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Storypal Stories Cheongna Dalton School and Masomo Mashinani Spring 2014



Storypal Stories Cheongna Dalton School and Masomo Mashinani

Spring 2014

Cheongna Dalton International School, since 2011

Mission We seek to educate our students in the tradition of excellence building on the Dalton Plan so that our students will engage in the global community with intellectual independence, creativity, curiosity and compassionate mind.

For more information about CDS, please visit

Masomo Mashinani, since 2010

Mission We seek to bring complimentary educational resources to the present children of Baba Dogo Primary School. Our hope is that the power of education will disseminate into the future generations of people living in these areas through our students who will become empowered adults and responsible leaders who can provide long lasting solutions to abject poverty and bring peace in their community. For more information about CDS, please visit

Chapter 1. Letters from Authors Chapter 2. Storypal Chapter 3. Storypal Stories Chapter 4. Epilogue

Chapter 1. Letters from the Authors

th, 2014

25 February

d? I am orite foo nd, v ie a r f F r a u y o n y vorite Dear Ke e? My fa ! What is u m o y ll e t t e e u to o my. I like Nice to m hat it is! Could y m u y d n a gw spicy ding? wonderin imchi. It is e you good at rea od K is a e r o am go food in K ery good at it. Ar ood at? I g v u o y m a e I r though a read. ou, even ts? What y r o t p u s o b t a u o How ab know all . I wish I ll a b y e ll o at v ! first time e h t is is h t Sincerely, Sunny

Dear My Specia

l Friend,

Hello! What is your name? I wond er how you liv W h a t is y o u r e in Kenya. fa v o ri te th in g to e a t? H o w school look lik does your e? What is you r favorite boo in the Wonder k? I like Alice land. I like to eat fruit and ve sometimes I ea getable, and t chocolate. I w as born in Ukr city is Kiev. I lik aine and my e to go on fiel d trips. How ab you like what I out you? Do like too? See yo u soon! Your friend, Kristina

ay. We oggy tod f is It . og. years old ve a pet hedgeh 9 m a I Korea. a. Is it it. I ha I live in n in Kore pet rabb u f m o it o r Is s ? ya las winter have a c mous food in Ken rea because it is fa Ko What is a here? It is cold in y! t ld a good da e v a H ? hot or co u old are yo now. How nd,

Dear Frie


d Your frien Ian

Dear Friend in


Hi! How is the weather in Ken ya? What does like? What are Kenya looks your favorite sp orts and what What kind of A is your name? nimal is in Ken ya? What is yo in Kenya? What ur favorite pet is your favorite food in Kenya? pet is dog. I w My favorite onder what yo u r sc chima. My favo hool looks like. rite food in Ko I like lego rea is ramen. R noodle soup. B am ye-bye Kenya fr en is a hot iend. From, Hyungchang

Is the most. r e c c , o d s n ? I like ya Frie chool Dear Ken our favorite sport d? I like s a b r o d o y o lor? is all? Is it g is your favorite co Hi, what m s r o ig ol b hat soon! your scho n meet friends. W alk to you T a . c t I h e ig s r u b beca e it is w becaus o ll e y e k li I Sincerely, n Cheng Ju

Dear Kenya Frie


Hi, my name is Joon. I go to D alton School. In do you have Kenya a beautiful sc h o ol like (CDS) school? How o Dalton ld are you? Do you have many I like dinosaurs fr iends? and books. I lik e P.E. and swim want to see yo ming. I u soon. From, Joon

, ya Friend Dear Ken

a? Do d in Keny t is o o f s u o a fam ? Wha vorite toy ke the you have a f o r D u ! o o y ll He at is ou li ports? Wh hat weather do y favorite you like s W ? ing? My rite book I er, or spr m your favo m u hima and s c , ll d a e f ll a r, c e t best? Win nade. I like a lego mo juice is le s. ing movie h like watc From, Woojin

Dear My New Fr

iend in Kenya,

Hello! Where is your favori te place to ea your name? W t? What is hat is a specia l food in Kenya play game, sw ? I like to im, and watch TV. What is yo sport? My favo ur favorite rite food is ram en. My favorite soccer. Please sport is send me a lett er soon. Your friend, Young-Jun

in Kenya,

port? a v o r it e s ort f r u o y h a t is ite sp M y favor name? W ? r t u a o e y o t is amen is od What ramen. R vorite fo a is f d r o u o o f y have What is . Do you y favorite h m is f d t n e a p g in ave a is swimm Korea. I h in le d o o n special n. e you soo a pet? Se

nd Dear Frie

From, Luis

Dear My Friend


H e ll o , m y fr ie n d . W h a t is a fa m o u s food in Kenya ? How does yo ur school look like? What is your favorite sport? M y fa v o ri te sp o rt is so c c e r. I w a s born in U.S.A and my favori te food is hamburger. I h ope to see you soon. From, Ethan

riend in ar My F


ur at is yo h W ? r colo I like favorite uppy poodle? p p y r u o y pu ke p at is Hi! Wh ood? Do you li n i , a n d I l i ke o f r favorite r. I l i ke m a c a u soon. o l o o c t yo gold to talk t n a w I poodle.


xt time,

Until ne Polina

Dear Kenya Frie


What is your name? How is your country? is a famous fo What od in Kenya? M y favorite gam hero factory. M e is y favorite fruit is pear. My favo animal is rabbit rite . Please write to me soon. From, Adam

n friend,

your do during ke o t e k li lso li o you books. I a king . What d d y r n o ie t r s f g y in as d Hello m I like rea me? I am e e k M li ? g e in leisure tim o you like swimm .D e hobby. swimming may have the sam e because w u. Thank yo

a Dear Kore

cerely, Yours sin Francisca

Dear Great Frie


W h a t is y o u r hobby? My h o b b y is d a n c in g . D o yo u li ke fo o tb a ll ? I li ke football. Wha t is your favo ri te food? My favorite fo od in Kenya is ugali and omena. What is your favorite co lor? My favorite color is pink. What is the name of your school in Korea? My sc hool here in Ke n ya is c a ll e d B a b a D o go. What does your sch ool look like? Is it big? Is it beautiful? M y school is qu ite big and has tall trees ar ound. Your friend fro m Kenya, Renny


rean frie Hello Ko

ld hat wou W . a e r Ko ould g fine in grow up? I w e in o d e r u lik o you a o you when y D e . I hope m n o a c e to be inessm e? I lik i v o m you like e c o m e a b u s e favorit b mo’ and l i k e t o W h a t i s y o u r d ‘Finding Ne ya ? isit Ken atche v w l il I w movies . h e you so muc h. I hop . c movies u m o it s meet enjoyed we can t a h t o s one day ou. Thank y Ronald

Dear Korean Fr


It is fun to wri te you a letter . I would like you my favori to tell te things that I like. My favo game is footb rite all. I like footb all because it when you play. is fun It is also my h obby. My favo dish is chicke rite n and rice. M y favorite sub mathematics. ject is I think you lik e what I like too you like footb . Do all? Do you lik e chicken and What is your ri ce? hobby? I hope when you com Kenya, we can e to enjoy playing together. Than for reading! k you Sincerely, Shadrack


an Frie Dear Kore

food? favorite r u o y is It is ou. What ith fish. y w t li e a e g m U to nya is avorite It is nice rite in Ke ty. What is your f o v a f y m s od at a For me, lso very t tball. I am very go nd a d n a y m ing a is foo very yum d in read ite game o r o o g v a o f ls y a to do. sport? M ball. I am ite thing y r e o ll v o a v f y e se k m li eling. The it. I also ybooks is d r o o t m s d g n in a ead ncing though writing. R , I like da ou even e y s t e e h t e m n a I could ou. Other th . Thank y s. I wish t u n o y le a t t e y m are m I have first time e h t is is th Sincerely, Beatrice

Dear Korean fr


It is fu n to m e e t yo u . Ke n ya has an a m a zi n g v a ri e ty o f fo o d . T h e y a re n o rm a lly sw e e t a n d a re c o o ke d w it h many things su ch as tomatoes , royco powder and o il a m o n g o th e r th in g s. H o w e v e r o th e r p e o p le in K e n y a li ke foods which ar e spicy. I am o ne of the people who lik e spicy food. I also like games. My favo rite sport is b asketball. N o w c o u ld yo u p le a se te ll me about yourself and yo ur country? Thank you. Cynthia Atieno


ie rean Fr

I e you? r a w o in. H are you aga in Kenya, we t e e m ing, re ppy to ine. He cing and read ? f e r I am ha a bies at you re dan our hob ice y hope th My hobbies a e r a is r What e. ite food enya books. just fin r o y r v o a t f s lly e. My re in K especia are som eet maybe he food. In h s e w ne’s can m Maybe enjoy o . If we s h n t g myself a o e in b b in l a il r t w and e m . I hope one, I a o re a , w or in K hough I liked n d it interesting r our he fin alt . And I each one anot even sports, ll a b y e ll vo yball can t to love ve volle country eet, we lo m e e m w our d help that if meet in ur winters, like, an l il e w w e e gam at w of yo hope th joy it. Instead You will enjoy I . e r o m l en a, ear. You wil whole y come to Keny e h t Kenya. n u ill a re t o e the s and I w i, h c im we hav coast. If you called K e it at th g me the food rin . please b r food for you u o e prepar

Dear Ko

ly, Sincere r Rolynte

Dear Korean Fr


It is Nice to m eet you. How are you? I hop are find and ki e you cking. I would like to meet yo to face but it u face is impossible. My favorite fo rice and chicke od is n. What is yo ur favorite fo love singing an od? I d laughing. In Kenya, our dai is maize. Everyb ly food ody loves maize . Would you lik taste maize? I e to love volleyball. My friend and volleyball so m I lo ve uch. It is also good for the because it help body s our bodies to become strong my leisure time, er. In I read storyboo ks, novels and with my friend play s. I hope we w ill meet here in country Kenya our . You are welco med in our bea country. utiful Sincerely, Vallery


an Friend

ke I would li ? t s o m e you lik od do ! What do ootball. Which fo two u o y t e e the like f Nice to m i because orea? use me I k a a c m e a b s w d to kno gali an ou in K e I like u t about y e to know M a h ? e W k . li a u y yo en ld lik food in K e? I wou eat snails. Is are staple staple food ther cook and he out What is t hat Korean people to know a lot ab t e e k ry ? if it is tru r friend I would li about your count ea ll me d preit true? D l sites an please te a u ic o r y o t is ld h u es. Korea. Co ry Kenya we have n d re s e r v a s k r a p t un st and aches, In m y co sandy be t mountain in Ea , s e it s l ic it y. s historica nd large h v o lc a n o g c u e o s r h e t h to t d ould like as forme We h a v e w w I It ? e . r a e f r ic s th ime to C e n t r a l A t there are tiger an o t her t e v a a h h t e I wish w Is it true t t er bu t e b u o y know ate. communic nd, nyan frie e K r u o y It is me Allan

Dear Kore

Chapter 2. Storypal Characters

Characters Inside the Stories

Garlic Man From Asia Age 10 Personality He is kind but When he is angry, he makes people cry Habit Crying Strength Science subjects Weakness Working ★ Created by Sunny, Adam Ethan, Ian, Hayden

Dumpling Seaweed Boy

Jack, The Rice Cake Boy

From Dumpling World Age 8 Personality Kind Habit Rolling, Blushing Strength Rolling fast and tightly Weakness Whisling ★ Created by Kristina, Joon, YoungJun, and Polina

From Spicy World Age 12 Personality When he gets angry, he blows fire out Habit Sticking to a wall Strength Running Weakness Soccer ★ Created by Cheng-Jun, Luis, Woojin, and Hyungchang

Characters Inside the Stories

Mr. Green


Mr. Red

From Near the Shambo Farm Age 7 Personality Friendly but quarrelsome with friends and family Habit Piercing things nearby Strength Making clothes Weakness Scratching ★ Created by Vallery, Rolynter, Allan

From Forest Age 13 Personality Unfriendly Habit Playing alone Strength Running Weakness Hunting ★ Created by Shadrack, Beatrice, Cynthia

From Near Baba Do go shcool Garden Age 10 Personality spicy Habit Making all the food spicy Strength Making you joyful by making food taste better ★ Created by Francisca, Renny, Ronald

Chapter 3. Storypal Stories

A Journey to a Hanbok Museum

Hayden Sunny




어느 날, 미스터 갈릭맨은 팬팔 친구 미스터 레드와 함께 모험을 떠났 어요. 이 모험은 한국의 전통의상인 한복이 어떻게 만들어지는지 알아 보기 위한 모험이었어요. One evening, Mr. Garlic man was having an adventure with his penpal friend, Mr. Red. It was an adventure to see how Hanbok, the Korea traditional clothing, was made.

두 친구는 한국 국립민속박물관으로 갔어요. The two friends went to the National Folk Museum in Korea.

한국의 전통의상 한복은 비단으로 만들어졌어요. 구경을 하니 너무 신이 났어요! 한복에는 오색빛깔이 물들어있고, 종류도 다양했어요. 여자 아이들은 치마를 입고 그 위에 저고리를 입어요. 남자 아이들은 바지와 저고리를 입고 그 위에 두루마기를 걸쳐요. Hanbok, the Korea traditional clothing, is made by silk. It was very exciting to see! There were so many different colors and types of Hanbok. Girls wear skirt and jugory, which is an upper clothing covering the arms and upper part of the body. Boys wear pants, jugory, and dooroomagi, which is similar to a jacket.

그런데, 이런! 갑자기 두 친구는 등뒤에 드리워진 그림자를 보았어요! 두 친구는 뛰 기 시작했어요. 왜냐하면 박물관은 밤에 아무도 못 들어오게 하기 때문이죠. But, uh-oh! Suddenly, the two friends saw a shadow behind! They started to run away because nobody was allowed in the museum at night. Mr. Garlic Man and Mr. Red saw a lady and started to run faster. Soon, they were caught by the lady. The lady waited for a long time, but the two friends had nothing to say.

때 마침, 두 친구는 투명하게 변했어요. Just in time, the two friends became invisible in front of the lady.

두 친구는 마법의 열쇠를 가지고 탈출 할 수 있었어요. The two friends had a magic key to help them escape.

모험이 끝났어요. 박물관에서 비밀스럽게 가져온 한복을 가지고 나왔어요. 집으로 돌아간 친구들은 행복하게 살았어요. The adventure was over. The two friends secretly had Hanbok for themselves from the museum. They returned home safely and lived happily ever after.

The End

Two Friends Go to a Kimchi Palace

Woojin Cheng-Jun


Hyun Chang

어느 날, 떡볶이 소년 잭은 김치 성을 발견 했어요. 김치 성은 어마 어마하게 컷어요. One day, Jack, the Spicy Ricecake Boy, found a Kimchi palace. The Kimchi palace was very big.

한 기사가 성문을 지키고 있었어요. One Knight stood in front of the palace at night to protect the Kimchi palace.

잭이 제일 좋아하는 음식은 김치였어요. 김치는 여러 종류의 김치를 보고 기뻐했어요. 총각 김치, 오이 김치, 물 김치가 있었어요. Jack’s favorite food was Kimchi. He was excited to see so many types of Kimchi to eat. There were Chong-gak Kimchi, Cucumber Kimchi, and white, non-spicy Kimchi.

성으로 들어간 잭은 가장 맛있는 김치를 만든 사람에 게 상을 준다는 포스터를 보았어요. 세상에서 가장 맛 있는 김치를 찾는 대회였어요! Inside the palace, Jack saw a poster and it said that the best Kimchi made will win a prize. It was a contest for finding the most delicious Kimchi in the world!

잭은 콘테스트에 참가했어요. 많은 사람들 속에서 잭 은 불안해졌어요. 상은 케냐로 가는 비행기표였어요. J a c k w e n t t o t h e c o n t e s t . T h e re w e re a l o t o f people, and Jack was nervous. The prize was an airplane ticket to go to Kenya.

잭은 캐냐로 가고 싶은 마음이 굴뚝 같았어요. 왜냐하면 제일 친한 친구 미스터 그 린이 그 곳에 살기 때문이었어요. 잭은 김치를 참 잘 만들어서 열심히 연습했어요. 한 시간 후, 대회가 시작되었어요. 잭은 최선을 다했지만 우승하지 못했어요. 그래 서 잭은 울고 또 울었어요. Jack really wanted to go to Kenya, because Mr. Green who was his best friend lived there. Jack was very good at making Kimchi so he practiced a lot. After one hour, it was contest time. Jack tried his best, but he lost and he cried and cried.

갑자기 바람이 불더니 잭 앞으로 비행기표 가 날아왔어요. Suddenly, the wind blew and the ticket flew away and landed in front of Jack.

잭은 달려가서 비행기표를 잡았어요. 잭은 케냐에 있는 친구를 한국으로 데려오고 싶었어요. 그래서 잭은 공항 으로 달려가서 비행기를 타고 캐냐로 갔어요. Jack ran to the ticket and grabbed it. He wanted to bring his Kenya friend to Korea. So, Jack ran to the airport and flew to Kenya.

잭은 미스터 그린을 만나서 함께 한국으로 돌아왔어요. 둘은 함께 김치 성으로 갔어요. Jack found his friend Mr. Green, and came back to Korea. They went to the Kimchi palace together.

잭과 미스터 그린은 함께 김치 만드는 법을 배웠어요. 함께 김치를 만드는 것은 재미있 었어요. 먼저 배추를 자르고 소금물에 한 동안 담궈 두어요. 그 다음에 양념을 만들어야 해요. 마지막으로 소금간이 된 배춧잎에 양념을 발라야 해요. They lear ned how to make Kimchi. It was fun making Kimchi together. First, you cut the cabbage and put it in salt water for a long time. Then, you need to make the spicy paste. Finally, you need t o s p re a d t h e p a s t e o n e a c h l e a v e o f cabbage.

김치를 좋아하는 친구를 위해서 잭은 김치를 더 많이 만들 었어요. 미스터 그린은 김치를 캐냐로 가져가서 친구들과 나누어 먹었어요. M r. G r e e n l i k e d K i m c h i s o J a c k m a d e m o r e f o r h i s Kenyan friend. Mr. Green brought it back to Kenya to share with his friends.

The End

An Adventure to the Palace

Polina Kristina



어느 날, 미역튀김맨은 캐냐 친구 제스와 함께 경복궁으로 모험을 떠났어요. O nce upon a time, dumpling seaweed man went to Kyungbok palace with his Kenya friend, Jesse.

두 친구는 임금과 왕비의 방으로 들어가 임금과 왕비 가 이야기 나누는 것을 보았어요. The two friends went to the king and queen’s room and saw the king and queen talking.

두 친구는 재빨리 그 방을 지나서 비밀의 방으로 들어 갔어요. 그 곳에는 많은 보물이 있었는데, 두 친구는 동전 하나를 갖길 원했어요. They quickly passed the room and went inside a secret room. There were many treasures and the two friends wanted to get one coin.

바로 그때, 왕과 왕비가 성을 돌아다니다가 미역튀김맨과 제스를 발 견했어요. 두 친구는 큰일 났어요. 두 친구는 도망쳤지만 포위되었어 요. 병사들이 둘을 잡아서 감옥에 가두었어요. Just then, the king and queen were looking around the palace and saw the Dumpling seaweed man and Jesse. The two friends were in trouble. The two friends ran, but they were trapped. Soldiers caught them and put them in jail.

하지만, 두 친구는 비밀의 방에서 가져온 마법의 동전이 생각났어 요. 그 동전은 비밀의 문자를 해석하고 문을 열 수 있었어요. 두 친 구는 함께 힘을 합쳐서 탈출에 성공했어요! 감옥 문은 투명해져서 병사들의 눈 앞에서 사라졌어요! However, the two friends remembered that they had a magic coin from the secret room. The coin could read secret messages and open the secret door. They worked together to get out, and they did! The door became invisible and the soldiers couldn’t see them!

둘은 있는 힘껏 달려서 집으로 도망쳤어요. 미역튀김맨과 제스 는 한국과 캐냐에 있는 친구들에게 경복궁 모험에 관한 이야기 를 들려주었고, 행복했어요. They ran as fast as they could to their home. Dumpling seaweed man and Jesse told everything about their trip to friends in Korea and Kenya, and they were happy.

The End

Friendship Over Water




In a forest called Mau Mr. Red and Jack, the Rice Cake Boy lived as neighbors. In that neighborhood they shared one source of water. It was a very large pool of fresh water. Jack, the Rice Cake Boy mostly used the water for cooking while Mr. Red mostly used the pool for playing. After getting dirty in the dust he would jump in the water and make it very dirty. 마우라는 숲에는 미스터 레드와 떡볶이 소년 잭이 살고 있었어요. 서로 이웃인 미스터 레드와 잭은 같은 곳에서 물을 얻었어요. 그 곳에는 아주 크고 깨끗한 물 웅덩이가 있었어요. 잭은 주로 음식을 하기 위해 물을 사용했고 미스터 레드는 물놀이를 했어요. 미스터 레드는 온통 흙투성이가 된 채로 웅덩이로 뛰어들어 물을 더럽혔어요.

Jack always complained about that issue but his neighbor Mr. Red did not change his behavior. One day Jack found Mr. Red dirtying the pool. He complained again about the behavior very bitterly and made Mr. Red angry. Mr. Red then decided to chase Jack away from the neighborhood. 잭은 미스터 레드에 대해 항상 불평했지만 미스터 레드는 변하지 않았어요. 어느 날, 잭은 미스터 레드가 웅덩이를 더럽히고 있는 것을 발견했어요. 잭은 다시 한 번 신경 질을 내며 불평했는데, 이 것 때문에 미스터 레드는 화가 났어요. 미스터 레드는 잭을 내쫓아버리기로 마음먹었어요.

Mr. Red did not resist. He relocated to another place called Ngong. There he made friends with Jane, the Frog. Jane was a kind hearted and the Frog had a very soft green skin. Mr. Red and Jane became very close and every day after each of them had done all their home chores they sat down shared stories. 미스터 레드는 반대하지 않았어요. 그는 공이라는 곳으로 가서 살았어요. 그 곳에서 미스터 레드는 제인이라는 친구와 개구리를 만났어요. 제인은 마음씨가 정말 착했고, 개구리는 정말 부드러운 피부를 가졌어요. 미스터 레드와 제인은 아주 친해져서 매일 집안 일이 끝나면 만나서 이야기를 나누었어요.

One day as they were sharing stories Mr. Red decided to tell Jane about Jack – his old neighbor and how their closeness ended. After hearing this story Jane thought he had to do something to bring Jack and Mr. Red together. 어느 날 미스터 레드는 제인에게 잭의 이야기를 했어요. 옛날 이웃과 어떻게 싸우게 되었는지를 말이에요. 이야기를 다 들은 제인은 잭과 미스터 레드를 화해시켜주고 싶었어요.

Few days later, Jane invited Jack for a long walk. When Jack asked about where they were going he said; “It’s just a walk we’re taking, pal.” After entering the Mau Forest it didn’t take long and they met Mr. Red. At first Jack wanted to beat up Mr. Red but Jane prevented him from doing so. 며칠 뒤, 제인은 잭에게 산책을 가자고 말했어요. 잭이 어디로 가냐고 물었을 때, 제인은 “그냥 걷는 거야, 친구.” 라고 대답했어요. 마우 숲에 도착하고 얼마 지나지 않아 제인과 잭은 미스터 레드를 만났어요. 잭은 미스터 레드를 때려주고 싶었지만, 제인이 말렸어요.

Mr. Red felt very guilty about having chased away Jack. He confessed it and apologized. Thereafter Jane asked Jack to forget whatever happened in the past and shake hands with Mr. Red. He agreed and forgave his old friend. The three then agreed to live side by side near the big pool of fresh water. 미스터 레드는 잭을 쫓아낸 것이 미안했어요. 미스터 레드는 솔직하게 말하고 사과했어요. 그 이후 제인은 잭에게 지난 일은 그만 잊고 미스터 레드와 악수 하라고 했어요. 잭은 그렇게 하기로 하고 옛 친구를 용서했어요. 세 친구는 앞으로 큰 웅덩이 옆에서 모여 살기로 했어요.

The End

Friends No More




Once upon a time there lived two great friends. One was Dumpling Seaweed while the other was Jesse, the Lion. They used to do most of the things together. For example they always visited one another, ate food together and played different games. 옛날 옛적에 두 멋진 친구들이 있었어요. 미역튀김과 사자 제스였어요. 둘은 모든 것 을 함께 하곤 했어요. 서로의 집에 놀러 가고, 음식을 함께 먹고, 여러 가지 놀이를 함께 했어요.

Since Jesse was the king of the jungle many animals around feared and respected him. And because of this fact Dumpling Seaweed always felt very safe while walking with him. 제스는 정글의 왕이었기 때문에 숲속의 많은 동물들이 제스를 두려워하며 존경했어요. 그래서 미역튀김은 제스와 함께 있으면 항상 안전하게 느꼈어요.

One day there was a party in Jesse’s palace. Since Dumpling Seaweed was his best friend he invited him first. That night Jesse introduced Dumpling Seaweed to all the animals in attendance. All the animals developed great fear and respect for Dumpling Seaweed immediately. At the party all the animals ate, drunk and had fun. 어느 날, 제스의 집에서 파티가 열렸어요. 미역튀김은 제스의 단짝 친구였지 때문에 가장 먼저 초청을 받았어요. 그날 밤 제스는 미역튀김을 모든 동물들에게 소개했어요. 모두 미역튀김을 두려워하며 존경하기 시작했어요. 모두 파티에서 먹고 마시며 즐거운 시간을 보냈어요.

While this was going on, Jesse took his friend Dumpling Seaweed around to show him all the corners of the palace and the nearby jungle. 파티가 진행되는 동안 제스는 미역튀김에게 자신의 성과 정글을 구경시켜줬어요.

After walking for sometime a good friend of Jesse came by. It was the Hyena. Jesse then told his friend Dumpling Seaweed to continue looking around while he talks with the Hyena. Apparently, Dumpling Seaweed knew about a very bad secret about Jesse. He decided to take the opportunity to share out that secret with the other animals at the party. He thought they would revolt against Jesse and make him their new king. 조금 뒤, 제스의 친구가 다가왔어요. 바로 하이에나였어요. 제스는 미역튀김에게 자신이 하이에나와 이야기 하는 동안 계속 구경 하라고 했어요. 그런데 미역튀김은 제스의 나쁜 비밀들을 알고 있었어요. 이 기회에 파티에 온 모든 동물들에게 그 비밀을 알려주기로 마음먹었어요. 그렇게 하면 동물들이 제스를 몰아내고 자신은 새로운 왕이 될 것이라고 생각했어요.

Dumpling Seaweed had no idea he was preparing his own downfall. As he was talking Leopard who was another good friend of Jesse rushed over to him and told him he was being betrayed at the party. Jesse quickly gathered his guards and rushed back to the party. They arrested Dumpling Seaweed and locked him up in a dark underground jail for many years. 미역튀김은 스스로 자기 무덤을 파고 있다는 것을 몰랐어요. 제스가 동물들에게 이야기를 하는 동안 제스의 좋은 친구 표범이 제스에게 달려가 미역튀김이 배신을 했다고 알려줬어요. 제스는 재빨리 호위병사들을 불러서 파티장소로 돌아갔어요. 미역튀김은 붙잡혀 지하 감옥에 수 년간 갇히게 되었어요.

The End

Great Friendship




Long time ago Garlic Man and Mr. Green Sisal were good friends. They used to meet at their farm and work together. In the farm they planted maize and beans to feed their families. 옛날 옛적에 마늘맨과 미스터 그린이라는 두 친구가 있었어요. 둘은 농장에서 만나곤 했어요. 농장에서 둘은 가족들을 위해 옥수수와 콩을 심었어요.

After working very hard their crops started to grow. But they had a big problem. Birds and other wild animals would come and destroy their crops. 열심히 농사를 짓자 옥수수와 콩이 자라기 시작했어요. 하지만 두 친구에게는 문제가 있었어요. 새와 다른 야생 동물들이 와서 농사를 망쳤어요.

Garlic Man and Mr. Green Sisal sat together to find a solution to their problem. They tried every method that they thought but failed. For example, they made a scarecrow and put it at the center of their farm. Before long the birds got used to it and didn’t stop eating their crops.

Mr. Green Sisal released his sharp thorns and pricked the wild animals while Garlic Man released a very bitter liquid which landed in their eyes. The wild animals suffered great pain all over their bodies and ran away in confusion. 미스터 그린이 자신의 날카로운 가시로 동물들을 찌르는 동안 갈릭맨은 자신의 매운 액체를 동물들에게 뿌렸어요. 야생 동물들은 온 몸에 고통을 느끼고 혼란스러워하며 도망갔어요.

From that day on Garlic Man and Mr. Green Sisal got a lot of produce from their farm. Their families had so much food to eat that they gave out some to their neighbors. They lived happily ever after. 그 이후 갈릭맨과 미스터 그린은 밭에서 큰 수확을 거두었어요. 둘의 가족은 풍요를 누리며 이웃과 음식을 나누었어요. 그들은 행복하게 살았어요.

갈릭맨과 미스터 그린은 함께 앉아 문제를 해결 할 방법을 고민했어요. 둘은 모든 방법을 시도해봤지만 실패했어요. 예를 들어, 허수아비를 만들어 밭에 세워두었지만 얼마 지나지 않아 허수아비에 익숙해진 새들이 계속 옥수수와 콩을 먹었어요.

“Enough is enough!” they said among themselves. They had to teach all the animals destroying their crops a lesson. Therefore Garlic Man and Mr. Green Sisal decided to spend the night in their farm. As usual the animals came to eat their crops. “이제 그만!” 둘은 말했어요. 농사를 방해하는 동물들에게 본때를 보여줘야 했어요. 그래서 갈릭맨과 미스터 그린은 밭에서 하루 밤을 지새우기로 했어요. 여느 때처럼 동물들이 농작물을 먹기 위해 다가왔어요.

The End

Chapter 4. Epilogue

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Star Team Sunny, Ethan, Adam, Ian, Hayden was hard but also fun. It was It took a long time for us to write a story. It was fun because we drew the hard because it was lots of words to write. It ! pictures too. We can’t wait till you see our book

Good Friends Team , Polina Kristina, Young-Jun, Joon

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Author Autographs "A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow." – William Shakespeare


A u t h o r s ㅣStudents from CDS & Masomo Mashinani P u b l i s h e r ㅣSTORYCOOKERS Dongdaemun-gu, Heogiro 85 KAIST #7415 Seoul, South Korea Publishing DateㅣMay 30, 2014 Set I S B Nㅣ978-89-98944-24-7 77800 I S B Nㅣ978-89-98944-27-8 77800

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The End

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Storypals from Cheongna Dalton School & Masomo Mashinani  
Storypals from Cheongna Dalton School & Masomo Mashinani