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Not Just Another Orchestra

Music is a collaboration… The mission of The SYMPHONIA is to inspire, educate and engage the lives of our diverse South Florida community through extraordinary musical experiences.

…be part of the magic. The Symphonia has embarked on an exciting new

and entertaining the public with the power of live

phase in its history. Founded in 2004, the nonprofit

performance. As we move forward, we will not

organization is dedicated to more than keeping

only continue to celebrate classical music in its

classical music alive in South Florida. We want to

traditional form; we will also actively explore new

see it flourish! And we want to see lives across our

ways to connect the music we play to the people in

community touched by it! For that to happen, this

our community. Our vision is to expand our ability

incredible music – and its presentation – must be

to share the incredible power of music to heal, to

made relevant to today’s audiences.

inspire, to pave a path to success, to open minds and

We are more committed than ever to engaging

to open doors.

Alistair Willis Principal Conductor and Artistic Advisor Grammy-nominated Alastair Willis brings a stellar way. We want you to be on the edge of your seat. resumé to The Symphonia, where he serves To feel immersed and connected to the music as Principal Conductor and Music Advisor. In and to the musicians.” fact, he was the impetus for the New Directions program. Launched in 2018, these performances offer a new kind of concert-going experience. Inspiring and engaging to both existing and new audiences, these concerts provide a lively and interactive cultural experience that combines great music with theater, visual elements, and storytelling into an evening concert format with a contemporary style of its own. “When you come to a New Directions concert, you’re coming to a unique, innovative experience that combines classical music with theater and multimedia elements in a Alastair Willis meaningful and entertaining

What we do

The Symphonia’s core programming Our Concert Season The Symphonia’s Sunday afternoon concert series, formerly known as the “Connoisseur Concert Series,” was launched in 2005, and created to provide outstanding orchestral music to South Florida on a seasonal basis. This Sunday afternoon series has become The Symphonia’s signature program known for its compelling repertoire. Each concert features a beloved work from the classics and includes a contemporary work by a modern master, thus providing our audience with a distinctive listening experience. Today these concerts remain the artistic centerpiece of The Symphonia and the launching point for the orchestra’s other programs that enrich the community through exceptional musical performances and innovative educational outreach. As part of its efforts to connect with new and more diverse audiences, The Symphonia has introduced an new and innovative musical concept called New Directions. Guests are encouraged to bring their curiosity for a fun and insightful evening that combines powerful music with engaging theatrical elements.

Meet the Orchestra This interactive program connects kids to the power of music. While meeting musicians in a casual and relaxed setting, children and families engage in a hands-on opportunity to investigate some of the orchestra’s instruments and explore various aspects of music, ranging from rhythm and reading the staff to communicating through music and the fundamentals of composing.

Building a String Orchestra and Self-Esteem The Symphonia helps underserved children in our community express themselves in new and positive ways by teaching them to play the violin, cello, and bass and perform together as a string orchestra. This free, after-school outreach effort, titled Building a String Orchestra and Self-Esteem, is based at the Delray Beach Boys & Girls Club. Seeded with a grant from the Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County, the program has received support from the Virginia and Harvey Kimmel Family Fund of the Community Foundation of Palm Beach and Martin Counties as well as other private individuals. It has also been awarded a prestigious Impact 100 grant.

Box Lunch It This popular series offers intimate and insightful previews. After the unique opportunity of listening to sit in with the musicians as they rehearse, guests enjoy a box lunch with our musicians and guest artists. The conductor and soloist then discuss the upcoming program, answer questions and nurture the love of music.

Community Partnerships An ever-growing network of community partnerships allows The Symphonia to reach diverse audiences throughout the community with: • Festival of Arts BOCA • Boca Ballet Theater • City of Boca • Master Chorale of South Florida

Why we do it

Some of the many benefits of music

Music enriches our lives, brings us peace, allows us to heal. Music entertains and delights. It stimulates our minds and brings us together as little else can. It reminds us that there is beauty, hope and unadulterated joy in the world.

Strengthen young minds and improve educational outcomes

Lower stress and reduce anxiety

Sharpen focus

Enhance cognitive performance

Listening to classical, jazz or pop can help you get your work done faster, be more creative, get more out of your workout and help you sleep. Research has shown that music can also:

Lower blood pressure

Boost cardiovascular function and athletic performance

Improve memory

Elevate mood, shift your mental gears and guard against depression

Ease pain and improve surgical outcomes

Hitting the right note Since 2004, The Symphonia has been celebrating a passion for music and a commitment to community. The ensemble’s success is built on a solid foundation of:

Artistic Expression Over the years, The Symphonia’s Connoisseur Concert Series has developed a devoted following by performing works by lesser-known contemporary composers alongside some of the most beloved works in classical music. Exceptional guest artists and conductors have worked with the chamber-size ensemble to make each concert an occasion. In 2018, a music series designed to appeal to a more diverse audience was added. New Directions is a series of engaging musical experiences featuring a blend of music, storytelling and images. The concept is designed to be presented in venues throughout South Florida. This is somewhat repetitious of what has already been said.

Community Collaboration Creative energy and community reach are both amplified when arts organizations work together. Festival of the Arts BOCA, Master Chorale of South Florida, Old School Square, the City of Boca Raton and Boca Ballet Theatre are among the many exciting organizations The Symphonia has partnered with.

Alana Pearce: Building a String Orchestra and Self-Esteem Program While most middle school students are listening to rap and hip-hop, seventh-grader Alana Pearce is tuning in to classical and pop artists like Lindsay Stirling, an American violinist and singer who has generated billions of views on YouTube. So when she was given a choice of bass, violin or cello through The Symphonia’s free string orchestra program at the Delray Beach Boys & Girls Club, violin was a no-brainer, and she has been making beautiful music – and lots of friends – ever since. “It’s helped me a lot,” says Alana. “I was always known as a shy quiet person in class. But, now in seventh grade, everyone knows me as a loud, smart funny, girl who’s always screaming out answers.” That confidence came from learning, practicing and, of course, performing. “When I finish and everyone’s clapping, I just feel so happy about showing them what I can do,” she says.

Maria Godfrey, Volunteer Maria Godfrey lived in Chicago before coming to South Florida. “I was a subscriber to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, which is an incredible orchestra,” she says. After moving to Florida, friends invited her to a Symphonia concert; “you’ll love it,” they told her. Maria accepted the invitation, but she had her doubts. “How good could they be?” she thought at the time. Maria was in for a very pleasant surprise. “I was blown away by how good they were!” she says. Years later, she hasn’t changed her mind. “I love The Symphonia.” Fortunately for The Symphonia, Maria likes to keep busy. She has been among the nonprofit’s most loyal volunteers since April 2012. And it’s not just the music. “They are wonderful people,” she says.

Education Nothing brings our musicians greater joy than introducing young people to the world of classical music. Grandparents and parents can share in that joy through our Meet the Orchestra program, which invites children to interact with musicians in various settings, including live dress rehearsals and an “instrument petting zoo.” In addition to nurturing those audiences of the future, our education efforts extend to today’s audiences with pre-concert talks and Box Lunch It, an up-close and personal opportunity to sit in on a rehearsal and enjoy lunch with the conductor and soloist as well as The Symphonia’s talented musicians.

Outreach We are proud to offer what we consider a very special program – Building a String Orchestra and Self-Esteem – through the Delray Beach Boys & Girls Club. More than instructing children how to play an instrument, this program teaches children how to work toward a goal. Through music, children learn the importance of perseverance and self-discipline. The program taps into the power of music to equip children from underserved communities with the life skills that can help them succeed in school and in life. The Symphonia welcomes other opportunities to reach out to children in the community, including special children’s concerts.

“If we do not respond to the children in our community who do not have access to music education, we might as well close down and go home,” says The Symphonia Executive Director Annabel Russell. “How else are these children going to be reached if organizations such as ours don’t do the reaching?”

A Symphony of Support Thanks to the generous support

matching gift and continued

of some very special donors, The

to support the organization in a

Symphonia is able to make beautiful music throughout South Florida’s classical

variety of ways from season to season. including the recently introduced innovative

music community. Steve Pomeranz (bottom right)

New Directions series. Virginia and Harvey Kimmel

served on The Symphonia board for seven years (six

(bottom left) have played an instrumental role in

as President). He has provided funding at critical

expanding the free after-school program entitled

times in The Symphonia’s life by underwriting

Building a String Orchestra and Self-Esteem for

numerous vital events and programs. His support

children at the Delray Beach Boys and Girls Club.

continues today. Local philanthropists Edith (top

Donor Marleen Forkas (top left) has been funding

right) and the late Martin Stein provided the funds

the organization’s prestigious Connoisseur Concert

to start The Symphonia by putting up a major

Series since April 2016.

There is music to be made! Elgar was always worried about money. Paganini once had to pawn his violin to pay off his debts. Wagner was pursued by one creditor after another. In the world of classical music, the support of generous patrons has always been essential.

Let’s make it together. Nothing compares to the glorious sound of voices joined together in harmony. We hope you will add your voice to The Symphonia by supporting our many worthwhile programs and events. Here are just a few examples of how you can share your passion for our mission and your belief in the power of music:

Your gift of $100 could allow 10 students to attend a concert.

A $250 donation could provide a starter violin for a child participating in our outreach program.

You could subsidize the licensing and copyright fees for the music The Symphonia performs at an upcoming concert for a generous contribution of $500.

When you contribute $1,000, you could sponsor one of our Meet the Orchestra events programs and become a Symphonia Society member.

A gift of $2,500 could open the door to a world of possibilities by providing a year of music lessons for one of our students in the Building a String Orchestra and Self-Esteem program.

If you can afford to contribute at the $5,000 level, you could underwrite the costs of bringing a guest soloist to South Florida.

There are many other ways you can invest in The Symphonia and many levels of recognition. Please contact us today to discuss how you can make a difference at (561) 376-3848 or

Tiffany Thomsen, Meet the Orchestra “I think that learning about music helps develop the brain,” says Tiffany Thomsen, who home schools her two sons – Christian, who is 7, and Gael, who is 4. Doing it through The Symphonia’s Meet the Orchestra has added benefits. “It’s fun and we can do it as a family,” she says. For Thomsen, music offers benefits that can last a lifetime. “I think music makes our lives richer. It makes my life richer. And I hope to find ways to make my children’s lives richer. Music is a way I can do that,” she says. “However you choose to participate in music, it adds joy to your life.”

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Thank You To Our Sponsors

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