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24/08/AD79 Volume 6, Issue 3

Daily Mirror Vesuvius Punishes Pompeii! Facts  The first stage of the

eruption is the plinian stage.  Pompeii was buried in

On August 24th AD 79, Mount Vesuvius suddenly erupted. Many people in died in Pompeii but many people escaped. Everybody thought that the gods wanted to kill them. After the eruption was complete the whole city.

cinders rocks. In the end they all died because of the pyroclastic surge. The eruption started because of the tectonic plates rubbing over each other causing it to erupt!

8 to 10 feet of ash.  2,000 people died  20.00 people lived

there.  The ash spewed up 25


Mount Vesuvius suddenly erupted. It spurted out pumice stones into the air 25 kilometres, and then they came dropping down from the sky. It started to erupt at 1:30pm in the afternoon.. The Pompeii eruption was one of the latter kind. The volcanic ash choked and suffocated every living thing. The volcanic ash is thick and heavy, and falls massive amounts, along with hot

The first step of the Mount Vesuvius eruption (spewing pumice stones into the air)!

Exclusive Interview! As I walked through the ruins of Pompeii, I found a young slave girl called Bella, running into her house. She managed to choke out some words, ”I can taste fire in my mouth, burnt things and poisonous gasses. I kept hearing

rumbling and sizzling noises coming from the mountain. Everybody screaming, and crying for help, coughing, choking and spluttering. All of the pumice stones tapping and banging on the roof. I could see an umbrella

cloud spurting upwards 25 kilometers. The black cloud of death was coming closer and closer. A heap of ash was rolling towards me at speed. I felt confused and amazed at first, but now I am frustrated and terrified as I should

Have escaped from the city earlier.” And as I finished the interview a pumice stone came dropped down and knocked her unconscious!

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Daily Mirror

This Weeks Weather! MONDAY This Monday there is a slight chance of rain in the morning, but it may brighten up during the day! With temperatures up to 11 degrees and a wind speed of 4mph!



This Tuesday will be very cloudy, dull and windy through the entire day. There will temperatures of up to 4 degrees and a wind speed of 8mph!

This Wednesday there is a chance that it may snow during the night but in the morning it shall be very windy and rainy. There will be temperatures up to 2 degrees and a wind speed of 12mph!

This Thursday will hopefully brighten up through out the day, but in the morning it will start to rain a bit. There will be a temperature of 4 degrees in the morning and during the day it will be 15 degrees! Also the wind speed will be 3mph!




This Friday will be sunny through out the whole day. With a temperature of 17 degrees and a wind speed of 2mph!

This Saturday will be quite dull and cloudy but will still be very warm. The temperature will be 11 degrees and there will be a wind speed of 6mph!

This Sunday we will have clear sky's With some sunny spells temperatures will rise to around 18 degrees

Amelia Hall  

Have escaped from the city earlier.” And as I fin- ished the interview a pum- ice stone came dropped down and knocked her unconscious! rumbl...

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