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Word to Mother ALL PHOTOS BY Viktor Vauthier


ord to Mother is an ever-elusive Londonbased artist and illustrator with roots in graffiti and street art. He proved tricky to track down, but even without ever finding out his real name we finally managed to locate him to talk about his art and differences between graffiti and gallery work. Word to Mother has just had his fifth solo show at StolenSpace - East London gallery representing past and present street and graffiti artists in a pristine white wall environment.

Hello, please tell me a little bit about yourself and what you do on a daily basis? Hello, my name is Word To Mother. Most days I go to my studio and draw, paint and try and assemble things out of salvaged objects.

When did you discover your passion for art, and how has that developed into where you are today? I have always drawn and been interested in making things. An interest in graffiti and a few years studying illustration combined with a load of other influences has shaped what I create today.

When you started doing graffiti, did you ever think your work would be seen in a gallery context? I never thought about it. D*Face told me he was


opening a gallery in 2006, when I’d just finished university and was looking at what to do next. I started making paintings and haven’t looked back.

What is your association with Stolen Space now? I’ve been showing with them since they opened in 2006, this will be my fifth solo show there.

What was the idea behind Stolen Space? How did it come about? D*Face had had a previous space - the Outside Institute - which had closed due to various factors a couple of years before he opened StolenSpace. He mentioned to me that he was looking to open a new spot and had already been doing pop-up shows under the StolenSpace name around East London. In 2006 StolenSpace opened permanently in The Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane with an objective to represent and show artwork of artists they feel are relevant today.

Are you comfortable being branded as a street artist? I don’t mind. It’s easier for people to understand if it’s branded street art but it’s just not a correct title for what I do. I don’t make art in the street. I used to paint a bit of graffiti and I love to draw, I like taking photographs, making animations, making tattoos, and building stuff out of old bits of wood. ‘Artist’ would be a more appropriate title, I suppose, Story


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