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Entrepreneurs Workshop Want to learn how to create a truly happy ending to your business story? CHALLENGE


Effectively explaining the value of buying from, working for or partnering with your business

Participating in Storytelling4 Workshop guided by the Storytelling4 Workbook

HAPPY ENDING Enthusiastic and engaged customers, employees and stakeholders

This hands-on, interactive workshop is designed to guide you through the creation of your unique business story. A great business story will compel your customers, employees and partners to excitedly and effectively participate in your business. • C  arve out the time in your busy schedule to focus on your business story • P  articipate and share in an open, judgment-free and confidential environment • Obtain input and perspective from your peers • G  et the most out of the Storytelling4 Entrepreneurs Workbook • Obtain results you can implement immediately



Day Two - Messages

Day One - People Storytelling Advantages


The Magic – Describe Your Product

Introductions Storytelling4 Approach

Financial Numbers Review

Goal Setting

Goals Review

The Plot – Illustrate Your Value Proposition NUTRITION BREAK The Characters – Identify Your Stakeholders The Setting – Outline Your Business Strategy

Day 1 Review and Observations


NUTRITION BREAK Building Your Business Story Business Story Review Summary and Next Steps

THE WORKSHOP WILL INCLUDE: • Alternating lecture and exercises • Case study of a new (fictional) business • A copy of the book, Storytelling4 Entrepreneurs Workbook

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? • N  ovice entrepreneurs/self-employed Determine next steps for your business idea. • S  easoned entrepreneurs/self-employed Review and clarify your business strategy. • A  LL entrepreneurs/self-employed Improve communication with the people who contribute to your business success.

WHAT WILL YOU DO? • B  uild a compelling business story that can be adapted to your audience • B  uild confidence in your approach and ability to succeed • U  se storytelling for business planning • S  et meaningful and motivating goals

• C  larify the problem that you solve • Identify your target market and their challenges • Identify your stakeholders and understand their needs • O  utline your sales channels

• E  stimate product, service and operation expenses • Identify and learn from your competitors • C  larify the why and how of your communication • C  onsider the aspects of customer service

• P  erfect your elevator pitch • O  utline a unique sales presentation • E  xperiment with an ad storyboard • C  reate an overview of your business strategy

Workshop Details

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Each workshop runs on a Friday & Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm, with breaks for lunch and coffee. Lunch and coffee are included. Check the Storytelling4 website for the latest workshop date and location information. $499 per person Visit to register and pay online. Maximum of 12 participants per workshop. If you have any questions, email or call 512.465.2601.

“Like many entrepreneurs it is hard to think someone outside can deliver enough value to compete for our time or budget. That desire to do things ourselves and our way defines us as entrepreneurs. The ‘Storytelling4 Entrepreneurs’ was a simply refreshing way to step back and look at our business from the foundation. Kim’s contribution to our company has certainly accelerated our growth path and sharpened our focus. ” – Jeff Boyko, Owner, Castle Currency Management

‘One-on-one’ more your thing? Storytelling4 offers one-on-one consultations. Storytelling4 consulting services can be tailored to meet your exact needs, whether you’d like us to review your existing business story or help you craft an entirely new one.

About Kim McDonald After more than 15 years immersed in the fast-paced world of technology and start-ups, Kim is hooked on change and innovation. Her diverse background includes product management, marketing, business development and consulting for software, hardware, telecom and Internet companies. Kim has earned her BA and MBA—but she’s a firm believer that you don’t need a business degree to start and grow a successful business.

Storytelling4 Entrepreneurs Workshop  

Storytelling4 Workshops are for everyone, whether your business is established or just starting up. You’ll walk away from our unconventional...

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