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Jennifer was going to the biggest mall in the city with her parents. She was the chocolate champion of her school and she was going to compete with the champions from fifty schools for a BIG prize! The new chocolate shop in the mall had organized a chocolate eating competition. Jennifer had won from her school by eating TWENTY ONE huge bars of chocolate. Her young brother, James, and her best friend, Meenakshi Devi, were coming along to cheer her. Her mother carried a large bottle of lemon water. She was afraid Jennifer would make herself sick, eating so many chocolates!


The competition was much tougher than the school competition. This time Jennifer had to eat THIRTY TWO chocolate bars! But she won! James and Meenakshi Devi cheered loudly. “It’s a good thing you are so crazy about chocolates,” laughed Dad. The prize was announced, and Jennifer almost fainted with delight! One week in Dubai with her hero, Virat Kohli!


Jennifer went home with her head in the clouds! The chocolate company had given her booklets and travel material about Dubai. They were going to arrange for her passport, visa and other papers. She was to fly to Dubai with Virat in ten days!


That night, and on all the nights upto her trip, Jennifer dreamed about Dubai. The beautiful pictures in the travel material seemed to come live in her dreams. Mom and Dad were arranging for some nice clothes for her. James and Meenakshi Devi were so excited for her that they kept shouting the news to everyone!


At last the big day arrived! Jennifer wore her favourite black dress. A car from the chocolate company came to take her to the airport. Mom, Dad, James and Jennifer came along too. They met Virat Kohli at the airport. He was extremely charming! James and Meenakshi Devi were thrilled to meet him and demanded autographs. Soon it was time to check in. Jennifer and Virat waved goodbye to the others and entered the airport.


Jennifer stared, wide-eyed, at the shining interior of the airport, the conveyor belts, the check-in counters and the large screens flashing flight information. The flight to Dubai was another adventure. Jennifer was a little scared during take-off, but soon started enjoying herself as she was served candy, cold-drinks and delicious food. As they reached near Dubai, Virat pointed out the wonderful view from the air! Dubai was a shining island, full of tall buildings, wide roads and sparkling waterways. They stayed at The Atlantis, the best hotel in Dubai!


Next day, they started sightseeing. They visited the Mall of Emirates. It was larger than Jennifer could have imagined, and full of wonderful things! Next they went to the Dubai Mall aquarium, which is the largest aquarium in the world! Jennifer was thrilled and watched the dolphins and other water animals for a long time!


They also went for a desert safari. Jennifer was really surprised! Sand everywhere! Riding on camels! And sleeping in comfortable tents at night! What fun!


Their last destination was Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world! They went up to the top, far above the clouds, and Jennifer stared in amazement! She couldn’t wait to tell James and Meenakshi Devi all about the incredible view.


The trip to Dubai changed Jennifer’s life. On the last day, she won a book quiz organized by the hotel. Virat had come to know how much she loved reading and he had entered her name. The prize was a scholarship fund. She would now be able to fulfill her dream of becoming a computer engineer!


Glossary Organized Afraid Announced Material Arranging Extremely Charming Interior Conveyer-belt Check-in counter Waterways Sparkling Thrilled Safari Sightseeing Comfortable

To manage To be scared To say loudly in front of a lot of people Things needed to make something. Eg. Wheat is needed to make chappattis To put in order Very much A quality that pleases everyone Inside A remote-controlled round wheel which brings luggage at the airport Counter where luggage is given at the airport Large water bodies like seas and oceans Glittery Excited A trip to see wild animals To go and see the popular locations of a place At ease

Incredible Scholarship Fulfill Amazement Destination

Very nice Money given by schools/colleges/government for studies Finish/complete A surprise that makes people happy Final place to go to


Parul Gupta Writer Parul is an editor, researcher and former journalist. She writes stories for Chicken Soup for the Soul and is running ‘Keystone Creatives’ workshops where students have fun while learning English. She is a full-time mom and has recently started writing children’s stories. This is her first children’s story to be published.

Sangeeta Das Illustrator Since childhood, I’ve loved colours, flowers, sitting on trees, plucking fruits, rolling on the grass and dreaming about travelling around the world. I used to narrate long imaginary tales which my father would record on tape. Now I write & enact silly tales of travel & dreams to make children happy, and I paint pictures to make those stories seem real.


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