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It was a beautiful Sunday morning. “Madhumita! Wake up! It’s Priya’s birthday today,” shouted her mother loudly. Madhumita dragged herself from the bed to get ready. Her first thought was, “I have to get Priya a gift immediately!” She finished her breakfast quickly and left the house. Madhumita cycled as fast as she could towards the gift shop. The shop was a huge one! Filled with stuffed toys, birthday cards and trinkets, like key chains and earrings. A big, brown, cuddly teddy bear with a giant red bow on the head caught her eye.


She knew that Pooja loved teddy bears and had recently lost hers. “That’s what I will get her. I know she will love it.” thought Madhumita. The shopkeeper gift wrapped it in a shiny, silver wrapping paper and handed it to Madhumita. She left the shop, hugging the teddy. She couldn’t wait to see what Pooja would name him! He was almost as cute as Raju, Chotta Bheem’s little friend. She then placed the teddy behind her seat and began to cycle happily towards Pooja’s house for her birthday party. Suddenly, she felt someone pulling her cycle!


She turned around to see Kalia Pehalwan pulling her cycle from below her. THUD! She fell to the ground. She gingerly lifted herself up, dusted herself off and the first thing she saw was Kalia Pehalwan running away with Raju the teddy in his hands! “The teddy bear! It’s gone! Help!” she screamed! Madhumita suffered a minor bruise on her arm, but that didn’t matter right now! The teddy was more important! She couldn’t chase after Kalia on her cycle; she would never be able to get him. Only one option remained. A super heroine to fight a super villain.


CODE M! Madhumita spun around like a tornado and changed into her new avatar! She may look like any other regular girl. But she’s Super M, as they call her in her Code world! She protected the world from evil with super codes and programs. Just like her super friend Chhota Bheem protects everyone with his intelligence and strength! Programs are like mantras that do different things through computers. Like Madhumita’s super video watch allowed her to write programs and call people. Her belt was no ordinary belt either. When she pressed ‘ENTER’ on the super buckle, boom! The program would start working!


Super M looked through her super glasses and saw that Kalia Pahalwan had taken the teddy bear and was running down MG Road, with an evil cackle. She decided to call Chhota Bheem with her big, blue video call watch. “Chhotu! Kalia Pahalwan has taken the teddy I got for Priya. What do I do?” “Super M! He’s stealing birthday gifts again? He has been taking them from all the children in our village also. He never had nice birthday parties when he was younger. So, now his mission is to destroy the birthdays of other children!” “He cannot do this to Priya. She is my best friend! Do you think he’s going to go to her house?”


“He is probably at the party right now trying to sneak the birthday cake,” said Chhota Bheem. “Well then, I will take care of him this time, Chhotu.” Saying this, Super M turned back into Madhumita and cycled at full speed past MG Road to Priya’s house. She arrived and saw Priya. Everyone was busy having fun and playing games. She quickly scanned the house and spotted Kalia Pahalwan lurking around the kitchen door.


She stood by the corner table and turned around, transforming once more into Super M! Super M quickly wrote a program for Kalia Pahalwan to get a body virus. Just like a computer virus. ENTER! The program worked. Kalia suddenly started scratching his body and he couldn’t stand straight anymore. It became so unbearable that he started crying. “Kalia, where have you kept Priya’s teddy? Give it to me else you will keep scratching forever!” said Super M, sternly.


“Oh my God, it’s Super M!!” screamed Kalia. He vanished and in a few seconds he was back with the teddy. “Here, take it. But please stop the virus now. I feel as if there are bugs all over me! I can’t bear it anymore!” cried Kalia. “That’s not all. You’re going to have to return all the birthday gifts and cakes you’ve stolen! The virus won’t de-bug you until all those children are happy again.” “Okay, okay. I promise I will.”


That was easy, she grinned. And now it was time for the birthday surprise. ENTER! Suddenly there was an explosion of colourful balloons in the room. The “Happy Birthday” song fills the air. And a delicious chocolate cake with chocolate chips appeared on the table with candles lit and ready to grant birthday wishes. “Madhumita, thank you for this lovely teddy. My birthday has been amazing!” said an ecstatic Priya, giving Madhumita a tight hug.


Just as Priya was about to cut the cake, the doorbell rang. Priya opened it and her friends heard a small squeal of happiness. She came back inside with a box of laddoos. A small card on the box said, “Happy Birthday, Priya! Remember that we all have superheroes within us. Love, Chhota Bheem.” Priya, Madhumita and their friends cut the cake, played with the balloons and had a lovely day. Just before Madhumita went to sleep that night, she got a call on her video watch. It was Bheem. “Super M! All the children have gotten their gifts back from Kalia. Today is such a joyful day here. All the birthday celebrations took place together! And it all happened because of you. You really saved the day.”


Glossary Dragged Immediately Trinkets Recently Gingerly Suffer Bruise Option Tornado Avatar Regular Protect Intelligent Strength Ordinary Cackle Mission

Pull with a lot of force Very quickly Small pieces of jewellery Not a very long time ago Carefully To go through something bad, such as suffer from a cold To get hurt Choice Storm without rain but very heavy winds which pulls everything towards it. To come into another form. For example, if you get angry at someone then you change into your angry avatar or angry form. Common, normal To save Having a very sharp mind To be very powerful physically. For example, chotta bheem has a lot of strength. Common Laughter Project. For example in this story, Priya is on a mission to get the teddy bear back that she got as a gift for Priya.

Destroy Scanned Lurking Unbearable Transform Grinned Explosion Ecstatic Squeal

Spoil, Ruin Searched Hiding Too much to go through. For example, if you fall while cycling the pain is unbearable. To change To give a secret smile Blast Very happy Excited laughter

Vaishali Shroff Writer Vaishali Shroff is a writer and story-teller. She writes because it makes her think and imagine. Like little Anju from her book ‘Raindrops’ by Tulika Publishers. Like her son who thinks that white cows give plain milk and brown cows give Bournvita. Like all children who think of being superheroes someday!

Sahana Srinivasan Illustrator Sahana’s parents told her she could be everything she wants to be, and she plans to spend her life doing just that.


The Adventures of Code M!