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Paul Shaw Elements I - Red £160 Elements II - Green £160 Elements III - Clear £160 Elements IV - Blue £160 Blue Constructivism £210 Our Friend Mr Atom £280 Løve Cross £280

‘Explorations in Art Deco’ Series: Radio City £520 Design based on a carpet made for Radio City Music Hall in New York in 1933 Full Sail £400 An interpretation of one of the key motifs of the Art Deco style, a ship in full sail. Particularly popular in British domestic stained glass during the late 1920s and early 1930s Modernist Carpet £310 Design based on a modernist carpet from the 1920s Purple Cross £280 Furu £280 Square Blue Fish £70 Small Blue Fish £40 Blue Connections £60 Green Connections £60 Red Track Panels £80 (pair)

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BORROWED LIGHT Sheenagh McKinlay - Paul Shaw

Stour Space celebrates Sheenagh McKinlay and Paul Shaw in BORROWED LIGHT April 5th-29th 2013 (Private View April 4th 6-9pm) | 9am - 5pm daily | Free Admission A glowing moment in the Hackney vista. Glass artist Sheenagh McKinlay and Paul Shaw take pieces of disused broken stained glass and rework them into crystal coloured narratives. This collection sees locally-based stained glass designers host their first joint show, which approaches the medium of traditionally made leaded glass from two very different perspectives. On display from Sheenagh McKinlay are two series of work, ‘Albion’ and ‘The Greeks’. Inspired by the great myth cycles of the Mabinogian and King Arthur, the Iliad and the Odyssey. The panels are barely planned, usually a single painted fragment is chosen as the starting point. The final image develops from the relationships this and further scraps and shards make when brought together and reconfigured on light boxes. Stained glass expresses itself in its surroundings. A church in a field of copper light flooding through, takes a different narrative to a pool of colour from the light above the corrugated tin shells of Hackney Wick. Two strands of recent work by Paul Shaw are represented here in the show. A group of abstract images created by collage, using heavily textured re-used glass, found in Scandinavia, make up the collection. Paul’s most recent work has explored themes contained in the domestic stained glass of the 1920s and 1930s- interpreting the archetypes of art deco utilising archaic household items. This exhibition evokes a memory, a myth, or an emotion that can never be pinned down. To the nonobsessed, this might not seem obvious at all. Viewers interpret this as you will. ABOUT THE ARTISTS Sheenagh McKinlay has been involved in creative development and community projects at the Bromley by Bow Centre since the 1980s, combining this with commissions, exhibitions and teaching stained glass and mosaic. Her commissions range from large public art and church commissions to small domestic pieces, using antique and contemporary glass. Paul Shaw has been working in the medium of traditionally made leaded glass for ten years. Working from a studio in Bromley by Bow he concentrates mostly on commissions for domestic contexts. Studio work often incorporates re-used textured glass and found glass objects.

Sheenagh McKinlay ‘The Greeks’ Series: Clytemnestra £700 Agamemnon of Mycenae sacrificed his daughter Iphigenia to raise a wind. 10 years later on his return from Troy his wife Clytemnestra murders him in his bath. Ganymede £450 Ganymede attracts the lust of Zeus, who, in the form of an eagle carries him off to Olympus where he becomes the cup bearer to the gods. Hector £400 Hector kills Achilles’ beloved Polythemus. Achilles kills Hector, and drags his body behind his chariot around the walls of Troy, day after day after day... The Judgement of Paris £400 Zeus, no fool, ducks out of judging which of Hera, Athena and Aphrodite should receive the golden apple of the Hesperides as the most beautiful goddess. He gives the job to Paris who chooses Sex over Wisdom and the Hearth and gets Helen as his reward. Helen of Troy £500 Helen, the most beautiful woman in the world is given by Aphrodite to Paris. He then abducts her from her husband, Menelaus of Sparta, brother of Agamemnon of Mycenae. And so begins the Trojan War

‘Myths of Albion’ Series: Grail Faerie £250 Merlin and the Faeries £800 The Lily Maid £500 The First Temptation £700 (including light box)

‘Malacia’ Series: The Secret Language of Fans £800 Crown of Thorns £200 Broken Sword £200 | | | +44 (0) 2089857827 | 7 Roach Road, Hackney Wick, London, E3 2PA

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