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Chairman’s Remarks Keith Welham, Stowupland Parish Council


t’s mid-August and the sun is still shining every day. As I live on The Green, I can see the enjoyment people get from playing, walking or just sitting on The Green. The new goal posts are proving to be very popular and throughout August have attracted footballers of all ages. Living where we do, it’s like have a huge front lawn that I don’t have to mow! With schools starting back very soon, there will be a quieter life for some but the traffic conditions in Church Road and around The Green are a real concern at the beginning and end of the school day. Concerns include the number and speed of vehicles on Church Road, indiscriminate parking and having to queue to get onto A1120. The Parish Council intend to carry out surveys and press for action to be taken to reduce the impact of schoolrelated traffic on residents. We believe that action is needed now as the situation can only worsen when both schools expand. It has been good to see young people enjoying The Green and activities such as those arranged by our local police neighbourhood team and by the District Council. Many thanks to both organisations. August has been a busy month and the next few weeks will be busy too, starting with the Yard Sale on Sunday, 1st September, then the consultation on the affordable housing proposals (16th), Quiz Night (20th), Walkers Cup (22nd) and the Three Peaks Challenge on 8th October. And we have the normal round of Parish Council and Working Group meetings. All are open to the public and I would encourage residents to come along and get involved. You could become a member of The Green working party and help with the occasional tidy up, or help with community events. Meeting dates are in the centre pages of Telstar. Finally, a big thank you to the team who produce Telstar each month. I see many village magazines and Telstar is far and away the best in Suffolk – even compared with those which are produced ‘commercially’. It is full of relevant local information, unlike other full-colour glossy publications which have to be stuffed full of adverts to pay for the printing and distribution costs. It was good to celebrate 50 years of Telstar and see how the magazine has developed over the years and read how the common themes of litter, dog-fouling and traffic have featured throughout that period. Thank you for putting together the display in the Village Hall and for serving us with Afternoon Tea. 2

Calling all walkers! Margaret Gough


he tie of the season will soon be upon us when Stowupland takes on Old Newton. On Sunday, 22nd September, walkers will set out from both villages with the aim of winning the Walker Cup. All we have to do to win is have more walkers than they do. The competition is open to all so come along and join what we hope will be a winning team. The walk should take about an hour and a half and the small entry fee (£1.00) means that the St Elizabeth Hospice will benefit from you having a walk through some lovely countryside.

The Walker Cup Sunday, 22nd September Register any time from 11.00am at The Retreat and be back by 4.00pm

Over 60 Club P Prentice, 01449 771 724


ongratulaions to the Telstar team for the ‘Afternoon Tea’ in the Village Hall on the 3rd August to celebrate ‘Telstar, 50 years’. It was good to read the old copies of Telstar and thanks for the first edition. Well done to the lady who has delivered Telstar for 50 years. At the time of writing the members are looking forward to their fish and chip lunch. Thanks Martin, they are always delicious. Our September meeting is the Harvest Service in the Village Hall on 10th September at 2.00pm. We are pleased to welcome Revd Chris Wood, URC, who will be joining us for the afternoon. I am hoping we will be giving thanks for another good harvest crop. See you all soon. 3

Transport, Traffic & Safety Morris Brand


t the Transport, Traffic and Safety Group meeting held on the 1st of August, there were still concerns over the amount of traffic exceeding the speed limit through the village. Attempts to get the Community Speedwatch Scheme up and running have so far had no luck in raising the amount of volunteers required. We still need volunteers! If you would like to make a difference to our village and can spare a couple of hours a month, please contact me or any Parish Councillor and we will welcome you. We need to get the volunteers before the end of October otherwise, the scheme may be in danger of folding altogether. If you can help, please, please get in touch. The scheme will operate in four locations within the village – Saxham Street, Church Road, Devon Road (or should I say the B1115 adjacent to Devon Road and Thorney Green/Gipping Road). These areas would normally be monitored by the scheme members from Onehouse and we, the Stowupland volunteers, will monitor the three areas identified in Onehouse. We will operate in teams of three and FULL training is given by the police and of course, you will be fully covered by police insurance. We have all the equipment – speed gun, road signs and hi-viz jackets for all volunteers. Onehouse Parish Council is ready to go and they are eagerly awaiting our response, so I urge you to please come forward and offer your services. I should point out at this stage that you would be subject to completing an application form which is vetted by the police before becoming a volunteer. We hope that the residents will see and appreciate that the Parish Council do take complaints and requests seriously and they are discussed at our meetings with hopefully, a satisfactory resolution. I would just like to finish by reiterating that members of the public are most welcome to attend our group meetings and we would look forward to seeing you at our next meeting on 6th November. Best wishes and stay safe.

F r o m T e l s ta r c o m m i tt e e

Please note that the opinions expressed in letters and articles are not necessarily those of the Telstar committee or the Parish Council. We cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of material submitted for publication, however we reserve the r ight to include, edit or amend as we think appropriate. Telstar is produced in good faith but errors and omissions may occur during the process of production. Please let us know if this is the case so that these errors may be corrected. 4

Allotment Life David Andrew


ate summer and, in particular, August means harvest when we start to prepare, preserve and store all the carefully nurtured fruit and vegetables in readiness for the winter months ahead. All this talk of winter may seem a little premature and depressing but will be made more tolerable by using as much of our own produce as possible. Much has been said and written about gluts and if it’s not courgettes, it’s beans. There is always a debate earlier in the year as to which beans to grow – runner, French (or dwarf) or French beans that grow up canes like runners! Whatever variety we grow, however, one thing is very clear. Beans are a class act, an essential part of any allotment, are extremely productive and it can be quite hard to keep up with the harvest. Should you not visit the plot at least every other day, you will quickly find your precious beans getting old and stringy (just like those on the reduced shelf in the supermarket) before you have had the chance to pick them. It does make going away for the weekend rather tricky and a two-week summer holiday out of the question. So, what to do with the surplus? In the past, when rather more people grew their own vegetables, preserving was part of the season. Salting runner beans and putting them in large preserving jars was extremely common in the war years and in the years immediately after. The only problem was that they always tasted of salt no matter how many times you rinsed them. Today, we have the freezer which is rather more convenient but probably rather less energy efficient. At one of our summit meetings we were discussing how one particular person disposed of his vast quantities of beans as he always grows at least two double rows. We asked if he eats them with every meal, gives them away or regularly sells at car boot sales? ‘None of these really,’ he said, after only a moment’s pause, ‘I have two freezers’. Now, we already have two sheds, three wheelbarrows and four compost heaps on some plots but two freezers – this really is something else! Finally, strange things have been seen. Certain plot holders (or two to be precise) have been walking around with a hand apparently clamped to their ear and talking to themselves. Further investigation revealed that it was a mobile phone in use but what were they doing – down-loading the latest gardening ‘app’ perhaps? Probably not – just something as mundane as calling home to get picked up or to ensure their lunch will be ready at the appointed time. It is reassuring to know that the use of modern technology has reached Stowupland allotments at last!


M & M Butchers Mark Hammond

Suppliers of high quality meats, poultry, game and award winning sausages

It’s Barbecue time again! We supply a full range of barbecue meat.

Local meats ❈ Home-cooked pies Home cooked hams Dry-cured bacon and gammon Selection of homemade burgers Big selection of specialist cheeses

Local Delivery


Monday & Tuesday – 7.00am to 1.00pm Wednesday, Thursday & Friday – 7.00am to 5.00pm Saturday – 7.00am to 12.30pm The Green, Stowupland, Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 4AR

Telephone: 01449 677 720 6

Community Events Keith Welham


eptember will be a busy month for the Community Events Group. We have our Yard Sale on Sunday 1st and the Quiz Night on Friday 20th. And we will shortly have tickets on sale for the Barn Dance on Saturday, 19th October. The quiz nights are fun evenings; most people don’t take the quiz too seriously but it’s nice at the end of the evening to go home with a prize. It costs just £2.00 per person and you can bring along your own food and drink and just enjoy friendly competition. I am pleased to say that a number of people have come forward to help plan Music Day next year and to run events such as bingo, the barn dance and casino nights. But we still need more people for specific tasks such as arranging children’s entertainment and booking stalls for Music Day. The preferred date for Music Day 2014 is Saturday, 28th June. We will be seeking advice from the Safety Advisory Group regarding location and layout. In the past the ‘football pitch’ area has been the only acceptable location in terms of highway and personal safety. I am aware that a few residents will again be inconvenienced for a day or so – the toilets are less than 50 yards from our front garden, but we do have the benefit of living next to The Green for 365 days a year! We will soon be arranging a programme of events for 2014. If there is something that you would like us to organise – or even better join us and we will support you. We need new faces and new ideas.

Telstar Note


s a team we have now been working together to bring village news to the residents of Stowupland for eight years. We are a good team working well together, but sometimes things change and we have two changes taking place. Firstly, Jill has decided to stand down as Distribution Co-Ordinator. We would like to say a huge thank-you to her for her very efficient work over the years, and we wish her well in the future. We now need to fill her position – if you would be interested in helping in this role, we would love to hear from you. Please email giving your contact details and we will get in touch with you. Secondly, Tony, who collects the articles for Telstar for us, is moving house, and again we wish him all the best for the future. From now on please drop off any typed / handwritten articles to Karadene, The Green, Stowupland, IP14 4AE – Karadene is just across the footpath from Home Lea. Articles by email continue to be sent to 7


C.M. Hayward

Carpets & Decorating

Electrical Services

Wide range of quality carpets supplied & fitted

Lothlorien, Church Road, Stowupland, Stowmarket, Suffolk. IP14 4BH

01449 678213

Bespoke Framing Service Greeting Cards & Photo Frames X-Stitches Stretched & Framed

Fast & Reliable Service Red House Farm, Station Road Haughley. Tel. 01449 675897 Monday – Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm Saturday 9.00am – 12noon 8




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Acorn Kennels Jodi Palmer Acorns Wash Lane Mendlesham Stowmarket Suffolk IP14 5TD

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Parish Council Report Sandy Smith

A ugust M eeting


ou may well be pleased to know that my report this month will be relatively brief as some of the usual attendees were not present. Matters of report from the last meeting included a reply from the High School advising that they had no realistic picture for the way that students travelled to and from school. Suffolk County Council’s reply to the resident who felt that there was an increase in buses using Gipping Road, was that they were only aware of the Galloway school coach and would like the resident to make a note of any other bus operators using this road and to report back with their findings. Hastoe Housing has booked the Village Hall between 3.30pm and 7.00pm on the 16th September to hold a public consultation on their proposed affordable housing development for Stowupland. The grave digger has reported that graves are now becoming both longer and wider and the distance between each grave has had to be widened for Health and Safety reasons. However, the recent memorial stones have been erected out of alignment with existing ones and these may need to be realigned. This is to be checked and any necessary adjustments to be made. The Walker Cup walk is to be held on the 22nd September and the main footpaths will be cut again before this takes place. Concerns were raised about the nettles overhanging the footpath by the butchers and past the school and this should be addressed by the school. It was also reported that a bungalow alongside this path which has a very overgrown hedge hanging over the path has now been sold and the property agent will be contacted to advise the new owner that this problem needs to be addressed. The Green working party are due to meet in August and it was agreed that they would check out the state of the ponds including the current low water level which may be having an adverse effect on the fish stocks. They will also look at removing the weeds and re-seeding the new grass area outside Willow Wood. The Emergency Planning group are keen to support the Mid Suffolk District Council and Suffolk County Council emergency planning exercise next year but will need to see the details before making the final decision. Councillor Perks advised that the tree has been removed from outside Walnut Cottage and repairs have been made to the track. A resident had voiced concerns about the grass being discharged from the contractor’s mower when cutting The Green, blocking a ditch near their property and this will be addressed by asking the contractor to drive his mower in the opposite direction. The Chairman sought permission from the Parish Council to distribute the crisps and cordial left over from the Music on The Green event to the children attending the Youth Event on 14th August and this was agreed. 9

The Police reported that there had been 2 incidents in the village during the last month: one was an attempted theft in Barley Close and the other was a drunk and disorderly female. Speed checks have been carried out in Church Road during the last month and it is planned that next month they will concentrate on Thorney Green Road. A resident advised that they had been disappointed that the police had not attended an advertised police sports event on 30th July. However, the PCSO was able to report that they had arrived at 6.45pm as planned but were unable to persuade any of the youngsters in the area to join in so eventually left at 7.10pm with no one willing to play any of the suggested games. The PCSO advised that he and his colleagues were very disappointed with this outcome as it meant they had to return to ‘work’. A concern from a resident about inconsiderate parking at the end of Columbyne Close was also brought to his attention and he advised that they will observe the situation to see if there is a problem with this parking as they are passing. It was reported that following a very packed meeting at Mid Suffolk District Council, the Mendlesham Renewable Plant planning application was refused. A previous planning applicant made a complaint about the way their application was discussed at an earlier Parish Council meeting that the applicant did not attend themselves and it was agreed that the Chairman will be happy to speak to him face to face about this. The owner of the former pumping station at Birch Close has sent in a request to have some trees bordering his property on the Green trimmed by a tree surgeon and a detailed copy of the proposed work was submitted to the Parish Council for their consideration. This was duly approved as all work would be carried out by a qualified tree surgeon. A request was made by a resident of Columbyne Close for proposals for the safe passage of building materials to his property later in the year. A detailed discussion took place and a strategy was agreed and this is to be conveyed to him in writing. The meeting closed at 8.35pm and again due to work commitments, I will be handing over my pen to the Chairman to report next month’s meeting.

Southwold Theatre

Two tickets have become available for the 5.00 p.m. performance of ‘Sleuth’ on Saturday, 7th September. Tickets are £12.00, coach fare £8.50. The coach leaves Stowupland at 11.00am giving sufficient time to lunch and explore the town. 

London Museums

Seats are still available on the coach. Saturday, 19th October. Fare max. £15.00.  Leaving the village at 8.30am.  For either trip and further details, please contact Judy Clarke, Telephone 01449 615 386. 10

Parish Council

Bits and Pieces

Rachel Godbold, Parish Clerk

Planning Applications Application No.: 1793/13   2 Oak Road Location: Details: Erection of single storey extension. Erection of conservatory (following demolition of existing). Parish Council decision: Support. 1911/13  Application No.: The Old Police House, Stowmarket Road Location: Details: Erection of two-storey rear extension, 1st floor side extension, rear link and replacement of existing pantiles. Demolition of existing rear conservatory. Parish Council decision: Support. Application No.: 1915/13  Walnut Tree Farm, Gipping Road Location: Details: Demolition of existing sub-standard barn. Erection of replacement barn to form farm shop, butchery and cafe. Parish Council decision: Support. Application No.: 2057/13   Sales Office, Cedars Park Location: Details: Continued use of temporary car park for up to five years, to serve sales office for Cedars Park. Retention of dropped kerb to car park. Parish Council decision: No comment as outside parish boundary

A note from the Police

Publicised scam Essex Police have been urging farmers and landowners in their area to be aware of a scam in which household and business waste is being illegally dumped on open land and camouflaged as plastic-wrapped hay bales. The warning follows the discovery of about 1,500 tons of waste after a search warrant was executed on land in South Essex.  Officers from the Environment Agency are now concerned that other sites may be targeted in the same way. 11

Celebrating 50 Years


50 years on – still going strong!

n the 3rd August the ‘Telstar’ celebrated with Afternoon Tea – and we were thrilled with the response which we had to the event. People from all over the village attended to share in our celebration, along with a number of ex-residents who came to share in the day, meet up with old friends and refresh their memories by browsing through the archive copies. The competitions were popular with a number of people getting all the answers correct on the ‘Where is it?’ quiz, so that the winner was selected by a draw. The ‘Last 50 Years’ quiz was more of a challenge!

Our thanks go to all who helped to make the event such a happy and successful occasion – particular thanks to Gill, who, having delivered the magazine for 50 years, deserved the right to ‘cut the cake’, to Brian who brought pictures from his various countryside rambles, to Keith Hyland for taking the photographic record of the event, and to Gipping Press Ltd who sponsored the printing of the competition prints and supplied the print production display. The Telstar team

The Telstar Team Julia, Jill, Joyce, Claire, Keith, Marion and Jerry 12

Archive Copies

Gill cuts the Celebration Cake

Delicious Cakes

The Celebration Photos

Stan – ‘Where is it?” winner, with ‘goody bag’ prize.


Celebrating 50 Years Attending the 50 Year celebration brought memories back to Marlene, who now recounts her memories of the Telstar production in the 1980s – Thank you, Marlene, for sharing this with us.


n the early 1980s I saw a request in the Telstar for someone to help with the publication of the magazine. As I worked in the High School office, and after asking permission from the headteacher Mr Creese, I put my name forward, and did the printing from 1983-1994. Mind you I did the easy bit. Judy Clarke, Jay Wilson, Jim Spencer and, if my memory serves me right, Christine Williams and Mr Fred Welham were involved. Once I had finished the printing (out of school hours I might add), a band of stalwart helpers did the collating and distribution.  When I took over,  the paper was stored by Mr Adlam, who lived in Kelveden House on The Green. He was a maths teacher at the school and when he was unable to cope Mr Creese gave permission to store it at school.  In the late 1980s, I don’t know if any of you remember, there was an acute shortage of paper due to problems in Canada and people were stockpiling toilet rolls etc. All schools struggled getting adequate supplies. I had to put big notices on OUR paper saying PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH. Every day I had to check that none of it went missing – none of it ever did. The printing machine I used was basic and very ancient and by the 1990s was extremely unreliable and very frustrating to use and the printing of Telstar was taken over by someone else.  The Telstar of today is fabulous and I look forward to every publication.  It is extremely interesting, very informative with an added touch of humour. I show it to friends from elsewhere in the country and they are very impressed – we are so lucky to have such a magazine here in little ‘ole’ Stowupland.  It was so lovely to see so many old friends at the tea party celebrating 50 years – a big thank you to all the Telstar team and helpers for putting on such a superb event – the tea and refreshments were delicious.         Marlene Lewis 14

Get together this September for the World's Biggest Coffee Morning. You will be raising money to help make sure that no one has to face cancer alone.

Telstar celebration


s a resident of Stowupland for a number of years I would like to thank the Telstar committee for their excellent ‘get together’ to celebrate 50 years of Telstar. It was obvious that a lot of thought and preparation had gone into their function and it was pleasing that so many of the village attended to enjoy it. Looking back, at the old issues of Telstar, 50 years seems such a short time ago. However I feel that many of us will not be here to see the next half century! I do hope that Telstar will go from strength to strength and we thank all who made the Afternoon Tea such a memorable occasion. Mary Bloom


n 3rd August, I was asked, by the Telstar Team, to ‘cut the cake’ at their celebration. Both Bill and I thoroughly enjoyed the event and to see such a lot of people there. The cake, by the way, and all the other goodies were really delicious. Thank you to the team for asking me, and here’s to the next 50 years. Gill & Bill Borley

wE lO E






at Stowupland Chapel

Macmillan Cancer Support, registered charity in England and Wales (261017), Scotland (SC039907) and the Isle of Man (604)

on Friday, 27th September 10.00am to 12.00noon Please come along and support this worthy cause. In addition to coffee/tea and cakes there will be a draw.

Many people are frightened by new ideas. Some are frightened when people keep suggesting the same old ones. 15

U.R.C. Chapel The

Minister: Revd Chris Wood Telephone 01449 678 173

����������United ��reformed Where Strangers Become Friends ... young gentleman arrived at a funeral ���������church


service in one of the villages and looked somewhat awkward and ill at ease. It was clear that he was looking for someone he knew to help ease him into the situation – but recognised noone. Sitting next to me (I wasn’t involved in this one!) I soon discovered that this was the first time that he had ventured into a church. He admitted that it was a strange experience for him – particularly as it was nothing like what he expected – which turned out to mean it was nothing like that portrayed on the television! (I failed to ask whether this had been ‘Songs of Praise’; Soaps; or ‘Vicar of Dibley’). I tried to give helpful tips by explaining what was happening, and at what points we might be asked to stand, or sit, or even to kneel. The young gentleman had been one of the deceased’s carers, and was therefore present to pay his last respects. He smiled when he explained that, on the days that he was called to care for her, the lady would reach for her hymn book and sing ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’ explaining that she hoped he would be at her funeral, and felt that he ought to be to sing at least one of the hymns! His one disappointment was that there was not an opportunity to say some personal words in the funeral service, of how much he had valued the company of this elderly lady (whom he affectionately called ‘his Mrs Bucket’ – pronounced ‘Mrs Bouquet’!) although the vicar did a truly magnificent eulogy to which everyone present could relate. Interestingly for someone who’d initially appeared ill at ease, he offered a short prayer at the graveside once the immediate family had moved away, asking that the Lord would give this wonderful lady eternal peace and rest – to which I gave a resounding ‘AMEN’! September is traditionally a month when many churches extend an invitation to the wider community to come and share in their worship – often at a Harvest Festival – whether to those that have previously been associated with churches, or those that have never set foot inside one before. It is generally acknowledged that it’s quite difficult for a person to enter into a church for the first time – especially if they are on their own (might be best to come with a friend!) – not knowing what will happen and what will be expected of them. It is also seen as a challenge to the churches, as we focus on ‘the welcome and inclusion that God gives to all people, and how we can 16

best reflect that welcome in ways that enable people to seek God further and gain a sense of belonging’ (Peter Ball ‘From Welcome to Belonging’). Such challenges can easily be overcome, so that, together we might offer a hymn of praise to our Creator God – but I can’t guarantee that it will be ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’!. One thing’s for sure, the local church is called to be a place where ‘strangers can soon become friends. God Bless,



n Sunday, 22nd September, we unite with our friends from Holy Trinity for their Harvest Festival. The service commences at 9.30am. On Friday, 27th September the coffee morning will be a special one for Macmillan Cancer Support. It will be at the normal time 10.00am to 12.00noon. Please come along and support this worthy cause. In addition to coffee/tea and cakes there will be a draw. Our Harvest Festival is on 6th October when Holy Trinity will join us for a United Service. Worship will be led by Revd Chris Wood. This service will commence at 10.30am. Suffolk Historic Churches Trust 32nd Sponsored Bicycle Ride (Also known as Ride and Stride) takes place on Saturday, 14th September when the Chapel will be open to sign in riders or walkers from 9am to 5pm. Anyone who would like to take part in the Cycle Ride, sponsorship forms are available from Joyce Gardiner, Telephone 01449 676149. Services at the URC Chapel are held each Sunday at 10.30am and we cordially invite anyone who wishes to join us in our worship. Our speakers for September are as follows: 1st September Clive Herrod 8th September Revd Richard Edwards 15th September Veda Berriman 22nd September United Service at Holy Trinity Harvest Festival at 9.30am 29th September Richard Jurd

Afternoon Fellowship We recommence our meetings on 7th October when our speaker will be Revd Chris Wood. We welcome anyone who would like to join us at our meetings (male or female). Come and enjoy the fellowship. Mary Clark 17

Colin Moyes Home Improvements Complete kitchen and bathroom and bedroom refurbishments. For purpose made joinery requirements and carpentry works, uPVC doors, windows and conservatories. Now celebrating their 30th Year of trading To contact Colin Moyes Home Improvements Marshalls Meadow, Thorney Green Road, Stowupland Call either 01449 615548 or 07802 927885. In aid of the


14b Bury Street, Stowmarket, IP14 4RA Phone 01449 614 993 (Home) 07900 640 441 (Mobile)

Monday to Saturday 10.00am to 4.00pm We are a 100% voluntary shop, unlike all the other charity shops in Stowmarket, we do not have a manager & assistant manager on salary, we have to pay rent and utilities, after that everything goes to the children. I will be happy to come along to see you any time after 4.00pm, we would be grateful for any clothes, shoes, household items, furniture of any kind, in fact, we will be grateful for anything you can donate. Thanks to the residents of Stowupland, for all their kind support, both in donating goods for the shop and supporting us in buying from the shop, I am amazed at how kind people have been. It is with your help we have been able to support the society over the past twelve months 18



Local History Group Marion Harris – Tel. 01449 770 895

7th August Meeting


aving enjoyed Pip Wright’s talk about Alf Burrows, last year, it was a great pleasure to welcome him again, with his interestingly titled talk ‘Frolic, Fervour and Fornication’. Pip explained that the information resulted from researching parish registers, now held in branches of the Suffolk Record Office. Parishes were first required to keep registers in 1538, but it was not until the end of the reign of Elizabeth I that it was made clear what a register should be: a book of plain white paper, recording names and dates. Later registers became more like forms. Every church had a parish chest, containing maps, letters, scrolls and books, as well as the registers. For security many of the chests has three separate locks, the keys being held by the vicar and two churchwardens. A chest could therefore only be opened when all three were present. There must have been times when a chest became full: valuable history was probably lost when there was a clear-out! Flood, fire, mice and theft accounted for further losses; but plenty of records survived. Centuries ago, a midwife carried holy water and could baptise an infant that might not thrive (that was recorded as a ‘private baptism’) but the mother was required to take the child to church, if it survived. There are a few records of the birth of Siamese twins, all using the word ‘monsters’. Many illegitimate children were recorded and one clergyman noted “This was a fruitful year for bastards in this little town.” A baby left on the doorstep of the Overseer of the Poor at Capel St Mary was baptised Mary Capel. Registers sometimes contain notes of penance for those guilty of adultery: punishment was seen as a means of keeping a village free of sin. Some clergymen were much more thorough than others, recording, for example, fund-raising for people who had suffered in disasters such as fires (the Great Fire of London, for instance) and floods. One register notes the marriage of a woman without arms: the ring was placed on a toe and she was able to use her foot to sign her name. Registers of deaths often do not give the cause of death, except at a time of outbreak of one of the well-known serious diseases, such as smallpox. Curious additional notes include a late harvest, a recipe for apple pie and how to cure the bite of a mad dog! Pip Wright’s talk was not only informative but very entertaining and appreciated by all. 19

The Countryside at War The Museum of East Anglian Life is planning a special event, ‘Countryside at War’, on Sunday, 15th September (Battle of Britain Sunday) and offering free entry for veterans wearing medals. If you have any pictures, film or objects relating to rural life during World War II, and would be happy to share them with others, please contact Lisa Harris at the Museum – tel. 01449 612 229.

Information If you have been doing some clearing out and come across old photographs or documents to do with any aspect of the village, we would love to hear from you. Just think of the loss of all those parish records, centuries ago!

Membership It’s never too late to join us – and it gets cheaper all the time! You would be able to join at our September meeting for just £6. Membership entitles you to £1 admission to meetings, to borrow items from our archives and join certain visits that are for members only.

Talking-Point In 1900, the cost of a return train ticket from Stowmarket to London was 6/9d: 34p. There’s been a bit of inflation since then! For our next ‘Talking Point’, how many local manors can you name?

Programme Speakers at our next two meetings will be as follows: Wednesday, 4th September. Dr Nick Sign’s talk will be ‘Servants in Suffolk Country Houses from 1700 to 1900’ Wednesday, 2nd October. Neil Langridge will be speaking about The Revd Hollingsworth and the Founding of Stowupland Church. We meet at 7.30pm, in the Village Hall. Refreshments will be available. Admission £1.00 for members, £3.00 for non-members. We look forward to seeing you.


32nd Suffolk Historic Churches Trust (SHCT)

Sponsored Bike Ride SATURDAY, 14th September, From 9.00am to 5.00pm SHCT is a non-denominational trust helping to preserve Suffolk’s historic churches and chapels. If you fancy spending some time either walking or cycling around the Suffolk countryside whilst raising some money for a good cause please contact: Jon Wray 21 Highfield Road, Stowupland 01449 676 612 Sponsor forms are available from the church or from Jon. The sponsor money raised will be shared equally between Holy Trinity Church, Stowupland and the SHCT. If you would like to find out more about the work of the trust you can visit their web site at:

Bacrn Dan e

Stow u p l a n d Co m m u n it y Ev e nt


at Stowupland Village Hall on Saturday, 19th October at 7.30pm

❊ BAR AVAILABLE Please bring your own nibbles

No children under 14 years of age

Tickets £7.00 Available from

the Post Office, Jerry Voden on 01449 770 334 or Keith Welham on 01449 673 185 21

D. Woolnough Property Maintenance For all your building requirements from minor works to extensions and alterations For a friendly, reliable service please call Dan on 01449 677564 or 07812 753099 Graduated with The Chartered Institute of Building in 2002 and proud to have over 20 years experience in the construction industry

Your Best Friends’ Best Friends! Combs House, Stowmarket Business Park, Needham Road, Stowmarket IP14 2AH

Tel. 01449 676966 Large FREE car park Surgeries throughout the day by appointment

Plus a 24 hour EMERGENCY SERVICE Practice Opening Hours

Monday-Friday 8:30am-6.00pm Saturdays 8.30am-12.00pm



Stowmarkets Independent Family Funeral Service 24 Hour Personal Service • Private Chapel of Rest • FREE Parking

Telephone: 01449 771666 The Nutshell, Milton Road South, Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 1EZ


S towupl and G ood N eighbours

A volunteer service run by residents for residents H elpline 07591 539 621 (New Number)



Thank you to Good Neighbours Gill, who was taking part in our Celebration event was unable to travel by car, so Alan and Wendy kindly collected her and pushed her to the event in a wheelchair. Many thanks for getting her to the Village Hall on time! Telstar team 23


Hastoe Housing Association, Stowupland Parish Council and Mid Suffolk District Council have been working together to identify a site for affordable housing, for people local to Stowupland. Hastoe Housing Association is proposing to build a number of affordable homes off Gipping Road. The properties will only be available for local people or people with strong local connections – priority for these dwellings will be given to applicants from Stowupland. We are displaying our current proposals with a view to seeking constructive comments and interest before we submit a planning application. You will be able to look at plans, elevations and layout drawings. Hastoe Staff will be on hand to answer queries you may have. If you are unable to attend, but would like further details, please contact Hastoe Housing on 01799 533170, or e-mail 25

Book the Date September Sun

1 Yard Sale (see back cover)


1 Cricket Match – Cup Final


1 Country & Western Dance


Village Hall


2 Dance Club


Village Hall


3 Coffee Morning


Jubilee Court Church Hall

Playing Field


3 Beetle Drive



4 Stowupland Book Club



4 Open Church


Holy Trinity Church


4 Local History Group (see page 20)


Village Hall


5 Short Mat Bowls


Village Hall


7 P.C. Allotments W.G.


The Allotments


8 Cricket Match – Plate Final


8 Country & Western Dance


Village Hall


9 Dance Club


Village Hall


Jubilee Court Village Hall

Playing Field


10 Coffee Morning


10 Over 60 Club – Harvest Service



11 Baby & Toddler Group


Village Hall


11 Open Church


Holy Trinity Church

Thur 12 Parish Council


V. H. Meeting Room

Thur 12 Short Mat Bowls


Village Hall

Fri Sat

13 TELSTAR DEADLINE DATE – October issue 14 P.C. Cemetery & Churchyard W.G. 10.00am


15 Country & Western Dance


16 Affordable Housing Open Meeting (see page 25)


16 Dance Club


Village Hall


17 Mobile Library


Jubilee Court


17 Mobile Library


The Green


17 Coffee Morning


Jubilee Court


18 Baby & Toddler Group


Village Hall


18 Open Church


Holy Trinity Church


18 W.I. – Fishermen’s Mission


Village Hall

Thur 19 P.C. Community Events W.G.


URC Chapel

Thur 19 Short Mat Bowls


Village Hall



Village Hall


20 Community Quiz (see page 31)


The Churchyard Village Hall Church Hall


22 The Walker Cup (see page 3)


22 Country & Western Dance


23 Dance Club


24 Coffee Morning



Village Hall


Village Hall


Jubilee Court

24 Beetle Drive


Church Hall


25 Baby & Toddler Group


Village Hall


25 Open Church


Holy Trinity Church

Thur 26 P.C. Finance & Policy Meeting


URC Chapel

Thur 26 Short Mat Bowls


Village Hall


URC Chapel


27 Coffee Morning


29 Country & Western Dance


Village Hall


30 Dance Club


Village Hall

If you wish to attend one of the events listed, and would like help with transport, please contact Good Neighbours on 07591 539 621 (new no.)

Book the Date October Tues

1 Coffee Morning


Jubilee Court


1 Beetle Drive


Church Hall


2 Baby & Toddler Group


Village Hall


2 Stowupland Book Club



2 Open Church


Holy Trinity Church


2 Local History Group (see page 20)


Village Hall


3 Short Mat Bowls


Village Hall


6 Country & Western Dance


Village Hall


7 Afternoon Fellowship


URC Chapel


7 Dance Club


Village Hall

Future Events in 2013 October


Music with ‘Elvis’ – Sports & Social Club



Barn Dance (see page 21)



Community Bingo (see page 50)

Diary Dates

Contact Marion by email: or Tel: 01449 770 895. For contact details for clubs / groups etc. see page 45.


John Bull Motors Ltd Petrol and Diesel MOT testing Servicing and repairs Unit 7B Charles Ind. Estate Stowmarket Phone: 01449 774150 Fax: 01449



Windows, MS Office, E-mail, Internet, Graphics, Broadband. Solutions resolved in your own home

One to One tuition. Phone Shelli of MPM on 07733 262116 Let a local company in Stowupland support you.

PLUMBING Andrew Snowling Plumbing and Heating Over 20 years experience

GENERAL REPAIRS Phone Andrew on Tel. 01449 675440 Mobile 07889 276667 28

Countryside Rambler Brian Ward


hankfully the weather is staying warm and dry and the gardens are still looking good. I try to walk the woodlands on hot days, enjoying the dappled shade, and venture out onto heathland during the cooler times of day. The local little owls are often spotted along Rendall Lane in one of the large oak trees near the bends at the bottom of the hill. Another pair at Creeting St Peter are often seen sitting beside the road and are quite oblivious to the traffic passing nearby. I can remember little owls at this location when l was a boy; they used to nest in old pollarded elms long since gone with age and dutch elm disease their final demise. Hobbies are appearing everywhere and I even watched one at Mendlesham Green recently. My wife and I have been walking quite a bit recently. We visited Arger Fen and Spouses Vale. This area falls within the Dedham Vale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is well worth a visit with several badger sets near the walkways. If you are interested in dragonflies, the small lake at Brandon Country Park is a must as l have noted some of the more unusual ones. There there is a café and children’s play area ideal for a family visit. lf you don’t mind damp boggy places then try Roydon Fen just on the outskirts of Diss. The Suffolk Wildlife volunteers were clearing the walkways on our visit so it was quite easy going. Along its circular route, quaint properties tucked away down quiet tracks will be passed taking you back in time. Thelnetham Fen is another small fen. On our visit we were amazed at the orchids on flower and other fen loving plants. When visiting Nowton Park on the outskirts of Bury St Edmunds a few weeks ago l came across the wildflower area just beyond the cowslip patch which have now died back. The wild flowers were alive with various insects, bees of several types and butterflies; also day flying moths, including the six spot burnet. This park is suitable for families with a play area and café on site and various circular walks depending how energetic you feeI. The last few weeks have produced some stunning sunsets with various cloud formations to add to this daily spectacular event. My wife and l were so pleased to meet some of the local people at the 50 Years of Telstar, a good turnout and enjoyed by all.

TELSTAR is also available as a link on the Parish Council website: w w w. s t o w u p l a n d . o n e s u f f o l k . n e t 29

Toddler Talk


i everyone. A few people have asked Mummy how we are getting on so Jessica and I thought we would say hello again.

First of all, we would like to wish Telstar a belated Happy 50th Birthday. Wow 50 years – that is older than Daddy! We went to their Birthday Party at the Village Hall and saw all the editions of the magazine since it started in 1963. Mummy found my first ever article from June 2010 when I was a couple of months old :) There were a few fun competitions at the party – a spot the difference, pictures from around the village that we had to identify and a quiz about the last 50 years. There was also lots of little cup cakes and a big birthday cake. Yum. We love cake. Jessica is a messy eater though, so if you ended up with cake crumbs on your shoes that was probably from her. Sorry! July has been a busy time for birthday parties for us with various friends turning two, three or four. Lots of cake :) I had my third birthday in March and Jessica turned two in May. She is now big enough for me to have proper discussions with, such as the best way to get up a slide or the proper way to build a train track. We have lots of cuddles and play fights and I have been trying to teach her the alphabet. I can spell my name and Jessica's and a few other words. If you see me around I will happily demonstrate – S.A.M. Samuel! Now that I am three, I am trying to be a big boy. The other day Mummy told Jessica and me that there were no more nappies so we have to wear big boy pants now. It is a bit messy as we are often too busy playing to realise we need to go to the toilet. We are having a few accidents but it is exciting when we do go to the potty as we get a sticker and a chocolate coin. We are still finding lots to do around the village. We currently have a regular monthly visit to the church for 1st at Four, the first Sunday in the month at 4.00pm. Revd Paul and Revd David entertain us with stories and songs. I try to sing along even if it is just moving my mouth along with the words. One of my favourite parts of the service is the cup cakes afterwards – yum. I think Mummy has taken a picture of every cup cake that we have eaten! They are linked to the stories that were told during the service. Recently we were able to take our teddy bears with us for a teddy bear's picnic. Jessica somehow managed to dunk her teddy in the font – oops. We have also seen a puppet show which was very funny. The puppet had a magic machine that threw sweets at us. Time to go. It is yet again a lovely sunny day so Jessica and I are off to play outside before it rains again. See you soon. Sam and Jessica


Report Judy Clarke


resident, Gillian, welcomed visitor, Nicky, to the  meeting. The business having been dealt with, we listened to Mary Bradley's talk on pressed flowers.  We saw the tools that she uses and the reference books that are her guide to identifying flowers, ensuring she doesn’t pick any protected wild ones. She gave lots of advice on when and what flowers to pick, the best time of day to do so and how to go about pressing them – time being of the essence. There were many examples of Mary’s work incorporated into book marks, cards, gift tags, notelets and paper weights – giving members plenty of ideas. Both the recent craft workshops, each  run by Christine  or Colleen, were very enjoyable and productive, and we look forward to more. Competition results – Alphabet: first. Claire’s sea horse, second. Mary C’s snake, third. Connie’s signal box. Flower of the month –  Claire’s pink, Brenda’s rose, Shirley’s clematis. The August meeting promises to be full, with a short talk on antiques, a demonstration of Indian head massage and, in aid of the  Macmillan charity, a raffle and coffee and home made cakes. With all that to look forward to, the meeting closed.

community challenge

Stowupland Village Hall on Friday, 20th September at 7.00pm

quiz commences at 7.30pm £2.00 per person (Teams of up to 6 people) Please bring your own drink and nibbles To enter your team phone Cathy or Keith on 01449 673 185 31

The Curate’s Letter Revd Paul Clarke

Be true to yourself


number of years ago I found a magnet on my fridge I had never noticed before. It contained a little rhyme about being ‘true to yourself ’. I was in a very bad place at that time,  I am sure that you know the kind of place I am talking about because we have all been there. When life seems pretty hopeless, when you have reached rock bottom and there seems to be no way out. The kind of place that forces us to go back and review some of those things in our lives that we may have thrown out way too easily.  One of those things that I had tossed aside in my early twenties was church. If you would have asked me back then, I would have considered myself 'agnostic' at best. I was convinced that I did not need God and, if God did exist then he did not need me to believe in him. So I was in that frame of mind as I glimpsed that fridge magnet and the expression 'be true to yourself' became very defining from that point on. Those words stuck me and sent me on a journey of discovery. I resolved from them on that I would always be 'true to myself' and that included the subject of God!  The thing is, even though I had excluded God from my life I could not accept that what we see in the word is all there is. After all, it seemed an even more desperate leap of faith to believe that we see in our world around us is just a load of atoms that randomly appeared billions of years ago by chance. Deep down, instinctively I knew that life had more meaning to it than that.   And that’s the trouble with being true to yourself. Once you accept that the universe must have a purpose and meaning then it starts to inform every part of your life, as you seek to find out what that is.  I started to read the bible and explore it critically with other like-minded people, and I found a church that was willing to accept and ask difficult questions.  I have never stopped asking them. I don't always agree with my fellow Christians about everything but we do agree on one thing – the Christian story makes sense of the world around us.  So my prayer is that you won’t have to hit rock bottom in order to look again at what you may have tossed aside. I pray that whatever you believe about this world of ours that you explore it with others and live life being ‘true to yourself ’. But be careful – this kind of thinking comes with a health warning – after all,  I ended up becoming a priest! Your Curate,



Holy Trinity Church Vicar:

Revd David Swales

Tel: 01449 675 503


Revd Paul Clarke

Tel: 01449 672 140


Mrs Ann Doubtfire

Tel. 01449 770 363

Church Email:

Services in September 2013 September 1st

9.30am Parish Communion 4.00pm 1st @ 4 Service – Church with a difference!



9.30am Morning Worship and Trinity Starz 6.30pm Evensong (B.C.P.)

September 15th

8.00am Holy Communion (B.C.P.) 9.30am Morning Prayer (B.C.P.)

September 16th (Mon)

10.30am Harvest Songs of Praise at Steeple View. All welcome!

September 18th (Wed)

2.00pm Harvest Songs of Praise at Jubilee Court All welcome!

September 22nd

9.30am All-Age Harvest Festival 6.30pm Parish Communion

September 25th (Wed) September 29th

7.30pm Confirmation Service at Wetherden 11.00am Benefice Communion at Haughley

(B.C.P. – Book of Common Prayer)

A Harvest Prayer O God, from whose unfailing bounty we draw our life and all we possess, forgive our pride and self-sufficiency. Teach us to reverence the earth, which you have made fruitful. Help us to remember our unity with those by whose work we are fed and clothed. Touch us with compassion for all those who have not enough to eat. As you have given us the knowledge which can produce plenty, so give us also the wisdom to bring it within the reach of all: through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.



Ho ly Tr in ity Ch u r c h

NOTICEBOARD Families! Harvest at Steeple ‘ 1 s t @ 4 ’ S e r v i c e View & Jubilee Court Please come along to ‘1st @ 4’ SERVICE on Sunday, 1st September at 4.00pm and enjoy ‘Church With A Difference’ with some sandwiches and cakes afterwards!

The residents invite you to join them at 10.30am at Steeple View on Monday, 16th September and at 2.00pm at Jubilee Court on Wednesday, 18th September for their Harvest Songs of Praise Services.

Also, we welcome all families and children to our Morning Worship Service and Baptism along with Trinity Starz on Sunday, 8th September at 9.30am and please do stay and have FairTrade refreshments with us in the hall afterwards!

Weekly Coffee Church

Beetle Drives Come along to enjoy a chat and have some fun in congenial company at the Beetle Drives which will be held on Tuesdays, 3rd and 24th September in the Church Hall. All are most welcome to join us!

Thanks !

Holy Trinity Church has an Open Church & Social Session from 2.00pm to 4.00pm each Wednesday. Come on in and enjoy your Parish Church, for a free cup of tea/coffee and a chat in the Church Hall, or to wait for children coming out of school, or for a quiet prayer, or just to enquire about church activities etc.

Food Bank Box If you would like to donate items for the Food Bank to help those in need of a helping hand, we now have a box at the back of the church for you to leave your items. Thank you!

The collection at The Service On The Green has raised the welcome sum of £146.88 which has now been donated to The Barley Close Project. Most grateful thanks go to all who contributed.

Church Hall Bookings Our well-appointed Church Hall is available for your party, meeting or function. For bookings or for further information, please contact John & Ann Parsell on tel. 01449 672 592. 34


Ho ly Tr in ity Ch u r c h

NOTICEBOARD Harvest Supper Come along and enjoy our friendly, traditional Three-Course Harvest Supper that will be held in the Village Hall on Saturday, 21st September at 6.30 for 7.00pm. There will be a short period of entertainment after the meal. Tickets priced at £7.00 per person (13 to 16’s £4, 12’s and under free), are available from Christine Williams 01449 771 430, Ann Doubtfire 01449 770 363, John Parsell 01449 672 592 and David Hall 01449 675 828. Any profits from the supper, together with the harvest collections in church, will be donated to FarmAfrica. See page 24

Ploughman’s Lunch Please note:- There is NO Ploughman’s Lunch in September!

100 Club Congratulations to the following winners July Draw 1st

52 Mrs S Hayter


71 Mr R Bloom


16 Miss J Stanford

August Draw 1st

29 Mrs D Hall


30 Mrs M Jones


67 Mr G Jackson

Parish Registers Weddings

Our congratulations to those who have recently married: 15th June Charlotte King & Alan Brock 29th June Laura Freezer & Steven Locke 27th July Claire Balfour & Andrew Mulley

Annual Cycle Ride The cycle ride in aid of the Suffolk Historic Churches Trust will be held on Saturday, 14th September and sponsor forms are available from our organiser, Jon Wray 01449 676 612 or from the church. Please note that you can be sponsored for riding, walking or for being a recorder in church.

Family Harvest Festival Service We warmly invite you to our All-Age Family Harvest Festival service of Praise and Thanksgiving on Sunday, September 22nd at 9.30am with a very special welcome to all parents and children and our friends from the URC. Gifts of fresh flowers to be distributed to the housebound will be most appreciated. 35

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Michael T E Bailey

Established 1990

Doctor of Chiropractic

Contact: S Mayhew, Gipping Road, Stowupland

Registered with the General Chiropractic Council

 (01449) 771102 (07802) 545737 (Mobile)

7 Stowupland Rd, Stowmarket. IP14 5AG

Personal Service at Competitive Rates!

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74 High The High 74 The StreetStreet Needham Market Needham Market Suffolk Suffolk IP6 8AW IP6 8AW

Holy Trinity church, Stowupland have been offering a different type of monthly service for nearly a year now, we call it ‘church with a difference’. Interested? Read on.... What's different about it? 1st@4 is specially designed for : - those that find it difficult to get to church every Sunday. - those that enjoy seasonal services and would like to come more regularly. - those that have not been to church much and would like to explore it further. Why are we doing it? Because we believe our church should serve the whole community, Ok, so what happens? We start at 4pm in the church and welcome people to their seats. Our service lasts for about 30 minutes. We sing songs, pray for others and explore bible stories together through video, puppetry and lots of FUN! There are no service books, no complicated rules for sitting down/standing up and children are encouraged to make a NOISE! After the service we have sandwiches and cake. It saves you going home to make the tea and allows people to chat and get to know each other. How much does it cost? It’s free ! Ok you have convinced me, how do I sign up? You don't need to sign up, just come along (the next one is on the 1st September). It’s called 1st@4 because it is on the 1st Sunday of every month at 4pm (that, and we could not think of a better name!)



Calling all mountaineers! Stowupland Mountain Rescue Edward Hele 07525 934 120


ue to overwhelming interest in the Stowupland Mountain Rescue, we have decided to launch the Three Peaks Challenge. The Three Peaks Challenge is an attempt to climb the highest three peaks in Stowupland in ‘one go’. These peaks are Bell Nevis on Bell’s Lane (66m, 215ft), Mount Pleasurest at Mount Pleasant Farm (59m, 195ft) and Gippimanjaro at Gipping Farm (59m, 195ft). Base camp is at The Retreat public house. The official route starts and finishes at Base Camp. Heading South West to the first peak – Mount Pleasurest. Descending the other side we then turn north towards Gippimanjaro. Again we descend the far side and turn East for a while before heading South and ascending the highest peak – Bell Nevis. The rear slope of Bell Nevis takes us further South before heading West returning us to Base Camp. The official route is 12km (7.5 miles) and takes approximately 2½ hours. For those of you wishing to attempt just one peak we would suggest Mount Pleasurest as a circular walk. From Base Camp heading South West to Mount Pleasurest and descending the far side we then turn north before heading East returning us to Base Camp. This route is 5km (3 miles) and take approximately 1 hour. If you are taking part please register at The Retreat from 11am onwards, signing in again when you return. Maps will be available with the route marked. A leader board will be published for those with a competitive nature. The Stowupland Mountain Rescue team will be on standby during the course of the day, some competing, others propping up the bar. The Stowupland Three Peaks Challenge Sunday the 6th October 2013 Base Camp - Mount Pleasurest – Gippimanjaro – Bell Nevis – Base Camp 41

Domestic Appliance Repairs

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Eco Sweep Date: .................. 07-01-09 ..........................................

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Please Note: The purpose of this proof is to represent the closest approximation of the final product. It is the responsibility of the client to thoroughly review for any discrepancies.


Unit 2, Lion Barn Ind Est, Needham Market IP6 8NZ 42

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Stowupland News - Mono

Full or part re-wires Consumer unit upgrades Internal/external sockets & lights Under floor heating systems Recessed lights Home cinema systems Multi room audio systems CCTV (including remote viewing on smart phones) Automated gates Full public liability insurance

For a free no obligation quotation, please contact us

Digital & Litho Print Tel: 01449 721599

Over 20 years industry experience

Email: Web:

Village Hall News Registered Charity No 304822

John Craine Tel: 01449 676 576 Chairman, Village Hall Management Committee.


he Village hall is established as a charitable organisation and is run on a day to day by a group of (voluntary) trustees. The hall facilities cater for a range of activities for village organisations and also those who wish to hire it outside the village. The hall is in use for a wide range of activities throughout the week but we always have spare capacity for groups and individuals to book for Weddings Parties, and private and club bookings. Located in the centre of the village, in Church Road we are able to provide ample parking, the hall is clean, spacious and well heated: and licensed for a wide range of activities with bar facilities for the sale of alcoholic drinks. There is a main function room, a smaller meeting room for meetings and classes and a kitchen area. Hire charges are reasonable and if you would like to know more about the facilities on offer and to book the hall please contact our booking Secretary Hugh Blanch, on 01449 612 156. The Village Hall is also the site of a range of recycling facilities-some of which raise funds for the Village Hall, so please make use of them. Bookings for the hall and bar facilities are up this year and the committee hope this trend will continue, it is always good to see functions at this central village facility.

A Summer Evening Concert

‘In Harmony’


n audience of Stowupland residents and Holy Trinity members were treated to an evening of fine music on Saturday 10th in the church. Music from Handel to Gershwin to Lloyd Webber was excellently performed by mostly young but very accomplished musicians who gave their time to help raise much needed funds for the upkeep and maintenance of our church. Their performance was so good that many people have already asked the question ‘when are they coming back?’ We wish to thank, Jacob, Emma, Esther, Jessica, Harry, Charlotte, Catherine and Barry for their very fine performance. Ann Doubtfire Church Warden – Holy Trinity Church 43

Don’t forget we open for season 9 on Good Friday



Have you found us yet? On the A1120 @ Earl Stonham (near the Shepherd and Dog pub) a fantastic perennial nursery with over 200 varieties of perennial plants. All quality plants grown by us, clearly labelled, beautifully displayed and very competitively priced. Everything is full steam ahead for another busy year. The plants are really starting to grow now with the longer daylight hours. Large choice of Campanulas, Delphiniums, Dianthus, Geraniums, Hostas, Iris, Lavenders, Lupins, Phlox, and many many more. New plants for this year include Peonies!! 4 varieties, pinks, yellows, reds and whites, all doubles. Very limited numbers so email or phone if interested.

J Arthur Bowers Multi-purpose compost still £3 a bag while stocks last. Like us on FACEBOOK for all our latest news. Mon to Sat: 9 til 5 Sun: 10 til 4

Closed Thursdays 01449 711320



Unisex Salon

Suzanne Hume • S C H O O L

Trial s Clas

For all Salon Services OF DANCE


Tiny Tots 2-3 years olds

(with accompanying adult)


3-5 year olds

Popular pre-school ballet classes combining both dance and music Encourages confidence and independence Develops movement, musicality, coordination, concentration and creativity

Contact Suzanne Hume www.bébé

18 Jubilee Crescent, Stowupland

01449 706161 •

Only the best products from GOLDWELL are used.

Phone GILLIAN for your appointment now on 01449 678162 or 07795 087670

Fun and enjoyable for girls and boys


Including perms, colouring, tints, highlights, cuts, blowdrys, etc.

Sports & Social Club Rick Langford, Chairman


fter a turbulent three months since our AGM, I would like to report some positive news regarding the running of the club. By the time you read this article Sky television will have been installed and members will also have the benefit of free Wi-Fi. The club will be open on a more regular basis, to take advantage of the live premier league football games on Sky. Our intended opening times are as follows: Mondays 7.30pm to 11.00pm Live football Tuesdays 8.00pm to 11.00pm Wednesdays Closed Meeting night Thursdays 7.30pm to 9.30pm Fridays 7.30pm to 11.00pm Saturdays 12.00noon to 7.30pm Live football Sundays 12.00noon to 5.30pm Live football

If there are any members who feel able volunteer to do the occasional shift at the bar I would love to hear from them, I can be contacted 07790 169 859. We hope members will come and support the club as they have done in the past. The committee have had to make some very difficult decisions over the past few months but we now believe that we have got the club back on an even keel, which will benefit all members in the long term. Please accept my apologies as chairman for the erratic opening times of the past few months.

* C O N TA C T D E TA I L S Book Group: Baby and Toddler Group: Bowls Club: Country & Western Dance: Dance Club: Local History Group: Short Mat Bowls: Sports & Social Club: W. I. Community Events Mobile Library:

Patricia 672 127 or Anne Hannah Taylor John Mollett Winston & Janet Adams May & Paul Durham Marion Harris Pam Fayers Rick Langford Judy Clarke Keith Welham

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Bowls Club John Mollett


he season is up and running and we have had mixed fortunes, but in the main we are doing well, and enjoying the games. The weather has been unkind with the evenings being very cold. It has been a very busy month for the club. The county semi-finals and finals were held at the green on 20th /21th July and the following weekend Malcolm Pryke’s President’s Day took place. Both events were a great success and many, many thanks are due to all who gave of their time so willingly. We received a letter from the county officials expressing their thanks and I know that Malcolm was overwhelmed with the way in which the day went. It does not seem possible that our season is drawing to an end. A few games remain in the leagues (surely finished by the time of publication) and soon our own finals day will be upon us. Malcolm’s year of office has seen him visit over 120 clubs and draws to an end with a President’s tour to Hampshire where a number of matches are played against local clubs. Malcolm has proved to be an outstanding president and he can look forward to a less energetic 2014. The social evening on 2nd August was a most enjoyable event. I understand that the darts was very popular, but not all the darts ended on the board! Darts did not match the standard of our bowling. George Jolly and his wife very generously sponsored the barbecue (and carried out the magic) for which the club is most grateful. The open triples was played in near perfect conditions with a team who won last year, winning again after a very close final. Once again, many thanks must go to all who helped to make the day so successful. Excellent green, outstanding food and great friendship. Already teams have entered for next year. Now some will be looking forward to the indoor season and I wish them good bowling for the winter.

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Cricket Club Bob Moore, Chairman


ello everyone. A busy month to report so only brief reports on some games. First XI away to Mellis: game lost; we scored 170 for 5 with Dave Colbourne scoring 54 and T Jackson scoring 30. However, as well as we bowled, Mellis reached 170 for 5 thus winning by five wickets. We then played Castle away. We managed to score 173 for 4 with Rob Wearing scoring 40, young brother Grant scoring 36 and Andy Parkin 30. Castle were then bowled out for 153 with Tom Abbott taking 4 for 36, Scott Gregory 2 for 39 and Luke Abbott 2 for 42. Next we were at home to high flying Wortham. They won the toss and put us in to bat and we went on to score 168 for 5. Not enough was the comment from ‘codgers corner’. After tea Wortham batted and raced away to 51 for no wickets. Old Codgers were unhappy, constantly trying to tell our young captain, Scott, how to place his field and who to bowl. Scott remained unmoved and stuck to his game plan. Tom Abbott came on to bowl and wickets started to fall, Tom getting 2 for 30. On came Paddy Stephens who also grabbed a couple of wickets; the scoring rate was dropping rapidly when Scott played his ace card and called veteran Jeff Lewis to bowl. Jeff bowled beautifly and took 3 wickets for 8 runs, Wortham all out for 143 giving us a wonderful victory. Well done to Skipper Scott and all the team.  The second X1 played Rougham at home and what a game that proved to be. Rougham scored 165 all out, leaving us to score 166 to win. Without going into all the details, we got to the last over wanting 10 to win with the last two at the crease, one of those being Ade Sturgeon. We ended up with two balls left wanting 5 to win, a single off the last but one ball with Sturge facing the last ball. No chance was the call from ‘codgers corner’, but we reckoned without Sturge who had a wild swing, connected, four runs, match won. “Easy”, said Sturge, “watched right onto the bat”. Well who can doubt it; well done to Sturge.  STOWUPLAND CRICKET CLUB TOUR TO HAILSHAM – AUGUST 2013.  On Saturday, 3rd August,  21 players and two Old Codgers, myself and Alan Clarke, set off on a tour to Hailsham where two games were to be played. We all met at the Stowupland Crown at 9.30am and boarded a coach for a trip to the Langham Hotel in Eastbourne, our home for the weekend. The journey was due to take about three hours but owing to traffic holdups and roadworks took a little over four. However myself and Alan kept everyone entertained on the way down with some quizzes. We eventually reached the hotel at about 3.15pm. It was a hot day and within 30 minutes of 48

arriving most of the young players were in the sea swimming. As for us elder members, a beer on the sun terrace was all we managed. Organiser Ollie Walters then arranged for everyone to meet in the bar at seven. Then it was onto an Indian Restaurant for a meal. Yours truly was worried about this, not being keen on spicy or hot food. No worries, Alan took me under his wing and whilst he enjoyed what I was told was a very hot vindaloo curry, he made sure what I had was not hot or spicy, but Indian – thanks Alan. Then for us elder members back to the hotel for a drink or two until bedtime. The young men? No idea! Sunday morning, breakfast at 8 30am and everyone turned up resplendant in their new tee-shirts, all with names on the back, then a little free time before heading to Hailsham for our first game – a normal 40 overs game. We batted first and scored 116, all out with Andy Parkin scoring 60 runs. We thought that this was not nearly enough, but with Sturge taking 4 wickets for 15 runs and Scott Gregory 2 for 10 we bowled Hailsham out for 115, winning by one run.   Then it was back to the Cricket Club social club where, together with our hosts, several beers were consumed before getting back to the hotel about 9.30pm.  Alan then decided he was hungry so off we went to a Chinese for more exotic food. Most of the others settled for fish and chips, then a few more beers at the hotel before bed.   Monday morning breakfast at 8.30am, then two hours before travelling to Hailsham for a 25 Overs match before travelling home. Before we travelled some of the younger players enjoyed another refreshing dip. As for Alan and I, a typical codgers tour on a open top bus. Then on to Hailsham for our last game. We batted first and scored  130 with Tom Abbott and Luke Edgar both scoring 21. The opposition were then bowled out for 73, with Sean Langford taking  4 for 15 and Dan Marsh 3 for 11. Then an hour with our hosts before the long journey home. The Hailsham Cricket Club were presented with two mementoes of our visit: a Stowupland Cricket Club pennant and a replica cricket bat. The hosts were wonderful company and treated us wonderfully well. I know they probably won’t read this but thanks for a wonderful weekend. Before signing off a huge thank-you to Ollie Walters and Dave Long for arranging the tour. It was, I think, a huge success, a credit to our cricket club. To everyone who attended: thanks for being such wonderful company. Codgers Alan and I were treated with great respect throughout the trip. Roll on next time. 

The pessimist may be right in the long run, but the optimist has a better time during the trip. 49

Falcons Football Club Neal Smith, Chairman Mob: 0772 559 1785.


ugust has arrived and the dawn of the new season is upon us. Our adult teams have already been in action in some pre-season friendlies and everything is looking good as the season begins in a couple of weeks. Our youth teams are now back in training and will be starting their campaigns in early September. Some of the teams are still looking for players and the Under 10 (mixed) and Under 15 (boys) still have a few spaces. We continue to look for a new Girls Football Development Officer to drive forward a programme to attract and retain more girls in football. This is not a coaching role, it is about generating interest and working with all our partners (schools, FA, local groups) to put together a structure for girls’ football and make Stowupland a leading Club in this area. It would suit any enthusiastic, organised person. You don’t need to manage a team or take coaching sessions, or know anything about football rules! Our Saturday Morning Club runs right through the summer so if any 4-11’s would like to have some free coaching then come along Saturday morning at 10.00 to 11.15. This is open to girls and boys of all levels of ability. We’re also looking for local businesses who may be interested in Club sponsorship. As a Club we are financially stable, but sponsors help us drive forward some of the projects to improve facilities, quality of coaching, and provide additional equipment for the club. If you know of anyone who would be interested in this please drop me a line at If you’re interested in playing for us please email

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