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ABOUT ST. PAUL PRESS St. Paul Press publishes inspirational, informative, and educational books by Christian authors. In this catalog, you will find titles useful for evangelism, encouragement, Bible study, motivation, selfimprovement, and entertainment. We call our company St. Paul Press in honor of the greatest Christian writer of all time--the Apostle Paul.

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NONFICTION A Good Man is Hard to Find: Adam, Where Are You? A Guide to Biblical Manhood in the 21st Century Michael L. Henderson Sr. VIEW MORE INFO Men, are you a man who sometimes struggles with manhood? Have you found it difficult to totally understand how to become a man, or have you seen very few good men throughout your life that you could properly model? Then you would thoroughly benefit from, A Good Man is Hard to Find: Adam Where Are You? In this book Michael L. Henderson, Sr. tackles the distorted views of masculinity many men struggle with today by offering a biblical blueprint of how a real or a GOOD man should live his life.

A Heart to Heart Encounter: Messages to Inspire Marilyn Macon VIEW MORE INFO This book includes a collection of messages, inspirational stories, and poems to help people meet today’s issues with confidence and clarity. The messages and poems can inspire, create love, and even change the direction of people’s lives. Often people are wondering how to live the victorious life. A Heart to Heart Encounter gives the reader those answers. They are messages delivered on Sunday mornings, in faith-based institutions and at national conferences. Marilyn thought it would be useful to share these heartfelt messages and poems because they are tools for encouragement.

A Mind of Excellence: A Guide to a Journey of Excellence and Success Mary A. Henderson VIEW MORE INFO Beware... this book is an attempt to transform your mind and inspire your heart to live a life of success! This book is designed to create a Mind of Excellence by providing biblical principles and practices that can be applied daily on your journey to successful living. It is a structured plan leading the reader to experience the power of living by the word of God. Unlike other self-help books, this book provides spiritual principles directly from Scripture. Unlike other self-help books, these principles are provided for the reader to use as a guide on their journey towards success and to be a reference throughout life's challenges.


A Woman's Journal for Joyful Living Natalie A. Francisco VIEW MORE INFO Reading A Woman’s Journal for Joyful Living: Successful Steps to Holistic Health takes nerve as you come face-to-face with your own reality and make the necessary changes to put yourself on your own to-do list as a matter of priority. This kind of nerve is defined as the mental fortitude and unmitigated audacity to take control of your own life both internally and externally as you are challenged to utilize the mental and moral power within to transform your present state of mind, spirit and body into what it was originally designed to be in its best, brightest and most brilliant form.

Be Empowered Ezekiel Oladosu VIEW MORE INFO Be Empowered is a book that will energize you to search for the unsearchable, to know the unknown, in relating to the reason you are called by your name, when you embark on a journey with God. Before you embark, you need motivation, reasons, desires, targets, and goals you want to achieve on your journey, but the foundation might be different, maybe with God or without God to discover who you really are and your personal identity that will give a meaning to the original you! This book will encourage you on a glorious journey of faith in a faithless situation, hope in a hopeless circumstances, trust when you don't have any reason to trust God again, and it will give you a reason to live a life with God.

Before You Leave the Locker Room Lee Sheppard VIEW MORE INFO Before You Leave the Locker Room is a devotional book for athletes, both young and old. Covering topics such as: Unity, Courage, Endurance, Intensity, Focus, Determination (and many others) the book shares relevant stories, quotes from sports figures, and lessons from Scripture that will equip an athlete for his time on the field by getting his heart and mind ready prior to the game. Each devotion (chapter) has pop up boxes with significant quotes and concludes with a "Bow Your Head" time of prayer that leads the reader in a simple prayer of encouragement, motivation, and thanks. "Each player must determine the source of his own strength to be successful in the game. Before You Leave the Locker Room is a reminder of the greatest source of strength there is." --Coach Rodney Walker, GACA 2014 Hall of Fame Nominee


Birthing Purpose Berline Thenor VIEW MORE INFO This book is for the lost one trying to find a purpose for the pain. This is for the brokenhearted trying to be made whole again from shattered pieces. This is for the wounded trying to get healing while still bleeding.

Blessed Every Day: Wisdom Writings for Women Barbara Dudley VIEW MORE INFO Blessed Every Day identifies the kind of wisdom that is developed as we travel through valleys and over peaks on this journey called life. It is meant to be used and reused as a valuable tool in your 'success in life tool kit'. Bend it, write in it, cry over it if you must. But set yourself a goal to glean all you can from its pages which are filled with simple stories of every day blessings.

Born in the Church, but Not Born Again Lesley A. Francisco VIEW MORE INFO This book confronts the lies and manipulation that are often coupled with the gospel of religion. What do you do when you’re churched but not changed? There are those of us whom are accustomed to routine and not relationship. The religious matrix has held many captive and has depressed, oppressed and suppressed hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Christians around the world. My hope is that you will read this book carefully, learn to awaken from a religious stupor, and come to grips with the glorious grace that is found in Jesus Christ.


Breaking the Chains of Addiction George Williams VIEW MORE INFO Diet can help or hinder your recovery from addiction. If spoken in faith, Scripture will cleanse your mind. The time of prayer can stimulate, strengthen and attack addiction in ways you never thought of. My testimony will encourage you through your deliverance. You will have to rethink your thoughts in order to free yourself from addiction.

Broken Dolls: Gathering the Pieces: Caring for Chronically Ill Children Jennifer Cox VIEW MORE INFO Broken Dolls is unique because in it I encompass the entire process one goes through from the moment they discover the illness of their young child through adulthood. I talk about the practical things you can do to make the task easier, the medical avenues you will take and the emotional highs and lows that are a part of suffering. At the end of most chapters, I include tips to help you. I also candidly discuss choosing your doctor, how the entire family is affected, returning to what I call the "new normal", school issues, letting go and other essentials. You will also find a heart warming section where the feelings of individual family members are expressed. The siblings surprised me with what they had to say looking back now almost two decades later. This book is not written to the medical world, nor did I write it on their behalf. This book is written from the view point of a parent caring for a child with a chronic illness from day to day. --Jennifer Travis Cox

Camo Paint: The Call to be Set Apart Kizzy Miles VIEW MORE INFO Camo paint is a paint that soldiers wear in time of war in order to blend in with their environment. What happens when you take off the camo paint? You stand out; you are exposed for who you really are. Many of us have worn camo paint and never even realized it. We have attempted to blend in with the world by conforming to the world’s standards. We want to fit in because of the fear of being ridiculed and rejected if we are different so we hide behind a façade. In my book, Camo Paint, I will take you through the many years that I spent camouflaged. Trying to blend into the world, but still not feeling like I quite fit in. It is my desire that my testimony and my transparency will set you free.


Can I Get a Little Help? I'm Married / I'm Single J.K. Hamilton VIEW MORE INFO A very practical look at relationships for those married and single.

Cheaters, Breakups, and a Love Worth Finding Marcus D. King VIEW MORE INFO Cheaters, Breakups, and a Love Worth Finding is a book that gives both men and women a genuine, raw look at the realities of relationships in today’s times. It gives insight into the mindset of a gender which is not discussed as often when it comes to infidelity. Yes, women cheat, and it is not a new phenomenon. Good girls do bad things and can have more deception and schemes than a man could ever suspect. Not only does this book focus on cheating women, but it shows both men and women how to survive a breakup and move forward with their lives whether they have experienced the end of a dating or marital relationship.

Christian Leadership: the Missing Link Bobby Mills VIEW MORE INFO Christianity in American society is on the decline, and the question is why? Is it because Christian leadership has become too secularized, rather than spiritualized? The percentage of American adults who describe themselves as Christians has declined by eight percentage points in the last seven years based upon recent research data from the Pew Research Center. Too many twenty first century Christian church goers are bowing down to spiritual wickedness in high places simply for monetary gain, maximizing the pleasure principle, and above all, cohering with Cain’s children. God is not pleased, because "God judgeth the righteous, and God is angry with the wicked every day." Does this sound like your church? Can God-fearing Christians rebuild the spiritual-moral walls of American society? I humbly pray that it is not too late.


Crossing Jordan Matthew Smith VIEW MORE INFO This book is written to those who want to express themselves through a living, vibrant faith, that when backed into a corner, will come out fighting. This book is for the person whose faith will not be contained. This book is for the saints of God who have a radical faith that welcomes the challenge of change.

Dancing with the Scars Twanna Henderson VIEW MORE INFO Twanna Henderson's "Dancing with the Scars" is about the power of unrelenting faith and how it can carry anyone through failures, disappointments and difficulties.

Deeper Insights Meleta Francis VIEW MORE INFO Everyone goes through life marching to a certain emotional and spiritual drumbeat and sometimes, because of wrong perceptions and misunderstandings, we take missteps. Sometimes these missteps lead to hurt, mistrust, anger, disillusionment and other negative emotions. What if your life missteps result in an unexpected break in your most treasured relationship? What if your plans for the future came to an abrupt halt and you are left reeling and searching for answers? What would you do? How would you cope with the heartbreak and loss? This book takes you on a journey which explores such questions -- a journey which forces you to reexamine important truths regarding God’s will for your life relationships. Through reviewing biblical stories of hope and healing and sharing stories of everyday people, this book delivers a healing combination and a winning formula that will help you gain new perspectives and deeper insights into building, strengthening and maintaining your life relationships.


Destiny: God's Plan in Motion Deloris Pettaway VIEW MORE INFO God want you to know there is a plan for your life. Watch And See The Mighty Hand of God!

Dialogue with My Daughters Jeffrey A. Johnson, Sr. VIEW MORE INFO Many young women in our country today are growing up without a father or father-figure in their lives. Some women have had fathers around but their daddies never had heartto-heart talks with them. Some women remember things their fathers shared with them, and would like to hear those things again. Whatever your age or situation as a woman, this book is for you! (It can also help fathers learn how to have those all-important conversations with their own daughters.) Jeffrey A. Johnson, Sr. has written this book from a father’s heart. You will find him talking openly and honestly about handling your beliefs, your bodies, your brains, your business, and your blessings. You will find these pages filled with a variety of topics, such as: learning to appreciate the “you” God created, avoiding impulse shopping, knowing what to look for in a mate, thinking as God thinks, and many other things.

Dialogue with My Daughters: My Personal Reflections Jeffrey A. Johnson Sr. VIEW MORE INFO This journal is a companion to Dialogue with My Daughters. That book was written by a pastor who has become a spiritual father to thousands of young women during the years of his ministry. He has seen so many women struggling with their self-esteem, their relationships with others, their vocational aspirations, their finances, their outlook on life, their marriages, their relationships with God and every aspect of their lives. So often, their struggles and their vulnerabilities can be traced to the absence of a strong, caring, father-figure who was able to talk with them about these things as they were growing up. A dialogue, however, cannot be one-sided. In order for women—young and old—to get the most from Dialogue with My Daughters, they need to actively interact with the book. This journal will inspire the readers to reflect upon what they have read, to consider what it means for them personally, and to decide how to apply it to their lives.


Diary of a Black Church Musician C. Angela VIEW MORE INFO This is a story about the experiences of C. Angela, a church musician, who has served in many different denominations in her lifetime. This book also shares the stories of several other church musicians portrayed in the composite, Roland Barber. It addresses some of the challenges and concerns that musicians have faced. It also provides practical guidance to musicians and gives information to music lovers that will help them to be more appreciative and understanding of their church musicians.

Digital Witness: A Social Media Primer for Churches Joel Southerland VIEW MORE INFO Using Social Media for Evangelism and Ministry "Digital Witness" helps churches get started with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for ministry. It identifies simple, strategic practices a church can implement immediately to move into the digital world.

Emerge: Little by Little Corey Brown VIEW MORE INFO A 52 Week Devotional


Everybody Can't Climb This Mountain Rayford Malone VIEW MORE INFO Have you looked at your mountain recently? Have you acknowledged its presence in your life? Or are you still choosing to avoid it as you wear the façade of a happy child of God? You know it’s there -- that mountain you refuse to climb. Presently, it’s hovering above you, like an ominous dark reminder that you do not have the total victory in Christ. Meanwhile its presence taunts you because you know you have failed to combat your greatest challenges of faith out of fear, frustration, and distress. How long have you allowed it to linger in your Promised Land? How long will you allow it to linger before you conquer it in Jesus' name? Everybody Can't Climb This Mountain is a book that every New Testament believer should have. It details how we should effectively and systematically climb every mountain that God allows to remain in our path. This book is designed to teach the new convert and the mature saint that God has called us to climb our spiritual mountains which He has allowed to remain in our path in order to claim the victory in Jesus Christ.

Family-Based Christianity Bobby Mills VIEW MORE INFO Family-Based Christianity is a Bible-based resource book on how to develop God-fearing consciences, God-fearing families, God-fearing institutional churches, and God-fearing societal institutions working in concert for the kingdom of God on earth. Values dictate institutional structures, and family is at the heart of it. We receive our spiritual orders from God, and they are to be executed within the context of family structure.

Finding Your Focus On... Relationships Marcus D. King VIEW MORE INFO The “Finding Your Focus” series provides readers with an opportunity to rethink and reposition their lives in order to maximize their potential after obtaining a clearer perspective of some elements that healthy relationships should possess. Healthy relationships are necessary if we are going to be successful in most, if not all, aspects of our lives. Now, more than ever, our world needs tools and resources like “Finding Your Focus On…Relationships” to educate and encourage healthy unions among friends, families, and all other types of relationships we encounter on a daily basis. Marcus D. King takes practical, biblical principles and applies them in such a way that gives hope and guidance to any reader who desires to foster positive relationships in society.


Forgive As You Go Mary Green VIEW MORE INFO When someone does you wrong, do you forgive immediately? Or do you allow regret and anger to build up in your heart? In Forgive as You Go, Mary Tisdale Green shows the importance of not allowing our hearts to harbor resentment and hatred because of sin, anger, or offenses from others. Through the lives of the biblical patriarchs, you will see how keeping our lives free from unforgiveness will help us have a more joyful life, and keep us in close communion with our Heavenly Father, our families, and our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Get in the God Zone Cleavon Matthews VIEW MORE INFO In this book, Dr. Matthews shares life changing truths to empower and equip readers in becoming the best version of themselves. We find this best version in a God-centered identity. Our identity is often adversely influenced through trauma, suffering, shame, sin, and failure. But this book offers a paradigm for hope for anyone willing to accept the call and dare to live in the God Zone.

Get the Hell Out! L.W. Francisco III VIEW MORE INFO After twenty-three years in ministry, I have a passion to see the body of Christ experience what I believe is the right of every believer, and that is to live an abundant life in the here and now. The fact of the matter is, God wants His children to live an abundant life and He actually gives us the tools or the keys to make it happen. It's simply called a 'Kingdom mentality'. Now, for the purpose of this book, I won't go into a deep theological explanation of a Kingdom mentality. I am not trying to impress anyone with my prowess of scriptural interpretation. I simply want to share with you how to live an abundant life starting RIGHT NOW! I intentionally made this book a short read so that you can read it over and over and allow the principles contained therein to saturate your mind and heart. If you are fed up with "Hell" living in and occupying your mind, now is the time to stand up and boldly proclaim, GET THE HELL OUT!


Get Your Aim Right Corey L. Brown VIEW MORE INFO "Get Your AIM Right is as clear and concise as it is accessible and powerful. Designed as a devotional for the entire year, it provides essential spiritual instruction for any person seeking to find and maintain a positive direction in life. As both a pastor and an author, Dr. Corey Brown aims with laser-like precision on those challenges and choices that comprise a successful life. Empowering! Enlightening! A Must Read." --Dr. Lance D. Watson, Senior Pastor of The Saint Paul's Baptist Church in Richmond, VA

God Invented Sex Lisa Gordon VIEW MORE INFO Do you think that it is realistic in 2016 to abstain from sex until marriage in a sex-driven world? Do you want to live for God but don't know practical steps to get there in your everyday life? Do you know the purpose of sex and why God even created it? Ever wonder why you can't seem to get over that ex that you dated 5 years ago and are constantly drawn into an on and off relationship with them? God Invented Sex: An Interactive Guide To Sexual Purity takes an introspective look at all of these questions and more through the journey and personal stories of the author. It is a thought provoking book that not only provides information through biblical lens but also gives 8 practical steps to maintain sexual purity. At the end of each chapter there is a question and answer section to help you to connect the dots in your own life. Whether you want to abstain from sex until marriage, are a virgin or have yet to decide if sexual purity is something that you would like to engage in, this book is for you!

God is Greater than Family Mess Joey Johnson VIEW MORE INFO On the basis of the biblical phrase, "visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children, to the third and fourth generation," the author traces Family Mess or "generational bondage" in the family of Abraham to the fourth generation. As the father of Israel and of the Christian faith, Abraham provides an excellent example for us to examine his family mess in order to help us conquer our own. God worked in the midst of Abraham's family problems to give the promise of a brighter future. He gave Abraham and his posterity a destiny that overcame their outward limitations. Praise God that He does the same thing for us, the spiritual children of Abraham.


God's Got My Back Rudolph McKissick Jr. VIEW MORE INFO In August of 2008, Bishop Rudolph McKissick underwent an extensive spinal surgery that resulted in a four-month hiatus and birthed a multiplicity of other physical challenges, inclusive of the possibility of never proclaiming the Word of God again. In this new book, McKissick allows us to journey with him from discovery through recovery and see how God not only birthed a medical miracle in his life but also how God revealed to him spiritual principles for life that he now shares with all. Read this book and learn how to discover and recover from the challenges that come into your life. "In The Survivor's Club, Bishop McKissick is a member, but he qualifies to be the president." --from the Foreword, Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant

Grief: A Biblical Pathway to God Joey Johnson VIEW MORE INFO Bishop F. Josephus (Joey) Johnson, a pastor since 1974 and a certified Grief Recovery Specialist® since 2002, situates The Grief Recovery Method® within a biblical context. The Grief Recovery Method® is an educational program that is not obviously biblical, but it is not anti-biblical. This book helps those who desire to understand how the Method and the Bible correlate.

Growing in the Character of Christ Edmund Sackey Brown VIEW MORE INFO In this book, Rev. Edmund Sackey-Brown lays a great emphasis on the need for the believer to grow into Christ-like character through a systematic growth concept. The world is desperately in need of salvation, therefore our lifestyle should be such that it will bring people to Christ. The call to discipleship means living fully for God. It is living a life of righteousness and faith, and being an example of Christ, both in word and deed in this crooked and perverse generation. This book will show you how to attain spiritual maturity and grow into the image and likeness of Christ.


Healing Our Broken Village Frederick Haynes VIEW MORE INFO Healing Our Broken Village raises a bitter truth that often the enemy we fight against, is within. Dr. Haynes encourages readers to address the issue of healing by confronting the internal struggles that incarcerate us emotionally, socially, and ultimately keep us from developing into who God has divinely designed us to be. More than just an opinion, Healing Our Broken Village shares spiritual insight on the circumstances of life that break us, and provides solutions as to how we overcome by tapping into what God has built within to sustain us.

How to Fast Successfully (German) Edmund Sackey-Brown VIEW MORE INFO "Wie man erfolgreich fastet“ wurde in einer leicht verständlichen und gut lesbaren Sprache geschrieben. Daher glaube ich, dass alle Christen unabhängig von ihrem gemeindlichen oder sonstigen Hintergrund mit Hilfe dieses Buches verstehen können, was Gottes Wort zum Thema Fasten sagt. Dieses Buch wird für alle, die sich danach sehnen, Fasten nicht mehr nur als formale religiöse Übung zu praktizieren, zum Leitfaden zur Entfaltung geistlicher Kraft werden.

How to Operate in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit Edmund Sackey Brown VIEW MORE INFO What an amazing clarity of Scripture! In this all-in-one book, the author, Rev. Edmund Sackey–Brown, clearly outlines, in a simple and practical way, how to be enriched with the knowledge and understanding of the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit, specific divine qualities, attributes, symbols and personalities of the Holy Spirit based on biblical truths. This book also contains deep insight and practical steps on how you can allow the Holy Spirit to manifest the nine gifts of the Spirit through you. These are essential tools for every believer who desires to operate in the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit for the edification of the body of Christ for the glory of God.


How To Receive from God Mark Amoateng VIEW MORE INFO Anyone who is interested in finding their purpose in God should read this book from beginning to end. It is filled with the Word of God, showing a clear path on how to receive from God. Dr. Mark makes it clear that it is not just he who hears the Word, but he who receives the Word that causes him to become ingrafted so that he can receive from God. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to be grounded in the Word and established in the ministry. --C.S. Upthegrove, from the foreword

How to Use the Promises of God Vince Cedrone VIEW MORE INFO The Holy Spirit was my number one mentor in learning the promises of God. I have taught on the promises of God, and I believe that if Christians can learn the power of these promises, they will live as the head and not the tail. They will learn to make stumbling blocks their stepping stones. Through the leading of the Holy Spirit, I have listed every major promise that a Christian would need and how to use each of them. Satan knows the word of God and one of his biggest fears is a Christian who knows how to defeat him with the promises. The promises are a mighty weapon when used properly.

I Am Completely Led C. Angela VIEW MORE INFO This is a story about the life of a young woman who has submitted her life to the Lord. It provides encouragement to those who have experienced heartbreak, unemployment, endured work conflicts and cancer. Through all these experiences, the overarching theme of her life is that she is completely led by God.


I'm Just Saying Natalie A. Francisco VIEW MORE INFO "I'm Just Saying! Daily Devotional Inspiration and Insight for Men and Women" is a book filled with 365 scriptural meditations, practical applications and prayers -- one entry for each day of the year. This devotional resource is specifically written for those who are seeking godly wisdom that is applicable in their personal and professional lives. Readers will be challenged to examine Biblical scripture from an out-of-the-box perspective so that it can be applied within the context of a contemporary culture.

Is Your Ghost Holy? Shay Bills VIEW MORE INFO Evangelist Shay Bills' book, Is Your Ghost Holy? Eight Principles for Evaluating Your Walk in the Spirit, is a companion and helpful tool in navigating your walk in Christ. In this book, you will find valuable principles to illuminate your path and heighten your faith in the Word. The principles of truth, life, faith, hope and change are all revealed through sound doctrine and by the quickening of the Holy Spirit. Is Your Ghost Holy? will transform your mind, will renew the right spirit within you, will teach you to take the road less traveled, will encourage you to rise up and stand firm on the Word, will make your heart receptive to the leading of the Holy Ghost. Discover how His Word shatters residue of doubt and uncertainty. Learn how to walk in the power of the Holy Ghost, by applying the Word of God and trusting His promises.

Jamaica Me C. Angela VIEW MORE INFO Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Jamaican Independence! This is the story of C. Angela's migration experience from Jamaica, West Indies to America. It shares her long adjustment process as she strove to find her own identity in a new country. She writes to bring an awareness to educators and policy makers about the growing population of English-speaking Caribbean students in American schools and the fact that many of their academic and social needs are not being addressed. The stories will make you laugh and cry and at the same time, you will learn about the beauty and richness of the Caribbean people, their island and their culture.


Jesus the Baptist Julius Owusu VIEW MORE INFO We know Jesus as our Saviour, Healer, Provider, Protector, Intercessor and so on. The only thing we seem to forget He is, is the truth that He is the Baptizer of the Holy Spirit and fire. In fact, we are only familiar with John as the only baptizer, little are we aware that Jesus is also a Baptizer. Comparing and contrasting the two Baptizers in many aspects, this book, which is red hot from Heaven's Bakeries finally centers on Jesus as the Baptizer in the Holy Ghost and fire. As you go through the fiery pages of this book, a strong hunger for the fire of the Holy Ghost will be stirred up in you, focusing on no one else but Jesus the Baptist to light up that fire on the altar of your heart and turning into a full perpetual flame. Look, we live in a spiritually cold world and in order not to be lukewarm, cold or frozen, the Holy Ghost fire is what you need and this book will help you catch Him.

Jesus... Wow! Robert L. Bostic VIEW MORE INFO Read #Jesus and discover "God Is Real" as told through the life of a man sharing his journey into retirement where he has found peace, joy and satisfaction despite personal loss.

Keep it Simple Believer Victor Johnson VIEW MORE INFO This book addresses the formation and progression of the non/new Believer's interpersonal faith in Christ. These meditations on Belief and Faith in Jesus have become keys to overcoming life's situations and securing eternal purity.


Lessons from My Journey C. Angela VIEW MORE INFO Everyone's Journey is Different. But if we stay on God's path, it will lead us closer to Him. I am led to share some of the lessons I have learned from my journey so far with you. I have completely surrendered my will, my life, my needs, my wants, my past, my present, my future, my highest dreams, and my deepest longings to God. I trust the Omnipotent One to lead me so I can grow in Him. I know that one day when I get to Heaven, I will realize that the smooth paths I would have chosen for myself would have kept me from being there.

Life Illustrated Jeffrey Johnson VIEW MORE INFO Life Illustrated is a devotional book that will bless individuals and families pursuing a closer walk with God. It is a collection of stories, illustrations and real life experiences that help explain the Word of God and make it applicable for everyday life. This book will serve as a daily reminder of God's love, faithfulness, and grace.

Look Up Alfredia DeVita VIEW MORE INFO "Look Up: There's a Journey Ahead of You" is the inspirational journey of a Christian's walk with Jesus. This is a journey through heartache, self-denial, pain and forgiveness to a stronger, more effective Christian life.


Lord of the Flies Joey Johnson VIEW MORE INFO Distractions are a major threat to leadership. Just as a fly can shift a bus driver's focus -from his main task of driving a vehicle safely to killing an irritating insect -- a distraction can cause a leader to lose sight of his main goal. Drawing on Biblical principles and personal experience, Bishop Joey Johnson uses the metaphor of the fly to examine why God allows distractions in a leader's life and how the devil uses distractions to get a leader away from his main goal. In this much-needed leadership book, Johnson shows how leaders can keep their focus on their goals in the midst of irritations, detractors, enemies, and obstacles.

Married and Wanna be Single, Single and Wanna be Married Hazel Claiborn VIEW MORE INFO A must read for any woman, whether married or single. I awoke one morning after completing a hundred hours of fasting and was inspired to write about my experiences in counseling and listening to single women and married women inside and outside of the church. I have spent hundreds of relentless hours listening to single Christian and non-Christian women who are not spiritually ready for marriage, but yet want to be married, and to married women who want to be single again due to prematurely getting married and not wanting to do the mature thing and stay and face the common problems that come when two people get married. --Dr. Hazel Claiborn

Moving Forward and Making a Difference Arthur L. Mackey VIEW MORE INFO In his newest book, Arthur L. Mackey Jr. lets us know that everyone in every realm of life -- believers and non-believers, journalists, reporters, and news anchors; as well as Independents, Democrats, and Republicans, are talking about moving forward. Mackey chronicles great thinkers and notable past and present day movers and shakers of history such as Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Malala Yousafzai, Joel Osteen, Oprah Winfrey, Israel Houghton, Frederick Douglas, and John Maxwell who have emphasized the importance of the concept of moving forward. Yet Mackey makes it crystal clear when, where, why, what, and with whom this moving forward concept and conversation first began. Mackey clearly shows in Moving Forward and Making a Difference that God Himself was the Being to first proclaim the positive and progressive message that motivates the masses in drastic need of freedom and economic, social, and political change. Since God was the first to discuss the concept of moving forward. Then secular society needs to receive and respect His Word to hurting humanity in drastic need of meaning.


My Father's Gospel: Reminiscences of a Son Harold A. Carter Jr. VIEW MORE INFO In this work, a son shares with dignity and respect the motivations and influences of his father. Although mostly biographical, the son, who would succeed his father after seventeen years of pastoring together at the New Shiloh Baptist Church, Baltimore, MD, also calls for a renewed appreciation for biblical succession. Written mostly with those who knew the father, Dr. Harold A. Carter, who was a product of the Deep South and a ministerial licentiate of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in mind, anyone will find the son's honoring of his father's almost sixty years of preaching the Gospel and fifty-five years of effective and creative pastoring insightful, touching, at times humorous, and overall a testament that God was and is at work in the family's lineage.

My Journey to Jesus Sista Mary VIEW MORE INFO I never truly felt loved. From my beginnings as an adopted child, I substituted sex and drugs for love. Join me on my journey and see how Jesus changed my life.

No More Chains! Felecia Artis VIEW MORE INFO The truth is we are all bound by something—bad credit, illness, our weight, other peoples’ opinions, low self-esteem, strained relationships, fear, depression, unforgiveness, feelings of failure, unworthiness, and loneliness, even a loss of hope and faith. "No More Chains!" takes readers on a journey through real-life stories that resemble these issues of captivity that many face, suffer in silence over, and seldom talk about. These issues often keep us from living the life we desire and from fulfilling our purpose and destiny on this earth. The embarkation of this transformative journey finds readers where they are—seeking healing for their situations, their sufferings, and their souls. Readers evolve on a path to freedom and healing; and they emerge whole, free, and empowered to press through their issues and passionately pursue their purpose and destiny.


Nothing Gay About Being Gay Tyeesha Holt VIEW MORE INFO This book exposes truth about the spirit of homosexuality in a way that has never been displayed. Although Tyeesha's story is uncut, she expresses how the worst part of her testimony was not that she was gay, abusive or confused about her sexual identity; the worst part to her is how no one knew how to approach her with biblical truth. This book is a great reference tool for... Anyone that's a part of The LGBTQ community, A friend / relative of a homosexual, A parent whose child is confused about their sexual identity and for The body of Christ.

Nuggets by Day and Gems by Night Rudolph McKissick VIEW MORE INFO The concept of this book is taken from Spurgeon's "Morning and Evening." For each day of the month there is a morning starting "nugget," which is a simple one line "get me going for the day" thought. For the end of that day, there is a "gem," which is a more exhaustive thought or insight to think on as you conclude your day.

On the Outside Looking In Rayford Malone VIEW MORE INFO "On the Outside Looking In: Discovering God Through Broken Relationships" takes an in-depth look at the shame, withdrawal, and embarrassment that often manifests itself in our personal lives through intimate relationships that lead to damaged souls. For many of us, these negative emotions start as small flickering thoughts in the back of our mind. If left unchecked, they continue to feed on our spirit until we are ultimately, consumed by them. That's why this book is such an important read to have for your church or personal library. Through this book, you'll learn about God's great purpose for your life as you discover inner strength through your developing relationship with Christ. At its conclusion, you'll be able to walk forward in life, while sharing your wounds without shame, regret, or embarrassment.


Overcomers Donnell S. Josiah VIEW MORE INFO Every day, millions of people wake up to confront the same giants that defeated them yesterday, and today, many rush into their day without a decisive plan for securing victory tomorrow. While there are some things in life that are beyond one's control, many are within your grasp. All that is required is a little effort each day, the expense of which will go a long way in shaping the outcome of your circumstance and ultimately change the direction of your life. Overcomers is a 31-day motivational guide that provides a practical approach to overcoming life's obstacles within a spiritual framework.

Parenting and Partnering with Purpose Natalie A. Francisco VIEW MORE INFO Parenting and Partnering with Purpose is an inspirational resource designed to motivate parents, educators and church leaders to form and maintain strategic partnerships in the education of today's youth. Sound principles for parenting and teaching, as well as suggestions for establishing a Christian day care and school, are shared from a biblical perspective given Dr. Francisco's professional training and many years of experience as a mother and an educator.

Porch Stories: Told and Interpreted Larry Macon VIEW MORE INFO Experience a unique and refreshing perspective on the origin and history of the traditional black church, the black family, and the African-American experience in America. Your heart will be blessed and encouraged through these stories passed down from father to son, as well as through the life lessons you will learn from them.


Positioned for Purpose Rayford Malone VIEW MORE INFO Are you Positioned for Purpose? Do you know your purpose? Many of us live our life dreading the storms and shipwrecks of life. We know they can be heartless and they can damage your soul and ministry. But through this book Dr. Malone shows us that the storms and shipwrecks of life are not meant to be destroy the human spirit but they are used to show Christ to this world. If you take this journey with the author you will see that storms will come. Shipwrecks will come. But our God has promised that He will never leave us nor forsake us in our time of need. You will see that God has called us to be lights that shine in the darkness. But for us to shine we must be willing to be placed in some dark areas.

Positive Christian Affirmations Nancy Strong VIEW MORE INFO This one year journal and devotional, which you can start on any day of the year and continue throughout 365 days, offers a positive daily outlook on life. This book came to me in dreams all the way from the title to the end. The dreams started after a divorce. I started working two jobs and was extremely tired upon retiring to sleep. I am not an author or at least did not believe myself to be one. I don't normally dream either. But these dreams were so vivid that I could wake and write them down and go right back to sleep. Then the morning after the dream, what was written down was, I felt, as it should be written, other than correcting spelling, etc.

Psalm 23 for Today Larry Ellis VIEW MORE INFO The 23rd Psalm is a classic. It is eternal in its meaning and contemporary in its application. One cannot improve upon this text. We need to know that the shepherd cares for the sheep today! The needs are different. The valleys are different. The enemies are different. However, human needs have not change. The search continues for someone to lead us to a place of rest, relevance, and refreshment. As an author, I desire to contribute to the conversation with the psalmist and the shepherd. It is possible to draw fresh water from old wells. In the chapters, “His Name is On You”, “Valley Walk Don’t Run”, and “Happy Valley” are means to explore the psalm from the seat of modernity. The “No Fear Zone” and “God’s Teaching Tools” are again new lenses to look at current situations. Ultimately, I am in hopes of rekindling interest in this timeless treasure. The Shepherd is still good. He still leads and he still cares for his own. The assurance he gives is just what we need in a world gone awry.


Royal P.R.I.N.C.E.S.S. Handbook Mechelle Rabot VIEW MORE INFO The Royal P.R.I.N.C.E.S.S. Handbook is a guide for young women ages 12-18. It is designed to teach, train, motivate and inspire them to grow into productive women, wives, mothers and entrepreneurs. All based on the Biblical principle that "the older women are to teach the younger women," this book offers advice and instruction for young women to learn how to take care of a family and home.

Sermon Notes Volume 1 Larry Ellis VIEW MORE INFO Bible study is made easier when we have a place to start! What do I study today? What do I preach or teach next week? In this volume there is a study outline for each week for three years. It can be used both inductively and deductively. The author spent hours mining each text. The outline represents the “gist” of the message or lesson presented to a “live” congregation. Outlines cover both Old and New Testament. If desired, full manuscripts and compact discs are available for further study as well as a volume of written sermons. The reader will discover that each lesson holds spiritual treasure on most any subject in Scripture.

Sermon Notes Volume 2 Larry Ellis VIEW MORE INFO Bible study is made easier when we have a place to start! What do I study today? What do I preach or teach next week? In this volume there is a study outline for each week for three years. It can be used both inductively and deductively. The author spent hours mining each text. The outline represents the "gist" of the message or lesson presented to a "live" congregation. Outlines cover both Old and New Testament. If desired, full manuscripts and compact discs are available for further study as well as a volume of written sermons. The reader will discover that each lesson holds spiritual treasure on most any subject in Scripture.


Sermon Notes Volume 3 Larry Ellis VIEW MORE INFO In this volume there is a study outline for each week for three years. It can be used to aid in Bible study, sermon preparation or Sunday School lessons. The outlines can be studied both inductively and deductively.

Socio-Religious Essays on American Society Bobby Mills VIEW MORE INFO Has American society torn down the moral walls? And, more importantly, once a society pulls down the moral walls can they be rebuilt? Or are children (the future) simply condemned to fall through the immorality gulf into the spiritual abyss of sin? In this book of essays on American society, Bobby E. Mills blends theological precepts and sociological concepts to creatively address the pressing socio-spiritual issues plaguing American society as America marches toward a culture of death. Of course, guns and more guns are not the answer to immorality. Drawing upon his theological training as an ordained Baptist minister and a professional sociologist, Bobby Mils seeks to help bridge the gap between what God demands and what America has become. “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people� (Proverbs 14:34). We are in the biblical last days. Too many Americans are taking wrong and attempting to make it right and taking right and attempting to make it wrong, and making it work for a while. But, legalizing sin is a recipe for self-annihilation and nation-annihilation.

Sparks of Lyrical Truths Igniting Bettie Grady VIEW MORE INFO This book, SPARKS OF LYRICAL TRUTHS IGNITING, is unique, in that; it is a Total Collection of One Hundred and Seventy Six (176) Gospel Lyrics (for singing) of Gods' truths, with a lively alluring twist in words, that will lead to excitement and enlightenment, in the studying of God's word. This book can "Do" just what the title 'SPARKS of LYRICAL TRUTHS IGNITING' denotes, for a multiplicity of entities.


The 21st Century Man: Learning How to Succeed in Changing Times L.W. Francisco III VIEW MORE INFO The 21st Century Man helps today's man realize the success waiting for him regardless of what the changing times of our society are saying. Men who are spiritually depleted, financially stressed, relationally drained, emotionally distraught, and have lost hope and given up on their dreams will benefit greatly from reading this book. Bishop Francisco shows men how to find answers to today's many questions and gives tools of empowerment to equip men to overcome the hurdles of life and confront the challenging times of the 21st century. In The 21st Century Man you will find strategies to: Discover the tremendous potential inside of you; Utilize your influence to impact your family and community; Understand your purpose while living in trying times; Learn how to strengthen your relationship with God, family and others

The Access Point: Biblical Principles Behind Receiving the Miraculous Fred Hodge VIEW MORE INFO Have you ever wondered how some of the Bible characters tapped into the supernatural for their lives, how they would be facing tremendous odds and right when it seemed the end was near, here comes a miracle from God? I have heard many try to explain this operation as a sovereign move of God without any participation from the receiver. But as I began to study the word of God, the Holy Spirit revealed to me principles that were followed in each situation that allowed God access that led to supernatural conquest on behalf of the believer. In this book you will find some valuable principles that will illuminate the process behind the working of miracles.

The Black Church At Its Best Larry Macon VIEW MORE INFO The Black Church at its Best tells the rich history of the Black Church with introductory porch stories told to the author by his father. “During these days of focus on diversity, Dr. Larry Macon comes forth with the declaration that the uniqueness of the Black Church must be acknowledged. His treatment of the Black Church from its West African roots to its present posture, as a vehicle of self-identity and social change, is a work well worth reading. The Black Church at Its Best is a challenge for the Christian community-at-large to embrace the theology, preaching, and hermeneutical genius of a people who have survived the seemingly impossible and continue to be a model worthy of respect and emulation.” —Dr. Charles E. Booth, pastor, Mt. Olivet Baptist Church, Columbus, Ohio


The Biblical World Through New Glasses Joey Johnson VIEW MORE INFO It is not enough to read the Bible without understanding its cultural context. In "The Biblical World Through New Glasses", Bishop Joey Johnson shows the ordinary Bible reader how they can understanding the culture of the first-century New Testament era and enrich their understanding of the whole Bible. Readers will uncover a new way of looking at Scripture, which will lead them to a more complete perspective on the culture in which Jesus Christ was born, lived, died, buried and rose again. "Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." (II Timothy 2:15)

The Captive Mind: Evicting Old Thinking to Experience New Life Jada Edwards VIEW MORE INFO A thought, although invisible and intangible, has the power to change our lives in the most visible and tangible ways. What power is found in the human mind! Power to build. Power to destroy. Power to inspire and power to discourage. How do we ensure that the mind's power is used for God's glory? In 2 Corinthians 10, we are reminded of the spiritual attacks on our minds and given divine weapons for the battle. When we allow God's word to guide our thoughts and beliefs, everything changes. We can evict old thinking and experience new life. It's time to take captive every thought through the power of Christ Jesus. "The book you are holding in your hands is a game changer." --Priscilla Shirer, Author of Gideon and Armor of GodÍž Actress, War Room

The Church: The Family of Families Joey Johnson VIEW MORE INFO You may be saying to yourself, "another book on the family," or you may be wondering why a book on the Black family? Is there any difference between a Black family and any other family? I say definitely! The racial and cultural differences that exist among all peoples of the world necessitate that their problems be different and unique. I do believe that, in essence, all families have basic similarities. This would be true from my point of view for a number of reasons. First of all, since we all come from common ancestry (according to the Bible), it stands to reason that all family living grows out of that ancestry. Second, I believe profoundly in the Bible, God’s Holy Word. I believe that the Bible gives principles that cover every situation and circumstance of life. Furthermore, the Bible specifically gives principles for stable family living. These principles are good for all people no matter what race, color, or creed. --Bishop Joey Johnson


The Cost of Change: What to Expect When You're in Transition Marcus D. King VIEW MORE INFO Whether in personal life, business, relationships, or even organizations such as churches, change must take place in order for growth to occur. Although progress is necessary, the transition can be full of challenges, pain, and experiences you never expected to encounter. You need this book as a navigating tool on your journey through transition so that you can be ready to conquer new territory with confidence as you grow through uncomfortable seasons along the way. Moses had a vision to get to the Promised Land, but soon learned that the process of fulfilling your dreams can be full of nightmares. However, as you dare to walk with Moses and those connected to him in this book, along with practical real life stories, you will discover strategies that will help you face any challenges that you may be in the midst of right now or that you will face along the way. As Moses needed a rod in his hand, I am certain you need this book in yours as you pursue your destiny. Welcome to your tutorial to managing frustration enroute to your desired destination.

The Healthy Faith-Building Church: Constructing Change in Changing Times James Jones VIEW MORE INFO A 7-point inspection of a healthy faith-building church in the twenty-first century. Utilizing insights from great leaders such as Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, and John Maxwell, among many others, Pastor James R. Jones, Jr. outlines a clear picture of a twenty-first century, healthy, faith-building church. He uses a seven point inspection paradigm to diagnose problems and propose solutions for churches struggling in their ministry, especially in small and medium size settings.

The House the Lord Built Marvin Brown VIEW MORE INFO This is the House the Lord Built. He built it with the hands of a thousand people with a thousand stories. It is a House held together by faith and family, a House rich in its tradition of preaching, teaching and community ministry. As this House, under the leadership of Bishop F. Josephus Johnson II, celebrates its 40th year, it is time to hear those stories, those struggles, the tragedy and triumph of servants of God. In prose, photographs and members' own words, the past, present and future of one of Akron's largest churches is revealed and celebrated. Welcome to The House of the Lord.


The Joy of Being Stuck on Pause Rayford E. Malone VIEW MORE INFO Pause. This book is about dealing with the times when God says no, wait, or when He's silent. This book teaches us how to approach God and how to correctly get past belief structures that limits us from seeing, praising, and ultimately receiving from God.

The Pampered Prince: Moms, Create A GREAT Relationship With Your Son C. Lynn Williams VIEW MORE INFO “A great solution to bring mothers and their sons together. Enjoy this book!” --Michael Ray Dresser, Talk Show Host and Media Coach, Dresser After Dark Want to reignite, reestablish or begin to create a great relationship with your son? The Pampered Prince is for you! Inside are practical tips and explanations to the issues that mothers often face with their sons as they grow from boys into men. It is designed to be inspirational, encouraging, endearing, heartfelt and comforting to mothers the world over. If you are a mother, stepmother, foster mom, grandmother, kinship caregiver, teacher, guidance counselor or minister, this book is for you!

The Power of God's Negatives Harold Carter VIEW MORE INFO Harold Carter, Jr. uniquely takes biblical study, theology, psychology, and spirituality, and blends them with his own style of intellect, hermeneutics, anecdotes, and, interestingly, the usage of many of life's axioms, and develops a fresh perspective on what it means to be obedient to God. Without being heavy-handed, Carter brings the reader into an appreciation of wanting to please God not so much by doing what God wants, but by being obedient to what God does not want. The likelihood is that this book will find itself among the innovative theological readings that will further shape the "academy" and the faith community in the 21st century. "...A fresh and provocative perspective to a view of God that often brings us discomfort….With prophetic pathos the costly impact that the erasure of the 'no' of God is explored...An invaluable resource..." - Dr. Robbin Blackwell, Min. of Ministries, New Shiloh Baptist Church Dean, The Determined Biblical & Theological Institute, Baltimore, MD


The Satiable Quest Marva Gordon VIEW MORE INFO The Satiable Quest is a book based on a guiding source for reasoning that accompanies us at all times. There is a real sense of wonder and excitement in understanding this unseen but not silent source that transcends us as created beings.

The Warnings of the Bible and How to Avoid its Curses Vince Cedrone VIEW MORE INFO The curses and warnings of the Bible are very real. Those who do not take them seriously can pay a heavy price. It is like running a stop sign and telling the officer that you did not see it. You probably will still get a ticket. The warnings and curses of the Bible are active, whether you know about them or not. We have plenty of time to read them so there is no excuse. Going through life and not knowing the warnings and curses of the Bible is like driving down the road blindfolded. We are supposed to protect our children from these things, but if we do not know about them, our children can be easy prey for the enemy. This book not only lists many of the curses and warnings, but it tells you how to avoid them. Curses can have devastating effects on a family for many years. Read about the warnings and curses and how to avoid them. It is better to live in victory than to live in misery and failure. This book will help lead you and your family into a victorious life.

This Urban Teacher's Journal, by C. Angela C. Angela VIEW MORE INFO This is a story about the experiences of C. Angela, a teacher who has served in urban schools. She addresses some of the successes and challenges that she has faced. She also provides practical advice to beginning teachers and inspires others to follow their dream to make a difference in the urban schools.


Trust: Allowing God to Take You Where You've Always Wanted to Go Larry Ellis VIEW MORE INFO Trust is vital for living in these days. I believe the sin of mistrusting God is the fountainhead of our modern malaise. Imagine that God desires to take us humans to the place where each of us desires to go-the place of trust. The promises connected to trusting God are both innumerable and immeasurable. I write this volume in hopes of spurring the believer who has settled for an uneventful life while claiming love and allegiance to the Lord. I am in hopes that the person who is just going through the motions of religious life can catch a glimpse of what God has in store for him or her. Most of us really think we are trusting God, when in fact, we are leaning on our own understanding. This book will teach you the benefits and blessings of trusting God. -Larry Ellis, from the Introduction

Turning Back the Hands of Time Lorraine Vernon VIEW MORE INFO This book contains poetry stories of true life experiences, nature, observations, and a few religious poems.

Trying to Stay Sane While Raising Your Teen C. Lynn Williams VIEW MORE INFO Does this sound familiar?: I am so tired of repeating myself… no matter how many times I tell my kids to stop their tantrums…Nothing seems to work and I don’t know what to do anymore!……When you are reading the Forward to Trying to Stay Sane While Raising Your Teen, you’ll learn to redefine your meaning of the words ‘growing up’ and how to interpret and move through the maze of myths that stand in the way of your teen experiencing responsible behavior.


Victoria Isn't the Only Sister With a Secret Arlicia Albert VIEW MORE INFO Victoria Stevens regrets picking up the business card Mr. Carl Jackson left behind on the conveyor belt of Register 7. The day she inquired about Global Enterprises her life navigated from ambitious, studious, and goal-driven to finding herself locked inside of her apartment with a chair jammed under the door knob hiding from trouble. Trouble found Victoria and now she has a secret that she can’t tell anyone. Nagging yet praying parents and rededicating her life to Christ strengthens misguided Victoria to grab the reins of her life and come face to face with her past. Victoria Isn’t the Only Sister With A Secret offers both redemptive and healing applications and declarations encouraging the reader to utilize the believers given authority and expect more from God.

Victory in the Morning: Secrets of the Dew Kim Black VIEW MORE INFO Victory in the Morning is an intimate journey revealing the sweetness and benefits of morning prayer and communion with God. This revised edition is expanded and updated with keys to unlock victory. Explore revelation which reveals the hidden mysteries of the dew of morning which usher readers to receive and release victory. Be activated to your next dimension as you participate in the exclusive Life Coaching journal component. This practical guide is changing lives and exposing erroneous thinking patterns for change and forward momentum. Victory in the Morning is revelatory, educating and accelerates the reader into the Victories and rewards of morning prayer.

When Faith Fights: Real Battles. Real Scars. Real Victory. Shay Bills VIEW MORE INFO It's true, the battles and scars you have endured have been purposed to increase your fight of faith in Christ. We must rely on anchored faith when presented with today's challenges and pressures. Satan has waged war against the saints of God and we need more than faith to believe the Word of God. We must possess faith that fights. To win against the adversary, you must actively participate through prayer, fasting and obedience to the Spirit of God. In this book, you will learn the difference between six pillars of faith and how to maximize your stance and be the victorious one in battle. From one battlefield to another, Bills has fought the conniving tactics of the enemy and self-destructive actions of her own only to prevail once again in Christ. Though her own scars are deep, this author, evangelist and Bible teacher longs for you to experience the sweet taste of victory for yourself. When Faith Fights will challenge you to discipline yourself in the Word of God until your enemy is destroyed.


When Thou Art Converted Bertha Roscoe VIEW MORE INFO When Thou Art Converted is a compilation of messages and lessons to challenge, motivate and inspire the body of Christ. Many believers live a life of secret sin and compromise not answering God's call for righteousness and true holiness as stated in Galatians 4:24. This book challenges the reader to truly consider their conversion and calls for proof of the evidence as given in Scripture. It will also help the reader identify their stage of development within the womb of the Spirit; many claims on maturity are made by some who are actually in the embryonic or fetal stage. When Thou Art Converted provides a simple approach to a complex issue, and through Biblical truth, will break down but then build up the reader, sharing profound truth that cries loudly over strongholds and battle grounds to come forth in a new life of blessing and grace.

Will the Real King Stand Up: Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X Larry Macon Sr. VIEW MORE INFO Destined to be one of the most controversial books on American history, Will the Real King Stand Up is a searing and serious challenge to help the reader understand who the real Martin Luther King, Jr. was. Had America not been distracted by the voice and philosophy of Malcolm X, Macon implies that the Civil Rights Movement might have worked an even greater transformation in a nation moving toward equality for all.

Wisdom for Women of Worth and Worship: Lessons for a Life of Virtue, Value and Victory Natalie Francisco VIEW MORE INFO This is an excellent resource for women who desire to take an introspective look into their past in order to become more productive in their present and future. No stone is left unturned as Pastor Natalie delves through the triumphs and tragedies of her own life in an effort to share with others 52 life lessons based on biblical principles that are key to living an overcoming life in every arena. Meditation exercises are also included at the end of each chapter as well as frequently asked questions from women nationally and internationally who have solicited her advice. Her Spiritled wisdom and candor in the answers she has provided have already helped a myriad of women. Pastor Natalies twentyfive years of marriage, motherhood and ministry woven throughout her writings serve as a mentoring memoir from which all women can relate and learn regardless of their age or stage of life.


You Got This! Encourage Yourself! Felecia Artis VIEW MORE INFO You Got This: Encourage Yourself! is an exploration of the practicality and power you possess to encourage yourself through the ups and downs of life. This handy-dandy guidebook highlights the incredible stories of women-survivors: mothers, wives, educators, students, entrepreneurs, and people-helpers who encouraged themselves during major tests and life challenges, and today have remarkable testimonies. Prepare to embark on a transformative journey that will encourage your life in a positive and profound way. You will evolve having discovered a source of internal empowerment and victory that you never imagined!

365 Days of Peace and Tranquility Charl E. McRae II VIEW MORE INFO The success of your spiritual journey is determined by what you feed your spirit on a daily basis. If you are reading and listening to things that are not edifying to the soul, you are doing yourself a big injustice. 365 Days of Peace & Tranquility is a book that gives an encouraging word for the day. This book is one that will allow you to leave the hustle and bustle of life for a few minutes to sit back and find a word of peace. Who is this book for? All those who desire PEACE & TRANQUILITY. What can I expect? To be EDIFIED in your mind and ENCOURAGED in your heart. How long will it take? Everybody's journey is different. But there will be a word daily to meet you where you are. As you partake in your 365 day mental makeover, I would encourage you to enjoy the ride and let go and let GOD!


YOUTH & YOUNG ADULT NONFICTION A Hoodie Ain’t a Coat: The Bible Study C. NaTasha Richburg VIEW MORE INFO Trial by fire will let you know who your real friends are. A Hoodie Ain’t a Coat is a coming of age story about Jez. Jez is a young man looking for a place to fit in. The street corner appeared to be the perfect place to gain a rep as Jez developed a swagger that reigned within his circle of friends. Pressed to become part of a family unit, Jez sought to be affiliated with the local Lee Street Gang to become the understudy of its leader. The unconventional nature of Jez’s relationship with the leader was never openly discussed with his boys even after Jez received the devastating news.

Life... What's Up With Yours?: A Youth and Young Adult Bible Study C. NaTasha Richburg VIEW MORE INFO This dynamic approach to youth and young adult Bible study is a gripping, soulconnecting guide to understanding Biblical principles. It is also an energetic, interpersonal view of thought-provoking life stories that provide enlightenment for those who are interested in the mystery of a faith walk with Jesus Christ. Each session centers the discussion group’s attention on the plight of the many different characters whose stories are woven throughout the series. The characters are socialized urbanites whose behavior may be familiar to some, or offer enlightenment to others. If you have a passion to capture the attention of urban youth and young adults, this book must be added to your teaching arsenal.

This is an Emergency: A Collection of Hot, Inspiring Poems That Will Change the Lives of Many Young People James Henry VIEW MORE INFO Young people in America are suffering from the effects of crime, negative peer pressure, and family dysfunction. Wrong choices are being made. Wrong paths are being taken. Everyday in our communities, guns are fired, drugs are sold, and families are ripped apart. This is a WAKE UP call. America, this is an EMERGENCY. Another day does not have to pass. Another teenager does not have to end up wounded, in jail, or dead. Together we CAN begin to make the changes that we need in our communities. This is an Emergency was written by James Henry after he saw and experienced the effects that negative peer pressure, crime, and drugs have on America's youth. A gifted poet, Henry uses a popular form of literature to communicate the message of hope, restoration, and salvation through Jesus Christ.


What is God's Melody for Me? A Better Look at Today's Hip Hop, R&B and Pop Music Marcus Clarke VIEW MORE INFO This is an awesome workbook targeting youth ages 12-18, but is also great for everyone. The book highlights five consistent messages that are communicated in today's most popular Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop music. There are questions, scriptures and exercises for the reader to reflect on how these messages may influence their attitudes and behaviors. Throughout the workbook, the reader is challenged to ask themselves: How do messages in music affect what God's plan is for me, and for the others I love? This book can be used with children, parents, friends, churches or schools. It is designed to be interesting, challenging and fun! May God bless you in the journey to discover God's Melody for YOU!

Who's Renting Space in Your Head? A Youth and Young Adult Bible Study C. NaTasha Richburg VIEW MORE INFO Who's Renting Space in Your Head? is the second book in a Bible study series written by C. NaTasha Richburg. This book contains short stories that speak of triumphs, struggles, joy, and pain woven throughout its pages to capture the essence of the human experience. This urban approach to studying the Bible is catching on as an awesome tool for Christian youth and young adult leaders. Who's Renting Space in Your Head? may be used as a personal or group Bible study, devotional guide or one component of the rites of passage experience.


ADULT FICTION Colandra's World Janet Smith VIEW MORE INFO THIS IS A STORY about the the Ayore Village in Paraguay, where Colandra, a ten-yearold mute resides. Pastor Youngblood, the American missionary, has returned to the field, along with his staff. They minister to the Ayore people and teach them the Word of God. This book reveals God's work in Colandra’s life. Salvation and faith are the focus of this story.

Colandra's World: Her Journey Continued Janet Smith VIEW MORE INFO Follow her around an isolated village in Paraguay then to a bustling Florida city. The road is marked with biblical passages, baseball foul poles and basic guidelines. This is a book about making the right choices. The wrong decisions can ruin a life. Voyage with Colandra from a modest home to a luxurious mansion. Friends join her and carefully map their routes in order to reach their life’s desires. Through valleys and hills, visit people of wisdom, including baseball great Gary Carter. Her eyes are focused on God as her navigator. Never losing faith, Colandra will bring you on a trip you will never forget.

Drama: Church Drama for Church Folks Barbara Dudley VIEW MORE INFO Reasons for performing these plays: • To raise funds to help those in need • To celebrate holidays • To educate people about the Bible, social, and health issues • To reach out to the community • To build teamwork across age groups • To have fun • To spread the Gospel


Jagged Edges (Redemptive Love Book 1) Doris H. Dancy VIEW MORE INFO One Moment of Betrayal Leaves So Much Torn Derek Wellington had his life set. He was born into wealth, graduated with honors from Harvard Law, and since high school, knew he would marry the beautiful Morgan LaRue. However, somewhere along the way, everything he thought he knew about himself, about Morgan, and even about life itself will boggle his mind, and catapult him into a world of betrayal, deception, and confusion. Somewhere in this darkness, he must search for The Light to find his way out of a maze that, if he fails, will destroy his heart and soul forever.

Not In This Church Leon Newton VIEW MORE INFO Two Brothers is the main play out of the three short plays in this book. John Smith is a minister, and his brother, Bob, is gay. Bob wants his brother to marry him and James in the church they grew up in, which John is the pastor of. The second play, Day Break, is about Mark, who has an addiction and refuses to accept Jesus Christ to get over his addiction and change his life. Rita does not want her sister, Joy, to attend a black college, and says she will pray for God to change her mind. The third play, titled The Price, is about a millionaire who goes to Hell and believes his paperwork must have been mixed up. He has a conversation with Satan which reveals the error of his ways in not accepting Jesus Christ as his Saviour. Lastly, there are ten poems included to sow into the kingdom of God and the body of Christ.

Shampatta Andrew McDonald VIEW MORE INFO When Thomas "Tom" Grant received an offer to travel as a farm worker to the United States, all he had was a change of clothes and a pair of self-made sandals to face the future. Eight years later and after much sacrifice, Tom is able to visit his family. The visit is bittersweet, filled with the joy of re-discovering his family, the pain of loved ones lost, the simple pleasures to be found in a familiar culture. And then, there is the island tour, laden with fun and the sense of personal discovery. The culmination of his hard work, his wife’s frugality, and a remarkable stroke of luck unexpectedly places Tom in a position to realize a secret desire. Suddenly, Tom's achievements were poised to take wings and change the destiny of his family and impact the lives of all who knew him. The humble beginnings of Tom's journey would take him to high office, but his life would demonstrate that it is noble to walk through the door of opportunity and leave it open.


Shattered Pieces (Redemptive Love Book 2) Doris H. Dancy VIEW MORE INFO Playing recklessly with love is a dangerous game. Most people who have known Zackary Tyler Belford for any length of time see nothing more for him than a path leading to destruction. Not even his handsome face, a Harvard Law degree, or limitless wealth can bypass the shattered heart and broken soul of the man-child still held captive by the abuse, accusations, and mistreatment he experienced as a child. Breaking hearts and taking numbers is his MO... a dangerous game of cat and mouse that could very well be his demise. As his life spirals out of control, Zack desperately seeks something to grab... to cling to... as he struggles hopelessly to avoid an inevitable fall... but will he find what he needs in time?

Two Ways Out: A Love Story Melvin & Jennifer Rankins VIEW MORE INFO What! You wrote a book about a PROSTITUTE? Yes. She is actually a Harlot name Gomer who continued to run away from her husband and return back into the world while her husband, Hosea, would run after her as God instructed him to do so time and time again. This just might be the Authors best written Love Story ever told – no doubt the most riveting romance story from the Bible. Hosea was a picture of God, and Gomer represented God’s people. Their history was filled with sin and unfaithfulness. The truth is that we are a bunch of Gomers who chase after the world. Yet God has a love greater than that of Hosea who will pursue us again and again and bring us back to Himself. Considering this is a story from the Bible we hope you enjoy reading about God’s unveiling love and redemption for the Prophet Hosea and his promiscuous bride, Gomer. Reader’s discretion is advised.


YOUTH & YOUNG ADULT FICTION A Hoodie Ain’t a Coat C. NaTasha Richburg VIEW MORE INFO Trial by fire will let you know who your real friends are. A Hoodie Ain't a Coat is a coming of age story about Jez. Jez is a young man looking for a place to fit in. The street corner appeared to be the perfect place to gain a rep as Jez developed a swagger that reigned within his circle of friends. Pressed to become part of a family unit, Jez sought to be affiliated with the local Lee Street Gang to become the understudy of its leader. The unconventional nature of Jez’s relationship with the leader was never openly discussed with his boys even after Jez received the devastating news.

Every Story Has Two Sides: Happiness in the Ever After C. NaTasha Richburg VIEW MORE INFO Every Story Has Two Sides is a coming of age series of short stories. It illustrates lessons that take place in the life of many characters that touch on, or are part of, the life of Dallas Davis. The short stories intertwine the complex parentchild, boyfriend-girlfriend and sinner-convert relationships as the reader witness the young adult coming of age experience. Intended to provide lessons for both young adults and parents, Every Story Has Two Sides gives a unique perspective that affords an opportunity for all to think outside of the box. Poetic fluency coupled with scriptural references enhances the outside of the box experience where a different perspective of lifes situations is exposed to the reader. The book welcomes multigenerational discussions to take place at the table in which God is the conversational centerpiece.

Healthy Waters Don’t Cry Like This C. NaTasha Richburg VIEW MORE INFO Ramón loves his wife... even though she stepped outside the boundaries of holy matrimony to venture into previously charted waters. Uncharted emotional ties to her husband were an afterthought as Ramón’s wife engaged in guilty pleasures. The wise counsel of an individual with angelic purpose posed as a renegade strategically positioned to clear the way for a God-ordained journey that celebrates love beyond understanding. Angelic wisdom is not taken lightly; it is viewed as a gift wrapped in historical imagery joined into the current circumstance wrapped around presents like a bow. Finding the path that brings forth the desired outcome causes pain at times. The path may be a predestined corridor laced with life changing events with a purposeful outcome that is beneficial. Determination to break the family curse was bigger than the possibility of “more of the same.”


Outside of the Inside Circle C. NaTasha Richburg VIEW MORE INFO Within every community there is usually a group of individuals considered the “inner circle.” This inner circle of friends or comrades may carry the title, the “in crowd,” “the clique,” “the cool” ones or more. The inner circle may allow limited entry. Only a chosen few gain access to the private conversations of the inner circle. For those chosen for entry into the private workings of the inner circle, they enter with limited awareness of how the behavior of the inner circle can weigh on the psyche of individuals on the outside of the circle, especially when individuals outside are seeking emotional support from the inner circle. This story allows the reader to walk through the perspective of an individual, Rox, for whom being outside of the inner circle of her family caused her to act out inappropriately because she hoped someone would notice her. Rox’s banishment from the inner circle drove her to face life’s trials and tribulations without the peace of mind gained from the comfort of a family unit. Rox’s light dimmed, until she reconciled God’s purpose for her life.

The Day Night Light C. NaTasha Richburg VIEW MORE INFO C. NaTasha Richburg continues the story of Jez Garcia that started in the book A Hoodie Ain’t a Coat in which Jez was trying to mimic the behavior of Lee Street gang members until he almost died in a house fire that made him aware of who his real friends are. Jez transitioned his life in the book Drama to Driven where Jez formed the Torch Carriers, a group of young people who give gang members an opportunity to leave gang life. In this book, The Day Night Light, Jez comes face-to-face with an enemy who plotted against him, yet Jez is instrumental in turning around the life of his former enemy.

The Truth About the Lie I Live C. NaTasha Richburg VIEW MORE INFO The Truth About the Lie I Live provides lessons for youth, young adults, and women's and men's ministries. It broadens our boundaries to focus on the good that comes from bad situations when the focus remains on God's destiny for our lives. The angelic exposure of the characters offers an opportunity for us to free ourselves from caged up thinking so that we may bask into a new threshold of liberated wisdom. Sometimes living outside of the lie is difficult, but necessary. Not all friends have friend-like behavior; not all enemies hurt. Some enemies offer support to unanswered questions. The short stories in this book penetrate the trouble spots of life which provide a way for our hearts to feel God's warmth. Come fold your personal experiences into the mix of digestible characters that promote the search for purposeful answers.


CHILDREN'S FICTION Alligator Half Past My Knee Joslyn Neblett-Washington VIEW MORE INFO While observing a gator in a swamp, a young girl imagines that the creature is trying to consume her before finding her quite unsavory.

Mr. Basketball Barbara Dudley VIEW MORE INFO Can an eleven-year-old boy fill the shoes of his missing dad? Corey gets a chance to find out when his dad suddenly leaves the family and he becomes the man of the house. It proves to be too much for him, and interferes with his dream of basketball fame. He gets into trouble in school and all seems lost, until his uncle steps in to help. But is it too late for Corey? Has he failed his team and his family? Will he become another lost boy? If it's not one thing, it's another.

Rainbow Town M.L. York VIEW MORE INFO Ella and her friends travel to the mysterious Rainbow Town—a small, dusty place outside New York City with exactly ninety-nine residents, none of whom have seen the Light for seventeen years. Can Ella, her brother, Dimitri, and her friends, Josh and Jesse, transform this place into what it was meant to be? With the help of a strange, blind man, they just might.


The Case of the Missing Gloxnox Barbara Dudley VIEW MORE INFO Kennedy isn't too thrilled about returning to school after his summer break because he is "not done yet" with having summer fun. On the first day of school, the class bully picks on him. Kennedy threatens to tell his alien friend, Gloxnox. The bully tells Kennedy that if Gloxnox doesn't show up by Friday, he will eat the dessert from his lunch for a whole week. The problem is that Kennedy doesn't know how to find Gloxnox. Will his alien friend show up or will Kennedy have to settle for no dessert for a whole week?

Whoops, I Swallowed a Bee Joslyn Neblett-Washington VIEW MORE INFO A young lad feels he is being pestered by a bumble bee that's actually just passing by. Both human and insect haphazardly cross paths unannounced and then bid each other farewell.


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