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autumn 2015 issue 5

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women's issue editor’s letter Sophelia Gentles, Editor

Welcome to the latest edition of the Vibe! Here at St Patrick’s, we embrace that our student body is predominately women: women who are mothers, sisters, aunties, and grandmothers. So, we want to show our appreciation to you all for the roles you play inside and outside the college. This issue, we celebrate the wonder women that you all are. I’m even more excited about this issue than the last, as we have now explored more into what you really want to read. Find a comfy spot and sit back and relax because this issue is a pageturner. We have tips on getting the best out of your Microsoft tablet, preventing memory stick misery, and lifestyle advice on how you can enjoy your natural hair once more. We also celebrate Winnie Mandela for being a great woman behind a great man Nelson Mandela — and that’s not even half of it! Happy reading!


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con ten t s

contents p. 6 women of wisdom No journey is greater than a woman’s. Having faced decades of trials and tribulations, they stand strong.

p. 14 big screen experience Catching a film inside a dark and gloomy cinema is no longer the only way to see your favourite flicks on the big screen.

p. 8 winnie mandela : behind the great man

p. 16 hello, autumn This season’s wardrobe doesn’t have to be as gloomy as the sky outside your window.

p. 29 it’s fun, it’s fitness, it’s zumba Are you tired of being bored and having nothing to do? Well, look no further: let me introduce you to Zumba.

p. 18 maintain the mane Here’s a few suggestions that can accentuate your natural hair beauty.

p. 30 what’s on Check out all the upcoming events at St Patrick’s!

p. 10 newsroom Catch up on the latest St Patrick’s news and events. p. 12 how to protect your hard work This software enabled me to edit and access documents on my phone. So how do you obtain this goldmine? p. 13 microsoft surface: top 5 education apps A list of our top five educational uses for your shiny friend. Enjoy!

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p. 20 student survey 2015 p. 22 st patrick’s excels at teaching & learning p. 24 student feedback 2015

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p. 26 the great newham run Six members of St Patrick’s cardio club put forward for the Great Newham run.

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con ten t s

Welcome from Teresa Paulo, Health & Social Care Student

St Patrick’s has a lot to offer for students who are ambitious and want to gain recognition in life. As a student, I have been very involved in the college, from being elected as a Student Council Officer to creating the Vibe. This experience has given me the ultimate boost to my professional career and personal life. I must say, it wasn’t easy to juggle my studies and the extra-curricular activities, but with dedication, persistence, and an eagerness to learn, I found myself finishing my course and gaining extra skills. Now I am ready to graduate. My advice to you all is to know yourself and the value that is in you. You have the potential to succeed in life - you have what it takes to be a business manager, or whatever you want to be. Yes, there will be times when you will think ‘what am I doing here?’ and reality may not live up to your expectations - but if the course you are studying is really what you want, then give it extra effort regardless of the doubt. Make sure you attend classes and get involved with what the school offers. You will soon find yourself doing things and creating friendships with people that you have never imagined. I wish you all the best on your new journey; don’t give up, keep going. Remember: every beginning is an end and every end is a new beginning. Good luck!

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p. 19

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women of w i s dom


the vibe magazine

women of w i s dom

Women of Wisdom Fe a r l e s s & Fa b u lo u s

No journey is greater than a woman’s. Having faced decades of trials and tribulations, they have not been held down, and through it all they stand strong. Women have given birth to and brought up some of the most inspirational and admirable people of all time - Queen Nefertiti, Sojourner Truth, Mother Teresa - and even now, women who will shape the future of the world are being born every day. Many people see women through the role they play to them; a wife, mother, sister, grandmother, daughter or friend. But women are more than their assigned roles, taking on more than just these parts throughout their lives. Some might think that the most important role a woman can play is a mother. We all have one in some way, shape or form; the person who gave us life. Throughout our lives they give us their love, wisdom, support and guidance. Without them we might not be who we are today, whether that is a successful businessperson, the first member of the family to go to university, or simply someone who is able to follow their dreams. It is hard to

imagine the super powers it takes to be able to provide the steady support of a mother. Women’s role in society has greatly evolved over the decades: from the stay-at-home mother, to the school-teacher, to the women who took on typically ‘male’ jobs during the world wars to prevent the economy from collapsing. Women have gone above and beyond society’s expectations, proving people wrong by showing that they too can lead nations and rise above the doubts that were placed on them. You may became friends, fall in love, or work with many different women throughout your life. The special characteristics that make a woman who she is should be appreciated and celebrated by all of us. There are more women than we can count in our own lives that we cherish because of who they are. Remember ladies, you are fearless and fabulous and we all love you for being you.

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winnie mandela : behind the great man

Winnie mandela behind the great man Born Nomzamo Winifred Madikizela in Bizana, a small village in the Transkei district of South Africa, Winnie Mandela rose to prominence for her role in opposing apartheid and her marriage to famous political activist Nelson Mandela. Winnie distinguished herself as a person with strong leadership qualities from an early age and, despite the harsh restrictions on black education at the time, moved to Johannesburg to study social work in 1953. She completed her degree in 1955 and became South Africa’s first black female social worker. During this time, South Africa was under a system called apartheid, a regime of racial segregation and white supremacy enforced by the government. At the age of 22 Winnie met Nelson Mandela, who was at the time the leader of the African National Congress (ANC), an organisation committed to ending the apartheid system. They were married a year later in 1958, and Winnie moved into Mandela’s home in Soweto. Due to his political activism, Nelson Mandela was often targeted by the government, and he was routinely arrested during the first few years of their marriage. Following his sentence of life imprisonment in 1964, Winnie was left to raise their two daughters, Zenani and Zindzi, alone. Winnie became even more dedicated to ending apartheid and sent her children to a boarding school in Swaziland to avoid involving them in the political conflict. Winnie was also monitored closely by the government, and began working clandestinely for the ANC attending underground meetings and circulating pamphlets. In 1969 she was arrested under the Suppression of Terrorism Act and placed in solitary confinement for seventeen months, where she was habitually tortured.

In 1976, the year of the Soweto riots, she established the Black Women’s Federation and the Black Parents’ Association. She was detained for this in 1977 under the Internal Security Act and banished to a remote rural area where she was placed under house arrest. She continued to speak out, and in 1985 her house was firebombed and she returned to Soweto. Many believed this to be the work of the South African security forces. Her image and political action drew many supporters, and she became known amongst them as the ‘Mother of the Nation’. Nelson Mandela was freed in 1990 after 27 years of imprisonment, but the years of separation between the two had caused irrevocable damage. In 1994, Mr Mandela won the presidential election, and Winnie was named deputy minister of arts, culture, science and technology. Oftentimes controversial, Winnie became known for endorsing retaliation against anyone who collaborated with apartheid. Due to her links to radicalism she was dismissed by Mr Mandela in 1995 and the couple divorced a year later. Even after the breakdown of her marriage, Winnie was still hailed as a voice for black South African women. For many, Winnie was an icon of strength and resilience during a misogynistic and unjust regime, and someone they could turn to at a time when the ANC was becoming increasingly more pro-business. Winnie was largely responsible for publicising Mr Mandela’s image as the face of the anti-apartheid campaign, and although she continues to be a divisive figure, she was an undeniably large part of the fight against the injustice in South Africa at the time.

Her image and political action drew many supporters, and she became known amongst them as the ‘Mother of the Nation’


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TIGHeaven Ltd TIG Heaven provides a wide range of home care and supported living services, helping patients in the privacy and comfort of their home. We can care for young adults (18+) and for the elderly (65+). We offer help to individuals with: • Dementia • Learning disabilities • Mental health conditions • Physical disabilities Our well-trained experts can be trusted to take good care of you and your wellness.

For more information contact us at: Tel 02088 527 475 / 07551 058 338 Email tigheaven@yahoo.co.uk Address 6 Clipper Way, Lewisham, London, SE13 6NA www.tigheaven.org


N e w s r o om G r a duation 2015

elected BME boa rd mem b er

G r a duation 2015


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go a pe!


July 2015 graduation

Congratulations to all of the students who graduated on 14th July 2015. We wish you all the best for the future.

council corner

I’m Naomi Twumasi, the Student Council Officer for the School of Technology. I am honoured to be your officer and a part of this wonderful team that has brought a different meaning to student life for me. Helping people has always been a desire of mine, and being offered this role has helped make my dream come true. I have gained a lot of experience whilst being a council member. Through this role, my communication skills with both students and staff has improved, my self-confidence and self-belief has developed, and I now know I have something I can offer people who need help. Lastly, the leadership skills that I have gained will help me in the future, anywhere in the world. If someone were to ask me if I regret becoming a Student Council Officer, I would boldly say ‘no’. It has benefited me in so many ways that I could not have imagined. I hope you will be the next Student Council Officer.

Elected Board Member to the Society of Asian and Black Minority Ethnic (BME) Law yers

St. Patrick’s Head of Law, Ms. Kareesha Maitaram, has been elected as official spokesperson and board member for the Society of Asian and Black Minority Ethnic (BME) Lawyers in the UK. The main aim of the society is to promote diversity within the legal profession and to educate its members and the community about legal and social issues that are of interest to, and affect, the Asian and BME community. “It is an absolute honor, and I am delighted to be able to be a member of a society that promotes the values that I share,” said Kareesha. “I have never been a conformist - albeit I would refrain from using clichés such as ‘feminist’ to describe myself. With this opportunity, I can not only be a spokesperson for young lawyers like myself but also speak out on real issues.”

“We want to address diversity and do it efficiently, so we need to be able to understand it,” she added. “Why the glass ceiling? How is the game played? It is not enough that firms take positive action towards diversity but it is time for real change. True equality to be achieved in terms of social mobility and disability as well as ethnicity and gender.” “Someone rightly said ‘educate a girl you educate a nation’ - I strongly believe in this principle. My mother and grandmother always pushed for education. The centre is mainly there to educate women, to help them participate fully in all sectors of their lives and know what is available to them. I aim to improve the quality of their lives through education. Often this takes the form of practical guidance about the workplace, domestic situation, etc. The students we have at St Patrick’s are mostly mature students who come with a wealth of life experience. They could get involved by simply sharing their experiences or even give basic advice under supervision.” Kareesha will be running legal clinic sessions at the centre on women’s empowerment, which focuses on women’s and children’s rights. Her involvement will also benefit our School of Law by hosting guest speakers and academic events. She added: “Two pieces of advice I would give to anyone who wants to enter the law profession are: firstly, ask yourself why law? Is this right for me? Secondly, know that it will feel like an uphill battle, but the results are rewarding. There is no shortcut in studying law. It is about coffee-fuelled library nights, jargon filled dry lectures, book burdened bags and headache-inducing judgments but the end is always worth it.”

go ape!

Want a little adventure in your life? Get in touch with your wild side and ‘Go Ape’. Go Ape is the place to let out your inner Tarzan, with zip wires, forest segways and a tree top adventure. It’s all about living life more adventurously and having fun with friends and family. It’s a great way to have fun with all the family, as well as enjoying nature and trying out activities you won’t find anywhere else. They’re even committed to taking care of the environment – so you can have fun guilt-free. They work closely with environmental specialists to make sure the park has the lowest possible impact on nature. All the trees are inspected to make sure they’re still healthy, and as much material as possible is recycled. Plus, if you’ve got kids, you can let your mini Tarzan’s loose with tree top juniors. There’s something for everyone! Visit their website here: www.goape.co.uk the vibe magazine


how to protect your hard work

how to

protect you r h a r d wor k

Like many others, I have experienced the heartache that comes from losing work you have spent hours, if not days writing, due to a lost or faulty memory stick. A few years ago I decided enough was enough; I would have to find a viable alternative. Not only did I find a better, safer means of storage, but also a free office suite to match Microsoft Office. This software also enabled me to edit and access documents on my phone. So how do you obtain this goldmine?

if you don’t already have a Gmail account, you will need to create one 1. Go to Google and click on the word in the top right marked Gmail. 2. When prompted, click on Create a New Account. 3. Enter the information requested, such as name, date of birth, favourite pet etc. 4. Now your Google account has been created, you can follow the instructions below.

For existing Gmail users 1. Go to Google and click on the 9 Square Logo in the top right. 2. Click on the icon marked Drive. 3. Click on New and you will be presented with a drop down menu, which will allow you to choose from Docs (Word), Sheets (Excel), Slides (PowerPoint) and some others. 4. From here you can simply click on File, then Rename - whatever you type will be automatically saved. You can return to your work whenever you need to on a variety of devices, including your mobile phone, by signing back into Google Drive. 5. If you would like to upload and save work from a PC you can click on New then file upload. 6. You will then be shown the available drives (locations) on your PC. Simply click on the one you wish to save onto Google Drive and it will be uploaded. That’s it! Welcome to cloud computing and say goodbye to memory stick misery. A more in-depth visual demonstration is available via the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6KTD4u0JY4


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Microsoft surface : top five education apps

microsof t su rface

top five e d u c at i o n a p p s

The Microsoft Surface is one of the most popular tablet devices across the world - but are you using it to its full potential? If you think by “potential” I mean Facebook, YouTube, or as a dinner tray, then the answer is most certainly not. But don’t worry - I have taken the time to give you a list of our top five educational uses for your shiny friend. Enjoy!

Khan Academy As a student at the university of life (enrolled at birth!) I think this is the best educational app for your tablet. Khan Academy contains a gigantic range of videos on various subjects, including computer programming, entrepreneurship, biology, and general knowledge. As a user of this app, you are now set to take over the world.

Microsoft Office As leader of the world, you will be using Word for writing to your citizens, Excel for taxes, and PowerPoint for presenting the new laws you will put in place. However, there are some lesser known features of Microsoft Office such as OneNote. As the title suggests, it will allow you to make notes for use in your assignments later. Like all MS office apps, you can access your content from a smartphone.

Wordbook If you are not great at spelling, or you just want to increase your vocabulary, then Wordbook is for you. Not only does this contain a dictionary and thesaurus, but also over 150,000 pronunciations for those who struggle with words like “Worcestershire”.

TED Want to gain a greater understanding of the world around you and the different types of thinking people have? Then look no further than this great app, which features some of the best public speakers in existence.

TuneIn Radio Now, you may be wondering why we have included a radio app in the education section. The answer is very simple: TuneIn contains not just every radio station on the planet, but also a massive selection of podcasts. So if, for example, you want to learn French, just type in “learn French” and there you have it.

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big screen experience

rooftop cinema brings new experience to the

big screen

For movie lovers, catching a film inside a dark and gloomy cinema is no longer the only way to see your favourite flicks on the big screen. Countless new companies and pop-up film events are happening all across London and beyond, spicing up the cinema experience. Taking place in iconic (and often theme appropriate) outdoor locations, the Luna Cinema screens classic and cult movies in beautiful settings throughout the UK like Kew Gardens and Kensington Palace. Teaming up with catering service Gastrocircus, they offer film-goers wood-fired pizza, street-style BBQ and gourmet nachos, all served from novelty vehicles like black cabs, zebra trucks, and old school porter trolleys. You can even splash out and indulge in their three course meal option, complete with wine and a full china and silver cutlery service. Gone are the days when the cinema was only home to popcorn and hotdogs! Catch a screening of Jaws next to Brockwell 14

the vibe magazine

Lido or Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves in Warwick Castle for a truly atmospheric experience. Another novelty film adventure comes in the form of Hot Tub Cinema. Exactly as the name suggests, this pop-up event screens cult and classic movies, including Mean Girls and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. With waiter service at your beck and call, you won’t have to leave the warm waters of your hot tub for a drink. There’s a bar complete with party and music after the film, making this cinema experience a truly social event. With plenty more cinema events cropping up throughout the UK - including the cosy sounding pillow cinema, and the innovative floating cinema - take your pick and try a new twist on this classic activity.

Unisex hair salon We are a professional salon with 13+ years of experience in the industry – we’ve even had people like Jermaine Jackson visit us! Our team are all well experienced and qualified, and we cater to all hair types. We specialise in professional weaves, short cuts, professional chemical services (relaxers, curly perm, colour), and all types of braids and cornrows.

12 Clements Road, Ilford,Essex, IG1 1BA Instagram / RealFriends_salon Facebook / Real Friends Salon Twitter / RealFriendsSal1

h ello,

au t um n

Blink and you miss it – the British summer is now over, and autumn has fallen faster than you can say ‘it’s getting cold outside’. If you’re disheartened that your autumn/winter clothes are making a reappearance before you’ve even managed to get a tan, The Vibe is here to show you that this season’s wardrobe doesn’t have to be as gloomy as the sky outside your window. Take a little look… 2

A for accessories

1, 2 & 3 There’s no better accessory than a chunky scarf to throw around your shoulders as the cold weather starts to creep back in. Remember not to neglect the jewellery either – forget playing it safe, go with statement geometric pieces which are bang on trend.


1 T for tr ainers

5 Flatforms have been popular for a while now, and this isn’t looking set to change in the near future. Ideal for an all-day shopping trip or a walk in the park, pair them with skinny jeans and a boyfriend tee to create an effortless ensemble. 3 5 u for umbrella

4 In London, the umbrella is probably the most essential fashion accessory going.

1. Zara Two-tone short and long chain necklace £22.99, 2. Zara Geometric earrings £9.99, 3. Zara Soft Geometric scarf £22.99, 4. Fulton at John Lewis Birdcage Domed Umbrella £18, 5. Topshop TEXAS flatform skater shoes £22 16

the vibe magazine


6 u for utilitary bag

6 A tote bag is a great size for carrying around your day-to-day essentials. The bag is reversible – that means you practically get two bags for the price of one! 10 7

M for multi layers

7, 8 & 9 This time of year, the art of successful layering becomes all the more important. Camel coats, and timeless turtlenecks are great options – on the bottom, you can’t go wrong with a pair of black skinny jeans.

n for nails

8 9

10 These two complimentary colours are sophisticated and stylish, and work well with practically any outfit.

6. Mango Reversible Bicolour bag £34.99, 7. Zara High neck sweater £17.99, 8. Zara Hand made coat in Camel £79.99, 9. Mango Skinny Paty jeans £19.99, 10. Ciaté Mines a Mocha £6.30 and Tweed & Tails £6.30 the vibe magazine


maintain the mane You love your natural mane and want to wear your crown with pride but sometimes you just don’t what to do with it. Here’s a few suggestions that can accentuate your natural hair beauty.


the vibe magazine

maintain the mane

1 Twist in Twist out

3 Cornrows

Product Cantu twist & Lock Gel Tutorial check out the link below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NVlIYiSQ9A

Product ORS Olive Oil Coconut Oil Tutorial check out the link below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvJcfIbQw_Q

Don’t want to fuss with your hair every day? Single twists is a great hair style that you can get up and go, yes the work goes into getting it done in the first place but it’s worth it! It’s so easy to do you can even do it yourself, (seriously you will be able to do it yourself). Your natural hair will give your twists that little extra kink, bringing out extra hair character. It doesn’t stop there twist out your twists and boom you have another hairstyle!

I know cornrows can remind you of when your mum did those basic straight-back cornrows because they would last for a good week or so. But by being a little creative, you can change your whole hair experience. Experiment with the manipulation of your cornrows and you might end up creating a whole new hairstyle.

2 The quick quiff

4 Go Fro! Product Cantu hair lotion, Cantu curl activator cream

Product ORS Olive Oil Coconut Oil The quiff has become one of the most cutting-edge hairstyles. It’s quick and easy, but hair pins are your best friend for this style. Don’t be afraid to change up your quiff with other adventurous styles added in - your hair is your oyster.

Be proud of your hair and let your fro be FREE! Take it back to the 70’s and fluff it out. You can rock this style with confidence, because the fro will always be timeless. Whether it’s worn with a scarf, to the side, half up half down, or full on round fro, no mane should be tamed.




4 the vibe magazine


student survey 2015


survey 2 015

School of Tourism & Hospitality





School of Business Management


School of Law


School of Technology



School of Health & Social care


are you a part of?

age range 72%


55 & over Female


under 25


25-34 Male

28% 45-54

gender split


the vibe magazine


33% 34%

student survey 2015



Black – Other



Black – Caribbean



Black – African

which of these categories most closely describes your


eth n icity ?


feel safe and secure at the college


increase in interest for academic activities


increase in interest for clubs and societies

the vibe magazine


st patrick’s excels at teaching & learning

st patrick’s excels at teaching & learning



course satisfaction higher than University of the Arts London!

said that their course

improved their confidence

up 8% from last year’s survey!

we listen 70%

find their timetable efficient which is an increase of 6% since last year!


the vibe magazine


felt that their communication skills improved

78% find their course intellectually stimulating

68% agree that feedback on their work helped their course understanding


student survey 2015

student feedback 2015

St Patrick’s latest student experience survey was conducted earlier in June, with a remarkable 934 students taking part beating last year’s figure of 854. The results showed 75% overall course satisfaction, which is higher than many other institutions, such as University of the Arts London. We also exceeded the nationwide sector average, with 83% agreeing ‘The course has helped me to present myself with confidence’ and 86% agreeing ‘My communication skills have improved’! Based on these results, the Student Experience Department have now put in place and begun to implement an action plan to further improve the St Patrick’s experience. Read on to see what other students have said!

“Being a student at St Patrick’s so far has been a great and motivational experience and I’m enjoying the experiences and learning process as well.”

“There are tutors and staff who work at St Patrick’s who really help you, like Jonathan. I think he’s the best person ever, he really cares and tries his best to help. He’s helped me a lot of times.”

“St Patrick’s has changed my life from worse to better. It is the college’s staff that made me feel that I can contribute to the community, especially the lecturers. I didn’t think I had something in me until I joined the college. I didn’t like reading before I joined St Patrick’s, but the lecturers worked so much to change the way I think. Today I feel great and my mind-set has charged. Thank you St Patrick’s for all that I received from you.”

“The school really helped me to achieve my goals and I really enjoyed my time.” “I would like to say thank you to the entire staff and management of St Patrick’s for their hard work. I’m happy with the course, my life has improved a lot - especially with my healthcare job.” “I will strongly recommend St Patrick’s college to all my friends.”

“St Patrick’s helped me so much, because when I started I was frustrated, no confidence, and no flexibility. But now I am very confident and have more experiences.” “Studying at St Patrick’s has helped me in many ways. I’d love to develop further as my future expands, full of new knowledge and new contacts - some of which I have made for life.” “I will never regret choosing a great place like St Patrick’s for my course! Great lecturers and great atmosphere!”

“Thank you all for offering me an opportunity to graduate and having a better future job. God bless you all!” “All I can say is big thank you to St Patrick’s. You have brought me back to the light, and I’m sure I will never forget this. My life will never be the same as the day I started this course. I’m now preparing to go to university - thanks so much for this opportunity given to me.” “I have gained so much knowledge and understanding.”

“I just want to say thank you to St Patrick’s college, because now I have found the way to go. May God bless you, I cannot forget this opportunity for my life.” “I am so happy with everything going on…the staff are polite and caring. I would recommend to anybody who shows interest in studying.”


the vibe magazine

“I am very grateful to be one of the student’s in St. Patrick’s college. With the help of the teachers I’m able to be proud of myself. Thanks to all my teachers. God bless them all.” “I am so proud to finish my studies at St Patrick’s college.”



great newham run by Jonathan Osanyingbemi


the great newham run

Week two Location Hyde Park Obstacles 32 degree heat; sunbathers Achievements Not falling over while skipping With a record temperature of 32 degrees, I knew this session would be a challenge - so I brought music scientifically proven to increase athletic endurance. I made sure the tunes were loud and up-tempo - in fact, the music was so loud that nearby sunbathers began gyrating to my playlist. Like the week before, we finished with circuit training, but this time with skipping. Afterthought: The fitness and mentality of the group was improving, but with just two weeks remaining we needed to focus on the actual distance we would be running.

Week three Location Regents Park race track Obstacles The race track; tube strike; my legs Achievements 5.99km in 31min, 496 cal burned This June, six brave members of the St Patrick’s College cardio club put themselves forward for the Great Newham run. This race saw competitors run 10 kilometres around the East London borough, crossing the finishing line in the Olympic stadium - but our objective was bigger than just finishing the race. We wanted to raise as much money as possible for a worthy charity, Dockland Settlements. The motivation to help an organisation who have supported the underprivileged for over 120 years was easy to come by - but running 10,000 metres in an hour would require a consistent level of intense training which none of us had previously experienced. This is how we prepared.

Week one Location Hyde Park Obstacles starting; work the next day Achievements ran approx. 2.5km After we warmed up, we agreed to run in groups of two due to our different levels of running ability. We began by running around a perimeter of small trees. After 10 laps, we decided (somewhat masochistically) to begin a circuit routine. This involved 30 seconds of consecutive burpees, squats, press-ups and crunches. As if this was not enough punishment, we completed a further 2 laps with a sprint finish - which Ijah won with a bolt of unexplainable energy. Afterthought: Our team spirit was beginning to build. However, it was obvious we all needed to train individually as well as within the group.

For an accurate physical understanding of 10,000 metres, we went to the Regent’s Park race track. To make this even harder, we did this on the same day as a 24 hour tube strike. But none of us wavered, as we understood the importance of training – or, to put it another way, none of us wanted to collapse in a sad heap midrace. With the start of the tube strike impending, we stopped after completing over half the distance of the actual race - impressive, when you consider our main aim to finish under 65 minutes! Afterthought: I completed a combined total of 15K within 4 days and burned 1371 calories.

Week Four Location Regents park race track Obstacles Illness, ego Achievements 10K in 49.47min, mental strength I was ill this week, and with only five days remaining until the biggest race of my life, I faced both mental and physical battle. I used three tactics: first, I remembered that I was doing this to raise money; second, I ensured I was well hydrated before starting; third, I told myself that what the mind says, the body follows. In the end, I beat my personal best - though the success was not all mine. Ijah and Ola completed their practice 10K, while Aig, Yonas and Olu also achieved personal bests. Afterthought: Sometimes exercise is the cheapest medicine. The Olympic stadium awaits – find out what happened in the next issue! the vibe magazine


by Teresa Paulo

Top 10 Zumba Songs “Crazy Love” by Beto Perez ft. Mara, “Adrenalina” by Wisin ft. Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin, “Alocate” by Alexis y Fido, Zumba Choreography for “Alocate” by Alexis y Fido, “Que Viva la Vida” by Wisin, “Hasta Abajo” by Yandel, Follow the Leader” by Wisin and Yandel ft. Jennifer Lopez, “Limbo” by Daddy Yankee, “Love and Party”, “Zumba” by Don Omar.

it’s fun it’s fItness it’s zumba Are you tired of being bored and having nothing to do? Well, look no further: let me introduce you to a fantastic friend of mine called Zumba! I’m sure you have heard of it before - Zumba is a great way to have fun and get into shape. You can incorporate this 30 minute mixture of Latin American and African-inspired dancing into your life to get your groove on just like Jennifer Lopez. Why not get your children involved, or even better, invite your friends round? It’s much more fun working out with the people you love. Get your colourful joggers on and let’s get going!

Warm up Before starting any exercise, you must do a warm up and stretch to prevent any injuries. Here are 10 minutes of warm up. 1. March in place by bringing your knees to your chest, as high as possible 2. Circle arms forwards and backwards, changing direction every 5 rotations 3. With arms extended to the side, turn left and right, twisting the torso 4. Sweep arms over your head and bring down to your toes; repeat the full swinging motion using controlled momentum 5. Alternate slow bum kicks bringing your foot to your glutes 6. Touch your toes and squat down. Straighten legs while keeping hands on feet. Repeat this movement as many times as possible 7. Shake it off or march it out

salsa 1. Stand with both feet together 2. Move your leg to the right and bend your knees lightly by swinging your hips at the same time 3. Return to the middle and step to the left. Bend your knees lightly by swinging your hips at the same time. 4. Return to the middle. 5. Now try it a little faster. Slightly rock to the side as you move and loosen up your upper body. Let the shoulders move with your feet as well as your arms, and make it your own!

Merengue This consists of four components: march, two steps, six count, and beto shuffle. 1. Stand straight with both feet together, then step forward with your right foot 2. Return to middle 3. Step forward with your left foot, then lightly return to middle 4. Try it faster – interchange your feet like you’re marching quickly 5. Add arms and hips; try holding an arm out to the side

Reggaeton Stomp 1. Stand straight with both feet together, then step forward with your right foot 2. Drop your right arm to the side - make sure it is pointing towards the floor 3. Bend your left arm and place it in the centre; it should be covering your stomach 4. Return to the middle 5. Step forward with your left foot 6. Repeat step 3. This time drop your left arm.

7. Repeat step 4. This time bend your right arm. 8. Return to the middle. 9. Try it faster - interchange your feet in 2 singles and 1 double. It helps to say: “Single, single, double, double” out loud or in your head. Add pop to your shoulders as you move. Now it’s time to cool down. The worst thing a person can do straight after finishing a workout is to immediately sit or do nothing. You don’t want to feel dizzy or have muscle ache, so continue with light movement until your body has cooled down.

Cool Down Slowly roll your shoulder three times backwards and forwards, then slowly turn your neck. That’s it! You have mastered your routine - begin again tomorrow. Don’t forget to check out the links provided to help you out on your new journey of Zumba.

Favourite Zumba link • https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=c7qQAKi2cKc

How to warm up • http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/fitness/ Pages/how-to-warm-up.aspx • https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=c7qQAKi2cKc

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The Vibe: Issue 5  

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The Vibe: Issue 5  

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