to work independently. The students are given the opportunity to work toward the achievement of relevant qualifications, each student is encouraged to

take responsibility for their own achievements and individual training plans are drawn up at the end of the 1st term. Timekeeping and attendance is monitored closely and each participating school is given a weekly report of attendance. The outputs i.e. qualifications and attendance are monitored and students are encouraged to achieve relevant qualifications, which will benefit them with progression into vocational training. Students are encouraged to develop the occupational, personal and social skills needed for effective participation in the workplace. (Missing from photo, Vincent Cassidy).

Qualifications On Offer n CCEA Occupational Studies (2 Units) • Bricklaying • Motor Vehicle Repair • Joinery

Page 24

n Keyskills Level 1/Level 2 • Communications • Application of Number • Information Technology The Steps programme is situated in the building of Southern Group Enterprises, which is a very well equipped training centre. SGE Ltd is an approved Awarding Body Centre for City & Guilds, CITB, Pitman, OCR and CCEA. Southern Group Enterprises received a letter of excellence from CCEA on the standard and calibre of work in the centre and samples of the finished products were taken for use as exemplar material. Good communication and effective partnerships have been established throughout the programme with parents, link teachers, principals, careers advisors and employers.

Steps Programme

Dean Ferguson

Declan McAleenan

Niall Dolan

Patrick McGuigan

Ryan McArdle

Seamus Carlon

Shay McAllister

Stephen Pentony

Page 25

Interview Skills Day - Year 14

Mrs Anne Black

This year Interview Skills Day took place on Wednesday 30th January 2008 and as always it is a significant date on the careers programme calendar. Emphasis has always been placed on the personal development of students in terms of recognising achievement and encouraging the skills and confidence to articulate this. By providing the students with formal interviews in the safe environment of the school students can prepare for upcoming university interviews. The programme is facilitated by Sentinus who provide a training session during the first part of the day. Local representatives from the business community chair the interviews and provide valuable feedback to the students. We are indebted to those who give up their time from busy schedules to participate in this day. The students can gain first hand knowledge of the interview process and benefit from the advice and guidance from people at the front line action of employment. The opportunity is a chance to experience a situation that will be necessary for anyone seeking employment and there is evidence that all those who participated took it seriously. The evidence is the photographs taken on the day.

Page 26

Fr Dermot Appointed Parish Priest of Dromintee The staff of St Paul’s High School presented Father Dermot Maloney with a gift in recognition of his appointment as Parish Priest to the Parish of Dromintee. Father Dermot, who joined the staff of St Paul’s as Chaplain in September 2001, will remain on the staff in a part-time capacity, working in St Paul’s on Tuesday and Thursdays. We wish Fr Dermot all the very best of luck and would like to take this opportunity to thank him for all the work he has done here in St Paul’s.

St Vincent De Paul Society Our Society was established in 2003 and since then we have become a vibrant and active group working within the school and local community. There have been many activities that St Vincent De Paul society was involved in this year, including the successful Christmas Hamper Appeal. Thirty three bulging hampers were collected for distribution to many deserving families around the area.

challenging, but extremely rewarding. In December 2007 we introduced our Year 8 Homework Club, which enables students from year 8 to complete their homework in school, with guidance and support from our year 13 and 14 members. Year 8 pupils found this facility very helpful during this transitional year, settling into St Paul’s.

This year also saw the restarting of visits to Cuan Mhuire (Our Lady’s Haven) which is a rehabilitation centre for those suffering from the effects of alcohol addiction. Students have found this experience difficult and

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the student members, Mr Mc Coy, Mrs

Miss Grace O’Neill Kearney and Fr Dermot for their support, help and willingness to give their time to others. Students who have been part of the SVP are: Sarah McCullagh, Charlotte Rooney, Aine Smyth, Maureen Browne, Grace Hollywood.

Annual Pilgrimage to Lourdes “Lourdes was absolutely brilliant, an eyeopening experience. To know that you were helping someone who really appreciated it, was an incredible feeling” Laura Woods “For me Lourdes was the most memorable experience of my life. I would recommend anyone if they get the opportunity to travel to Lourdes to go. It really makes you appreciate one’s health” Melissa Beattie

“Lourdes was an experience I will treasure forever. Being immersed into the baths and coming out dry was the most bizarre feeling ever. My experience in Lourdes filled me with compassion for others and I will definitely return in the future.” Charlotte Rooney

“Lourdes was a great experience. It was a big eye opener to see those who are less fortunate than us and we were grateful to help. I would like to thank St Paul’s for this wonderful experience” Ciaran Casey

Page 27

“Lourdes was a great experience and I loved every minute of it. It makes you grateful for what you have and was a humbling experience. It was amazing to see people with such strong faith” Jemma McAnuff “Lourdes was for me a humbling experience. Thank you St Paul’s and Fr Dermot for the opportunity” Joe Murphy

A Musical Year in St Paul’s

School Choir sings at the Mass of welcome to celebrate Cardinal Sean Brady’s Elevation.

Miss Bridie McAvoy

Head of Music Mr Colm Murphy

Ciaran Casey

Year 14

I am the leader of the African Drummers in St Paul’s. We have recently won the Newry and Warrenpoint Feis in Un-Tuned Percussion. Also this year we won first place at the Ballymena Festival. My most memorable moment was appearing on the BBC Series “Our Wee World” last month. Our group performed at the Spring Concert and a GCSE practical in St Patrick’s Grammar School Armagh. I really have enjoyed my time at St Paul’s and would like to take this opportunity to thank Miss Bridie McAvoy, Mr Peter Slane and Mr Colm Murphy for all their support and guidance over the years.

Jane Woods

Year 14

I have achieved Grade 5 in Flute and Grade 4 in Piano. I have been a member of the school orchestra since first year and was a member of the school choir for six years. I recently joined the Chamber Choir. I appeared on “School Choir of the Year” for UTV and numerous local feisanna. I also had the opportunity to sing at Armagh Cathedral. I also found playing for Uachtaran na hEireann, a very memorable experience. I would like to thank all the music teachers for all their help throughout the years and for all the wonderful opportunities to perform.

Page 28

Head of Music Mr

Colm Murphy

Emma Murphy

Traditional Group - Sinead O’Grady, Niall Murphy, Emma Murphy, Sarah Ann McKnight. Missing from photo is Monica Mallon.

Year 12

I have won many awards at Newry and Warrenpoint Feis over the years and have attended the Ulster Fleadh three times. I recently received Honours at Grade 8 Flute and I play with the Traditional Group in St Paul’s. I have also played in the All-Ireland Fleadh and have had the pleasure to play alongside esteemed musicians such as Mary Bergin, Brian Finnegan and the band Flook. This year I featured on the Armagh Pipers CD and on BBC in the programme “Our Wee World”

Niall Murphy Year 12 I play violin with the school Traditional Group and have won 1st prize at Newry and Warrenpoint Feis. I was runner-up in the All Ireland Championships and have won many Armagh and Ulster Championships. My most memorable moment was playing in concert with The Chieftains. I also featured on the Armagh Pipers CD and have distinction in Violin at Grade 1, 2, 4 and 8.

Megan Burns Year 12 I played the role of the Priestess in “Viva Mexico” in October 2006. I also won the Armagh final in Scor Solo Singing. I am a member of the school Chamber Choir and recently came 1st with the School Choir in Warrenpoint Feis. I also won the Solo Singing in Irish at Newry Feis. I achieved an A* in GCSE Irish in Yr 10 and have been a member of the school dance team that won the All-Ireland this year. Thanks to all the teachers that have guided and supported me over the past five years.

Monica Mallon I have enjoyed my time here in St Paul’s and especially my involvement with music over the years. I have achieved Grade 8 in Piano and Violin, Grade 2 in Drums and Grade 6 in Singing. I received my GSCE Music in Yr 9 and have taken part in many Feis and Festivals with the School Choir and the Chamber Choir. I am a part of the African Drummers and also appeared on “Our Wee World” for the BBC. I also play with the South Ulster Youth Orchestra. This year I was part of the Ballad Group that won the Scor. I would like to say a big thank you to all my music teachers and tutors over the years.

Page 29

Gradam Naomh Pól

Mr Gerard McCoy

Mr Gerard McCoy, Mr Oliver Mooney, Principal, Danny Cinnamond, Head Boy and Roisin Kelly, Head Girl.

As such, these pupils are deemed to be distinctive ambassadors for the school in their efforts in life and in the community. The range of areas in which such recognition will be awarded are:

n Giolla Dé / God’s Servant n Spórt / Sport n Ceol / Music n Léann / Learning n Cultúr / Culture n Saoránacht / Citizenship Gradam Naomh Pól is a new award which recognises pupils’ efforts, achievements and devotion in their lives in a number of areas outside of school. St Paul’s pupils who demonstrate distinction in the six areas below may be awarded with Gradam Naomh Pól - which denotes proficiency and excellence in the given field.

Cross Country Success for St Paul’s

Under this scheme, the aspiring student will be awarded, at assembly, with a lapel pin-badge - in school colours and in the relevant category.

Mr Eugene Hollywood

Cross Country Champions! n Kevin Murray Yr 11 n Aron Hollywood Yr 11 n Lee Lennon Yr 12 n David Magennis Yr 12 n Damian Doyle Yr 12 n Gavin O’Keefe Yr 12 n Daniel Hughes Yr 12, n Barry Toner Yr 11 n Caolan Travers Yr 11 Once in a while a team of young runners seem to win everything they enter and this young team has certainly done that this season. The have put St Paul’s firmly on the map in Cross Country running and are a shining example of team work and fitness. The titles they have won do far include: n Newry and Mourne Cross Country title in October 2007. n The Lake Lands Cross Country title in January 2008 n Armagh and Monaghan District Championships in February 2008 The boys also qualified for the Ulster Finals on the 20th February. They ran an excellent race on that day to qualify for the all Irelands finals which takes place on Saturday March 8th in Loughrea, Co Galway. Aron Hollywood and Kevin Murray who also run for Glenmore Athletic Club, have been selected to attend National Training Camps at 4 different venues around Ireland this year.

Page 30


Gregory McCabe - 09/14 Football

Tighearnan Moan - 09 93 Cross Country Running

Steven Mooney - 09 53 Mini-Moto Racing

Gregory plays for St Paul’s and Banbridge Town Juniors and has had a great season all round. He was rewarded for his fantastic performance this year by receiving a call-up to the FSA Friends Select Academy at the Foyle Cup. He captained the team in his first season and scored 29 goals which is amazing considering he plays centre field. He was also voted players Player of the Year and Club Player of the year. Gregory won the league and cup double with St Paul’s with the Yr 9 team.

Tighearnan won Silver at the Ulster CrossCountry Championships and represented Ulster in the All Ireland Cross Country Championships in Dungarvin in 9th place overall. He won Bronze at the Newry and District Post-Primary Schools CrossCountry Championships in Kilbroney Park this year. Tighearnan also was the top goal scorer with Banbridge Town Juniors this season with an impressive 30 goals!

Stephen has become extremely proficient in Mini-Moto Racing over the last year. He has taken part in many competitions all over Ireland including Donegal, Nutts Corner and Tipperary. He has now won six trophies as Novice Racer and is looking forward to the coming season where he hopes to improve his performance.

Ryan Cinnamond - 09 14 Soccer

Claire Murphy - 10 01 Art

Denver Jenkins - 10 90 Boxing

I won the Carnbane League and the Cup in 2006 and 2007 with Barcroft. I also play in the St Paul’s U.14 Soccer team and we won the schools league this year. We are playing in the Cup Final later this month. I would like to wish all my team the best of luck for the final!

Claire has been shortlisted for the Translink “Ulster in Bloom” Art Competition. She is among the top 20 Hockney inspired young artists from all over Northern Ireland who have been successful in this competition. The awards will be given out in April and the work displayed in Central Station, Belfast and the Laganside Bus Station.

Denver has made his way up through the boxing world over the past few years. He has recently become Club Boxer of the Year “St Brigid’s ABC” in 2007. Other titles under his belt are: Mid Ulster Champion 2006 & 2007, Armagh Down Champion 2007 and last month Ulster Champion 2008. In the words of the champion “To be the best you have to beat Denver Jenkins”

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Emma Rooney - 10 01 Netball

Shea Dowdall - 08 85 Cross Country & Boxing

Alannah O’Hanlon - 08 33 Irish

Year 10 student Emma Rooney has been selected to represent the Southern Area in the recent Netball trials. She gave an outstanding performance against over fifty other girls which led her to being the only under-age girl selected. Emma has recently been selected to play Netball for the Northern Ireland team. Well Done Emma!

Shea was the Gold Medal winner of the U.13 Boys 1000 metres at the Newry and District Post-Primary Schools CrossCountry Championships in Kilbroney Park this year. He also is a keen boxer and has recently won the Ulster Championship.

In November 2007 Year 8 pupil Alannah O’Hanlon, a past pupil of Bunscoil an Iuir received her GSCE Irish Certificate. This is the first time the primary school has entered their pupils for GCSE level.

Patrick Faloon - 11 87 Boxing

Caitlin Malone - 12 02 Gaelic Football

Sean Pearce - 10 89 Diana Award

Patrick has won the Ulster Championship Boxing title twice and the Mid Ulster title three times. He competed in and won the Ulster Cross Country Championship this year and was an All- Ireland Finalist He also was part of the U.14 team that won the Ulster Gaelic Championship title a few years ago. Paddy is a great all-round athlete.

Caitlin was named Senior Player of the Year for Carrickruppen Ladies and is an U16 All County Player. She also received the title of U.16 Player of the Year. A keen cross country runner Caitlin has received 8 medals and was been chosen to represent Armagh in the 2007 Elite Football Summer Camp.

Sean has been awarded the Diana, Princess of Wales, Memorial Award for Young People. The Award is in recognition of his caring nature in helping others and Sean was nominated by Ms Oonagh Magee, Art Department.

Sian Nic An Bheatha - Yr 13 Irish Sian was awarded top marks in the Gaeilge Exam and was congratulated by Education Minister, Caitriona Ruane. The exam is considered a higher level than the Irish exam pupils do at English-speaking schools. She would like to use her success to join a group that promotes the Irish Language.

Page 32

Achievements Melissa Beattie - 14 71 Rallying

Niamh Rooney - 09/93 Netball Niamh is a former pupil of St Joseph’s Primary School Bessbrook and currently a Year 9 pupil in St Paul’s High School Bessbrook. She was recently selected for the under-14 Southern Area Netball Development Squad. Niamh is pictured being congratulated by Principal of St Paul’s High School, Mr Oliver Mooney.

Melissa was introduced to rallying by her father from an early age, were she clearly inherited the ‘bug’. She participated in her first ever rally along with her co-driver Aoibheann in July 2007, seven weeks after her seventh birthday. From participating in continues rallies, she achieved her ‘International Licence’ in October 2007, allowing her to be the first ever girl to achieve one at this age and in such short time. Melissa competed in the Enniskillen Rally and won the “Best Ladies Crew”, winning her first ever piece of crystal. Melissa was trying to gain an entry into Rally Ireland in November 2007 which would have made her the ‘youngest girl ever’ to compete in a Round of the World Rally Championship. Melissa is going to compete in the local Mourne Rally in June 2008 which is held in Slieve Gullion Forest Drive and then in Rally

GB were she still can achieve the ‘youngest girl ever’ to compete in a Round of the World Rally Championship.

Yr 10 Football Squad Back Row: S Bradley, R McCabe, G Kane, J Grant, C Boyle, C Sloan, R Evans, C O’Hanlon, M Mallon. Front Row: M Feehan, J Meehan, C McCullough, M Boyle, K Hughes, D McConnell, G McCabe, G Doherty, A Feehan

Sean O Hagan - 09 14 Swimming

St Paul’s Under 14 Soccer Team

Sean competed at the Ulster Minor Schools Swimming Championships in Belfast in Oct 2007. He represented St Paul’s and won a Silver medal in the breaststroke recording a time of 39.68. He also broke the Newry and Mourne Club Record in this event and followed this up with a Bronze in the freestyle. Sean then went on to win Gold in the Age Group Superstars Gala later that month. The 12 year old Lissummon lad won the Gold medal in the breast stroke knocking 12 seconds off his previous best.

This season the St Paul’s U-14 soccer team remain unbeaten and have excelled in winning the Mid-Ulster Large Schools League and reaching the Mid-Ulster Schools Cup Final. For the first time in the school’s history the U-14 soccer team have reached the prestigious Northern Ireland Schools Cup Final on 21st April. The soccer team is managed by Mr Neil McArdle and Mr Paul Caldwell.

Managers: Mr Ciaran Cummins, Mr Neil McArdle and Mr Paul Caldwell

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Achievements Tae Kwon Do

Steven Dennison - 12 21

Steven has excelled in the sport Tae Kwondo over the last 7 years. His achievements include winning the following belts: June 2001 9th kup white belt

Sept 2001 8th kup yellow belt

Mar 2002 7th kup yellow belt June 2002 6th kup green belt Oct 2002

5th kup gren belt

Dec 2003 3rd kup red belt Jan 2006

May 2003 4th kup blue belt Jun 2004

2nd kup red belt

1st kup red belt

He went on to compete all over the UK winning the following events. n 2004 Team Event NI Championship Bronze Medal n 2004 Team Event NI Championship Gold Medal n 2005 Individual Event NI Bronze Medal n 2005 Team Event NI Championship Silver Medal n 2005 Welsh Championship Individual Bronze Medal- sparring n 2005 Scottish Championship Team Event Silver Medal n 2007 Scottish Championship Individual Bronze Medal n 2007 Under 16 World Middleweight Champion GOLD n 2007 Under 17 British Middleweight Champion GOLD n 2007 Under 17 British Middleweight Team Champion GOLD Steven won all his 2007 competitions U16 &U17 while still only 15! Congratulations Steven on all your success…next stop World Champion!

Declan McAleenan - 12/41


Declan represented Ireland in Sardinia winning his age division in the Open Championships. He is just 15 years old and is held in high regard in International Karate circles. He trains 3 nights a week in Dublin and has been competing since 2002. At the age of 12 Declan was selected as a member of the Irish National Squad and the European Championships. He dominated the Karate scene in Ireland from 2004-2006 and injury saw him out of competition for a year. He bounced back to fitness in 2007 with the win in Sardinia. His medal and trophy collection include: 11 club championship titles in Northern Ireland, 1 Northern Ireland Championship title, 6 All Ireland Championship titles 1 European Gold Medal, 10 International Medals (1 Gold, 6 Silver & 2 Bronze), 3 Ulster Provincial Championships, 1 Slovenian Championship, 1 Sardinian Championship.

St Brigid’s Accordion Band, Jonesboro All Ireland Champions St Brigid’s Accordion Band, Jonesboro’ are the All-Ireland Senior Accordion Marching Band Champions for the second time in three years. They won the title at the Fleadh na hEireann in Tullamore, Co Offaly and were previous winners in 2005. They were runnersup last year but lifted the coveted Gerry Whelan Cup in style this year. There are many members of the band on the roll here at St Paul’s and we are extremely proud of their achievements. St Brigid’s travelled to Disneyland in Paris to lead the Parade on St Patrick’s Day this year. Pupils in the band who are currently at St Paul’s are: Jordane Murphy 09 14, Shannon Rice 10 82, Emma Quinn10 82, Sarah McEvoy 10 01, Helen Kearney 08 91, Caoimh Knox 08 91.

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Back Row: Front Row:

Mrs Brenda Fegan, Sharin Byrne, Bernadette Toner, Laura Boylan, Maria McCone, Janine Fearon, Mrs Siobhan Kearney. Christine Kinney, Emma Kerr, Colleen Williams, Laura Mooney, Catherine McGuirk:.

Missing from the picture are Aoife Toner and Briege Markey

Farewell to our CACHE group Mrs Siobhan Kearney and Mrs Brenda Fegan It is with genuine sadness that I say goodbye to you all. I can honestly say this year has flown by. You have all matured and gained in confidence considerably as the year has progressed and it has been a pleasure to watch you, both in the classroom and whilst on placement. You are all excellent ambassadors for St Paul’s. Looking back, there have been many memorable moments, in particular the look on your faces the morning you all arrived back in school having spent a sleepless night looking after the interactive babies! Working with children and young people is one of the most rewarding jobs imaginable. Our qualifications can open the door

to a wide range of careers in child care, ranging from play work and childminding to teaching and nursing. Cache qualifications are designed to demonstrate pupil’s abilities and achievements by acting as stepping stones in their careers. We also aim to give them the skills to help children and young people reach their full potential. We have worked really hard, but have enjoyed our time together. Both Mrs Fegan and myself wish you every success for the future. Good luck and God bless, Mrs Kearney

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Educational Partnership

Caitriona Ruane, Education Minister, Sinead Grant Yr 13, Dr Lillian Cromie, Norbrook, Mrs Lisa Mackin, Norbrook

Norbrook and St Paul’s in Educational Partnership Mrs Una McNulty St Paul’s High School has been named as one of two local schools that have been chosen as part of a new educational partnership with Norbrook Laboratories Ltd. The partnership has been set up to address the skills shortage in Northern Ireland.

placements for 14 of our Year 13 students in February. She was able to cater for a range of subject interests, IT, chemistry biology

and applied science students were placed. A guided industry tour was arranged for the AS applied Science and A2 chemistry classes so they could see how the analytical techniques studied in class were applied in industry. The A2 applied Science class were assisted in that they had the opportunity to avail of Norbrook’s resources to carry out a microbiology experiment demonstrating GLP in a safe environment and personnel from Norbrook came to speak to the class on two occasions to share their expertise with the students. Thanks to Lisa and her hard work many of our students were able to witness ‘The appliance of Science’ first hand.

Lord Ballyedmond announced details of the scheme and it will involve the establishment of a Research and Development Centre of Excellence creating 293 jobs in the Newry area. Mr Mooney said he is extremely pleased at the prospect of working closely with Norbrook over the coming years. This partnership will go a long way to stimulating the interest among students in scientific subjects in schools. Mrs Lisa Mackin, R&D Dept, Norbrook, was invited as a guest speaker for our Presentation evening in December and we developed a link through her for A level students. She organised work experience

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Variety Concert Year 12 and Year 14 students appear in the Variety Concert in Aid of Africa On Tuesday 23rd and Wednesday 24th October 2007 Bessbrook was alive to the sound of music as pupils, past pupils and staff staged a Variety Concert to raise funds for our annual aid mission to Kenya. Among the acts on the night were Yr 12 drama pupils under the direction of Miss Roisin Patton. They were Amy McLoughlin, Alannah Mackin, Cecelia Byrne, Mairead Quigley, Sarah Loughran and Vicki Mohan. They performed the Monty Python sketch “The Four Working Men”. The Dance Team opened the second half with an explosive sixties dance number, “The Rhythm of Life” Yr 12 pupils included

in that were Shauna Rafferty, Monica Mallon, Megan Burns, Jamie Larkin, Emma Donaghy, and Dervla Rafferty. There was also a feast of music from the Chamber Choir, African Drummers and St Brigid’s Accordion Band. Year 14 pupils Ryan Meehan and Peter Magee also played the roles of Donkey and Shrek in the staff panto “Snow White Meets Shrek”. They also appeared in a parody of the Pablo and Pepe scene from “Viva Mexico” with their friend and past pupil, Ryan McParland. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those leavers who took part in any way on stage and behind the scenes on the lighting and sound desks…you know who you are!

Amy McLoughlin

Vicki Mohan

Mairead Quigley

Cecelia Byrne

Throughout my time at St Paul’s I have been able to take part in many extra curricular activities including dance, drama and singing. I am a member of the school choir, the Chamber choir and the African Drummers. I also receive vocal and flute tuition. I was lucky enough to take part in “Viva Mexico” and it provided me with experience on stage and improved my selfconfidence. I enjoyed being a part of a group and it gave me a chance to display my talents. It was a pleasure to see all our hard work had paid off as it was a resounding success. I am a member of Newpoint Players and have starred in many of their Youth productions. I am currently studying GCSE Dance, Drama and Music and I hope to come back next year to do A Levels. After that who knows….a career on stage …so watch out!

Whatever doubts I may have had about coming to St Paul’s in Year 8, have been completely quashed over the past five years. I am sure that in no other school would I have been given the same amount of great opportunities. As I wish to pursue a career in Performing Arts, I am delighted at the many facilities and options that St Paul’s has provided. I am currently doing GCSE Dance, Drama and Music as well as all core subjects. I have taken part in many shows and performances including dancing in the Rhythm of Life and acting in the Monty Python sketch. In addition to these outlets to showcase our talents, I have been given vocal tuition and advanced guitar tuition. I am hoping to continue my education here next year and them I hope to go to a Performing Arts College. No matter where my career takes me I will always remember the great training opportunities and advice I have been given to me here at St Paul’s.

Having a keen interest in Dance, Music and Drama throughout my time here, it was an obvious choice for me to take these subjects for GCSE. I receive weekly vocal tuition and have been involved in numerous competitions with the School Choir, Chamber Choir and African Drums. Last year I participated in the school musical “Viva Mexico” which was a great success. I took part in the Monty Python Sketch at the Variety Concert. I am a member of Newpoint Players. I am grateful to St Paul’s for providing me with all the wonderful opportunities. I hope to take on A levels in Performing Arts subjects and eventually would like a career in that industry.

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I have been a member of the School Choir for 5 years and I have joined the Chamber Choir as well. I played the character of “Mama Inez” in the school musical “Viva Mexico” and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. I have a love of photography and art and have won a few competitions over the years. In the Drama Dept I am responsible for managing the lighting during productions and I have been doing this for two years. This year I will be performing in a play called “Womberang” which I am scripting at the moment. I took GSCE Art on a year early and this resulted in an A Grade. I am completing my A level Art course this year. I would eventually like to pursue a career in photography or the media.

Our African Experience

St Paul’s International Project to Kenya 26 October - 10 November 2007 As part of the St Paul’s High School International Projects programme, six students and three members of staff travelled to the Kenyan parish of Londiani to spend two weeks living and working in a community ministered to by St Patrick’s Missionary Society, or as they’re better known, the Kiltegan Fathers. The students, Danny Cinnamond, Peter Magee, Caoibhe Sloan, Grace Hollywood, Anouska Cromie and Roisín Kelly were chosen from their peers in Year 14 at St Paul’s and were accompanied by school Chaplain, Father Dermot Maloney, PP, Mr Dáithí Murray, Director of ICT and Miss Kathleen Moore, School Secretary.

Head Boy at St Paul’s, Danny Cinnamond tells how the experience of two weeks in Kenya has changed his life. “At the beginning I didn’t know what to expect when we took off from Heathrow, it was a mixed feeling between excitement and anxiety but the moment we started visiting the schools my eyes were opened to how very little goes a long way. One particular instance was when we were delivering books to a school and we saw the joy on the faces of each student receiving what we consider a basic thing like a textbook or a copybook. This was overwhelming. My most memorable experience was when another student and I accompanied Fr Martin Barry, who was our host and Parish Priest in Londiani, to the house of a married couple. Where they lived was inaccessible to cars, and we were forced to walk through fields and ditches until we eventually came to what looked like an abandoned shed made of mud surrounded by sticks. Fr Martin called the name of the house owners out loud for

Page 38

about five minutes until a wee woman with a hunched back opened the door which was just over a metre high and gave us a blessed welcome into their home. I found it hard to fit through the door of the house as it was much smaller than the door of the “gate”. We spent some time visiting people in Kenya who have been affected by the HIV/AIDS virus. This virus is an epidemic in Kenya and the missionaries we stayed with and their colleagues throughout the country are working very hard to educate the people in the ways to prevent the spread of the disease. We were inspired by the work of Irish missionaries and their fellow sisters and brothers who are working tirelessly to improve the conditions of the people of this country. The experience my fellow students and I gained in Africa was a very worthwhile and it proved to be an eye-opening experience. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity and hope that my outlook on life changes as a result of this. “All for one and one for all”

School Chaplain

Fr. Dermot Maloney

Roisin Kelly

Africa 08 was an unforgettable experience, something I will cherish for many years to come. The people we met welcomed us everywhere we went and we were constantly overwhelmed by the enormity of it all. As part of our trip we visited an AIDS Clinic in Kericho, which was such a humbling experience as they were not ashamed to admit they had the disease, and dealt with it in such a positive way. I will never forget how we were treated so kindly by the people of Londiani including the three Fathers; Martin, Brian and Con. I would also to thank St Paul’s for providing me with the opportunity to experience Kenya for those 2 weeks and of course Kathleen for making sure we were all up in the mornings and countless other things. “All for one and one for all!”

Anouska Cromie

Grace Hollywood

Peter Magee

Caoibhe Sloan

Africa was my most memorable experience during my time at St Paul’s. It was the trip of a life time. It was a great honour to help and meet those people who are less fortunate than ourselves. It was always a pleasure to see the smiles on their faces even though they were living in hard conditions. It didn’t seem to ever get them down. It made me see things in a different way and for that I am very grateful. Thanks to Fr Dermot and all those who made it possible for me to experience this life changing opportunity. Hopefully I will get to visit Kenya again in the future! “ All for one and one for all!”

I really enjoyed the opportunity to travel to Londiani in Kenya with a great group of students and staff. I would like to thank Fr Dermot, Mr Daithi Murray and Miss Kathleen Moore for all their help and support on this trip. We saw many wonderful things and many sad things but we came away with a feeling that our lives in some way would never be the same again. The people were so warm and friendly and we were well looked after by the Kiltegan fathers. The recent trouble in Kenya was heart breaking to watch on TV as we had visited some of the areas that were badly hit. I will always remember my time in Kenya with great fondness and in the words of our wee group “All for one and one for all!”

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Our trip to Africa in October 2007 was an eye-opening and unforgettable experience. As part of our trip we visited and Aids Clinic in Kericho and this was amazing as we were introduced to people who were infected by HIV and Aids. We visited the slums and had great fun with the children in the schools. The most memorable part of the Kenya experience was seeing how happy and enthusiastic the people were. I would like to thank Fr. Dermot and all in St Paul’s for giving the whole group this humbling and life-changing opportunity. “All for one and one for all!”

I was one of the six pupils’ chosen to be part of the St Paul’s Kenyan project 2007 and I would like to thank St Paul’s for giving me this opportunity! This trip truly was something I will never forget!! During our trip some of the unforgettable moments include; our visit to an Aids clinic in Kericho, the day we spent walking around some of the slums but the most rewarding part of our trip was bringing the much needed equipment to the local schools, and witnessing the difference we made thanks to all the money St Paul’s has raised year after year! I would love in the future, to return to visit all the people we met in the town of Londiani. ”All for one and one for all”

Class 14/76 It has been a real pleasure working closely with you all over the last two years. The night of the Formal was a memorable one with everyone looking so well and enjoying themselves.

Now as you leave us today as young men and women ready to take your place in society as young adults, I wish you well. You are among the finest young people who have come to St Paul’s and I hope you realise what a difference you have made and will continue to make as you

move through life. It may be true that there will be many decisions to be made and you will be away from home without the instant support of family and teachers to guide you but please by guided by your conscience. Remember that nothing in life that is worthwhile is ever going to be easy. You will have to work hard but have the courage to believe. I always look to this

Anouska Cromie

inspirational verse when it is time for our seniors to leave us.

“Faith is a mover of mountains And there is nothing you can do So start out today, with faith in your heart And climb till your dreams all come true” Pauline McGuinness St Joseph’s PS, Bessbrook

My years at St Paul’s have given me memories, experiences and opportunities that I will never forget. I am currently studying Maths, Biology and Chemistry and next year I hope to continue my studies at Queen’s in Belfast I would like to pursue a career in Accountancy. My most memorable moment was the school formal 2007, best night ever! I was also delighted to be chosen as one of the African 6 on the school trip to Kenya. I spent two amazing weeks in Londiani, fitting into their way of life and experience a totally different culture. I just want to say good luck to everyone and all the best for the future.

Niamh Devine

St Peter’s PS, Cloughrea

I actually can’t believe I am writing this, saying my goodbyes as a seventh year, it feels like only yesterday I was in first year. To tell you the truth, there aren’t enough pages in the world for me to write about my experiences and the different kinds of opportunities St Paul’s has given me, but I’ll give it a go! First five years in St Paul’s we had an amazing year head, Mr. Burns, who to say the least spoilt us rotten! Between taking us to trips to Scotland, and just simply organizing fun days within the school, best times ever. I am a member of the dance team which is one of the things I will definitely miss the most I was voted to be a member of the formal committee which was an honour and also I am the leader of the drama department, my favourite subject. When I leave St Paul’s I am going to head to pursue a career in drama at university and see how it goes from there. Anyway, I’m going to love ya’s and leave ya’s and it really will break my heart, but St Paul’s will always be apart of my best memories. Hope everyone gets were they want to be in life; just don’t give up on your dreams!

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Form Teacher Sarah Fagan

Mrs Pauline McGuinness St Oliver Plunkett’s PS, Forkhill

I was a member of the school dance team for four years and won numerous Northern Ireland Dance Championships for St Paul’s with my team. My most memorable moments include being a dancer in the school musical “Viva Mexico,” and having mad craic with my friends. I also won the Best Results in English Literature and Business Studies at GCSE. I would like to become a marketing specialist in the future. My wish for everyone leaving St Paul’s is that they live their life the way they want and have the best of craic whilst doing it.

Sinead Fegan

St Joseph’s PS, Newry & St Mary’s HS, Newry

I have had a great three years in St Paul’s and when I first came here in Year 13 I was welcomed with open arms. Also in that year I was given the opportunity to go to Romania to visit the orphanages and bring aid. This really was a life changing experience and I thank St Paul’s for this opportunity. I have been here for 3 years as I loved the school so much I decided to repeat a year! Lol! It was upsetting seeing my other friends finish school when I didn’t, however we have stayed in contact and I have made many new friends and I wish them all the best of luck in their life after St Paul’s. No doubt we will keep in contact and I wish them all the happiness in their future. I would like to go university in Leeds to study Public Relations and I cannot wait to go “mental, mental, chickie oriental.” I would have said that Romania was my most memorable moment in St Paul’s however as cheesy as it is these last three years in St Paul’s have been the happiest of my school life.

Linda Flynn

St Malachy’s PS, Camlough

My years at St Paul’s have left me with memories and experiences that I will never forget. I have been involved in numerous activities from my 1st year including dancing on the school team, my visit to Lourdes and dancing as one of the lead dancers in our school production of “Viva Mexico”. The most memorable moment however was my trip to Africa with 5 other pupils, my year head Mrs Mc Conville and school chaplain Fr. Dermot. It was the greatest two weeks of my life as we had to immerse ourselves into a completely different culture. As for the future, I hope to study Public Relations at the University of Ulster, Jordanstown. I thank all of my teachers throughout my school life at St Paul’s for their continued support and wish them and my fellow pupils all the best for the future.

Roisin Kelly

Cloughoge PS

Over the years I have been part of a few football teams, the Amigo project, the SVP society and the 2008 Kenya group to name but a few. Hopefully by the time this is printed I will have figured out what course it is that I want to do but at the minute it’s looking like Law in Queens. My fondest memory of St Paul’s will always be getting my cherry scone and cup of tea at half ten and is definitely something I will miss desperately… that and the company. My biggest wishes for the future are that my close friends will remain close, I don’t get into too much debt and that there are many happy times ahead of us all. “It is the things we don’t do that we regret, not the things we do.”

Denise Leonard

St Teresa’s PS, Tullyherron

I enjoy playing Gaelic Football for my club and I have played on the school team for seven years. I have many memories including winning the Ulster Championships and the school formal - what a night! (Well 2 for me!). My seven years have consisted of lots of fun times with my friends and I hope that continues onto University where I hope to study Quantity Surveying. My wish for the future is to live a happy and healthy life and to stay in touch with all my friends.

Peter Magee

St Peter’s PS, Cloughrea

I have really enjoyed my eight years in St Paul’s and the highlight was being chosen as Deputy Head boy this year which was a great surprise! I love drama and have been part of many plays in school including “Pablo” in Viva Mexico, “Pato” in the Beauty Queen of Leenane and many characters in Speed Dating. I was delighted to have been given the opportunity to travel to Kenya in October last year as it was a life changing event. I recently appeared as “Donkey” in the staff panto “Snow White Meets Shrek” as part of the Variety Concert for Africa. My most memorable moment was being chosen as Prom King at the school formal and I really enjoyed being part of the formal committee. I am currently working in the “Glass Industry” as a window fitter. It has been a “smashing experience” so far!. I would like to thank everyone at St Paul’s for their help and support over the years and wish all my friends success and happiness. In the words of Bob Marley “Don’t worry….be happy”

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Class 14/76 Jonathan McArdle

Jonesboro’ PS

I’m (hopefully) going to university and I would like to eventually work in the construction industry. I have had a great seven years in St Paul’s and my most memorable moments include the trip to M&D’s theme park in Scotland, watching Decky Hannaway singing Rhinestone Cowboy in Pop Idol but the best of all was the formal as it was the best night of my life from what I can remember. In the near future I hope to be a professional golfer, Tiger Woods here I come. I wish everyone the best of luck in the future and hope they all get what they are aiming for. Richard Hammond over and out!

Sarah McCullagh

St Malachy’s PS, Camlough

My hope for the future is that my friends achieve all they have wished for and have long, happy lives, that goes for me too! I would like to train as a teacher at St Mary’s Teaching College. In St Paul’s I was part of the St Vincent de Paul Society, the Homework Club and the Amigos Group. My most memorable moment was the a-level class losing a bet for Miss Trainor to actually pass a biology test, and they had to buy us all a Friar Tucks. I’ll never forget my friends and I hope that they will all stay in touch. Remember, no matter how hard things get there is always someone willing to listen.

Orlagh McEvoy

St Peter’s PS, Cloughrea

I have been at St Paul’s for two years and in my short time here I have made many friends. I’ve had many memorable moments here including the night of the school formal and that fun few days at Lough Derg where we all are equal on barefoot. I hope to be successful in the future and to keep in touch with everyone. I wish you all the best of luck!

Louise Meegan

St Brigid’s PS, Glassdrummond & St Joseph’s HS, Crossmaglen

I have really enjoyed my short time here at St Paul’s and I have had loads of really memorable moments especially the school formal and lunch-time in Ms Fearon’s room. I would like to study Law at University this autumn. I really hope my friends and all my year group have mental craic at college and be deadly rich when we grow up!

Ronan Murphy

St Joseph’s PS, Bessbrook

I would like to study Biology at University and go on to do a PGCE. Here’s a little poem for everyone as I leave St Paul’s. As I left for Uni last year, waving bye to St Paul’s school,

I was overwhelmed with new friends, each one I’ll never forget,

Who was to know I would be back again, feeling rather like a fool.

So coming back for another year, is one thing I’ll never regret.

I couldn’t help but feel lonely, now all my friends had gone,

If you do anything with your life, It’s to “live life to the full” all the way.

Little did I know that the feeling wouldn’t last long.

Christine Quigley

So to all my new friends, I’ve got one thing to say,

St Clare’s PS, Newry & St Mary’s HS, Newry

I moved schools from St Mary’s to St Paul’s in 6th year to do my A levels. As a new student I have grown to love St Paul’s as I have fitted in well. I have met many new friends whom I believe I will have for life. My most memorable moment was the school formal which was a great experience with friends and teachers. I hope to go on to study Public Relations in Leeds Metropolitan University and to travel the world. My wish for the future would be for myself and my friends to be happy and reach all our goals we aim to achieve in life.

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Form Teacher Charlotte Rooney

Mrs Pauline McGuinness St Malachy’s PS, Camlough

Well we’ve finally got through the seven year stretch in one piece- Buíochas le Dia!!. They say that your school days are the best days of your life. Well in my case they’re certainly right. I’ve had the most amazing experiences in my time here winning the Ulster Championship in 2004 and becoming senior prefect to name but a few. Also who could forget the formal “Thee best night of my life!”…so far anyway. But amongst all these great memories by far the best thing I gained through the years was all the awesome friends I met along the way! Next year I hope to be studying either speech and language therapy or Quantity surveying in Jordanstown. I wish all my fellow pupils all the luck in the world for the future- L8trs Dudes!

Caoibhe Sloan

St Peter’s PS, Cloughrea

During my time in St Paul’s I have played on both the football and netball teams. I was part of the Amigos Project and also the St Vincent de Paul Society. My most memorable moment in St Paul’s by far was our trip to Kenya in October 2007. It was the trip of a life time and something I will never forget! Through St Paul’s I found myself attending the Gaeltacht year after year which has undoubtedly left me with a love of the Irish language. I would like to go to university and follow a career in Teaching. My wish for the future is to stay in touch with all the friends I have made through the years and I wish everyone all the best!

Aine Smyth

Cloughoge PS

My seven years at St Paul’s has been jammed packed with adventure. I have grown to be the person I am today with the aid of the fantastic friends I have made here. I went to the Gaeltacht many times and these were unforgettable moments in my life. During the last two years I have made even more friends and I am confident that they will be life long friends. The one thing that will stick in my mind is the school formal: it was a fantastic night which brought together both present and ex-members of the year group. In the future I hope to go to University to eventually become a nurse and live a long and happy life!

Lorna Trainor

St Joseph’s PS, Meigh

I enjoy socialising, playing Gaelic Football and spending time with friends. Throughout my years at St Paul’s I have been part of the SVP, the Girls Gaelic Football team and the netball team. My most memorable moment would have to be the school formal - it was priceless! Also I really enjoyed my time at the Gaeltacht and the unforgettable Lough Derg! I hope to follow a career in Pharmacy. My wish for the future is to be successful, happy and to travel. I wish all my friends at St Paul’s health, happiness and to keep in touch!

Jane Woods

Dromintee PS

I have many fond memories since I started here seven years ago. I really enjoyed performing in the school musical ‘Viva Mexico’, going to the school formal which was an amazing night and above all, the great friends which I have made. I started the flute in first year and I have been a member of the schools orchestra and the choir for six years. I would like to study Law or Irish at university. My hopes for the future are that I have a happy, successful and most importantly healthy life and am able to travel some of the world.

Laura Woods

St Peter’s PS, Cloughrea

I have enjoyed my years at St Paul’s and I have made many good friends. My most memorable times in St Paul’s include the school formal and the trip to Lourdes in Year 12 year. My hope for the future is to get a good job and earn lots of money and also to be happy and healthy in the years to come. I would like to wish everyone well and to stay in touch with all the friends I have made.

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Student Council 2008

Back Row: Front Row:

AnneMarie Mallon Yr 10, Joseph Gallagher Yr 11, Nathan Burns Yr 13 , Leona Dunne Yr 13, Aichlinn Trainor Yr 12 Suzanne Byrne Yr 8, Danny Cinnamond Yr 14, Roisin Kelly Yr 14, Jessica Crawley Yr 9

(Missing from photo - Colan McLoughlin 12 73)

The Student Council was set up in 2002 and held its inaugural meeting in November of that year under the direction of Mr Charlie Byrne. The Council consists of one pupil from each year as well as the Head Boy and Head Girl.

It aims to: n Improve student/teacher relations n Improve inter-student relations n Improve student conditions n And enhance the pubic perspective of St Paul’s

Page 44

The Council also deals with issues such as bullying, litter and school uniform and there is a suggestion box located in the school library where pupils can anonymously put forward suggestions for the Council to consider.

Class 14/32

Thank you for being my first form class in St Paul’s and for making me feel so welcome. I will never forget you! It is with genuine sadness that I say goodbye to 14/32. There will always be a special place in my heart for you all. I became your form teacher in September 2006 and I can honestly say it has been an honour. It is hard to believe that two years have flown by. You have become mature and confident young women who are now ready to embark on a new and exciting chapter of your lives. I have looked forward to meeting you all every morning to catch up on the latest news and have enjoyed offering a listening ear to the problems and issues you have faced in your daily lives. This year in

Form Teacher

Mrs Siobhan Kearney

particular we have all become very close and supportive of each other. Together, we have embraced many challenges on our journey through year 14: modules, course work deadlines not to mention the dreaded personal statements and application forms! Looking back, there have been many memorable moments, in particular the formal, which was a magical evening. You were all ‘belles of the ball’ and I was really touched that so many of you went out of your way to spend some time with me. We all had a great day on retreat and it was good to have some last quality time together as a form class. Farewell, good luck and God bless 14/32, I wish you all every success for the future.

Niamh Burns

Follow your dreams and reach for the sky, aim for the stars, even though they are high. Have faith in yourself for you’ve got what it takes, there’s no point worrying or being scared of mistakes. Just follow your dreams, they’re all waiting for you, and you are the one who can make them come true. St Peter’s PS, Cloughrea

I really enjoyed my time in St Paul’s from the first day in Year 8. I played on the school football team throughout my time in school and won many medals such as the Loch an Iuir cup in first year and the Armagh Championships. I also participated to the school netball team. My most memorable time in St Paul’s was when Mr Burns took us to M and D’s theme park in Scotland. It was a great day out and the whole year group was together. I would like to go to University in Liverpool to study PE. My wish for the future is that every one in our year group achieves their goals and that we all stay in touch.

Page 45

Class 14/32 Julie Collins

St Patrick’s PS, Crossmaglen & St Joseph’s HS, Crossmaglen

Having transferred to St Paul’s in 6th year, I feel that I have fitted in very well. It has been a life changing decision which has changed my life for the better. I was a member of the team which travelled to Romania in 2007. It was a week that I will never forget as I made great friends and wonderful memories. When I leave St Paul’s I hope to party my years out in college before getting a job in the Public Relations field. My wish for the future is to live a long, happy life with the people who matter.

Sarah Hughes

St Michael’s PS, N’hamilton

My time at St Paul’s has been excellent and I have learned a lot and made life long friends. I especially enjoyed my trip to the Gaeltacht in Yr 12. It was intense work but the social experience was brilliant as I got to meet pupils from all over Ireland. Another memory I have is our visit to M&Ds in Scotland which was organised by Mr Burns. This was a tremendous experience and was extremely enjoyable. I am uncertain about choosing a career at this stage but I would like to work with children in some capacity. This will probably involve going to Liverpool to study. I hope to maintain the friendships I have been lucky to make at St Paul’s, long after I leave school. My wish for the future would be that we all have rewarding careers and lives in the years to come.

Grainne Lewis

St Malachy’s PS, Camlough

I can remember the first day of first year, when we were in the hall and I was put into 08A2. Now seven years later I’m still here (beyond MANY people’s beliefs that I would be). In sixth year I was thinking of applying to Romania, about five minutes before the deadline I handed in my application and I was chosen to go. This was possibly the best experience of my life! I met O’Hairy on this trip and we tortured poor Gabby! The formal was amazing! I know when I leave, I will miss it and the people within it (well some). When I leave I want to study Psychology with Child Language Development (but I will probably be back!) Thanks to all the teachers who have put up with me, I know it was hard! And I wish the best for everyone and I hope they’re successful but most of all, happy. “In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.”

Jenny Loye

St Malachy’s PS, Camlough

I am a member of the amigos club; I hold the responsibility of meeting with a first year class every week and talk to them about bullying issues. I was a member of the team that went to Romania for a week; I really enjoyed this experience. My most memorable moment was when Grainne Lewis in 7th year wore maroon socks instead of grey ones. I would like to go to the University of Ulster to study Social Work. My wish would be to return to Romania and also that my friends at St Paul’s are successful and always remember to have a laugh in whatever they do.

Joanna McGuinness

St Louis PS, Dundalk

I came to St Paul’s in Year 10 from Dundalk and knew absolutely no one! What started off as an ordeal turned out to be undoubtedly the best decision of my life so far. My most memorable moment in St Paul’s was the third year trip to Scotland as it was my chance to get to know everyone and it enabled me to form friendships with some of the best people I have ever met. I will always have fond memories of that time. I work part time in JD Sports and hope to go to university to study either Public Relations or Psychology. My wish for the future is for all my friends in St Paul’s to achieve their goals and live happy, successful lives.

Shineen McParland

St Teresa’s PS, Tullyherron

I enjoy participating in sports but my favourite sport to take part in would have to be Gaelic. I love playing football with the girls team at home in Whitecross. I am also a member of the South Armagh Youth Council outside of school and this programme is very enjoyable. My most memorable moment in St Paul’s was the school formal; a really great night!. When I leave here I would love to be a Paramedic. My wish for the future would be to stay friends with all my friends in school and wish that every one of them are successful, happy all get married and live happily ever after. I also hope that they all keep in touch and we all stay close friends.

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Form Teacher Lisa Mullholland

Mrs Siobhan Kearney

St Oliver Plunkett’s PS, Forkhill & Our Lady’s GS, Newry

I enjoy playing all sports and during my time in St Paul’s I was part of both the football team and dance team. I only moved to St Paul’s in 6th year and since then both teachers and pupils have made me feel really welcome. My most memorable moment in St Paul’s was being placed 1st place in the Northern Ireland Dance Championships with the School Dance Team. When I leave St Paul’s I hope to study Business and Finance or Accountancy at university and then get a job that will make me happy. My wish for the future is to keep in touch with all the friends I have made in St Paul’s and to wish them all success in whatever they choose to do.

Caoimhe Murray

St Michael’s PS, N’hamilton

I enjoy playing Gaelic football for St Paul’s and County Armagh. My most memorable moments include playing on the Girls U.16 football team that won the Ulster Championship and winning the Award for Gaelic Football at GSCE Prize giving. I would like to study Quantity Surveying at university. My wish for the future is to remain friends with all my friends at St Paul’s, get rich quick and be happy.

Nicola O’Brien

St Joseph’s PS, Bessbrook

When I leave St Paul’s I will be travelling to Brazil to work as a volunteer in an orphanage. To raise money for this I am organising a charity fundraising evening so I can donate money to the people who need it most When I return I would like to go to university to study Nursing and ultimately become a Paediatric Nurse. My wish for the future is that all my friends will achieve all their goals in life.

Marie O’Hare

Dromintee PS

I have been a member of the U 16 football team in St Paul’s. I have won the Endeavour Award at GCSE prize night also an award for the highest mark in Child Care Development. My most memorable time in St Paul’s is going to Romania for eight days and I found this experience to be brilliant and one I will never forget. I hope to go to university to study Social Work or Psychology.

Rosemary O’Meara

Cloughoge PS & Our Lady’s GS, Newry

My time at St Paul’s has been short but great! I came here as a transfer student in 2006 and I was welcomed by both staff and students. My most memorable moment here would have to be the school formal. It was great because it gave me a chance to get to know my year outside of “school life”. I also work part time in Sparklz in Newry. I would like to go on to University to study Nursing for cancer patients. My wish for the future is for everyone to make the most of everyday because no one knows how long their lives will be. Good luck everyone!

Karen Toner

St Joseph’s PS, Bessbrook

Over the past seven years in St Paul’s I have made so many friends and learnt many things. The best experience over the seven years was the formal. It was the best night of my life so far and one I will never forget. In the future I hope to fulfil my dream of studying art aboard at the end of this year and then study further in New York City. I wish all my friends the best for the future! Just remember: “Believe in yourself and dare to dream”.

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Class 14/71 Farewell This past two years I have observed a group of very fine young people grow steadily into competent confident individuals. I have been impressed by all of you in some particular way and have enjoyed seeing your characters and personalities develop. It is students like you who illustrate why St Paul’s is a very special place. Your

commitment to the school from the beginning of Year 13 allowed us to support you in your journey through sixth form. Academically I hope your results will take you to where you can continue to grow. In terms of your personal development I hope we have made the most impact and that you leave St Paul’s ready for the many challenges ahead. Be certain of what you

want to achieve in the next few years and have clear goals to follow. Be confident in your capabilities to achieve and know what can be gained from determination and a positive attitude. It has been my pleasure and privilege to have worked with you all. Anne Black

Melissa Beattie

St Peter’s PS, Cloughrea

I am a past member of the girl’s football, netball and dance team in St Paul’s. I play football for my club and I enjoy keeping fit. I was chosen as a class prefect of a first year class in Yr 13 and I found this very rewarding. I also was a member of the SVDP Society and I got an award for my commitment. I travelled to Lourdes with the school in Yr 12 and I thought this was a wonderful experience My most memorable time’s at St Paul’s was when I won Prom Queen. The other most memorable time was when I travelled to visit the orphanages in Romania. My favourite hobby is rallying. I hope to continue all my hobbies and interests in the future and I also hope to go to university. I wish everyone in my year the best of luck for the future and hope they achieve their goals and dreams.

Nadine Britton

Cloughoge PS

I feel that I have achieved a lot throughout my seven years at St Paul’s and I will take away many great memories. I really enjoy English, ICT and most of all socialising with my friends. One of the most memorable experiences was having the opportunity to go to Lourdes as a helper; I found this to be a life changing experience and very rewarding. I hope to study Computing, Information Technology at Queen’s University in Belfast Last but not least I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at St Paul’s, especially my four best friends. I would like to wish everyone all the best for the future. Good Luck!!!! Hope to see everyone at university!

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Form Teacher Mrs Maureen Browne

Anne Black

St Laurence O’Toole’s PS, Belleek

I enjoy all sports, I am Captain of the schools U.19 Gaelic team, I have been playing football for the school for 7 years. I was chosen to be a Leader in Girls PE here in St Paul’s. I also play Gaelic football for Carrickcruppen Ladies. My most memorable time at St Paul’s was the school formal, best night’s craic ever! I would like to go to University and study Teaching. My wish for the future is that I do well in life and keep in contact with all of my friends in St Paul’s.

Nicola Byrne

St Joseph’s PS, Meigh

I have been in St Paul’s for the last seven years and it has been most enjoyable. I have made many life-long friends over that time. My most memorable moments include the trip to Lourdes, which I found very rewarding and the school formal. My hope for the future is to go to university and achieve all my goals. I hope to remain friends with everyone I have met in St Paul’s

Elisha Campbell

Cloughoge PS

I have enjoyed my time in St Paul’s and have had some really good experiences. My most memorable moment was when I received my GSCE results and was then able to return to St Paul’s for another two years. I know I would like to study computers at Queen’s University in Belfast in the autumn. My goal is to achieve as much as I did here in St Paul’s. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my friends the best of luck for the oncoming years!

Ciaran Casey

St Joseph’s HS, Crossmaglen

I am the leader of the senior African drumming group and I also teach the junior drumming group. I am also a member of the school choir where I sometimes play percussion. I play the drums for the school orchestra and projects outside of school as well. My most memorable moment in St Paul’s is the first time we played the African Drums to an audience. The atmosphere was incredible. When I leave St Paul’s I would like to get a job in the music industry, preferably in Radio Production. My wish for the future is to keep in touch with everyone I know and to wish them the best of luck in everything they do.

Danny Cinnamond

St Malachy’s PS, Carnagat

Seven years have gone by and it’s really hard to believe. I have been a part of many things in St Paul’s including football from Yr 8 to Yr 14, singing on stage at assembly (what an embarrassment) and going to M&D’s theme park in Scotland ( all thanks to Mr Burns.) Hopefully I will be heading to Jordanstown to continue ICT and maybe become a teacher if things go right and if partying doesn’t take over. I would like to wish everyone the best and hope they get what they want. Also I would like to thank all the teachers who have helped me over the years as without them I wouldn’t be here today. In the words of Shane Courtney “Avoir” (au revoir !!).

Jolene Feehan

St Teresa’s PS, Tullyherron

I came to St Paul’s in Yr 9 year after going to Our Lady’s for a year. I’m glad I moved as I have loved the crack I’ve had in St Paul’s for the past six years. I enjoy sports and love playing football for my local football team. My most memorable time in St Paul’s was the night of the school formal; everyone had a great night’s crack. I also enjoyed being a part of the school musical “Viva Mexico”. It took up a lot of time but it was fun to be part of. I wish everyone from our year all the best and hope to keep in touch with all my friends.

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Class 14/71 Anna-Marie Fitzpatrick

St Oliver Plunkett’s PS, Belfast

At St Paul’s I am Senior Prefect. I first arrived at St Paul’s in my third year at school as I moved from Belfast I can easily say that it was the best decision that I have ever made. I have made so many brilliant and lifelong friends. Romania what can I say?? This by far was the best experience of my life and I am so lucky to have had the chance to go. I would like to go on to university to study computers. In life I hope to achieve all my dreams as life is too short so live it to its full!!! I hope you all to achieve all your dreams and ambitions and enjoy everything that you do!! Thank You!!

Catherine Fleming

St Joseph’s PS, Bessbrook

Since being at St Paul’s I have made many life-long friends. My most memorable moments are my Princess Day (i.e. the school formal) and the day the President of Ireland, Mary McAleese visited our school. I would like to follow a career in Computer Studies at University after my A Levels. I would like to wish my year group all the success in the world. My hopes for the future are to be happy and to achieve all my goals.

Grace Hollywood

St Joseph’s PS, Meigh

My most memorable moment in St Paul’s was being chosen to go on the trip to Kenya in October 2007. I also really enjoyed the school formal and going to Lourdes as a helper in Year 12. Next year I plan to go to University to study Pharmacy. My hope for the future would be to keep in touch with all my friends, have a good job, earn lots of money and above all return to Kenya!

Tara-Louise Hollywood

Cloughoge PS

During my seven years at St Paul’s I have been given many opportunities and experiences that I will never forget and I will treasure all the memories. One of my fondest memories would have to be the school formal. I am currently studying double award ICT and Health & Social Care. I would like to study computers at university and become an ICT teacher. Finally, I would like to wish all, the best in the future and I hope they fulfil their dreams. Remember: “Always chase your dreams, instead of running from your fears.”

Sinead King

St Peter’s PS, Cloughrea

I am a Senior Prefect in School and I have thoroughly enjoyed my seven years in St Paul’s and have tried to get involved in as many activities as I could. My most memorable event in school was taking part in the 2007 trip to Romania. This experience confirmed my desire to become a teacher and work with young children. Next year I hope to study either Early Child Hood Studies at Stranmillis College and then to become a Primary School Teacher or study Language and Linguistics at the University of Ulster to become a Speech Therapist One of my best memories at school was picking up my GCSE results to find out that I could continue studying at St Paul’s for the next two years to do my A-Levels. I really hope that all my friends will stay in touch and that the St Paul’s class of 2008 will be happy and successful in what ever it is they choose to do in life.

Jemma McAnuff

Cloughoge PS

My years at St Paul’s have given me memories that I will never forget. I was a member of the netball team and the school dance team. I also had the opportunity to travel to Lourdes as a helper and I felt very privileged to be part of it. I enjoy socialising with my friends and a little bit of shopping. My most memorable experience was the school formal, a night which I will never forget for various reasons. When I leave St Paul’s I hope to pursue a career in teaching. My wish for the future is to be happy, successful and most importantly to keep in touch with all the great friends I have made. I wish them all the best of luck for the future.

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Form Teacher Mrs Darren McCann

Anne Black

St Peter’s PS, Cloughrea

I have really enjoyed my years here at St Paul’s and have made many great friends. My most memorable moment would have to be the school formal: it was a great night’s craic! I was lucky enough to be chosen to go on an aid mission to Romania and I think this experience was life changing. We visited the orphanages and took the children out to McDonalds for a treat; it was so humbling to see their faces light up! I would dearly love to return to Romania at some point in the future. I would like to go on to university and study Construction Engineering in October. I wish all my friends in St Paul’s long and happy lives!

Joseph McElroy

St Brigid’s PS, Drumilly

I am the leader of quizzes and debates here at St Paul’s. Outside of school I am a member of Youth Action NI and have participated in drama and volunteer work with them. I used to play bass guitar for a band called “Goggle - Box” who headlined Oxegen last year! No one particular memory from my time at St Paul’s sticks out as there have been so many memorable moments. I’m going to study Criminology at Queens next year but after that I’ll have to see what happens. My hope for the future is to travel the world and for my friends to live long and happy lives.

Conor McParland

St Joseph’s PS, Bessbrook

Where have the past 7 years gone! I can’t believe I am writing this and saying my goodbyes to everyone. They say “time flies” when you are having fun! My school experience at St Paul’s has been fantastic and I would like to thank everyone for making it possible. I’ve been left with so many memories that I will cherish. Looking back on my school days I will always remember the trips to Scotland and the school formal. Some may argue with me on that one but I can remember it all! At university I hope to study Modern History or Computer Science with a view to teaching. As one chapter closes another opens. Good luck to you all for the future, take care and stay in touch!

Rosemary McShane

Clonalig PS & St Joseph’s HS, Crossmaglen

During my short time in St Paul’s I have made some good friends and met a lot of interesting people. I came here from St Joseph’s High School and I have really enjoyed it. I was part of the Face 2 Face group and I enjoyed this experience because I got to meet people that are different to me. I would like to go on to university to study Nursing and I would like to specialise in Midwifery. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at St Paul’s for all their help and guidance. My wish for the future is that all my friends succeed in their ‘A’ Levels and have long and happy lives.

Mairtin McTaggart

St Peter’s PS, Cloughrea

From the moment I walked through the gates of St Paul’s High School for the first time, I always knew that when it was time for me to leave, I would never be the same again. The school seemed such a big place when I entered at first and it has grown and developed as I did. I have gained a lot of good friends and good memories. From school trips to the senior formal I have had plenty of happy times. I played guitar in local band called Goggle-Box. I plan study History at Queens University in October. My wish for the future would be that everyone achieves their goals and above all are happy!

Ryan Meehan

St Mary’s PS, Barr

I’ve had a great seven years in St Paul’s meeting lots of new people along the way. In Yr 14 I had the honour of being chosen as Leader of Sport and PE. I played football throughout my time here on various teams culminating in being Captain at U.16 level. My most memorable moments in St Paul’s include being chosen as Captain of the football team and the school formal. I announced the “joke awards” alongside Joe. I also enjoyed being part of the Staff panto “Snow White Meets Shrek” during the Variety Concert to raise money for Africa. I have also taken part in plays as part of my Drama course and I always have great craic whatever I end up doing.

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Class 14/71

Form Teacher Mrs

Joseph Murphy

Anne Black

St Joseph’s PS, Bessbrook

Hmmm my time at St Paul’s…..I feel that when people think about Joe Murphy and his time at St Paul’s they will bask in reflective glory! As many of you are aware when I was in P7 I was young and naive and didn’t want to go to St Paul’s I know... I know I was a bad judge of school. But the best thing that ever happened to me was not getting into St Colman’s because I couldn’t image my school life without St Paul’s. It has had its ups and downs but all in all it’s been an absolutely brilliant school and I wouldn’t change it for the world. It has taught me many valuable lessons, the main one being that everything happens for a reason! I am hoping now that St Mary’s will lower their standard by a reasonable amount and maybe let me into one of their teaching courses. Who knows I could be the next Patrick Thomas Joseph Hollywood. I would also just like to say Man United for the Treble!! Down for Sam’08......Likely!

Cheryl Murtagh

St Joseph’s PS, Newry

I enjoy going out with my friends and shopping! I work part-time in a café called BBs Coffee and Muffins, at the weekend. My most memorable moment at St Paul’s was our school formal as it was an incredible night. At the moment I am studying Single Award Health and Social Care and Double Award ICT at A Level. My hope for the future is to achieve good results in my A Levels so I can do the Information and Communications Technologies” course in the University of Ulster. We have no choice what colour we are born or who are parents are or whether we are rich or poor. What we do have is some choice over what we make of our lives once it is here. My wish for the future is that all my friends live life to the full.

Bridgeen O’Hanlon

St Brigid’s PS, Drumilly

I have been at St Paul’s for seven years and my time has been unforgettable. I have been to Romania and the highlight of that was looking for my shoes in the snow…not! I have made so many friends here and my hope for the future is to study Law at university. I might however return to St Paul’s as a study supervisor so I can attend another formal because mine rocked! I also enjoyed my trip to Lough Derg - it was hard to be away from the world of mobiles. I wish all my friends happiness and luck in all they do. Live life to the full and be happy.!

Conor Quinn

St Michael’s PS, N’hamilton

I enjoy playing golf and computer games and I am a member of the local golf club. My most memorable moment in St Paul’s was going on the rollercoaster at M&Ds Theme Park in Scotland. When I leave St Paul’s I would like to go to University and study Computer Game Development. My hope for the future is success for everyone in my year as well as myself!

Carly Reel

St Joseph’s PS, Meigh

I enjoy socialising with friends, playing football and gymnastics. I’ve had a very interesting time in St Paul’s with many good times and some not so good! I have been a member of the Student’s Council for two years and have held many responsibilities within St Paul’s. I received an Endeavour Awards for Business Studies and Best Results in I.C.T at GCSE. Over my 7 years in St Paul’s I’ve made many friends, and I hope to keep in touch with them all. The most memorable moment in St Paul’s was the massive water fight we had on our last day in 5th year! Great craic! I wish everyone in St Paul’s the best of luck in the future and hope they reach their ambitions and dreams.

Martin Traynor

Cloughoge PS

I have really enjoyed my time here at St Paul’s and have gained a lot from it. I have met and made a lot of new friends and hopefully will be spending a lot more time with them at university. My most memorable moment at St Paul’s would have to be the night of the school formal, even though I couldn’t remember much after it. I would like to go to Jordanstown to study Computing. My intension is to further my knowledge in computers as I have been studying them for the past four years at St Paul’s. My wish for the future is that I succeed at what I do, and all my friends achieve their goals and fulfil their aspirations.

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Auschwitz Remembered

Top: Auschwitz. Left: Eva Clarke, Holocaust Survivor visits St Paul’s. Above:

On Wednesday the 9th of April myself, fellow student Conor McParland and history teacher Neil McArdle visited one of the most infamous historical sites in human history, Auschwitz - Birkenau. Our journey began at 4 am when we set out from our homes to Belfast International airport. I didn’t know what to expect from the visit as I had only learned about the horrendous persecution that people were subjected to in Nazi occupied Europe simply because they did not fit the Nazi image of a master race. Our journey consisted of a visit to Oswiecim (which was known as Auschwitz in German), Auschwitz 1 and Auschwitz 2 - Birkenau. The tour

Joseph McElroy and Conor McParland

ended with a moving ceremony carried out by Rabbi Barry Marcus at the end of the railway track at the camp of Birkenau. During it he mentioned a statistic that shocked everyone in the group; it was that if we were to remain silent for everyone who died during the course of the Holocaust we would all be silent for four years. I know that it is a stereotypical phrase that is used to describe such trips as these but it truly was a life changing experience. The ultimate message that everyone should take away from learning about an event such as the Holocaust is that from the philosopher George Santayana which is, “The one who does not remember history is bound to live through it again”.

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St Paul’s School Formal 2008

The School Formal took place on Thursday 13th September in the Canal Court. A great night was had by both pupils and staff. The highlight of the night was the choosing of Prom Queen and King and those prestigious titles went to Melissa Beattie and Peter Magee. Here are some of the other awards on the night. Loudest person in Year 14

Michaela Kennedy

Miss Tantastic

Jemma McAnuff

Person most likely to end up alone

Grace Hollywood

Dunce of the Year

Peter Magee

Person most likely to be hit by immigration

Shane White

Person most likely to end up together

Gerard & Roisin

The Formal Committee did a great job in making sure everyone had the night of their lives and here are some of the many photos taken.

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Melissa Beattie Prom King Peter Magee

Prom Queen

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Aid Mission to Romania

Joseph Murphy On 2nd February 2007 sixteen pupils were chosen after having written a letter of application and an interview to go on the school trip to Romania. As the sixteen pupils waited in the Carrickdale Hotel car park there was many mixed feelings, feelings of excitement, anticipation and probably some fear. The bus eventually came and off we went with Mr. Emmet McCaffrey and Miss Sinead O’Neill on our journey to Romania. Two planes, two bus journeys and about 16 hours later the group arrived in Romania along with three other schools from diverse backgrounds. When the group set off on the first day we did not

really know what to expect as we had heard all the stories but still couldn’t paint a proper picture. The first orphanage we visited was Codlea, after leaving we thought that the conditions there were bad and felt so sorry for the kids. Even though all they seemed to do was smile and laugh, the group thought that this was it but little did they know of what lay ahead. As the week went on the places we visited seemed to get worse, the conditions, the illnesses and the “care workers.” Seeing conditions and seeing how some innocent children live their lives upset and shocked the visiting group. To see how these children live would make you sick, they lead lives without basic essentials

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and more importantly without love. They have nothing and yet are still happy. To see the look on their faces when you gave them a small toy or a bag of sweets is the most humbling feeling I have ever felt. Even though we visited the orphanages we still didn’t see how the children are treated behind closed doors which I feel is extremely frustrating because nothing can be done. Deciding to take part in this project is the best thing I have ever done and I would love to do it again. I advise anyone that gets the chance to take part to grab it with both hands. I have learned so many lessons from this experience and above all made so many friends.

Mr Emmet McCaffrey Sinead King I was fortunate enough to be one of the sixteen pupils chosen to travel to Romania in 2007. The opportunity that I was given by St Paul’s really was a life changing experience as it give me a total different outlook on life and made me think about all of the things that we take for granted. Spending time with the people in Romania was emotionally challenging but as a group we all supported each other and got through it. I hope I get another opportunity like this in the future to even make the smallest difference in people’s lives.

Melissa Beattie Romania was the most humbling and rewarding thing I have ever done in my life. Romania has not only changed me spiritual but mentally. Seeing the horrific sights that children endured were so heartbreaking and emotionally challenging but we all stuck together and got through it. Romania has made me appreciate the small things in my life and I hope to return in the future to help.

Anna Marie Fitzpatrick This was an amazing experience and I loved every second of it. We visited many orphanages and were able to bring a little bit of happiness to the children. I wish I could have gone back to Romania again in 7th year!!

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Year 14 Annual Awards Diana, Princess of Wales, Memorial Award for Young People This award has been set up to recognise the work young people do both inside and outside their school. This year the following students have been awarded the coveted Diana Pin for their work in St Paul’s. They are: Conor Quinn & Nadine Britton.

Newry Lion’s Young Ambassador Each year Newry Lions holds interviews for the young people in the Newry and Mourne area who are involved in helping others in their community. Nominations are invited from all postprimary schools. This year the award went to Joseph Murphy. He was presented with the award by Mr Tony O’Hare for his voluntary fundraising efforts in Romania and Lourdes. It was for the fifth year in succession that a student from St Paul’s High School, Bessbrook has been presented with the prestigious Newry Lions Young Ambassador Award. Year 14 student Joseph Murphy, a senior Prefect at St Paul’s, was presented with the award for his outstanding voluntary work both at home and at school. Joseph has actively fundraised for many different charities and spent time last year working in Romanian orphanages as part of St Paul’s International Projects, and as a helper with the St Paul’s Annual Pilgrimage to Lourdes. Joseph is delighted to have been presented with the Newry Young Lions Awards and

follows four previous winners from St Paul’s; Linda Brown in 2003, Maria McKeown in 2004, Briege Rice in 2005 and Lawrence Hamill in 2006.

Head of Sixth Form at St Paul’s, Mrs Bridget McConville paid tribute to Joseph’s hard work and dedication and congratulated him on his award.

Rotary Club Every year the Rotary Club invites candidates to compete in a Youth Forum which is designed for those pupils interested in European Politics. Joseph McElroy was chosen to represent St Paul’s and was able to meet students from other schools. He got the opportunity to dine with the members of the Newry and Mourne Rotary Club with the other finalists.

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Girls Gaelic Football Mrs Anne Hollywood

This year once again we say goodbye to a group of girls who have dedicated a lot of hard work and effort into girl’s football at St Paul’s. They formed part of the team who won the

heroic Ulster Final back in 2004 and have continued to have success over the years. The final was the first time any Armagh girl’s team, at any level, school, college or county had won a Girls Ulster title. I

“It is with great sadness that we remember at this time our dear team mate, Shauna McCann, who died suddenly whilst at University in Liverpool. Shauna was a vibrant part of our squad who embodied all the qualities of a great team player as well as a wonderful person. She was a gifted

would like to wish the girls all the best as they leave us and I know they will go on to bigger and better things in the world of football. It has been a pleasure to work with such talented and dedicated players.

footballer who played in the Ulster final as well as a proud member of Carrickcruppen Ladies GAA. Her dream was to teach sport to children with Special Needs and we have no doubts she would have fulfilled all her ambitions.” Mrs Anne Hollywood

Caoimhe Murray

Maureen Browne

Denise Leonard

Charlotte Rooney

During my years at St Paul’s I was a member of many Gaelic Football teams. I gained many skills and I have now as a result of all my hard work and dedication succeeded in getting a place on the Armagh Ladies team. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Anne Hollywood, Miss Julie Donaghy, Miss Sharon Duncan and Mr Brendan McArdle for all the support and effort over the last seven years. Football has been a big part of my life in St Paul’s so thanks to all involved.

For the past seven years I have been playing Gaelic football for St Paul’s. This year I was chosen as Captain which was really great. My most memorable moment was winning the Ulster Championships back in 2004. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved with football at St Paul’s especially Mrs Anne Hollywood and Miss Julie Donaghy. Last but not least a big thank you to all the girls on the team for all the craic!

I have really enjoyed my seven years playing for the school team and winning the Ulster Final. Thank you to St Paul’s for giving me the opportunity to compete at the highest level and the confidence to become a better and stronger player.

Well, what can I say! I will be sad to leave St Paul’s and all the great people I have met during my seven years as part of the football team. We have mad life long friendships and I wish everyone luck as we move to the next stage. Thank you to Mrs Hollywood and all the PE staff who have guided us over the years and I hope you all don’t miss us too much!

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Dance Champions

Miss Catherine Murphy

St Paul’s High School, Bessbrook are Ulster and All Ireland Champions Schools from all over Ulster recently participated in the Ulster Championships staged at the Girl’s Model School in Belfast Following months of tough aerobic training and dance conditioning, the girl’s from St Paul’s High School competed against teams from all over the province. St Paul’s received a total of 5 firsts, 3 seconds and 1 third. The St Paul’s girls were placed in first position in the following categories: Minor Dance, Junior Aerobic, Junior Dance, Senior Dance and Intermediate Dance Duo. They also received second place in Senior Aerobic, Minor Trio and Intermediate Dance. Third place was received for Junior Dance duo. Only this month the girls’ from St Paul’s competed in the All

Ireland Dance Championships and took first place. A remarkable achievement! A tough regime of fitness ensured the girl’s were in peak condition and with Choreographer/PE teacher Miss Catherine Murphy at the helm; the girls were put through their paces in preparation for the big day. Miss Murphy has many years of experience, coaching teams for highly prestigious N.I competitions, Ulster championships and the recent All Ireland Tyrone Crystal Championship, where the girls received Runner-Up position. She currently coaches the Ulster Squad who are currently in training for the forth-coming British Championships. As a dancer, Miss Murphy was a member of the Northern Ireland Dance and Aerobic team for 10 years and

won many British titles. It was not just with luck the dancers won these competitions; it took many hours of practice and a lot of determination and dedication. The girls so be so proud of all their accomplishments. Good luck to all Year 12 pupils who have been a big part of St Paul’s Dance history. They are; Yr 12 Dance Team: Monica Mallon, Megan Burns, Jamie Larkin, Emma Donaghy, Dervla Rafferty, Shauna Rafferty GCSE Dance Pupils: Amy McLoughlin, Cecelia Byrne, Mairead Quigley, Jamie Larkin, Emma Donaghy, Vicki Mohan, Roseanne McVerry, Nicola Preece

Niamh Devine Year 14.

Shauna Rafferty Yr 12

For the past seven years I have been a part of the School Dance Team. I have been involved in many performances and competitions and we have won many NI and most recently All-Ireland Dance Titles. We would never have achieved so much without our dance coach and mentor, Miss Murphy; she is an amazing choreographer and a credit to this school. I know she will have plenty more successes in the future. Dancing will always be a part of my life and I am sincerely going to miss everyone from the team but I wish them all the best of luck in future competitions!

I have really enjoyed my five years as a member of the dance team at St Paul’s. The highlight of that time was being picked for the Ulster Fitness and Dance Squad. This was due to our success over the years in the NI Dance Championships winning Gold every year. I am also a member of the Newry Youth Dance Company and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Miss Murphy for all her help over the years.

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Boys Gaelic Football Head of PE Mr John Rafferty

It has been a year of mixed fortunes for Gaelic football at St Paul’s. Head of PE, Mr John Rafferty experienced a bitter-sweet day in Clones with the U.14 team winning and the U.16 team as runners-up.

He said “Regardless of the results, St Paul’s are very proud of both teams. We would all like them to go back to their clubs with Ulster Medals but as long as they go back as Gaels then that is success in itself.”

U.14 Team

Ulster Champions Coaches: Mr John Rafferty Mr Jarlath Digney The U.14 Gaelic Football team won the Ulster Bank Vocational Schools’ U.14 (McDevitt) Ulster Championship in style this year. Playing in unrelenting rain and a muddy pitch, the team played an exciting game. Captain Francis Gorman rallied his team to a great victory to the roar of the crowd. The final score was:

St Paul’s 1-10

Holy Trinity College 0-09

Congratulations boys on a terrific win! Team: Andrew Kilgallon, Caolan McCullough, Micheal Murphy, Garrett Rafferty, Steven Lavelle, Francis Gorman (Capt), Noel McCoy, Gavin Kane, Gerard Doherty, Conor Sloan, Ryan Evans, Conor Boyle, Jarlath Meehan, Kieran O’Hanlon, Mark Feehan Subs Used: Michael Mallon, Sean O’Hagan

U.16 Team

Coaches: Mr Bill Geoghegan & Mr Martin O’Rourke St Paul’s U.16 Gaelic football team were narrowly denied the Ulster Schools Vocational title by a late rally from De La Salle, Downpatrick. The final score was

St Paul’s 0-06

De La Salle 1-05

Subs: Ciaran Boyle, Michael Boyle, Niall McGuinness, Ryan McCabe, Malachy Toman, Aaron Coleman, Blaine Malone, Caolan McAteer, Caolan O’Hagan, Oisin Murphy, Gregory McCabe, Michele Mannarino, Michael McCaffrey, Mark Byrne, Patrick McEvoy, Stephen Mullholland, Cathal Fearon, Conor Sloan, Ciaran McGuinness, Nathan Bradley, Tony McParland, Seamus Strain, and James Hughes. Team: Cathal McParland, Adrian O’Grady, Christopher Canning (Joint Captain), Gerard McKeown, Conor Hughes, Damian Doyle (Joint Captain), Kealan Downey, Michael Reel, Peadar O’Hare, Lee Lennon, Paul Grant, Darren Sheridan, Caolan Trainor, Sean O’Callaghan and Lonnie Larkin. Subs used: Donal McKenna, Steven Trainor, Barry Lavelle, and Conor Doherty. Subs: David Mullholland, Conor McKeown, Barry Gaskin, Brendan Doherty, Kevin Moan, Robert Hamill, Emmet Murtagh, Michael Keenan, David McCabe, Aodhan McQuade, Daniel Martin, Patrick Rice, Gavin O’Keefe and Jordan Duignan.

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Year Book 2008  

Annual Year Book for 2008 from St Paul's High School, Bessbrook

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