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Stowupland Village Hall on Friday, 2nd March at 7.00pm


quiz commences at 7.30pm £2.00 per person (Teams of up to 6 people) Please bring your own drink and nibbles To enter your team phone Cathy or Keith on 01449 673 185

Chairman’s Remarks Nic Perks, Stowupland Parish Council


he first major task of the New Year is always to fix Stowupland’s share of the Council Tax for the coming year. Last year we agreed it should be £32,500. This year we felt it important to ensure that we reduce projected expenditure as much as possible whilst maintaining the full range of services we provide such as cutting The Green, street lighting, maintaining our footpaths, trees and ditches, the cemetery and financial support for Telstar. We finally agreed on a figure of £33,500 for 2012/13, an increase of £1,000 or 3% over 2011/12. Any increase is unwelcome but this is well below the current rate of inflation and represents an average increase for each household of around £1.40 for the full year. We are always looking for ways to save money. The Parish Council recently took a decision to support the Suffolk County Council initiative to upgrade our streetlights to enable them to be switched off at night between the hours of midnight and 5.00am. This is expected to save us money in the future. We have asked for more details from the County Council and we want your views before any further decisions are taken. Another decision taken at recent Parish Council meetings will have the unintended consequence of freeing up funds to put into other projects around the village. A small group has been working on delivering a skate park for the village using equipment acquired from Stowmarket in 2010. Unfortunately progress has been slow for a number of reasons. We cannot continue to store the ramps in the current location and to move them would have involved considerable additional costs. The Parish Council recently received an offer from Debenham to purchase the equipment to refurbish their old skate park site. The Parish Council considered the offer and decided reluctantly to sell the equipment. We are now waiting to hear from Debenham to see whether our price is acceptable. We offer our sincere thanks to those who have worked hard on the project for our village over the last year or more and are sorry that it did not lead to a more positive outcome. On a lighter note, Stowupland Community Events Group organised a trip to The Regal last December to see the musical, Mack & Mabel. All those who went from our sheltered housing complexes seemed to have a great time. This trip followed the success of last year’s visit to the pantomime and was even better attended. It is wholly funded by contributions from community events held throughout the year including Music on The Green. If a similar event is run this year we will explore the possibility of opening it up more widely in the village. My thanks to all who made this year’s trip possible; 3

Stowupland Community Events Group, staff in the sheltered housing complexes and all those who provided transport to and from The Regal. If you feel that you could offer help in this way or give some time to helping us organise events in the village you will be made very welcome at meetings of the Community Events Group. These are usually held on the third Thursday of each month in the URC Chapel. Dates can be found as usual in Telstar under ‘Book the Date’. We need your help and support so come and join us. February is normally a quiet month for the Parish Council but I think the passing of the Localism Act last year will have put paid to any thoughts we may have had of taking it easy. The government has said “The Localism Act sets out a series of measures to achieve a lasting shift in power away from central government and towards local people”. I will believe that when I see it but as far as the Parish Council is concerned the Act does appear to increase our powers and give us greater recognition. All this will, however, come at a price for local councils, including ours. Different parts of the Act will come into force at different times. A whole raft of regulations is on the way, which will give effect to how our new community rights will work. Among these will be a right to express an interest in taking over local services – for example we are already discussing with Suffolk County Council taking over the upkeep of our footpaths as long as the necessary funding is provided; the right to buy community assets; the right to build developments the community wants and the right to develop a Neighbourhood Plan for the village/parish that, unlike Parish Plans, will be legally binding on Mid Suffolk District Council. We have already begun the job of responding to a number of consultations that are taking place. More will follow and we will try and keep you up to date with the practical impacts on the village. Last but not least we are still dealing with the issues arising from the proposed Stowmarket Area Action Plan. Mid Suffolk is consulting further, in particular on housing and employment issues in the Action Plan. These are expected to have a significant impact on our village and we will, again, keep you informed about these as they become clearer. If you need any further information on any of the matters referred to above, please do not hesitate to contact me or any other Councillor. Contact details are, as always, to be found inside the back cover of this and all editions of Telstar.

The things that come to those who wait, are the things left by those who got there first. 4

Allotment Life David Andrew


eeds for the new season have been received from both our suppliers and the excitement and anticipation increases at an alarming rate as we wait for the opportunity to sow the first seed of the year. It is important, however, not to get carried away and start too early – it should be remembered that most vegetable seeds will not geminate until the soil temperature is at least 7°C (45°F). One exception to this rule is the broad bean which is very hardy and can be sown directly into the ground in November or February/March. The enemies of the broad bean are few and mice can be easily dealt with by placing a trap at each end of the row. The big pest, however, is the blackfly which is way beyond the control of' several plagues of ladybirds. The fly starts at the top of the plants and seems to attack late sown beans more but, nevertheless, is easily prevented. Pinch out the green tips of every plant as soon as the first flowers start setting to pods lower down the stem and before the first blackfly appears. Not only should you avoid this horrible pest but you now have a delicious green vegetable to cook in a pan with a little butter for just a couple of minutes. The whitefly is another pest that has been the subject of some debate recently and the Two Brians were discussing this very topic (amongst others) quite recently, “How are your sprouts?” asked Stowmarket Brian. “Very well,” stated Stowupland Brian. “I haven’t got any whitefly this year.” “Mine are absolutely covered,” replied Stowmarket Brian rather discontentedly. “How have you managed it?” Stowupland Brian smiled knowingly. “sprayed them with a weak solution of washing up liquid quite early on”. Stowmarket was suitable impressed by this, ‘“I will have to try it next year – how does it work?” “Oh, it’s simple”, came the reply. “When the whitefly lands on the leaves that are still slippery from the washing up liquid, they 'slide off onto the ground, hit their heads and perish”. A few seconds elapsed before the response came which cannot be repeated here and Stowupland Brian returned to his plot with an ever increasing grin and satisfied in the knowledge that the score was one – nil to the village. The seed potatoes should be with us in early February from our supplier in Scotland and there are still limited quantities of Foremost, Pentland Javelin, Kestrel and Pentland Dell available at £2.50 per 2.5kg. Please contact me (Tel: 01449 676 866) for further details – anyone in the village is welcome to purchase if they wish. 5


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Countryside Rambler Brian Ward


e are only just into January and there are snowdrops and crocus in bloom in the garden. The daytime temperatures have been up to 10˚C; it is the mildest winter I can remember. No doubt it will soon change and true winter will come with a vengeance. Whilst driving at night I am amazed at the moth activity for this time of year; no doubt this will help our bat population as they take to the wing during the milder evenings. This abundance of food will keep their fat reserves up and will hopefully sustain them through the colder months of winter. I have visited several nature reserves during the festive season break, mainly managed by Suffolk Wildlife Trust. Bradfield Woods at Bradfield St. George is worth a visit at any time of year; the circular walk is easy going underfoot even at this time of year. This ancient remnant of woodland has been coppiced since 1252 and extends to 16 acres. A green oak eco-centre has recently opened and is well worth a visit. Whilst sitting in the public hide overlooking the old fish pond a cock bullfinch flew into a bramble patch and continued to feed only a few feet away: a warming sight in the winter sunshine. Newbourne Springs is a little gem of a reserve with such diverse habitat in only a few acres of land from lush boggy valley to dry heathland such a magical place even on a winter’s day. I cannot wait to return once the summer influx of warblers arrives as it has the ideal habitat for many species. This reserve has the advantage of boardwalks, so even on wet days normal walking shoes are quite adequate. Lackford Lakes is another nearby location for nature loving enthusiasts, especially for wildfowl of which, on my visit recently, most of the duck were present and teal in particular were in considerable numbers. Most of the diving ducks were evident, including several goldeneye. Whilst walking in Redgrave area I was fortunate to have a red kite fly overhead; a magnificent bird of prey. Also, a few days later in the same area I flushed a short-eared owl from a vast expanse of rough grassland. This is a ground dwelling owl and hunts for voles during the day as well as dusk. An hour or so later I witnessed a barn owl hunting as the daylight began to fade; also a number of woodcock were present in the damp woods. This is a bird of supreme camouflage as it crouches amongst the leaf litter and is mainly spotted when it takes flight.


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Life, the Universe & Stowupland Marion & Lawrence Harris


t was bright and breezy for the winter walk on the 2nd January, though the most-trodden parts of footpaths were rather squelchy and slithery. Our garden has been full of confused plants since the autumn (“Is it time to get up? I haven’t gone to sleep!”). Though they may yet get a nasty shock, we could be heading for an early mud-and-daffodils spring. This is Mud! by Polly Chase Boyden: Mud is very nice to feel / All squishy-squash between the toes! I’d rather wade in wiggly mud than smell a yellow rose. No one else but the rose bush knows / How nice mud feels between the toes! Of course, if you are the one that cleans up after small children (or gardeners, or footballers …) or if you have to bath a hairy dog, you may feel differently! The storms of January forced us to rope the observatory firmly down to the ground, preventing me from making use of the clear skies! Jupiter has been with us for some months and approaches the western skies during February where planet Venus shines brightly. Red planet Mars rises in the east around 7.00pm in front of the stars of Leo, remaining visible all night. The Great Andromeda galaxy (pictured) is ultraimpressive when you realise that it is between 2½ and 3 million light-years from earth, depending on which catalogue you look at! Although it is just bright enough to be seen with the naked eye, binoculars provide a better view, assuming that you don’t have a telescope handy! The actual galaxy comprises untold millions of individual stars – see my picture. Find it by slowly scanning with binoculars, starting from the upper left bright star in the Great Square of Pegasus, and moving upwards and eastwards, hopefully spotting the comet-like centre of the galaxy. A star chart is very useful. The wonderful constellation of Orion is on display from around midevening in the south-eastern sky. Using binoculars you cannot mistake the bright Orion nebula. Identify the red star Betelgeuse at Orion’s upper left, and the bright bluish star Rigel at bottom right. Between these two, the ‘belt’ of Orion can be seen as three bright stars and the ‘sword’ as the group of bright stars below the belt. Binoculars reveal the middle star of the sword to be surrounded by bright nebulous gas. We are seeing this nebula as it was around the year 700AD! 9

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Parish Council Report D ecember & J anuary M eetings Sandy Smith


draft budget proposed by the Finance and Policy Committee was accepted by the full Council. This will require the precept to rise by around 3% compared to last year to a total of £33,500 for the 2012/2013 financial year – an increase of around £1.40 per household for the year. The Council approved a grant of £1900 to support Telstar over the coming year. They also made sufficient money available to the Community Events committee to allow them to organise the Music on The Green event in June. Debenham Parish Council have offered to purchase the second hand skate park equipment that Stowupland bought from Stowmarket Town Council when they refurbished their skate park some time ago. Since then the Parish Council has been trying to get support for the project with little success. During this period, the equipment has been stored rent free. This arrangement has come to an end and so it was agreed that it would be in the Parish Council’s best interest to sell the equipment to Debenham as they can make good use of it. Councillors expressed their thanks to the team of volunteers who had helped to clear the area of The Green and ditch near Corner Farm and the pond near The Retreat, and to the volunteers who have mown and kept tidy the PlayPark throughout last year. The Chairman reported that he had completed a draft response to the Mid Suffolk Core Strategy Questionnaire and, before submitting it, went through it to gain Councillors’ agreement. It was agreed that the proposed increase in housing was not in line with the opportunities for local employment as MSDC had so far failed to attract businesses to the area. If the housing proposals go ahead without the necessary employment opportunities, Stowmarket and surrounding areas will become a dormitory area as residents seek employment in towns such as Ipswich, Colchester and London. It was also felt that it was necessary for the Council to attract ‘high skill’ jobs to the area such as at the proposed Mill Lane Business Development (between the TESCO roundabout and Creeting St Peter). Mid Suffolk also need to be made aware of the impact of additional traffic through the village which would result from the Ashes Farm development and the Mill Lane proposals. The chairman has also responded on behalf of the Parish Council to the consultation on neighbourhood planning and went on to say that this Government’s initiative to give new powers to local (Parish & Town) councils will involve a lot of work by councillors and support will be required from the District Council as well as clarification on where the finance to support 11

decisions will come from. One Councillor had attended the open day for the proposed development of the Renewable Energy Plant on the old airfield at Mendlesham. There are expected to be an additional 100 vehicle movements per day and, as much of the straw is expected to be sourced from the West Suffolk/Cambridgeshire area, there will be an increase in traffic on A1120 through Stowupland unless the lorries are prevented from using this route. Representation will be made to the planning authority to suggest that a routing agreement be put in place as part of the planning permission to ensure that these lorries use the A14/A140 only. The company representative also advised that the cables between Mendlesham and Stowmarket would be laid underground. However, this is something that also needs to be clarified with the Planning Department. These concerns will also be copied into other Parish Councils along the A1120 to ensure a concerted approach. A resident reported that her car had been damaged by an unknown vehicle whose driver had been using the opening from The Green into Columbyne Close as an access into the Close. She wished to know if there was anything the Parish Council could do to ensure that adequate signage is in place to clarify the situation and also if the ownership of the land in question could be established. It was felt appropriate that a site meeting between Councillors and residents should be arranged. There was also concern voiced by both residents and members of the Parish Council that the volume and speed of traffic, often delivery vans, using the track to the rear of The Green has increased considerably over time. Other matters raised by residents attending the meeting included the difficulty that children from the village have in attending after-school activities held at Bacton Middle School. Also, the condition of the edges of The Green in Thorney Green which have been eroded by vehicles, and the danger this poses to pedestrians particularly in the dark; and the need for clearer signage at the entrance to the track across The Green leading to Green Farm to clarify that this is still deemed as part of The Green and therefore falls under the same bylaws. It needs to be made clear to those members of the public attending football matches etc. on The Green that they should not be parking there or obstructing access. An allotment holder has requested that the Parish Council consider what can be done to limit the growth of the hedgerow bordering the allotments along the Stowmarket Road. It was felt that a site visit would be in order to establish the exact state of the hedgerow and to explore responsibility for the upkeep. The Footpaths Committee reported that the finger post on The Green indicating the start of the new footpath by The Retreat has been vandalised and should not be replaced to its original position but would be better relocated closer to the start of the footpath by the pond. Councillors reported various problems with individual street lights and the bollards by the Post Office which will be reported to the relevant authorities or chased up if already reported. It was also queried who had removed a large 12

triangle of turf from the end of Trinity Walk and the reason for it. One of the ‘coronation’ chestnut trees was also reported to be looking ‘unwell’ with deep grooves in its bark. There was also a reminder of the next village litter pick on the 31st March when all help will be gratefully received; and a thank-you expressed to Mr and Mrs Harris for completing the bus survey. The Council is keen for the 30mph limit to extended from its present end point close to Columbyne Close to further up Gipping Road in order to cut the speed of vehicles passing the cottages which have their garages and land on the opposite side of the road, necessitating many pedestrian trips across this road in the course of a day. This proposal would also slow the traffic down before the school bus pick up point which is currently at the point close to where the 30mph sign is sited. It was also pointed out that there has been a significant increase in traffic using this road and it was felt that the proposal could well be supported by many in the village as a whole. County Highways would take a lot of persuasion as there is no history of serious injuries or fatalities on this stretch of road. The legal orders to get the speed limit extended would be costly; however the suggestion that it should be supported on environmental grounds needs to be explored. The Police reported that crime throughout the Mid Suffolk area has increased over the last month and, unfortunately, Stowupland has also followed the same trend with an incident of theft of lead from the Village Hall along with damage to its gates and those of the bowls club. A cat had been shot with a pellet gun and there have been two instances of windows being smashed at the High School. Vehicle damage was also reported and an incident of number plates being stolen from a car. Two cars sustained damage to their windows as a result of stones being thrown in Church Road. A number of garages in Reeds Way had either been broken into or attempts to do so had been made. The Police have also carried out a number of speed checks resulting in seven tickets being issued and three warnings. In order to prioritise a police presence in the village, it is important that residents attend the regular SNT meetings where they will be able to voice their concerns about the crime levels in Stowupland. The Neighbourhood Watch Co-Ordinator is trying to promote an initiative known as Street Watch where members of the community assist the police by regularly patrolling the village and reporting any suspicious activity, but not getting involved in any confrontations themselves. County Councillor Green advised that Suffolk’s new Chief Executive has settled into her role and that the consultation into the running of Care Homes in the county has finished. There are currently three and an announcement will be made on 17th April as to which of the bidders will become the preferred provider. He confirmed the report that two eight year olds have admitted to being responsible for throwing stones onto the A14 in the Felixstowe area and the Police are continuing to monitor the situation in Mid Suffolk. District Councillor Caroline Byles reported that the senior management 13

team for Babergh and Mid Suffolk is now in place and that the officers had been introduced to council members. Due to this integration and the nonfilling of posts when council employees leave, MSDC have been able to keep their finances within budget despite the cut in Central Government funding. Caroline reported that there may be some financial assistance available to those who find themselves to be in fuel poverty, that is to say that at least 10% of their household budget being spent on energy within the home. She also advised that a dance fitness studio has just opened at Mid Suffolk Leisure Centre. In answer to a question from a member of the public, she advised that recycled material collected by MSDC is being sent to China as part of re-utilising the empty shipping containers on their way back from local docks. A face to face meeting is to be arranged with a resident who has a concern about light deprivation caused by trees outside his property and a resident who is concerned about volume and speed of traffic in Church Road will be invited to the next meeting of the Transport, Traffic and Safety Committee so that he can be made aware of what is being done to improve the situation. A cyclist has voiced concerns about the way traffic pulls out of Thorney Green onto Thorney Green Road without due care into the path of cyclists and would like to see additional signs to warn motorists of the situation. This is a matter for County Highways and his letter will be forwarded to them to respond. There is also a problem with graffiti in some of the bus shelters and this will be attended to.


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Parish Council

Bits and Pieces

Rachel Godbold, Parish Clerk

Planning Applications Application No.: 2431/11   Walnut Tree Farm, Gipping Road Location: Installation of 3 wind turbines  Details: Parish Council decision: Support.

Changes to Street Lights You may be aware through the local media of the proposals to introduce part night lighting and dimming to Suffolk County Council’s street lights. Part night lighting is when a street light can be switched off for part of the night, generally between midnight and 5.30am, similar to policies adopted by other local authorities across the country. This will reduce CO2 emissions and will also save energy and consequently money. Evidence from other authorities in which these measures have been introduced, indicates levels of crime and numbers of traffic accidents has not increased; in fact a reduction has occurred.  Some lights (depending on whether they fit the county council’s ‘exemption criteria’) may not be affected. Most of the street lights in Stowupland are owned by the Parish Council who have agreed in principle to opt in to the scheme.  There are initial costs involved in adding equipment to the current street lights but a reduction in energy costs over the next few years would offset these costs. If you have any strong views on this, please write/email the clerk before 9th February 2012.

Reporting Problems Faulty street lights, broken signs, potholes, street care and many other problems can be reported to the Parish Clerk or directly to Customer Service Direct which covers Mid Suffolk District Council and Suffolk County Council. You can report online at or by phone 08456 066 067.  

TELSTAR is also available as a link on the Parish Council website: w w w. o n e s u f f o l k . c o . u k / S t o w u p l a n d P C / 15

Local History Group Marion Harris




e had a wonderful evening of archive films at the end of November. The oldest showed the dedication of the Stowmarket Memorial Gates in 1921. Some other films included were of the 1939 floods in Stowmarket, the great harvest of 1942, the 1948 Stowmarket Carnival, Christmas at Stow Lodge Hospital and the last run of the Mid-Suffolk Light Railway. Geoff Clarke, who showed the films, provided illuminating and amusing introductions. Some familiar were spotted in The Crown with Allan Smethurst (The Singing Postman) and we also his visit to Girling’s Bakery in Stowmarket. Many thanks go to all who attended and to those who worked to make the evening such a success.

Archives Documents, diaries, newspapers, parish magazines, photographs and even some objects can all help to tell the history of our village, its people and their work. If you have anything of the sort that you no longer wish to keep, please consider donating it to our archives. It would be indexed, kept in carefully monitored conditions and treated with great respect by members of the group. Alternatively, items could be copied and returned to you. For further details, please contact Cheryl or Kelvin: 01449 775 863.

Talking-Point Many of us live in the area bordered by the B1115, Thorney Green Road and The Green. In the early 1930s this was almost all fields, some part of Oak Farm but most part of Elm Farm. The latter had been farmed, through increasingly difficult times, by Howard Diaper, who sold it to Thomas Carter in 1931. William George Hopgood (hardware merchant, Stowupland Street) bought Broom’s Field and Path Field in 1935. (With apologies, the question should have asked for two names, not three). Building was completed in 1939 but Broomspath Road and Felix Road did not extend to their present lengths until the much greater development of the early 1960s. 16

For our next Talking Point, there are now two pubs in the parish of Stowupland, but how many were there in 1900? (Clue: parish boundaries may have changed.)

Programme February 7th ‘Eccentric Anglican Clergymen’ by Roy Tricker. March 6th ‘The Stowmarket Gun Cotton Explosion’ by Sue and Steve Williams. Both meetings will be at 7.30pm at the Church Hall and each will cost £3.00 We look forward to seeing you. Details about membership will be in next month’s Telsar.

Coffee Morning on 24th February, 2012 from10.00am – 12.00noon at the United Reformed Chapel Church Road, Stowupland.

Raffle, tombola, crafts, cakes and draw.


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Report Judy Clarke


ovember was our Annual Meeting, when we heard a rundown on 2011. It was a busy year – good speakers at the monthly meetings, several outings, a monthly walk  and the W.I. garden received a major prune. Community events were supported and the weekly trolley service to Steeple View continued. Finances are healthy. Four members from the previous committee did not wish to stand for re-election but, happily, three members, Irene, Lesley and Mandy, were willing to put their names forward and were duly elected, along with the remaining four members from the previous committee. Gillian is now our president. With the formalities over, we settled to playing bingo – no high stakes here, just chocolate for the lucky winners. At the December meeting, members came into a seasonally decorated Village Hall and were greeted with music and warm spiced cordial drink. Gillian introduced our entertainer, Brian, and his wife, Joy, and we then had a half hour of 70s and 80s music and song, which encouraged some members to join in and get up and dance. Refreshments followed, during which we had a Christmas music quiz to solve. Brian then gave us more entertainment, with seasonal offerings, ending with the un-seasonal, but very funny ‘Farmer on a Bike’ and ‘Molly Windley’. Having been asked to judge the members' Christmas colour outfits or fancy dress, Brian declared Pam S. the winner. Pam had come as a Christmas decoration, complete with flashing lights. A very enjoyable evening closed with the raffle, the answers to the quiz and the flower of the month being voted a Kaffir lily, brought in by Brenda. We now look forward to 2012 and another full year.

Community Woods Annual General Meeting The 2011 AGM for Stowupland Community Woods will take place on Monday, 6th February at 6.30pm at Freeman Community Primary School, Church Road, Stowupland. Please come along to find out the latest on Community Woods in Stowupland.  If you are interested in getting involved there are plenty of opportunities to help out on the committee or with practical work. Andrew Edwards 19

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Parent, Baby & Toddler Group


appy New Year! January has been a busy month for everyone at the toddler group. Margaret, our super granny, has been doing keep fit with the children so lots of star jumps and running around. I am not sure who was more tired! We have also made some lovely craft which both parents and children enjoyed. We are still looking for volunteers to help with the set-up and running of the Toddler Group. This will be done on a rotational basis. If you are interested please call Lia on 07769 296 406. Our Christmas party was a great success with Auntie Rita entertaining the children with magic tricks, sing-songs and lots of balloon art. We also had a very special visit from Father Christmas himself who brought some lovely gifts for the children.

Other News … Nearly New Sale – Saturday, 25th February 2012 – 11.00am to 2.00pm at Stowupland Village Hall. We are holding a nearly new sale in February. If you have some unwanted gifts or pre-loved items you wish to sell we can do so on your behalf. 25% of the proceeds will go to Stowupland Preschool. If you would like more information or a seller number, please contact Sam on 07584 036421.

Easter Fair – Friday, 23rd March 1.00pm – 3.00pm at Stowupland Village Hall Our Easter Fair tickets will be on sale after half term. We will be having lots of stalls as well as an Easter egg hunt and plenty of games and craft activities for the children. If you would like tickets or more information, please call Tammy on 07966 238 122.

Stowupland Parent, Baby and Toddler Group meet on a Wednesday morning 9.30am – 11.30am at Stowupland Village Hall. We have a good variety of toys for the children from ride-ons to jigsaws and Playdoh as well as craft time. There is toast and fruit for a snack and a hot drink for the parent or carer all for the price of £2.00 per family. We are a friendly bunch of ladies and always welcome new faces, so why not come along and join us or call Lia on 07769 296 406 for more details. 21

The Vicar’s Letter Revd. David Swales

Dear Friends This month sees Ash Wednesday, and the start of Lent. The purpose of Lent is to encourage us to spend a little more time in stillness: looking honestly at ourselves – seeing our need to change and to be forgiven; and looking also at God – the only one who can change us and forgive us. Some of the things we do with others can help us in this (our services, and our Lent Course – see page 23). But time spent alone with God is also vital for each of us – even if it’s only a few minutes in the day. It’s great to be part of an active and busy community – as the pages of this magazine testify – with so much going on, and so many opportunities for us to play our own part. But may God preserve us from ever getting caught up in activity for its own sake. Maybe this Lent can be a time for you to get the right perspective – God’s perspective – on your life, and on all that you do. Your friend and vicar,

David A Candlemas Prayer Almighty and ever-living God, whose beloved Son was this day presented in the Temple, and in so doing, fulfilled the life-long hope of Simeon and Anna, grant that we may be presented to you with pure and clean hearts, and go forth to serve you faithfully, to the glory of your name, through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Facebook Our benefice now has a Facebook page. The web address has recently been simplified to: If you are a Facebook user, please visit us and 'like' our page for news and information about our churches.



Holy Trinity Church Revd David Swales

Tel: 01449 675 503


Revd Paul Clarke

Tel: 01449 672 140


Prof. Lawrence Smith

Tel: 01449 615 458

Mrs Ann Doubtfire

Tel. 01449 770 363


Church Email:

Lent Groups 2012 Handing on the Torch – sacred words for a secular world Christianity is the largest movement our world has ever seen. It continues to grow at an immense pace – especially in Asia (including China), Africa and Latin America. At the same time, Christianity in the West struggles to grow and – perhaps – even to survive. In this course we consider some of the reasons for this and what it might mean for individual Christians, for churches and for Western culture, in a world where alternative beliefs are increasingly on offer. The groups will meet on Wednesdays at 7.30pm and Thursdays at 10.30am. You are welcome at either – or even to swap between Wednesdays and Thursdays. No need to book! At the time of writing the venues are still to be arranged*, but the dates and themes will be as follows: Wed 22nd February Ash Wednesday Service (7.30pm Wetherden Church) 29th Feb /1st March Session 1 – A Christian Country? 7th / 8th March Session 2 – A Secular Society? 14th / 15th March Session 3 – A Beleaguered Church? 21st / 22nd March Session 4 – Competing Creeds? 28th / 29th March Session 5 – Handing on the Torch There is no need to bring anything to the sessions – just yourself! However, a Bible and notebook can be brought if you wish. At each session, we will first listen to some contributions on CD by some prominent Christians, before discussing the questions ourselves. At the end, if you have time to stay on, we will relax over tea or coffee together. * A leaflet will be available with all details – or phone David or Paul. 23

Holy Trinity Services i n Fe b r u a r y 2 0 1 2 February


9.30am Parish Communion

February 12th

9.30am Morning Worship 6.30pm Evensong (B.C.P.)

February 19th

8.00am Holy Communion (B.C.P.) 9.30am Morning Prayer (B.C.P.)

February 20th (Mon)

10.30am Songs of Praise at Steeple View All welcome!

February 22nd (Wed)

7.30pm Ash Wednesday Benefice Communion at Wetherden

February 26th

9.30am All-Age Family Service 6.30pm Parish Communion

February 28th (Tues)

10.00am Mid-Week Communion

(B.C.P. – Book of Common Prayer)

Grateful Thanks The Carols & Mincepies evening raised £114.12 for Age UK Suffolk.

The Children’s Society

I would like to thank everyone who attended our very enjoyable Christingle Service on Sunday, 11th December. Your generous donations amounted to £130.89. The Freeman Community School held their Christingle Service on the last day of term when a further £24.51 was collected on behalf of the Children’s Society – Thank-you! House Boxes are now being counted, if you haven’t already done so, please let me have then as soon as possible, Thank-you! Janet Burton – Parish Coordinator.

Ha ve y o u g ot s om e t im e on you r h an ds ! If you are a practical person with some DIY skills we would really appreciate your help occasionally with jobs that are necessary for the upkeep and maintenance of the church here in Stowupland. You do not have to be a church member to be able to do this! If you think you are able to give a bit of your spare time to the upkeep of the church from time to time, please contact Gerry Doubtfire on 01449 770 363. 24

Ho ly Tr in ity Ch u r c h

NOTICEBOARD All-Age Service Weekly Open Church Holy Trinity Church has an Open Church Session from 2.00pm to 4.00pm each Wednesday. Come on in and enjoy your Parish Church to wait for children coming out of school, for a quiet prayer, for a free cup of tea/coffee and a chat, or to enquire about church activities etc.

100 Club Congratulations to the winners in the December draw: 1st

66 Mr K Sapsed


72 Rev N Baird


20 Mr D Pring

Also, congratulations to the winners in the January draw: 1st 2nd 3rd

41 Mrs M Carter 38 Mr H J Spencer 105 Mrs M Rose

Please come to our bright and friendly ALL-AGE SERVICE in church on Sunday, 26th February at 9.30am. Do stay and have FairTrade refreshments with us in the hall afterwards!

Parish Registers Baptisms We welcome into the family of Christ’s Church: 27th November Evie Leia Wheatfill 8th January Ayan-Dean Finch


Our love, sympathy and prayers to the families of those who have recently died: 8th December Jean Runeckles 30th December Janet Corbyn

Beetle Drives Come along and enjoy some fun in a friendly atmosphere at the Beetle Drives which will be held on Tuesdays, 7th and 28th February at 2.30pm in the Church Hall. All are very welcome to join us!

Church Hall Hire Our well-appointed Church Hall is available for your party, meeting or function. For bookings or for further information, please contact John & Ann Parsell on tel. 01449 672 592. 25


01449 674 571 New Menu now available From Burgers to Fillets and Scampi to Sea Bass ✦ Full Curry menu ✦ Vegetarian menu ✦ Bar Snack menu Smaller portions for children and pensioners available ✦ Sunday Roast £5.95 ✦ Good Dessert menu Parties catered for ✦ Large beer garden at rear For bookings, ring John or Jean on 014479 674571 26





Book the Date February Wed

1 Baby & Toddler Group


Village Hall


1 Stowupland Book Club



1 Open Church


Holy Trinity Church


2 P.C. Transport, Traffic & Safety W.G. 7.30pm

Church Hall


2 Short Mat Bowls


Village Hall


4 Bingo


Sports & Social Club


5 Country & Western


Village Hall


6 Community Woods AGM


Freeman C P School


6 Dance Club


Village Hall


7 Coffee Morning


Jubilee Court


7 Beetle Drive


Church Hall


7 Local History Group (see page 16)


Church Hall


8 Baby & Toddler Group


Village Hall


8 Open Church


Holy Trinity Church


9 Parish Council

7.30pm Meeting Room, V Hall


9 Short Mat Bowls


Village Hall


10 Community Bingo


Village Hall


12 Country & Western Dance


Village Hall

Mon 13 TELSTAR DEADLINE DATE – March Issue Mon 13 Dance Club


Village Hall


Jubilee Court

Tues 14 Over 60 Club


Village Hall

Tues 14 Mobile Library


Jubilee Court

Tues 14 Mobile Library


The Green

Wed 15 Open Church


Holy Trinity Church

Wed 15 W.I. – The Pain Relief Clinic


Village Hall

Thur 16 P.C.Community Events W.G.


URC Chapel

Thur 16 Short Mat Bowls


Village Hall



Village Hall


Village Hall


Jubilee Court

Wed 22 Baby & Toddler Group


Village Hall

Wed 22 Open Church


Holy Trinity Church

Tues 14 Coffee Morning

19 Country & Western Dance

Mon 20 Dance Club Tues 21 Coffee Morning


Thur 23 P.C. Finance & Policy Meeting


URC Chapel

Thur 23 Short Mat Bowls


Village Hall


URC Chapel


Village Hall


Village Hall

Fri Fri

24 Coffee Morning for Headway (see page 17) 24 Bingo for Air Ambulance


26 Country & Western Dance

Mon 27 Dance Club


Village Hall


Jubilee Court

Tues 28 Beetle Drive


Church Hall

Tues 28 Mobile Library


Jubilee Court

Tues 28 Mobile Library


Jubilee Court

Wed 29 Baby & Toddler Group


Village Hall

Wed 29 Open Church


Holy Trinity Church

Tues 28 Coffee Morning

If you wish to attend one of the events listed, and would like help with transport, please contact Good Neighbours on 07818 607 005

Book the Date March Thur

1 Short Mat Bowls


Village Hall


2 Community Quiz


Village Hall


3 P.C. Cemetery & Churchyard W.G. 10.00am



4 Country & Western Dance


Village Hall


5 Afternoon Fellowship


URC Chapel


5 Dance Club


Village Hall


6 Coffee Morning


Jubilee Court


6 Beetle Drive


Church Hall


6 Local History Group (see page 17)


Church Hall


7 Baby & Toddler Group


Village Hall


7 Open Church


Holy Trinity Church


7 Stowupland Book Club


Diary Dates

Contact Marion by email: or Tel: 01449 770 895 29

Future Events in 2012 March


Barn Dance



Litter Pick



Community Bingo



Music on The Green 2012



Open Gardens Day

* C O N TA C T D E TA I L S Book Group: Patricia 672 127 or Anne 01449 672 592 Baby and Toddler Group: Tracey Stook 07951 538 516 Bowls Club: John Mollett 01449 775 369 Country & Western Dance: Winston & Janet Adams 01206 501 866 Dance Club: May & Paul Durham 01449 672 601 Local History Group: Marion Harris 01449 770 895 Short Mat Bowls: Pam Fayers 01449 770 080 Sports & Social Club: Rick Langford 01449 770 402 W. I. Judy Clarke 01449 615 386 Community Events Keith Welham 01449 673 185 Mobile Library: 07721 879 855

What has happened about the Skate Park?


any of you may be wondering what has happened about the planned Skate Park for Stowupland. You may remember the Parish Council had purchased the old skate ramps from Stowmarket Town Council and had identified a potential suitable site. Plans for the Skate Park had been drawn up but we still needed to finalise the choice of site and raise about £25,000 to pay for the preparation of the site and the installation of the ramps. Unfortunately the economic downturn has made raising this money very difficult and despite various attempts no further funds have been raised.  Whilst a small group of us were continuing to fundraise and plan the Parish Council decided to abandon the project and has sold the skate ramps to Debenham Parish Council. No doubt many of you will be disappointed with this news but I am afraid that without the support of the Parish Council the project cannot proceed so those of us working on the project have no option but to abandon it. Andrew Edwards 30

Remember When John Paddy

Working on the farms in Stowupland (As I remember them)


ollowing on from my recent (As I remember) articles I thought I might share with you the wonderful times I had working on the farms in Stowupland during school holidays, after school and at weekends (no wonder I failed my 11+). It is difficult to remember how old I was when I first got involved but Mum says about ten so that’s good enough for me. Most of my recollections will be of time spent with the Carter family at Green Farm but before that I remember imposing myself on to Bob Allard at Walnut Tree Farm. Bob came across to me as a very serious man and also very strict, but everyone liked him. His daughter Mary is one of our long serving Parish Councillors (Mary Bloom). I clearly remember Mary sitting on her stool milking the cows before they were herded down the road to our village green by Geoff Southgate (Wobbly to us locals) on his three wheeler tricycle. I got the job of mucking out the netis (milking parlour) when milking was over. I think I learned a few curse words from Mary when the cows kicked the milk bucket during milking. Pigs were also kept on the farm and I mixed the pigs swill before feeding them: a real mucky job. When the Suffolk Punch horses came home from a hard day’s work in the fields they would be unharnessed by one of the workmen: Cyril Bloom (later to marry Mary), Harry Nunn or Skipper Melhuish. The horses would then instinctively walk to the farm pond for a well deserved drink; nobody got in their way – a lovely sight I will never forget. The pond, no longer there, was just inside the entrance gate of the farm. Another job I used to do was making the chaff for feed using a machine which had a large circular cutting blade and when hay was put into the hopper the handle was turned to produce the chaff. There was no Health and Safety legislation in those days. Mrs Allard was in charge of the dairy – selling butter which she had made herself, milk from the churn and eggs to the locals. Like her husband Bob, a lovely person. All this must have whetted my appetite for helping on a farm because I soon tagged on to the workforce at Green Farm, but that’s another story for next time! Here is a question for the non-farming community of the village. How do you get a very young calf to start suckling from its mother if it doesn’t know how to? Just one skill I was taught at Green Farm by the late David (Dod) Levett. I will tell you more next time. 31

Youth View x 2

Let’s get on with the show!


ver since the first pantomime at Earl Stonham Village Hall in 2006, my interest in acting has grown. Actually, I think I blame the original cast for moulding me into the dramatic teenager I am today! I loved the performance of Cinderella – so caught up in the new exciting panto format and the traditional fairytale with comic twists that I was blind to pauses and slip-ups. Over the next years, my Christmas holidays were always kickstarted with the Stonham pantomimes; I remember Red Riding Hood, Puss in Boots, Aladdin … Last August I decided to pursue my acting inspiration, and I joined Stonham Theatre Guild. ‘Captain Hook’s Revenge’ (a worthy spin-off of the long-established Peter Pan tale) was my ticket to the stage, and after the audition process I was cast as Michael Darling! The onstage jokes surrounding my character’s surname were frequent, as I’m sure you can imagine… Me: Oh, forgetting my manners! I’m Michael Darling. Redskin Squaw: You’re very forward aren’t you! We’ve only just been introduced! And many more of a similar nature. However, the whole experience was a blast and I got stuck in again this year with no hesitation! We performed Jack and the Beanstalk with the protagonist played by yours truly! I was thrilled with the role and grateful for a lead in only my second year in the Guild. Both nights flew by – though not without hilarious errors, missed cues and small sections being inadvertently cut! Thank goodness for our prompt. Roll on next year, and I hope to see many of you readers in the queue for tickets. All together now: “Oh Yes We Will!” Sally Halls, Age 14


t all started at Colchester Castle, when my friend, Amelie, and I decided that we wanted to be in a pantomime at Christmas time. After we had visited Colchester Castle, we went to a play area and we practiced what we were going to do at the audition for the Earl Stonham Theatre Guild pantomime: dancing and singing. The audition was the next day, Sunday, at Earl Stonham parish rooms between 2.00pm and 4.00pm. We realised we were going to be given a script, Jack and the Beanstalk, and we had to learn lines from it. Up on stage we walked not too sure what was expected from us and we didn’t know anyone. I was given the lines for villager 8 and Amelie villager 9. We watched other people and then it was our turn. I felt quite nervous at first then felt more 32

confident and started to relax and enjoy the experience. Amelie was quite quiet until she saw I was having a good time and started to join in too. The next day we got an email to say we were in the panto as villager 8 and 9 and could we come to rehearsals on Mondays and Fridays. A few weeks of rehearsals passed and we were learning our lines and trying to remember where to say them, we were offered larger parts. I got the lines of villager 2 and a guard and Amelie got the lines as villager 8 and 9 and a slave. The following week we had a dress rehearsal on a Sunday for a whole day: we were very tired afterwards. Finally, after a lot of rehearsals, the day arrived. I did it, our first performance. I was really nervous but very excited and I will be auditioning again in 2012. Isabel

Telstar Note to Young People

We are really pleased that we have had these articles from young people who are involved in the arts, and we would love to hear from other young people in the village. Perhaps you also are involved in a drama or music group or any other group. Maybe you are planning to take part in a sponsored event for a charity which you would like to share with the village. Or you may have views on the facilities / opportunities available to young people. We would love to hear from you. Please send any articles to The deadline for the magazine is the 13th Monthly, items received after this date will be held over to the next month.

Letter to Telstar Dear Editor

The 2012 Stowupland Calendar I felt the urge to write a small item to congratulate all who contributed to the production of the above item. The layout, photography, quality of materials etc. was superb and does you all credit. Residents and former residents of Stowupland will have been very pleased to have received a copy, and will enjoy it all through the year. Thanks to you all and I hope you had a lovely Christmas and may I wish you a very happy new year. Derek Lambert 33

Stowupland Post OfďŹ ce Church Road, Stowupland Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 4BQ Tel: 01449 612870


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

8.45am 8.45am 8.45am 8.45am 8.45am 9.00am

x Free to use 24hr ATM x x Euros on Demand x x Dollars on Demand x x Travel Insurance on Demand x x Over 70 currencies available within 24 hours x x Home Phone and Broadband x x Mobile Phone Top-ups x

to to to to to to

5.30pm 5.30pm 5.30pm 5.30pm 5.30pm 1.00pm

Car Tax now available at Stowupland Post Office

Contact Sally Reeves on 01449 612870

Registered No. 2154540.Registered Office 80-86 Old Street, London EC1V 9NN. Post Officeis a restiered trademark and the Post Office logo is a trademark of Post Office Limited.


Age UK Suffolk Christine Williams, Local Link, Tel: 01449 771 430

Free information guides


t has been said that growing older doesn’t come with a manual, but fresh challenges undoubtedly arise as we enter later life.

Age UK, the national charity, produces a range of information guides that give advice and answer questions on issues that affect the over-50s. They are easy to follow, come in handy A5 booklets and are available free of charge. Whether you need information for yourself, a relative or someone you care for, Age UK guides will help you find the answers you’re looking for. The guides cover eight main topic areas: • money • health • housing • social care

• consumer issues • end of life • legal, employment and equality • general.

In the coming months I will comment further on each individual subject and let you know in more detail the publications that are on offer. Meanwhile, please do not hesitate to give me a call on the number above if you think I might be able to find something specific to your needs. My role as a local volunteer is to bring this sort of information to the attention of anyone living in Stowupland, to promote the activities of Age UK Suffolk generally and to act as a link between the organisation and a prospective client. Thereafter, if you need to talk things over you will be put in touch with an appropriate adviser within the organisation who will arrange a home visit if that is more convenient. Self-referral is, of course, an alternative way forward. Also of topical interest is the latest edition of Suffolk’s twice-yearly free magazine ‘Talkabout Suffolk’ with its pull-out factsheet on the different sources of help available in managing ever-increasing fuel bills, and making your home warmer and more energy efficient. Each new edition of the magazine brings articles about services delivered by Age UK Suffolk and other organisations working to support older people across the county, as well as features on a variety of local and national campaigns, community project reports, useful top tips and news of forthcoming events. Do contact the membership secretary, Malcolm Rogers, on 01473 353 263, if you would like to receive a copy of the current ‘Talkabout Suffolk’ and have your name added to the regular mailing list. 35

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Solutions resolved in your own home

One to One tuition. Phone Shelli of MPM on 07733 262116 Let a local company in Stowupland support you.

Tip 2 Beauty


Wide range of quality carpets supplied & fitted

• Manicures • Pedicures • Facials • Waxing And much more


Come and relax in my

Carpets & Decorating

01449 771682 Decorating

01449 676692 Quality need not be expensive 36

Windows, MS Office, E-mail, Internet, Graphics, Broadband.

peaceful therapy room while enjoying any of the above treatments

Situated in Stowupland

Tel: 01449 777 112 Mobile: 07540 500 988

S t o w m a r k e t N o rt h

SNT Police officer PC 1443 Henriksen Contact phone number – 01473 613 500 e-mail –


hope everyone had a great Christmas and I wish you all a happy new year.

We have had our usual drink drive campaign over the Christmas period which has tied in well with our current Safer Neighbourhoods Team priority of all aspects of road safety. I will be out on Church Road and Stowmarket Road a fair bit over the next couple of months with the speed gun, and you should see the SID (Speed Indication device) out and about also. Please take extra care on the roads at this time of year, as road traffic collisions are prevalent during the colder weather. Scrap metal theft continues to be a problem throughout the country, and we will always investigate suspicious activity, so please call it in to us. Our next Safer Neighbourhoods Team priority setting meeting is 10.00am Thursday, 19th April 2012 at The Stowmarket Town Council Offices. This will give you the chance to decide what we treat as a priority over the next three months, and so your attendance is very welcome.

Over 60 Club P Prentice, 01449 771 724


ur first meeting of the new year was on 10th January, when we welcomed everyone back after the Christmas and New Year celebrations. It was good to also welcome some new members.

A quiz was held, the questions were on sweets and chocolate bars with a scratchcard as a prize for the winners. Well done to the team who won, sorry the scratchcard did not bring you thousands. We meet again on 14th February at 2.00pm in the Village Hall, when our speaker will be Mr John Webb; come along and join us. See you all then. 37

U.R.C. Chapel The

Secretary: Lew Hart Telephone 01449 612 784

����������united ��reformed Dear Friends,, I find this time of the year somewhat strange. ���������church It is the middle of winter. Well, further on than the

middle. There are certainly signs of spring in my garden. I have snowdrops about to come into flower. The hellebores are pushing their flowers through the ground. I know these are commonly called Christmas roses but my experience is that inevitably they are at their best in the weeks leading up to Easter. I reckon that this year mine will be in full flower about mid March. And the daffodils and tulips are showing vigorous growth and the promise of vibrant colour to come. I have much to look forward to in my garden. Yet I also know that I cannot be certain what the weather will be like from day to day. We have had quite a mild winter so far and my guess is that we have had below average rainfall. But all of that could change. My car was covered with frost this morning and there have been warnings of a noticeable drop in the temperature in the next few days. If all of this makes me sound like a keen gardener who worries about what is happening in my garden, then I may have misled you. Yes, I do just about everything in our garden but I tend to do it in fits and starts. I have to admit that I am not a winter gardener. Every year I say that I will do a little each week so that when spring comes everything will be ready and from then on it will just need regular hoeing to keep the weeds from developing. It is a wonderful theory but with me it just doesn’t work. In the winter I do an hour or two in the garden about every three weeks … or four or more. My point is that I enjoy my garden but I am not obsessed by it. In the winter I want simply to see what is happening and to leave it to its own ways to develop. If I want to be a little pretentious about this I would say that at this time of the year I want to be reflective about my garden rather than active in it. Recently I have thought about some verses from the Bible, from the Book of Ecclesiastes: For everything its season, and for every activity under heaven its time;… God has made everything to suit its time. I believe that this time of the year is a time for being reflective, for seeking to live at a different speed. It is a time for slowing down the pace of life, for taking time to notice things, for seeing a tree when every branch is highlighted by frost, for walking by the sea and noticing the sunlight on every wave, for sitting in a comfortable chair with a book and savouring every word. In many, many ways I have loved the busyness of my life. Now, in retirement, I am discovering that the writer of Ecclesiates was right. There is a time for every season under heaven. Grace and peace, 38

Bill Mahood


month of the new year gone already!

We had a lovely carol service, on 11th December, taken by Mr Jim Spencer. The collection of £72.00 was sent to the St Elizabeth Hospice. On 22nd January we united with Holy Trinity for the Christian Unity service at the Chapel. A total of £613.45 was raised at our coffee mornings during last year and this has been donated as follows: Air Ambulance £100.00. Stowmarket Boys Brigade £100.00 Christian Aid £60.00. Sense (Stowupland) £60.00. Beech House Amenity Fund, Chilton Meadows £63.00. Macmillan Cancer Support £230.45. Our thanks go to everyone who supported these very enjoyable mornings. On 24th February a coffee morning will be held at the chapel for HEADWAY from 10.00am to 12.00noon.

Sunday, 19th February at 3.00pm Expressions of renewal The second of a series of services when the New Life Church will lead the worship with their music and a message.

Come along and expect something a little different. Services at the URC Chapel are held each Sunday at 10.30am and we cordially invite anyone who wishes to join us in our worship. A warm welcome awaits you. Our speakers for February are as follows: 5th February

Dr Richard Jurd

12th February

Revd Peter Ball (Holy Communion Service)

19th February

Mr Nigel Crisp

26th February

Revd Richard Edwards

Afternoon Fellowship On Monday, 12th December the Afternoon Fellowship held their Carol Service. This was led by Mr John Webb and once again the music group and choir from Stowupland High School entertained us and accompanied the singing. We thank them for coming and for making it such an enjoyable service. We also thank Mr John Webb for leading the service. The collection of £100.00 was sent to EACH. The Afternoon Fellowship does not meet until 5th March when the speaker will be Revd Paul Clarke. We welcome anyone who would like to join us at our meetings (male or female). Come and enjoy the fellowship, also a cuppa. Mary Clark 39



Are You In Pain? Chiropractic may help with many problems including lower back pain, neck pain and related headaches as well as arm and leg pain





Doctor of Chiropractic Registered with the General Chiropractic Council 7 Stowupland Rd, Stowmarket. IP14 5AG

Tel/Fax 01449 612620 Also offering Deep Tissue and Sports Massage with Judith Gunion MHFST

Come and meet our friendly butchers at

M r. A l l a rd ’ s

FA R M B U T C H E RY Walnut Tree Farm, Rendall Lane, Stowupland


01449 615006

Open: Monday to Friday 7.30am – 4.00pm Saturday 7.30am – 1.00pm

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F j


 jXZ dY

V a^in  ; V g b E


F j











R.S.P.C.A. Freedom Food registered

V a^in  ; V g b E


Doggie doings

It has been noted around the village that there has been an increase in dog owners not clearing up after their pets in recent weeks. It would be appreciated if dog owners would ensure that any faeces are cleared and deposited in the dog bins. Whilst the majority of dog owners look after their pets and clear up after them in a responsible manner, it is also noted that we are well served in the village with dog bins. Please ensure that you keep all areas of the village clear of dog faeces, and either use the bins provided at various locations around the village or if this is not possible please take it home for disposal. Thank you.

Broadband survey

As many of you will be aware, ‘Better Broadband for Suffolk’ is the official campaign to bring superfast broadband to the whole of Suffolk. Our county currently has one of the poorest broadband networks in England with average speeds a quarter of the minimum level we aspire to. To demonstrate Suffolk's need and desire to improve access to broadband, a new survey has been launched. I'd like to encourage you to complete the survey. As part of the questionnaire, you’ll be asked what your current internet speeds are and what speeds you’d be interested in getting.  Completing the survey doesn’t involve making a firm commitment, but it will help to show the level of demand and likely take-up of superfast broadband services in Suffolk and make the county an attractive place for potential providers to invest in. It only takes five minutes to complete and is an essential part of the campaign's work to prove to ministers and suppliers how much superfast broadband is both wanted and needed. Please take this opportunity to have your say and, if possible, encourage your friends and families to take part. The more support we can generate, the stronger our campaign will be. Here is a link to the survey: 41

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Unisex Salon

For all Salon Services

Including perms, colouring, tints, highlights, cuts, blowdrys, etc. Only the best products from GOLDWELL are used.

Phone GILLIAN for your appointment now on 01449 678162 or 07795 087670 18 Jubilee Crescent, Stowupland 42

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Sam’s Chatter


hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year, although it seems so long ago now. Santa sent Jessica and me each a personal letter which Mummy read to us on Christmas Eve. Jessica tried to eat hers. Santa delivered us some great things. I am lucky because I get to play with all Jessica’s things too as she is too small to argue. I spent a lot of the day chasing Daddy who was dressed up as a monkey. Jessica did get to see a bit of snow but it was a shame we could not build a snowman. Maybe next year. We may not have had any snow but there have been plenty of winds. I found it quite fun trying to walk from our back door to Mummy’s car without getting blown over. I don’t think Mummy enjoyed having to pick up all the recycling from around the garden when our bin blew over. The wind was making some scary noises down our chimney and in the trees too. The winds have been blowing rubbish around the village. We have noticed especially that there is a lot of rubbish around the school fields. Daddy is organising a litter pick at the end of March so we can help clear all that up. Mummy has been keeping Jessica and me very busy so far this year with swimming and play groups. I think she tries to wear us out so we have to nap in the afternoon. We are out walking almost every day – well Mummy does the walking and Jessica and I sit back in our buggy looking around. I do sometimes walk but I have to wear my monkey reins. I often get to play on the slide in the play park too. I like standing at the top of the slide and shouting. Our cats are always bringing us in little presents from the garden. Daddy said one present was a mole. I did not realise how small a mole was. For something so small they do seem to make such big hills on the green. Ooh, Jessica is playing with an exciting noisy toy – I need to investigate. Goodbye for now.



S towupl and G ood N eighbours

A volunteer service run by residents for residents Helpline 07818 607 005

Wendy Parris, Committee Member


irstly on behalf of the management team for Stowupland Good Neighbours may I take this opportunity to thank all of our volunteers for their hard work over the past year. A lot of effort and time goes into planning and ensuring that we provide as good a service as possible for the residents of Stowupland. The feedback that we get from our clients so far has been good and we hope to continue in this way for 2012. Sometimes we seem to be just providing a taxi service, but this is not the total sum of our skills. Some of us are happy to do an odd bit of gardening, perhaps walk or let pets out when needed, help to complete forms and many other light duties. We do however ask that where possible at least a dayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s notice is given, if not longer, when requesting help. One lady said that she no longer ate eggs as by the time she got around to eating the last three they were out of date. Have you ever thought about sharing six eggs or better still try the butchers on The Green. If you take your own tub they may sell you just two at a time, as eggs are a valuable source of nutrition and there are so many things that you can do with an egg. (I dream of soldiers and a dippy egg,) Yummy! So far we have been lucky with the weather but I am sure that soon it will turn, so we will have to be very careful when we go out. Also, take care when out in the dark; a torch or light clothing will help. Let us hope that we all have a happy and healthy new year.

Please ring our helpline 07818 607 005 if you think we could help.

B I NG O in aid of Air Ambulance

in Stowupland Village Hall on Friday, 24th Februar y Eyes down 7.30pm Any prizes donated will be gratefully received. 45

Your Best Friends’ Best Friends!

Combs House, Stowmarket Business Park, Needham Road, Stowmarket IP14 2AH

Tel. 01449 676966 x

We have everything in house to keep your pets healthy & happy

x x x x x

Including X-ray equipment Full modern dentistry suite Separate dog, cat & isolation kennels Full blood analysis facilities We also run Puppy Clinics, Weight Clinics & Old Dog & Cat Health Clinics If there’s anything you’d like to ask us, give us a call, or better still, arrange to come and see us & one of the team will show you round

Large FREE car park Surgeries throughout the day by appointment


Practice Opening Hours 8:30am-6.00pm Monday-Friday 8.30am-12.00pm Saturdays


Community Events Keith Welham


e are planning a number of events for 2012, the first of which will be bingo in the Village Hall on Friday, 10th February. These bingo sessions are great fun and all the prizes are cash. Top prize for the final full house was £25.00 at our last bingo evening. Prizes will be even higher if more people came along. If you need a lift, I am sure Good Neighbours can help; they already bring two or three from Jubilee Court. The Barn Dance last October was so much fun that we have arranged an extra one – on Saturday, 24th March. The hall was practically full last time with dancers from a wide age range – teenagers to 70+. If you’ve never been to a Barn Dance, do come along. All our events depend on the commitment of a small band of volunteers and we badly need more. Hundreds of people have enjoyed the Music and Fun Day on The Green in the past few years. We need more help with this event, particularly on the Friday (29th June) to set up and on the Saturday. Please put the following dates in your diary: Friday 10th February Bingo Friday 2nd March Quiz Saturday 24th March Barn Dance Friday 13th April Bingo Friday 11th May Bingo Friday 29th June Quiz Please offer a few hours – even just a few times during the year will make a real difference. If you can offer to help with any of these events, or with the Music and Fun Day on Saturday, 30th June, please contact Keith Welham Tel. 01449 673 185.

The Social Housing Tenants Information Bus will be coming to Stowupland on Tuesday, 13th March from 10.00am ‑ 12.00noon

They are hoping to meet as many tenants as possible, to talk about the issues that affect you, and how to make things better. Please go to meet them. Refreshments will be available on the bus. 47

F r o m T e l s ta r com m itte e Please note that the opinions expressed in letters and articles are not necessarily those of the Telstar committee or the Parish Council. We cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of material submitted for publication, however we reserve the right to include, edit or amend as we think appropriate. Telstar is produced in good faith but errors and omissions may occur during the process of production. Please let us know if this is the case so that these errors may be corrected.

F. G. BROWN â&#x20AC;&#x201C; OPTICIANS

Denmark House, 41 Bury Street, Stowmarket. Tel:- 01449 612812/674030 As independent opticians we offer a more personalised eyecare service that you can trust for all the family including:Optomap retinal examination Colorimetry A wide range of competitively priced frames and spectacle lenses Contact lenses Prescription and non-prescription sunglasses

Your sight care is our priority 48

Village Hall News Registered Charity No 304822 Village Hall Management Committee


he Village Hall is used by a range of clubs and individuals but some spare capacity remains for local private and club bookings. Situated in the centre of the village, in Church Road, the hall has ample parking. It is clean, spacious and well heated; and licensed for a range of activities with bar facilities for the sale of alcoholic drinks. As well as the main hall, there is a kitchen, and smaller rooms for meetings and classes. Hire charges are reasonable. The management committee, in conjunction with the excellent locallybased theatre group, The Keeper’s Daughter, hosted two successful theatrical productions in the final quarter of 2011. There was an audience of about 60 for Dracula in October and we sold more than 70 tickets for A Christmas Carol just before the Christmas break. There was positive audience feedback from both shows and those who stayed on for refreshments after Christmas Carol seemed to greatly enjoy the evening. In the course of this year, the committee will give further thought to putting on at least one similar event during 2012. And we are always open to suggestions for future productions (contact the Secretary on 01449 673 152, or via email –­ Finally, if you are interested in using the hall for group or private use such as parties and wedding receptions, and would like to know more about the facility and details of the charges, please contact the Booking Secretary, Hugh Blanch, on 01449 612 156.

Recycling News


esponses to the 2010 Parish Plan questionnaire showed that many residents attach importance to environmental issues and particularly recycling. This is reflected in the good use made of the Village Hall recycling facilities for newspapers, glass bottles, shoes, clothing, books, DVDs, videos and CDs. This is not only positive in environmental terms but the Village Hall also receives useful income from bottle, newspaper and textile recycling. In 2011, we earned almost £1000 from this source. That helps to cover running costs and bear down on the hire charges for the hall. Our thanks to all who make responsible use of the Village Hall recycling facilities and we hope you will continue to do so in 2012. Village Hall Management Committee 49

Sports & Social Club Rick Langford, Chairman happy and prosperous new year to all our members.


The bid for funding for improvements to the outside facilities at the club has been submitted and we are hopeful for a positive outcome. A big thank-you to Neil Smith for collating all the material and putting the bid together.

The new kitchen has been installed, and the transformation is remarkable. We now have a thoroughly modern and workable kitchen for the first time. Members enjoyed the New Year celebrations, with Paul King providing the entertainment, thanks to the ladies who provided the food and the volunteers who manned the bar. Thieves stole the lead flashing from the roof of the Village Hall and social club, which resulted in some water damage to the pool room ceiling. This is being replaced, and we will incur unnecessary expenditure as a result. Although, at present, the programme of entertainment for 2012 is not finalised, a bingo session has been arranged for Saturday 4th February; eyes down at 7.30pm in the club house.

Short Mat Bowls Club


he club has been very active with club evenings and league matches being played. At the time of writing we are sitting at the top of the league, having played ten games; winning eight and losing two. This is a very good performance considering we are new to playing in a league and with a lot of new bowlers. The club is also proud that six of its members have been representing Suffolk over the last two months, well done to them all.. The club has lost a valuable member, Wesley Flannigan, who has moved house to live in South Wales. Wesley was our treasurer and will be missed by us all. We wish him and his wife, Sheila, the very best for the future. 50

Plans are being made now for our friendly ‘home & away’ matches against Clacton and Wortwell which we are all looking forward to. I would like to remind everyone that the club bowls every Thursday evening, 7.30pm to 9.30pm in the Village Hall, throughout the year (a venue envied by visiting teams). We look forward to new members joining us. For any enquiries, please contact Pam Fayers Tel. 010449 770 080 Wrong Bias

Falcons Football Club Ian Wearing, Chairman Tel: 01449 615 789 Mob: 07901 373 373 Email:

The camels are coming again …


ast year we held a very successful camel racing night where everyone had such a good time its been talked about all year; well its back. This year’s event is again in the Village Hall on Saturday night, 31st March and will be bigger and even better. Different to horse racing nights, where you watch the race on a big screen, in camel racing you are the jockey and others bet on who they think can get their camel across the line first. It’s the funniest thing I have ever seen and well worth seeing for yourselves. Adverts will be in next month’s Telstar and around the village notice boards; book your ticket early so not to miss out. Look forward to seeing you there. Please visit our website for more events and see how the teams are getting on at Although only February, we are now planning for next season’s new teams. Our Saturday morning club is again doing a fantastic job with the 4-7 year olds; more youngsters than older ones, so if you have a son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter who is 7 and will not be 8 until after 31st August and who wants to learn the game of football, then come along to the Saturday club between 10.00am and 11.15am every Saturday morning behind the Village Hall. Having seen so many lads and lasses come through this club over the years, I can promise they will have so much fun they will not realise 51

how much they are learning at the same time. Who knows, somewhere out there is the next Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard or Joe Hart. We are also planning a 6-week football course in the schools starting next month. In partnership with Suffolk FA, Stowupland Falcons F.C. will be bringing football to the community. There will be more details in next month’s report, in the village schools and on the village notice boards. Watching the adult teams as I do on a Saturday afternoon, I am reminded of what this club stands for. Looking at the lads warming up ready for the games I now count around twenty lads that, having spent their formative years in the youth section, are now playing adult football for Stowupland Falcons. How much it has changed since last season. When the club structure changed last June and I took the Chair for the whole club after 3 years chairing the youth section, my vision was to actively promote and develop a clear route into adult football for our young men. It’s a good start but next season we are re-introducing a 4th adult team and have started the process by advertising for an ‘A’ Team manager and assistant. There are 2 Under 16 teams in their final year playing youth football and there is an incredible amount of talent all across the field in both teams. Stabilizing our teams is paramount and Neil Gregory, Markie Dye, Richard Haydon and Fred Beaumont are working tremendously hard with the players to achieve this. While they get on with that I’m excited about what next season brings with a new ‘A’ Team and watching the continued development and progression of the current Under 16s. This really is a watch this space moment. All teams have now got their second halves of the season up and running and its good to see them all back after the festive break. Some have got some tantalizing cup draws to play and I’ll be reporting on those next month. Why not join me and the many spectators on Saturday afternoons to a 1st team or reserve team game and a quick pint in the Social Club afterwards? If, like me, your football taste buds need more, then Sunday’s youth games are a veritable feast to behold. With as little as four and as many as twelve games happening each and every Sunday morning your village football club is the place to be, and if that’s still not enough for you then every 3-4 weeks our vets team show the youngsters how its done. See you on the Touchline.

It doesn't matter whether you win or lose – until you lose. 52









Vacancies ‘A’ Team Manager • ‘A’ Team Assistant Manager Stowupland Falcons Football Club is an exciting and visionary football club based in the village of Stowupland near Stowmarket, looking to expand its adult teams whilst offering a structured and clearly defined route into adult football for all its youth team players. As such we are looking to re-introduce an ‘A’ Team for season 2012-2013 In June 2011 the Adult & Youth sections of the club merged and one committee was elected to take the club forward, creating a single vision and purpose, to nurture, develop and offer an introduction to adult football for all youth players. We are now in very exciting times as we have two very talented Under 16 boys teams coming through. Our aim is to prepare and develop these young men for the step up into adult football and finding the right management team is an essential part of that development. The successful applicants will be tasked with continuing the successful development of each individual player, whilst having the ability to bring the individual talents and forming them into an excellent team spirit while managing the day to day running of the team. You will be working closely with the 1st and reserve team management as well as the Club Secretary, Chairman and Development Officer. Specific Requirements Good organizational skills Good man management skills Good written and verbal communication skills Ability to give attention to detail Self motivated Ability to motivate and develop a strong team spirit Previous experience as either a player or manager Desirable but not essential attributes Level 1 FA Coaching badge Previous experience of reporting League & Cup results This is a fantastic opportunity for the right applicants. All applications in writing to Ian Wearing (Chairman) Closing date: 28/02/2012 53


Stowmarkets Independent Family Funeral Service 24 Hour Personal Service â&#x20AC;˘ Private Chapel of Rest â&#x20AC;˘ FREE Parking

Telephone: 01449 771666 The Nutshell, Milton Road South, Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 1EZ

Colin Moyes Home Improvements Complete kitchen and bathroom and bedroom refurbishments. For purpose made joinery requirements and carpentry works, uPVC doors, windows and conservatories. Now celebrating their 30th Year of trading To contact Colin Moyes Home Improvements Marshalls Meadow, Thorney Green Road, Stowupland Call either 01449 615548 or 07802 927885. 54

Stowupland Village Website

. Parish Council Minutes of meetings and agendas are displayed at the Village Hall notice board (left of main entrance)

Parish Council:

Nic Perks - Chairman 01449 774 200 Jerry Voden - Vice Chair 01449 770 334 Mary Bloom 01449 676 549 Morris Brand 01449 770 678 Roger Carter 01449 612 856 Roy Cooper 01449 674211 Rick Hamilton 01449 775 403 Ben Miller 07765 408 001 Sally Reeves 01449 612870 Alan Rosten 07738 801 974 Keith Welham 01449 673 185

Clerk to the Parish Council:

Rachel Godbold 1 Felix Road, IP14 4DD 01449 770 660 You can contact the Clerk as follows: Tues – Thurs from 10.00am – 12.00noon

Mid Suffolk District Council:

Caroline Byles 07515 730 097 Caroline is happy to help you with any District Council matter.

Suffolk County Council Gary Green 07545 423 824

Police Safer Neighbourhood Team PC 1443 Stefan Henriksen Police Station, Violet Hill Road, Stowmarket IP14 1NJ 01473 613 500

Good Neighbour Scheme: HELPLINE No. 07818 607 005 Village Hall Bookings: Hugh Blanch – 01449 612 156

Stowupland Telstar ©

Published by Stowupland Parish Council 11 issues per year. Joint issue in December/January Delivered to every residence.

We welcome new residents to the village.

Articles for Telstar to:

Tony Stevens Home Lea, The Green IP14 4AE 01449 612 882

Business Advertising:

Claire Pizzey 01449 677 005 Email: A d v e r t i s i n g D i sc l a i m e r :

All adverts are placed in good faith and the publishers cannot undertake responsibility for work carried out.

Diary Dates:

Marion Harris 01449 770 895 Email:

If an event has been organised, whether a one-off or a regular one please do not assume that everyone knows the details, venue, date, etc. Advertise it in Telstar Email reports, articles etc. to

Distribution Co-Ordinator:

Jill Lambert 01449 615 474 To the team of distributors who trek the roads and streets of Stowupland each month. Thank You

Produced in the village, for the village

D eadline D ate : 1 3 t h F E B R UA R Y Printed by Gipping Press Ltd 01449 721 599 55

Bacrn Dan e Stowupland Community Event

at Stowupland

Village Hall on

Saturday, 24th March at 7.30pm ❊ BAR AVAILABLE Please bring your own nibbles

❊ RAFFLE No children under 14 years of age

Tickets £5.00 Available from Jerry Voden on 01449 770 334 or Keith Welham on 01449 673 185

Telstar February 2012  

Telstar February 2012

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