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Anju lay in bed, trying to go to sleep after the long day at school, when suddenly, she heard a ‘SQUEAK’ by her ear. She jumped up when she saw a small mouse and jumped in shock when it said, “Anju! Come quick! The Fairy Godmother is in need of you.”


Anju quickly followed the mouse and soon found herself face to face with Cinderella and the fairy Godmother. “Anju,” the Godmother said, “Cinderella is supposed to attend the “Hum Saath Saath Hain” Reunion Ball today and she wanted mehendi on her hands to impress Salman Khan. I know that you are the best mehendi designer in the whole neighborhood. Will you help us, please?”


Before Anju could reply there was a huge “AAACHOOO” from Cinderella. She had caught a nasty cold! The Fairy Godmother tried every spell in her book, but the sneezing continued. “Oh no!” said Cinderella. “I really wanted to see Salman Khan! Anju, will you go to the party instead of me, and at least get me an autograph?” Anju quickly agreed. She loved Salman Khan!


The Fairy Godmother tuned Anju’s dress into a beautiful pink sari with matching slippers and gave her an enchanted chocolate car to carry her to the ball.


Anju looked like a princess as she walked the red carpet and the mouse, Chottu, guided her to the ballroom. She spotted Salman with Karisma Kapoor and was just about to meet him when Chottu spotted three women and whispered, “Anju! Those are Cinderella’s wicked step-sisters. I hope they’re not up to any mischief!”


Later, Anju walked past the women and overheard, “…the moment Salman touches this ring, he will be bewitched and he’ll sign the cheque for 100crore as if it’s only an autograph. Muahahahaha.”


Anju was worried for Salman and tried to get to him but some fans blocked her way. The moment they cleared out, she saw the wicked step-sisters around him. One of them was saying, “Oh look Salman, seems like you dropped your ring! Here you go!” Just as Salman was about to take the ring, Anju ran and put herself between Salman and the sisters. Chottu leaped off her shoulder and bit the wicked step-sister’s hand so that she yelped and dropped the ring. “Quick, Chottu! Take the ring to the Fairy Godmother!” Anju said. Chottu ran away with the ring and the wicked sisters struggled to chase after him. “What’s all this about, young lady?” asked Salman. “Cinderella’s stepsisters!” Anju explained. “They were planning to trick you!”


“Thank you so much for helping me!” said Salman. “Would you like to dance with me?” He asked the band to play ‘Hud Hud Dabbang” and the everyone at the Ball started dancing. Anju danced all night! Salman even introduced her to Karisma Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan and all the other actors from ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’. She was just about to leave in her chocolate car when she remembered her promise to Cinderella. Anju hurried back and asked Salman for an autograph for Cinderella. Then Anju sat in the chocolate car and made her way back to the Fairy Godmother and Cinderella.


Then Anju told Cinderella all about the ball. Cinderella was so happy to see Salman’s autograph! The Fairy Godmother thanked Anju and said “You had better get going, little girl! You have school tomorrow! But before you leave, Cinderella and I have a present for you.” Anju opened her gift to see a Sari and a pair of slippers. “Thank you so much!” she said. “I hope we meet again soon!”


Anju went back through the trapdoor to her room and immediately fell asleep. When she woke up, she tried looking for the trapdoor, but she couldn’t find it. “I wish it hadn’t been a dream,” Anju thought as she started dressing for school. When she lifted her school bag, she found the Sari and the slippers Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother had gifted her. She couldn’t wait to tell Gayatri, Manju and Sanjana all about her midnight adventure!


Glossary Supposed Attend Reunion Enchanted Bewitched Struggled

To have to do something To be present at a place When people meet after a long time Magical Black magic To try very hard

Arathy Kushalappa Writer Miss Arathy Kushalappa is a second year law student who spends her time dreaming of the most amazing, magical land she has created in her head. She aspires to be a dragon-owning warrior princess, who maintains her identity in the real world as a ‘lawyer’.

Vasundharan Vasavan Illustrator Originally from God’s own country ‘Kerala’ and born & brought up in a paradise called ‘Goa’, Vasu is a B.Com graduate with advertising. He has worked as a painter, graphic artist, & illustrator for 12 years and is now into cartooning & animation. Born a Piscean, he loves to travel and listen to music.


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