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Stormont-Vail Foundation 2013 Honor Roll Stormont-Vail Foundation is grateful to the following donors for gifts received from Oct. 1, 2012 to Sept. 30, 2013. Millennium Circle Cumulative Gifts $1,000,000 and over Christ’s Hospital Corporation Lewis H. Humphreys Charitable Trust Stormont-Vail HealthCare Auxiliary Philanthropy Circle Cumulative Gifts $500,000 and over Capitol Federal Foundation Leadership Society Cumulative Gifts $100,000 - $499,999 Mr. and Mrs. H. Max Bennett Mr. and Mrs. James Birkbeck Mr. and Mrs. Dean Ferrell Mrs. Joanne Harrison Mr. and Mrs. Vernon L. Long Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Oliverius Dr. and Mrs. Kent Palmberg Mrs. Lou Probasco Mr. and Mrs. Mike Stanek Mrs. Liz Stratton Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Teeter Dr. and Mrs. Howard N. Ward Avis Van Lew Scholarship Fund Blanche Bryden Foundation Conkling-Hussey Trust DL Smith Electric, Inc. Goodell, Stratton, Edmonds, & Palmer, L.L.P. Kansas Medical Education Foundation Kansas Rehabilitation Hospital Lockton Companies McElroy’s, Inc. Pediatrix Medical Group, Inc. Security Benefit Topeka Community Foundation Westar Energy, Inc.

Founders Society Cumulative Gifts $25,000 - $99,999 Mr. and Mrs. S. K. Alexander III Dr. and Mrs. Curtis A. Baum Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Becker Mrs. Sue Brown Mr. Ronald Campbell Dr. John Evans Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Han Mr. James E. Harr and Dr. Kathleen Harr Mr. James Kilmartin Dr. and Mrs. Paul Kindling Dr. and Mrs. Allen Kossoy Mr. and Mrs. Ron Lutz Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mackey Dr. and Mrs. Ed Patrick Dr. Raymond Lumb and Mrs. Carol S. Perry Dr. and Mrs. Edwin Petrik Mr. Ronald Robb Mr. and Mrs. Ford Ross Mr. and Mrs. Don Schepker Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Sheehy Mr. and Mrs. Matt Taylor Dr. and Mrs. Norman Thoms Dr. Stanley Vogel and Reverend Sandy Vogel Dr. and Mrs. Eric Voth Dr. and Mrs. Steven C. Watkins Dr. and Mrs. W. Dan Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Vern Wheeler Mr. and Mrs. Bob Worthington Mr. and Mrs. Rudy E. Wrenick, Jr. Ms. Deb L. Yocum Berberich Trahan & Company, P.A. Betty B. Dicus Estate


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas Bob Florence Contractors, Inc. Brack & Associates, P. A. Brewster At Home Capital City Bank Century Health Solutions, Inc. Envista Credit Union Foulston Siefkin LLP Gilmore & Bell GTRUST Financial Partners Hansen Midgley Niemackl Jayhawk Fire Sprinkler Company jones huyett Partners June D. Billingham Trust Kansas Health Foundation March of Dimes Midwest Health Management, Inc. Payless ShoeSource Foundation Piper Jaffray Radiology and Nuclear Medicine LLC Sodexo Healthcare Services State of Kansas Stormont-Vail Medical Staff Stormont-Vail, Inc. U.S. Bank Woman’s Club of Topeka Zack Taylor Contracting, Inc. Heritage Society Cumulative Gifts $1,000 - $24,999 Ms. Anne Abbo Ms. Dorothy Adam Ms. Rosanne Adame Mrs. Cindy S. Adams Dr. Tewodros Addisse Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ahrens Mrs. Leigh A. Alexander Dr. Khalil Alleyne Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Anderson Mr. Jeffrey H. Anderson Ms. Monika Anderson Ms. Wanda Andrews

Stormont-Vail Foundation 2013 Donors Heritage Society Cumulative Gifts $1,000 - $24,999, Continued Mrs. Janice J. Arms Mr. and Mrs. Bill Baldock Ms. Ashley C. Barta Dr. Marcus Bassett Mr. Michael D. Bauer Dr. and Mrs. Brian Beard Ms. Lisa Bedford Ms. Madonna Beeghly Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Bell Mrs. Debbie Belveal Ms. Marlys J. Bennett Dr. and Mrs. John Bernard Mr. Joe Bicking Ms. Blenda Blankenship Ms. Angie Bolze Mrs. Linda Bond Ms. Judith Bone Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bradbury Mr. and Mrs. Rodney J. Bradbury Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Bradford Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bragdon Mrs. Juanita Breeding Ms. Carol Brown Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Burkhardt Ms. Diane Burton Mr. and Mrs. Roger Byler Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Caby Mr. and Mrs. Damon Carlton Ms. Colette Carson Dr. and Mrs. Maurice Cashman Mr. Chris Cason Dr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Cassidy Dr. and Mrs. John Chamberlin Mr. Randall Chapman Ms. Monica Chavez Dr. and Mrs. Chu-Chi Chen Ms. Mary A. Clearwater Mrs. Bobbie Clough Ms. Wilma D. Cochran Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Cole Mrs. Cynthia S. Cook Mrs. Linda L. Cook Mr. Stephen A. Cook Ms. Karen Copeland Mrs. Judy Corzine Mrs. Alice Cotton Mr. and Mrs. Warren Cox Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Craig, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Barry S. Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Richard Crawford

Dr. Kay Crider and Mr. Bill Thoman Dr. and Mrs. Steven Crouch Mr. and Mrs. David Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. David A. Curnutt Ms. S. Sidney Curtis Mr. and Mrs. Allen Cutter Ms. Shelley D’Attilio Ms. Deborah D’Orvilliers Ms. Kathy Davis Mr. Mark Davis Mrs. Terri Dean Ms. Frances Delfs-Langer Mrs. Marvene J. Devader Dr. Jamesina M. Dickson Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Dishman Ms. Margaret Dowd Mrs. Joyce Dryer Ms. Barbara Duncan Mr. Jack Eakins Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Fairbank Ms. Darlene Fike Mr. Doug Fincher and Dr. Sheri Fincher Mr. and Mrs. Gary Fleenor Mr. and Mrs. Steve Franken Mrs. Carol Frazee Ms. Ruth Fritton Ms. Mary E. Frost Ms. Dixie L. Gaines Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Gamber Dr. and Mrs. J. Douglas Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Webb Garlinghouse Mr. and Mrs. Harry Geier Mrs. Priscilla George Dr. and Mrs. Michael Giessel Ms. Lizbeth Gogolski Mr. Frank Goodrich Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Gottschalk Mr. Orvin Grondahl, Sr. Ms. Tamera J. Hales Dr. Sue Hall Mr. Stuart Hamilton Ms. Jennifer L. Harrison Mr. and Mrs. John Hartnett Dr. Russell Clay Harvey Ms. Irene K. Hasenbank Mr. Clayton Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Hay Mr. and Mrs. Paul Heidrick Ms. Loulu Heironimus Ms. Michelle Hetzel Mr. and Mrs. Greg Hildenbrand Ms. Terri Hillmer 2

Ms. Janet Hinely Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hopeck Ms. F. Renee Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Harlan E. Hunt Mr. Paul Huss Dr. and Mrs. Richard Isaacson Ms. Mary Kay Jackson Ms. Margaret Janulis Ms. Deborah K. Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Ted Jilek Ms. Renee Johnson Mr. Byron Jones Ms. Carolyn D. Jones Dr. and Mrs. Clifton Jones Dr. and Mrs. Jack Jones Mrs. Lois E. Jones Dr. Prudhvi Karumanchi Dr. and Mrs. Donney Kastner Mrs. Patricia A. Keithley Ms. Kari Kelly Dr. and Mrs. Brandan P. Kennedy Dr. Jacqueline L. Kenoly Dr. and Mrs. Robert Keys, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kilmartin Ms. Judy R. Kimmel Ms. Amy D. Kincade Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Kinzie Ms. Dolores Kirk Mr. and Mrs. Martin Klotzbach Ms. Kendi R. Knox Mr. and Mrs. William Koehn Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kongs Ms. Rene Konrade Mr. Mel Kopf Ms. Diana M. Kuhn Ms. Rebecca Lackey Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lane Mr. Robert Large Mr. and Mrs. Dan Lechner Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Leonard Reverend Janice Levering Dr. and Mrs. Lon Lewis Ms. Karlene M. Lockard Mr. Robert Loehr Mr. Brent Longwell Mr. and Mrs. Tom Luellen Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lumpkin Dr. and Mrs. Shawn Magee Mr. and Mrs. Darrel W. Mainz Dr. Osman Malik Dr. Bradley Marples and Dr. Aileen McCarthy Ms. Geraldine L. Marstall Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Martin

Stormont-Vail Foundation 2013 Donors Heritage Society Cumulative Gifts $1,000 - $24,999, Continued Mrs. Anne T. Martinez Mrs. Margaret Martinez Mrs. Loretta Massey Mr. and Mrs. Steven Maupin Mr. Mick McCallum Ms. Cheryl McConnell Dr. and Mrs. Michael T. McCoy Mrs. Julie McDowell Mr. and Mrs. Chris McGee Ms. Vicky McGrath Ms. Elizabeth A. McLain Ms. Jane E. McNeive Mrs. Mary B. Medcalf Ms. Denita Mellies Ms. Tiffany Mendel Dr. Walter Menninger Ms. Virginia Merlenbach Ms. Dawna L. Merten Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Metzger Ms. Angela Meyer Dr. and Mrs. Warren Meyer Ms. Amy Mitts Mr. and Mrs. Don Moler Mrs. Christine Moody and Mr. Stephen Spyres Mr. and Mrs. Mike Morris Mr. Larry Morris and Ms. Lori Drake Dr. Frisco Morse and Mrs. Adina Morse Dr. Arnold Mueller Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Mumford Mr. and Mrs. J. Kevin Murphy Mrs. Wilma Naethe Dr. Sharon Nathan Ms. Carolyn Nauheim Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Neufeld Ms. Karen Newell Mrs. Naomi Nibbelink Mr. and Mrs. Jere Noe Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Norris Dr. and Mrs. Robert O’Neil Chris and Connie O’Neill Ms. Diane Oelke Mr. and Mrs. Dan Osinski Mr. Stephen Page and Ms. Gwen McClain Mr. and Mrs. Eugene W. Palmberg Mr. and Mrs. James E. Palmberg Dr. and Mrs. Robert Parman Ms. Susan Parry

Ms. Shelby Patch Mr. Rickey M. Pattison Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Pavelka Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Payne Mr. and Mrs. Doug Pederson Mr. Donald I. Pekrul Dr. David Penn Mrs. Audrey Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Randy Peterson Dr. and Mrs. Robert Peterson Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Petterson Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Pollom Ms. Jean Pope Ms. Katrina Porter Dr. Robert Porter and Reverend Joan Porter Dr. and Mrs. Taylor L. Porter Dr. Patricia Pressman and Mr. Lawrence Pressman Mr. and Mrs. Steve Quick Mrs. Jackie Rajewski Dr. and Mrs. Bartlett Ramsey Ms. Betty Ramsey Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Raney Dr. and Mrs. James Ransom Ms. Sharon Reed Ms. Karen Reed-Coffman Ms. Susan Revell Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Ricci Mrs. Beverly Rice Ms. Nancy Rice Ms. Cynthia Richard Ms. Pamela Rissen Ms. Lesa F. Roberts Mr. Gary Robertson Dr. and Mrs. John Rockefeller Dr. and Mrs. Robert Roeder Mr. and Mrs. Joe A. Rose, Jr. Justice Eric and Dr. Libby Rosen Dr. and Mrs. Larry Rotert Mr. and Mrs. William E. Roth Mr. and Mrs. Mark Ruelle Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sabatini Dr. and Mrs. William Sachs Mr. and Mrs. John Salisbury Ms. Debra Salsbury Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Saylor Dr. and Mrs. William Schaetzel Mrs. Sherri Scheideman Drs. Kevin and Michelle Schierling Ms. Charlotte Schirmer Mrs. Betty Schlup Ms. Rene’ Schreiber Mr. Jerry Schroeder 3

Drs. Jon and Melissa A. Schroeder Mr. and Mrs. Greg Schultz Mr. Robert Schwarz Mr. Gary D. Schwinn Dr. and Mrs. Steven Seals Ms. Ramona L. Shimeall Ms. Darline Shogren Mr. and Mrs. Jack Shutt Ms. Kimberli K. Simmons Dr. Charyse Sindler and Mr. Harold Herman Mrs. Jill Sittenauer Ms. Mary E. Slattery Ms. Dayna L. Smerchek Ms. Connie J. Smith Ms. Donna K. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Lawton Dr. and Mrs. Scott Solcher Mr. Michael J. Spacil Mr. Gerald L. Spaulding Ms. Kristen Stafford Mr. John Stauffer Mrs. Jennifer M. Steere-Offermann Mrs. Lucy Stein Mr. and Mrs. Ken L. Stone Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Stratton Ms. Jill Straub Ms. Nancy Streeter and Mr. Raphael Smith Mr. and Mrs. William G. Struble Mr. James Swann Ms. Debra Swindale Dr. Glenn Swogger, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Mark Synovec Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Taggart Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Tajchman Ms. Teresa D. Taylor Drs. Scott Teeter and Peg McCarthy Ms. Joy Thomas Ms. Beverly J. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Toby Thompson Mrs. Jody Toerber-Clark Mr. and Mrs. Donald Tremain Ms. Kim Tyler Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Tyler Mr. Bill Uhner Ms. Belinda Underhill Mr. and Mrs. Roger Viola Ms. Connie Wagers Mr. Kevin Waite Ms. Jo Ann Waldy Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Wanamaker Mr. Ted E. Warren Ms. Christine Wedeking Mrs. Susan Weeks-Calander Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Welton Ms. Toni A. Wendling

Stormont-Vail Foundation 2013 Donors Heritage Society Cumulative Gifts $1,000 - $24,999, Continued Drs. F. James and Katherine Weyrens Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wienckowski Ms. Nancy L. Wilhelmson Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Williams Mr. Joseph R. Winslow Ms. Kirby Wittenbach Ms. Connie L. Wood Ms. Patricia L. Woodward Mr. and Mrs. Mike Worswick Mrs. Mary Wortman Dr. and Mrs. George W. Wright Dr. Lambert Wu and Ms. Julia Chu AAA Kansas AIG Matching Grants Program Aldersgate Village Atria Hearthstone Baker University Build-A-Bear Workshop Foundation Carson Charitable Trust Cassidy Orthodontics Cassling Chubb Group of Insurance Companies City of Topeka Coventry Health Care Crossland Construction Company, Inc. David L. Boxberger & Co. Denison State Bank Epic Systems Corporation Fairlawn Plaza Mall and Shopping Center Family Service & Guidance Center of Topeka, Inc. FHLBank Topeka First Impressions Printing Fraternal Order of Eagles No. 4319 Ladies Auxiliary Fremont Industries, Inc. Genzyme Hays Medical Center Foundation Horst, Terrill & Karst Architects, P.A. Jayhawk File Express, LLC Jayhawk Patient Supply JE Dunn Construction Johnson Controls, Inc. Kansas Gas Service Kansas Medical Mutual Insurance

Company KBS Constructors, Inc. Kelly-Heller Family Foundation KONE Inc. Laboratory Corporation of America Laird Noller Ford Lincoln Center, OB-GYN, P.A. McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. McPherson Contractors, Inc. Meritain Health Mize Houser & Company Murray Company NXStage Medical Inc. Parrish Hotel Corporation Polsinelli Shughart Prairie Band Casino & Resort Prairie Dog/TCG Professional Fire Alarm Systems, Inc. Quality Copy Service, Inc. Reser’s Fine Foods, Inc. Revenue Enterprises, LLC Sabatini Family Foundation Seminole Retail Energy Services Shaol & Evelyn Pozez Endowment Fund held at the JCF Stifel Nicolaus Stormont-Vail Auxiliary Group 8 Stormont-Vail HealthCare Stormont-Vail Retirees Stormont-Vail Volunteer Services Summit Strategies Group T and T Management Company, Inc. The Robb Company Topeka Country Club Topeka Ear, Nose and Throat US Foods Valeo Behavioral Health Care VALIC Washburn University Foundation Wolfe’s Camera Shop Women of the Moose Vail Society Cumulative Gifts $500 - $999 Mrs. Judith Ackeret Ms. Amy Anderson Mr. Stephen Anderson Ms. Linda Apodaca-Young Mr. Gerald S. Appelhans Mr. Charles Ashley Mr. and Mrs. Ted Ayres 4

Mr. George P. Barbee Mr. and Mrs. Kirby Barker Ms. Tena Bengtson Ms. Tiffany Beyer Mrs. Katy Black Dr. and Mrs. C. Richard Bonebrake Drs. Karissa and Kenneth Boyd Mrs. Tracy Bredow Ms. Linda R. Brown Ms. Brenda Bryant Mrs. Janice Burcham Ms. Judy Burghart Dr. Ernesto A. Cadorna Mr. Arthur Campbell Ms. Carla M. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Paul K. Clark Ms. Wendy J. Collins Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Cooley Ms. Gwendolyn Courter Ms. Jackie S. Creek Ms. Patricia Cress Ms. Kathy Dehn Mr. Mark Dickey Mrs. Kay Dittmer Mrs. Mary J. Elder Ms. Lisa Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Feist Ms. Kerri Fenoglio Ms. Janice Ferdon Ms. Lisa Flores Mrs. Debbie Freed Mr. and Mrs. Steve Fry Ms. Debra Gasper Dr. and Mrs. Dick Geis Mr. Ronald Gentry Dr. and Mrs. John H. Gilbert Ms. Salena Gillam Dr. and Mrs. David Gillham Ms. Sheila M. Gonzalez Mrs. Kristi Gosser Ms. Jean F. Gray Ms. Patricia Green Ms. Nancy Grove Ms. Kristina Gurera Mr. and Mrs. David Haefner Mr. and Mrs. Don Hall Mr. Victor K. Hall Ms. Olivia Handley Dr. JoAnn Harris Ms. Susan Hasselle Mr. Randy Haufler Mr. and Mrs. John Hayes Mr. Michael L. Hermanson Mr. Charles R. Horn

Stormont-Vail Foundation 2013 Donors Vail Society Cumulative Gifts $500 - $999, Continued Ms. Susan Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Rick Jackson Ms. Sally Jennings Mr. David Beck and Mrs. Lynette Joe-Beck Dr. and Mrs. Jon Jones Dr. Ali A. Kanchwala Ms. Nancy Kaul Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Kelly Ms. Deb Kirmer Ms. Joni M. Koch-Pfortmiller Mr. Albert W. Kossler Ms. Jenny Lamb Mrs. Chala Larocca Mr. and Mrs. Dale Larson Ms. Brenda Laurenti Ms. Toni Lee Ms. Susan Legino Ms. Vida Lewis Ms. Amber Long Ms. Kelly J. Lopez Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Mansfield Mr. Paul Mark Ms. Linda Mathena Ms. Katie McCollom Ms. Cherie McGinnis Dr. and Mrs. Richard Meidinger Ms. Renee’ Messer Ms. Brenda Moffitt Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Morgan Ms. Valerie Morgan Mr. John Morrow Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Moskow Ms. Michelle L. Myers Ms. Angela Ndungu Mr. Michael L. Neil Ms. Jamia Nelson Ms. Joan Niehues Ms. Diana Norden Dr. Masoud Noruzian Dr. Nancy Nowlin and Mr. Stuart Nowlin Ms. Cathy Nye Ms. Shirley Ogden Drs. Ken and Ruth Ohm Mr. and Mrs. John Ostenson Ms. Sharon Padgett Mr. William R. Patty Ms. Kathleen A. Payne Ms. Joyce E. Peckham Ms. Kristin D. Perez

Mr. Steven W. Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Prater Ms. Geraldine L. Prather Mrs. Judy Purkey Ms. Linda Ragsdale Ms. Mary Ramirez Ms. Leela Reddy Mrs. Opal Redwine Ms. Kimberlee Reed Ms. Stacy Reimer Dr. Mark Reintjes Mrs. MaraLou Rhodes Dr. Matthew Ricks Mr. Gary Rippel Ms. Debbie Roberts Ms. Dawnda L. Robinson-Bower Mr. Richard Ross Ms. Connie Rundle Dr. Saeedeh Salmanzadeh Ms. Karla Savoie Ms. Mary Sawtelle Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Sawyer Mr. James Schroff Ms. Tina A. Searcy Ms. Linda Sherman Ms. Shirley Simms Ms. Patricia Simonson Mr. Raymond Skinner Mr. James W. Sloan Mr. and Mrs. Dean Smith Ms. Chandra Speare Ms. Debra J. Taylor Ms. Thelma Taylor Ms. Janis Teague Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Teply Ms. Linda D. Thomsen Ms. Connie Uttinger Mrs. Pamela J. Vargas Ms. Joanne K. Vobach Ms. Candice Wainwright Dr. and Mrs. Royce Walz Ms. Judy Ward Mr. and Mrs. Ken Weisenberger Ms. Christie E. White Mr. Maurice White Dr. Bradley Woods and Dr. Whitney Kalin Ms. Elizabeth J. Yadon Ms. Carolyn Zeller Advisors Excel Answer Topeka Butler & Associates, P.A. Emergency Physicians of Topeka, PA 5

Harmon Construction, Inc. Omnicell Safe Kids Worldwide Caring Friends Mr. Cecil C. Abella Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Agey Ms. Deborah Agnew Mr. Allan Alexander Mr. Seth Alford Ms. Patricia Allen Mr. Richard L. Allen Ms. Lila M. Altis Ms. Chris G. Alumbaugh Ms. Charlene R. Amon Mr. Jerry Anders Dr. and Mrs. Cy Anderson Mr. Jim Anderson Ms. Theresa Anderson Mr. and Mrs. David Appelhanz Ms. Serrell Aranda Ms. Karen Arney Mr. Shawn Ashinhurst Mr. and Mrs. Rawlin D. Ashwill Ms. Martha Badger Ms. Anna N. Bailey Mr. and Mrs. George Baird Ms. Amy L. Baker Ms. Jolene A. Balch Ms. Bernell Baldwin Ms. Amy Bandel Ms. Linda E. Barbery Ms. Evelyne L. Barger Ms. Jill Barnes Ms. Kelly Barnes Dr. James A. Barnett Ms. Ginger Barr Ms. Mary A. Barr Ms. Alice B. Bartlett, Ph.D. Mr. and Mrs. Keith Batterman Ms. Anne Baughman Ms. Kimberly D. Bauman Ms. Rhonda Bauman Mr. Larry Beam Ms. Caprice Becker Ms. Dianne Benaka Ms. Sally Benfer Mr. Jason Bengel Ms. Cheri J. Bennett Ms. Lavern C. Bergstrom Ms. Julie Bernal Ms. Alice Bernhardt Ms. Lorraine S. Berreth-Brazier Ms. Jaime D. Berroth Mr. and Mrs. Scott Berroth Ms. Jeanne Billings Ms. Jessica Billings

Stormont-Vail Foundation 2013 Donors Caring Friends, Continued Ms. April Birk Ms. Donna M. Bishop Ms. Darla Blackwell Mr. and Mrs. Keith Blalock Ms. Erica L. Bletscher Ms. Jill Blosser Ms. Reta Boggs Ms. Stacey Boltz Ms. Barbara L. Boos Mr. Larry Bork Ms. C. D. Bottorff Ms. Mary E. Bowhay Ms. Ruby E. Bozarth Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brackey Mr. and Mrs. Ryan L. Bramhall Ms. Cynthia A. Brandau Ms. Beth Anne Branden Dr. and Mrs. Mark Brandsted Mr. and Mrs. Les Brandt Ms. Diana Bratts Mr. and Mrs. Greg Brennan Ms. Mary Beth Brennan Mr. Kyle Brewster Mr. Jack Brier Ms. Jessica Briggs Ms. Mandy Britton Mr. Bruce Broaddus Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Brockhoff Mr. and Mrs. Mike Brose Ms. Angela Brown Ms. Eloise A. Brown Ms. Jana K. Brown Ms. Michelle Brown Ms. Carrie E. Browning Ms. Traci A. Brunton Mr. and Mrs. Bradley J. Bryant Ms. Constance Buergin Ms. Donna Buford Ms. Kathy L. Bure Mr. and Mrs. Alex Burghart Mrs. Michelle R. Burgoon Ms. Amy D. Burkhart Mr. and Mrs. Russell Burlew Ms. Johanna Burton Ms. Samantha L. Burton Mr. and Mrs. Ed Bush Ms. Karen Byerly Ms. Amy Calhoun Mr. and Mrs. David Callanan Ms. Paula Canon Ms. Jennifer Carlock Ms. Kayla Carpenter

Ms. Kadiedra Carr Ms. Janet Carrell Ms. Kathleen M. Carter Mr. Craig Case Dr. and Mrs. Michael Cassidy Ms. Jeanette M. Catron Ms. Michelle Chalkley Ms. Beth Chamness Ms. Kathleen Chatterton Ms. Edna F. Chiles Ms. Eva Chiles Ms. Barbara Cianciarulo Ms. DeAnna Clark Ms. Lori A. Clark Ms. A. Rebecca Clawson Ms. Sonja Clay Mr. and Mrs. Craig Clennan Mr. and Mrs. James L. Clennan Mr. and Mrs. Jim Clennan Mr. and Mrs. John Clennan Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Click Mr. John Cobuluis, Jr. Ms. Susan Cochran Ms. Sharon Cody Mr. and Mrs. Walter Coker Mr. and Mrs. Gary Coleman Ms. H. Anne Coleman Ms. Martha Colstrom Ms. Barb Columbus Mr. Tyler Conway Dr. and Mrs. A. D. Cook Mrs. Elizabeth R. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Cordill Ms. Eunise E. Cornejo Mr. and Mrs. Kent Cornish Dr. and Mrs. Michael Cotter Dr. Gerard Coulon Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Cowan Mr. Channing H. Cox Jr. Mr. Darrin L. Cox Ms. Amanda Crabbs Mr. Andrew Crandall Ms. Alicia Criger Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Crow Ms. Ella Crume Mr. Mitchell E. Crume Ms. Michele Cruse Ms. Linda Cuevas Mrs. Pamela Currie Ms. Mary Jo Cushing Dr. Brad Cutting Ms. Jeanette Daniel Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Darveaux Dr. Ted Daughety and 6

Ms. Laura J. Kelly Ms. Tara R. Davidson Ms. Elizabeth A. Davis Ms. Fern Davis Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Davis Ms. Shanon Davis Ms. Cristina Davis Helmstadter Ms. Tina Day Mr. Dave Dean Mr. William L. Dean Ms. Cynthia Degand Mr. and Mrs. Glen Deitcher Ms. Janet L. Dellinger Mr. Marvin Dennison Ms. Doris Derrington Mr. and Mrs. John D. Devore Mrs. Pearl DeVore Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Devoy Mr. Daniel Dewey Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Dial Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Diedel Dr. and Mrs. Denis Diederich Ms. Janice L. Diepenbrock Mr. and Mrs. James R. Dobbins Ms. Briana R. Dobelbower Ms. Shelly A. Dodson Mr. and Mrs. Todd Domer Ms. Laura E. Donaldson Dr. Sridevi Donepudi and Mr. Brian Donepudi Ms. Carrie Doud Mrs. Judy Dowd Mr. Doug Drenth Ms. Shelly Dudley Ms. Sarah A. Dunekack Ms. Margery Durkes Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Eads Ms. Carrie Easley Jean Edmonds Mr. and Mrs. Duane E. Edwards Ms. Ethel A. Edwards Mrs. Nancy K. Edwards Ms. Candace L. Egnoske Ms. Marlene Eicher Mr. and Mrs. Jason Eilert Ms. Kelli Eisermann Ms. Laurie Elliott Mr. and Mrs. Jerome L. Ellis Ms. Lori Ellis Ms. Cynthia M. Elsbury Mr. and Mrs. Ted Ensley Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Erhart Ms. Yvonne Etzel Mr. and Mrs. Earle G. Evans

Stormont-Vail Foundation 2013 Donors Caring Friends, Continued Ms. Mary C. Evans Mr. and Mrs. Dean R. Fager Ms. Janice I. Fager Ms. Raven S. Fairchild Ms. Lillian J. Fanning Ms. Tanja Fateley Mr. David L. Fath Ms. Roxie Fath Ms. Kathy Fender Mr. Dan R. Fenton Ms. Lesley Fergus Ms. Donna Fernkopf Ms. Nancy Feuerborn Ms. Ruth Figert-Pedula Ms. Barbara Fisher Ms. Shelley Fitzpatrick Ms. Theresa Flach Ms. Susan Flinn Ms. Elaine N. Floor Ms. Dorothy Flott Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Fogdall Ms. Deanna Fogel Ms. Allison R. Forrester Mr. Daryl L. Foster Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Foster Mr. and Mrs. Larry Foster Mr. and Mrs. Dennis K. Fraker Mr. and Mrs. Roger Frakes Ms. Tracie Frank Mrs. Patricia L. Fredricks Ms. Jolene K. Frevert Mr. Siebolt Frieswyk, Ph.D. Dr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Frigault Mr. Richard Frisby Mr. Marc C. Fullington Mrs. Kathryn W. Garland Ms. Helen Garretson Ms. Carol S. Gasperich Ms. Pamela Gatrost Ms. Terri Gawith Mr. and Mrs. Jon Geisen Ms. Rosemarie Geller Mr. and Mrs. Joel D. Genrich Mrs. Paula Gibson Ms. Trisha L. Gilbertson Ms. Susan Gilkison Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gilliland Mrs. April Gleason Mr. James V. Glidewell Ms. Jennifer Goble Ms. Jessica Golden Ms. Dusty D. Gomel Ms. Judy Goodrich

Ms. Amanda R. Graham Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Grahem Ms. Susan Gray Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Greenfield Mr. and Mrs. Francis Gress Ms. Michele Griffith Mr. Leo Grollmes Ms. Angela D. Grubbs Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Gudenkauf Ms. Michele L. Guerrero Mr. and Ms. Paul G. Guffey Ms. Sharon Guist Ms. Caroline F. Guyon Ms. Winifred Haflich Ms. Andrea Hall Ms. Diane Haller Ms. Roxanna Hansen Ms. Carolyn Hanson Ms. Diane L. Hanson Ms. Wendy Harper Mr. Timothy Harries Ms. Brenda D. Harris Ms. Lana Harris Ms. Linda G. Harris Ms. Lisa Hart Ms. Amy Hartoebben Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Harvey Ms. Kylie Hastings Ms. Julie A. Haverkamp Ms. Liese Haverkamp Mr. and Mrs. Dayton Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. Darvin Hawley Ms. Darlene Hayden Ms. Sally Head Ms. Janelle M. Heaney Mr. and Mrs. James R. Heine Ms. Kaylene Heinen Mr. and Mrs. Larry Heinen Ms. Janice Heinz Ms. Annette C. Helms Ms. Paula L. Higbie Ms. Judy L. Hill Ms. Kathleen A. Hillin Mrs. Sandra Hines Ms. Melissa K. Hite Ms. Catherine J. Hodge Ms. Mary Hoffman Ms. Carla L. Hogan Ms. Shirley A. Hogan Ms. Robin L. Holthaus Mr. and Mrs. John Honas Mr. and Mrs. Errol D. Hooper, Sr. Ms. Constance K. Houser Mr. Fred L. Houser 7

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Howard Mr. and Mrs. Warren E. Howard Mr. and Mrs. John Howe Ms. Terri Hubbard Mrs. Cindy Huff Rajinder Hullon Ms. Vici F. Hummell Ms. Susan A. Huntsinger Mr. Harold L. Huskey Mr. and Mrs. Steve Huston Dr. and Mrs. Michael Hutchison Mr. Jeff Immenschuh Mrs. Rachel Imthurn Ms. Debbie A. Irwin Mr. and Mrs. Brian Ismert Ms. Sue Iverson Ms. Ann Jacob Mr. and Mrs. Dan Jacobson Ms. Pamela R. James Ms. Terri L. Janda Ms. Lisa Jeffrey Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jennings Mr. Roy Jensen Ms. Treasa Jenson Ms. Dana Jessup Ms. Belinda Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Bradley L. Johnson Ms. Christa Johnson Kelly Johnson Ms. Lisa M. Johnson Ms. Norma A. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Jolly Ms. Jennifer Jones Mr. and Mrs. Mike Jones Ms. Amber Judd Ms. Katie Kaberline Ms. Mary Kalous Ms. Feona Kamer Ms. Ruby N. Kaniewski Dr. Diana Katt Ms. Renee Kearney Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Keating Ms. Barbara K. Keck Mrs. Suzette Keck Mr. and Mrs. Ray Keen Mr. and Mrs. Darrel L. Kellerman Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Kelly Mrs. Greta Kelsey Ms. Julie A. Kendall Ms. Carolyn Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Gailand Kennedy Mrs. Carol KIbbee Ms. Sonya M. Kibbee Mr. and Mrs. Tomas King

Stormont-Vail Foundation 2013 Donors Caring Friends, Continued Ms. Rachel King Ms. Kathleen Kinsler Ms. Christina Klesath Ms. Amy Kline Ms. Shivaun Knetsch-Hickman Ms. Jackie Koch Mr. and Mrs. Gary Koeppen Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Kohman Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Kooser Mr. and Mrs. Craig Koppen Ms. Marianne Korten Ms. Christina Kratochvil Mr. and Mrs. Gregory P. Krissek Ms. Carolyn K. Kuhn Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Lambert Mr. Jeff Lane Reverend Robert Langston, Jr. Ms. Carrie A. Law Ms. Tracey Lawson-Konrade Ms. Charesa Lee Ms. Nancy Lee Ms. Ulla Lee Ms. Joyce A. Leo Mr. Joseph C. Leone Ms. Teresa Lesser Ms. Nancy K. Lewis Ms. Brenna E. Lichter Mr. and Mrs. Robert Light Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Lilley Ms. Laci Lingenfelter Ms. Tammy Lister Ms. Kristen Little Mr. and Mrs. William Lloyd Ms. Janet K. Logsdon Ms. Lila Lothson Ms. Julianne Lovejoy Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Ludwick Ms. Suann Luther-Ford Mr. Todd Lutz Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mack Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Mall Ms. Erin S. Malone Ms. Jeanne Mann Ms. Andrea Marling Mr. and Mrs. Greg A. Marney Mrs. Stacey Marney Ms. Torri A. Marney Mr. and Mrs. Norman Marstall Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Martin Ms. Joyce Martin Ms. Rebecca A. Martin Ms. Betty Martinek

Ms. Victoria L. Martinez Ms. Megan A. Martini Ms. Janet E. Marts Mrs. Brenda G. Mason Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Masuch Mr. John A. Matt Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Matzke Ms. D’Amber K. Mauer Ms. Meagan A. Maxwell Ms. Esther R. McCartney Ms. Jennifer McCormick Ms. Jenice A. McCoy Mr. and Mrs. Clifford McCurdy Ms. Sandra S. McDaniel Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. McDonald Ms. Janet McFarland Mr. and Mrs. Michael McGarry Ms. Stephanie McKeever Ms. Dorothy McKenzie Ms. Martha McLain Ms. Shelly McMaster Mr. Michael McNary Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence McNerney Dr. Fouad A. Medlej Ms. Mary Meekins Mr. and Mrs. Greg Meier Ms. Linda Meisenheimer Ms. Kathy A. Menzie Ms. Susan K. Metzger Ms. Anna Meyer Ms. Ellen Meyer Mr. Joe Mies Mr. Gerald E. Mikkelson Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mikos Ms. Marion Miller Ms. Mary Miller Mr. and Mrs. Paul Miller Ms. Alissa R. Minger Ms. Cynthia Minner Ms. Barbara Mitchell Ms. Sandra L. Mitchell Ms. Sharon Moats Ms. Claudine Molloy Mr. and Mrs. Bruce K. Moore Ms. Becky L. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Danny Moore Ms. Holly J. Moore Ms. Marsha M. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Moore Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Moore Ms. Jolene Morrison Ms. Kimberly K. Morrison Mr. John Morrow and Ms. Michele Morrow 8

Ms. Christina M. Mosher Ms. Victoria Moulden Mr. and Mrs. William Mulligan Ms. Stephanie M. Murphy Ms. Carol Murrell Ms. Carol D. Needham Mr. and Mrs. Brad Neiberger Mrs. Ardys Nelson Ms. Kadie Newell Ms. Miriam Newsome Ms. Susan Noblett Ms. Pamela J. Norman Mr. and Mrs. Dave Oberrieder Mrs. Gina Ochsner Ms. Helen Ogilvie Dr. and Mrs. Theophilus Ogungbamigbe Mr. John M. Olson Ms. Linda Opat Ms. Helen F. Ortega Ms. Lesa A. Ostmeyer Mr. Curt Othmer Mr. and Mrs. Theodore O. Passig Ms. Christine Patek Ms. Terri Patterson Mr. and Mrs. Dick Paxton Mr. and Mrs. Dan Payne Ms. Mary Pease Ms. Jo Ann Pelter Ms. Margaret Perine Ms. Stacey M. Perry Ms. Gwendolyn J. Petersen Ms. Nancy Pfannenstiel Mr. Patrick L. Pfannenstiel Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Pfeifer Ms. Jennifer L. Phelps-Roper Dr. Korri Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Rick J. Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Merle Pickerell Ms. Teresa A. Pickering Ms. Gloria P. Pineda Mr. and Mrs. Jason H. Pinon Mr. and Mrs. Larry Pitman Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Podlena Mr. and Mrs. Bob Pollom Ms. Pamela S. Pollom Ms. Kenda M. Porter Ms. Lori H. Porubsky Mr. and Mrs. R. Steven Preston Ms. Amanda Price Ms. Karen K. Price Ms. Roxanne Price Mr. and Mrs. Bill Prichard Ms. Jandy Pridey

Stormont-Vail Foundation 2013 Donors Caring Friends, Continued Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Prost Ms. Elizabeth Purling Ms. Carolyn Pusch Ms. Jennifer Rand Mr. Robert W. Randolph Ms. Deborah Redler Ms. Elizabeth A. Reed Jory Reedy Mrs. Sherry Reeves Ms. Kathy Reich Ms. Kendra D. Reid Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Reilly Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Remp Mr. and Mrs. Travis Renna Ms. Adriana V. Renteria Ms. Noelle A. Resch Ms. Mary Ann Reschke Mr. Robert Rettele Ms. Roberta Rhodes Ms. Trudi Richardson Ms. Debra Rickel Ms. Evelyn L. Riddle Mr. Cory C. Riggles Mr. Craig Riggles Ms. Marilyn Riley Ms. Mary Riley Mr. and Mrs. Darryl W. Roane Mr. and Mrs. Gary Robbins Ms. Danna Roberts Ms. Gina Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Harold D. Robinson Ms. Rosemary Robledo Ms. Angela M. Rodecap Mr. Roy H. Rodgers Ms. Kathleen D. Roediger Ms. Nancy Rogenmoser Ms. Jennifer M. Roggenkamp Ms. Nancy Rollins Mr. Douglas C. Ronnau Mr. Joseph Rosetta Mr. and Mrs. Vic Rosetta, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Rosetta III Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ross Ms. Linda Ruiz Ms. Richelle M. Rumford Mr. Chris Ryherd Ms. Denise Sabatini Ms. Haley D. Salmon Ms. Susan K. Salsbery Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Samich Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Sams Mr. and Mrs. Dan Samuels Mr. Chris Savoie

Ms. Kimberly Scamman Dr. Cynthia Scheibe Dr. Jennifer Scheid and Mr. Chris Busch Ms. Mary Lou Schenk Ms. Roberta Schilling Ms. Holly Schimmel Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Schloesslin Dr. Daryn Schmidt Dr. and Mrs. Michael Schmidt Ms. Linda M. Schneidewind Ms. Mary Schroeder Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Schuckman Ms. Leigh A. Schultejans Dr. Randall L. Schumacher Mr. and Mrs. John R. Schwalm Dr. and Mrs. J. Steven Schwarting Ms. Connie S. Scott Ms. Stacy J. Scott Mr. and Mrs. Vern D. Scott Ms. Sondra Searcy Dr. and Mrs. James Seeman Mr. and Mrs. Paul Seemater Ms. Terra Seiwert Ms. Roberta Sekavec Ms. Lalita Semon Ms. Cindy Senne Ms. Kelly A. Seuell Mr. Mike Shaughnessy Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Shaw Mr. and Mrs. Michael Shelley Ms. Karyn K. Shields Mr. Clark Shofner Ms. Brooke M. Shumaker Mr. Jerry Siebenmorgen Ms. Jacqueline Siess Ms. Victoria Sieve Ms. Beth Simons Mr. and Mrs. Joel R. Sipes Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sirridge Mr. and Mrs. Dan Skaggs Ms. Rhonda K. Skow Ms. Andrea Slagle Ms. Jessica Slagle Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Slattery Ms. Amy M. Smith Ms. Betty A. Smith Ms. Diane C. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Smith Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Smith Ms. Heather E. Smith Ms. Kathy V. Smith Ms. Kim Smith Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Smith 9

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Snodgrass Ms. Jenny Soden Ms. Dana Soetaert Ms. Melanie Sorrell Ms. Mary Soto Ms. Donna Southerland Mr. and Mrs. David Sowers Ms. Janet Spantgos Ms. Paula Sperry Ms. Amy L. Spurgeon-Hochard Ms. Emily A. Stallbaumer Ms. Janet R. Stallbaumer Ms. Penny J. Stallbaumer Ms. Tonya M. Stallbaumer Mr. and Mrs. Lon M. Stanton Ms. Brenda L. Steele Ms. Rose Steenhoven Ms. Lesley A. Steinbock Ms. Jamie Stephens Ms. Lorraine J. Stevens Ms. Marjorie L. Stevens Ms. Kathryn Stevenson Ms. Cinda Stiffler Mr. Duane Stites Ms. Misty Stofer Ms. Carrie Stover Ms. Karla J. Stranghoner Ms. Karen Strobel Ms. Stacy Stromgren Ms. Mary Strong Mrs. Irene Studebaker Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus Studebaker Ms. Maria D. Sullivan Ms. Pamela R. Sumners Ms. Kelly Tabbert Ms. Sharon K. Tabor Ms. Helen Taddonio-Wayner Mrs. Janice Taliaferro Ms. Sandra Tan Mr. Eric Tanquary Mr. David Tanski Mrs. Beulah Tenbrink Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Tenbrink Ms. Sarah N. Tenbrink Mrs. Theresa Tetuan Ms. Jacqueline Theis Dr. and Mrs. Mark Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Richard Thompson Ms. Melissa D. Tillery Ms. Jennifer Tinajero Ms. Marcella Tinoco Mr. and Mrs. John Tinsley Ms. Madelyn Tong Ms. Laura Torneden

Stormont-Vail Foundation 2013 Donors Caring Friends, Continued Ms. Lori L. Torrens Mr. Mark Townsend Mr. and Mrs. Tim Townsend Mrs. Carol Trahan Ms. Donna Trainer Mrs. Georgia Tribble Ms. Mary L. Trimble Louis Truly Ms. Martha C. Tucci Mrs. Barbara J. Tuckel-Wolford Mr. John M. Tuckwin Mr. and Mrs. Tom Tunnell Ms. Lottie M. Turner Ms. Sarah Turner Dr. and Mrs. Peter Tutuska Ms. Melissa R. Uecker Ms. Leila M. Uhl Ms. Lisa A. Underwood Mr. Danny Unrein Mr. Derek Updegraff Ms. Katherine Valdivia Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Vande Velde Ms. Tena Varney Ms. Kelli Verble Ms. Peggy Verschelden Mr. Mike Vilander Ms. Carol Vonderschmidt Ms. Ramona Voutas Ms. Marianne Wagner Mr. Douglass W. Wallace Mr. and Mrs. Dale D. Walters Mr. Howard Warnock Ms. Mary J. Washer Mr. and Mrs. Don Wassenberg Ms. Delora K. Watson Ms. Kendalyn A. Wazac Ms. Lot Weckerling Mr. William Wedeking Mr. and Mrs. Matt Wedel Ms. Sheri Wehner Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Weigel Mrs. Elizabeth A. Weiler Mr. and Mrs. Claude T. Welch Ms. Dianna Welsh Mr. Kevin W. Wenderott Ms. Deloris Wendland Ms. Barbara Weybrew Ms. Sandra K. Whalen Ms. Corrine White Mr. and Mrs. Roger White Mr. and Mrs. William J. White, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James H. Whitehead

Ms. Tricia Wilburn Mr. Stan Wilkerson Ms. Bethel M. Williams Mr. Bruce A. Williams Ms. Jeaniene Williams Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Williams, Sr. Ms. Robyn Williams Ms. Kathleen Wilmore Dr. and Mrs. Brian Wilson Ms. Lisa Wims Ms. Michelle Wisner Mr. and Mrs. Larry Wonnell Mr. Gray W. Woods Ms. Virginia L. Woods Mr. and Mrs. Larry Woodson Ms. Joyce M. Wooton Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Wyckoff Mr. Franklin T. Young Ms. Janelle Zerbe Hongjun Zhang Mr. and Mrs. William H. Zibell Ms. Rebecca R. Ziegler Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Ziegler Ms. Carrie A. Zumbrum Ms. Jaclyn Zwygart American Red Cross Baker University School of Nursing Faculty and Staff Barnett For Senate Brookfield West Townhouse Homeowners Association Central National Bank Denison State Bank Employees Go Topeka Economic Partnership Kansas City Royals Kansas City T-Bones Baseball Club, LLC Kendall State Bank Knapheide Truck Equipment Co., KC Knights of Columbus Corpus Christi Council 10062 Midwest Handcraft Dental Lab Inc. Ottawa High School Class of 1956 Palmer Mediation, LLC Papa Murphy’s Pizza Payless Eastern Distribution Center Pediatric Associates of Topeka, PA Pepe and Chela’s Mexican Restaurant Pottawatomie Wabaunsee Regional Library Retirement Solutions Group, Inc. Safe Kids Kansas Inc. 10

Silver Lake United Methodist Church Youth Group Stormont-Vail Auxiliary - Group 6 Sunflower Marketing Survey Sampling International The Family of John Durkes Trinity Presbyterian Church von Drehle Corporation

Stormont-Vail Foundation 2013 Tribute Gifts Tribute Gifts Donations Made Oct. 1, 2012 through Sept. 30, 2013 In Honor and Appreciation of: Judy Ackeret Anne Baughman Patrice Downing Carol Frazee Dean Kathleen Harr Ray and Betty Hauke Nancy Hawkins Jack and Vivian Houghton Debby Hull Infusion Center Staff IV Therapy Staff Lois Jones Kynnedi Ktzman Marcy Lechner Dr. Ian Kucera Dr. Ray Lumb Patty McGivern Jailyn Mies Dr. Korri Napier NICU Staff Maynard Oliverius Dr. Robert O’Neil Dr. Kent Palmberg Pediatric floor nurses and employees Peds/YAC/PICU Staff Carol Perry Dr. Robert D. Porter Dr. Taylor Porter Karen Reed-Coffman Beverly Rice Michael Rost Dr. Michelle Schierling Janet Stanek Denise Strifler Dr. Scott Teeter Laura Torneden Dr. Eric Voth Deb Walz Dr. Steve Watkins Tina Wirtz Dr. George Wright Deb Yocum

In Memory of: Tracy Abelli James Ackeret James Adams Mariella Adams Mina Adams James Ahrens Bernard Alberty Mickie Aldinger Carol Allen Jerry L. Allen Theresa Alverson Gerald R. Anderson Kenneth R. Anderson Fred Ansell Brian Ashinhurst Jon Ashline Bernice Avery Dean and Betty Ayres Ray Bachman, Jr. Evelyn Badger Mildred J. Baker Valdimer Bairow Sally Ballou Olga Bammes Albert Barrett Helen Batemon Chance Bath Edith Bauer John A. Bausch Essie Bays Dr. Dick Beach Keith L. Beach Sherman Beasterfeld Maurice B. Becker, Sr. Andrew Beisel James Bell Joe Belobrajdic Dorothy Belt Albert Benignus Phyllis Benton Deloris Bernskoetter Lace Beutler Donald Bieker Robert Bignall John R. Blaser Kenneth Bloomfield Robert W. Blow, Jr. Gretchen Blumenstock Sylvester Boeding Margaret Bonnett Catherine Bousianis Ryan Bowen Dorothy Bracken 11

James M. Brier III Zelda Briggs Donald Brink Norma Brooks James B. Brown Rosetta Brown Phyllis Brownlee Victor Brunkow Ceceila Buenger Lawrence Bungart Lois Burch George Burenheide Dona Burge Frank Burgess Harold Burkdoll Ashley Burks Connie Burr Johnny and Peg Busselle Retha Byrd Stella Cailteux Edward M. Calkins, Sr. Donald Cannon Nelson B. Carlson Ruth Carlson Glen Carlton Betty Carothers Mary Cashman Robert Champion Mary E. Clark Sylvia Clarke Shirley Ann Clennan Johna Alyn Coker Marvin Collman Mary Colwell Mary E. Conner Clifford Cormier Nadine Coulter Gretchen Cox Nellie R. Cox Jean Cozad Judy Craig Melvina Crimmins Marline Crouch Rita Crouse Sophia Cuevas Leonard Cullison Alvin Curless Arthur Curtis Phillip Cusumano Paul D. Dains, Jr. Ivan Dalby Delia R. Davis Dorothy Davis Paul Davis

Stormont-Vail Foundation 2013 Tribute Gifts In Memory of: Lyndon Dawson Kathleen Day Dale Dayhoff Helen Deiter Leland Denton Juliann Desch Victoria Desch Pauline Devlin Frank Dickey William C. Dittman Patricia Dohrman Norma Doleziek Robert Dean Douglas Wilfred Dreiling John W. Durkes Reba Dyal Robert Eaton Berniece Edelman Wilfred Eichman Eugene Ellingboe Kurt Erickson Thomas Escalante, Jr. Roger Eubanks Eleanor Evertson Alden Fager Beverlee Fairchild Leland Farlow Leslie Farr Geane Fein Donald Feldkamp Richard Fensler Marvin Ferrell Florence Fidler Edna Fields Karen Figge Cindy Finan Mary Finan Patti Fisher Robert Fisher Joe Flack Vera Fleming Billie Flora Emma Folsom Nadine Forbes Rabbi Stephen Forstein James E. Foster Jeanice Franco Dean Franzen Clarence Freeman Gary Freeman Max Friesen Karen Friess

Vernon L. Fritch Vivian Fuchs Mary Ellen Fulkerson Tom Gabel Bernice Gardner Burnett W. Garland, Sr. James Garrett Tom Gartner Daniel Gatewood Donna Gennett Beverly Gentry Jennifer G. Gerhardt Lloyd Gingrich Jo Ginter Kendra Glass Grace Glenn Vera Godlove Emil Goering, MD Lois Goldfuss Raymond Goldsmith Clara Gooden Norma J. Gordon Geraldean Graham Lloyd Grahem Frank D. Green, Jr. Pearl Green Charles Gress Allen Gross Virginia Grubaugh Mildred Gustin Raul Gutierrez, Sr. William R. Haag John Haefke Don Hagedorn Arlene Hager Ann Halbeisen George A. Hale Marge Hale Aline Hall Lois L. Hall Kenneth E. Hampton Evelyn Hannon Jeanette Hanson William Hanzlik Don Harling June Harred Donald L. Harris Marvelle Harris Dallas Hart Donna Hart John Hartford Myron Rene Hausheer, MD Kenneth Haverkamp Roy E. Haws, Jr. 12

Betty Hayes Eugene Heiman Frank J. Heiman, Jr. Therll Heiselman Gertrude Henderson Helen Hermesch Naomi Hesse Robert Hinkle Harold Hodge Hazel Hodges Phillip Hoffman Margaret Hogue Mary Holford Michael Hollinger Stanley and Martha Holmes Francis Holthaus Henrietta Holthaus Marjorie Hood Leona Horn Jon D. Horton Ruth Houser Gerald L. Howard LeVone Howard William Howland Frank Hubbell Gwen Huey Juanita Hughes Wendell Humphrey Margaret Hund Lester Hunninghake Leona Hunt Mildred Hunt Clarajean Huss Clifford Hutchinson Victor Ingenthron Harold Irwin Albert W. Jackson Charles A. Jackson Ruth S. Jackson Jon P. James, Sr. Gary G. Janssen Stacy Johansen Carl K. Johnson, Sr. Cleo Johnson Dorothy M. Johnson Leonard Johnson Margaret Johnson Mary L. Johnson Valdermar Johnson Judy K. Jones Laferne Kayhill Robert Keaton Darlene Kelch Kenneth Kibbee

Stormont-Vail Foundation 2013 Tribute Gifts In Memory of: Alice Kinder Delores King Herman Koch Giles Kohake Stanley Z. Koplik Donald F. Kresie Hal Kunze Rae Mona Lampe Bruno Langer Claude Langston James “Kevin” Larrison Robert N. Lawson Margaret Leathers Ethel Leavy Merland Leer Florence Leiker Donald Lessman Lorenzo Lemuz Humberto Lerma Damian Levings Keith R. Lewis Robert R. Lewis Allen Lindbloom Robert Lindbloom Karl Lindemuth Dorothy Linder Bill Lindsay June Lindsey Bryan Lindstrom James D. Little Roger Litton Carlos Llanes Eunice Locke Goldie Logan Connie Long Ruth N. Long John J. Lorence, Jr. Kahn Lortscher Ret. Col. Karl L. Losey Donna Love Dorothy Love M. Kathleen Mace Dale Mahan Francis Markham Peggy Marmet John Marr, Sr. Derrell Marshall John F. Martinosky Anna Massi Dorothy Mast George F. Masters Robert Mathena Helen McAlpine

Rod McCarley Charlie McCrary, Jr. Betty McDermed William McDiffit James McGuire, Jr. Norma McIntyre Elmer McKinley, Jr. Wilma McMahan Sara McPherson Jack Meakins Alvin Merz LaVon Metzger Alvina Meyer Cleda Meyer John Michaels William H. Michel Gertrude Miles Marie Miles Allan K. Miller Barbara B. Miller Frederick C. Miller Joan M. Miller Dr. Richard Moellenberndt Betty Mogge Toshi Molden Louellen Montgomery William J. Moriarty, Jr. Edna Morlan Shirley Mossburgh Robert Mulvihill Bessie Mumford Thomas Murphy Edith Myers Marian Myers Bill Nathan William Neale Harold Nehring Glenn Nicely Joseph Noll Georgia Norman Walter Norris Geneva Jessie Olliso Kenneth Olson Minnie Oppenlander Pauline Oroke Donald Osinski Donald Oster Roy Ottken Wayne Owen Ignacio Padilla Eric Palmberg Mary R. Palmberg Thomas E. Parker Lila Paslay 13

Dean Patch Donnie Patterson Joe W. Patterson Gordon Paulseen Cyril Pavlick, Jr. Lola Penry Irene Petersen Margaret Peterson Robert Peterson Donna Petrie Debra Pettit Lt. Col. William Pfeifer Violet Pickell Joseph L. Pierce Wilma Pierce Mary Pierson Linda Pinkston Joye E. Platt Anna Polter Charles Pomeroy Alan Poos Beverly Posch Marlin Pottorf Lucille Preston Richard Prine George Wayne Probasco Donald Proper Ronald Prost Estelle Pruitt Armin Pryor Dick Purney Mary Quezada Harold Raine Betty L. Ramsey Mary Rardin Ruth Redmond Ernestine K. Reed Robert Reed Eileen Reedy Paul Reid Dennis Renfro J. Frank Rhodes, Jr. Donald Richards Joe Richter June Riley Kathryn Roach Nicholas Roach Beverely “Pudgie” Robb Stanley Roberts Jack D. Rockefeller Raymond Roeder Glen Rogers Joseph Rohrback Evelyn Rokey

Stormont-Vail Foundation 2013 Tribute Gifts In Memory of: Jeannine Rolfs Charles L. Ross Davenna C. Ross Jack D. Ross Laura Rundle Randy Salmans Lola M. Sander Kenneth R. Sanford Patricia Sargent Luke Savage Barbara Saxton Larry Scarbrough Florence Schadt Etta Schafer Thelda Schafer Vicki Schiffelbein Edward Schimmel Harold Schooler David Schlup Frank Schultz Leo Schwartz Vera D. Scott Hariette Scrinopskie Troy G. Scroggins, Jr. Calvin Seadeek Marvin Sedlacek Nadine Sewell Oren Sharp Jerry E. Shaw Elfrieda Shields J. Glen Shogren Connie Siefer Gene Simon Lisa Simpson Charles Skinner Sylvestor Skoch Alice Slater Wayne Sledge Eldon Sloan Iris Sloan Merlin Smidt Dennis A. Smith Loy G. Smith Jack Snavely Naomi Dickson Snyder Juan Solis Letha Sprecker Harriett Stafford Benjamin Stahly Freda Stange Betty Lou Stapleton Rita Stattelman

Ruth Stauffer Joseph M. Stein, MD Maureen Stelzner Beverly Stensaas Evelyn Stepina Michel Sterrett Daniel Stewart, MD Jess E. Stewart Emma Stiegemeyer Kenneth Straub Elizabeth Studer Robert Studer Curtis Sturgeon Dr. Robert Sullivant Emma Suther Dr. John B. Sutherland Gladys Suttles Floyd Swafford Lila M. Swafford Eula M. Swanson Samuel Taullie Rex D. Taylor Russell Taylor Charlotte Teel Alvin Tefft Alex Tenbrink Marion Terry Arthur Thomas Harry E. Thompson Ella Tillman Paul D. Tompkins Ron Towley Wendell Tranten Alice Trembly Dorothy Trueblood William Jean Trump Elsie Tucker Patty Unger Michael Unrein, Jr. Dorothy Vagts Frances Vannordstrand Patsy Voth Helen Wachter Don Walters Richard Walsh Harry Ware, Jr. Charles Warner Elizabeth Warner Bessie Carder-Warner Gail Washburn Elizabeth Wasserstein Robert L. Waters Hilda Watson James C. Watson 14

Juanita Webb William Webb Maurice Weckerling, Jr. Wedel Twins Dorothy Wegner Dian Wells Henry Whitaker Barbara Whitcomb Dorothy I. White Marvin J. White Marilynne Wilcox Adele Williamson William G. Williamson Mathew Willkomm Arnold J. Willms Elizabeth Wilson Francis Winger Lucille Winkler Virginia Winkler Oran Wood Lloyd Woodburn Dorleta Woods Margaret Woolsoncroft Harold Worswick Alfred Wright, Jr. Dorothy Wright Wayne Wulfkuhle Dr. Delphine Yelen Michael Yost Dorothy F. Young Howard “Dean� Zepp

Stormont-Vail Foundation 2013 Scholarships Stormont-Vail Foundation Nursing Scholarships Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 Jarrod Altenborg Emily Amack Katrina Autry Katharine Baldwin Amanda Bare Christina Beat Jenny Beaver Helen Benefiel Alanna Blackwell Kaylene Bonjour Stephanie Bruggeman Laura Brunner Emily Buhler Richelle Burgess Sara Busby Tashe Campbell Jeffrey Casperson Amber Cessarich Nicole Chrisopulos Alexandria Clark Cierra Clark Rachael Clopton Christi Colley Erika Crews Suzanne Duckworth Emilie Durgan Amanda Edelman Laurel Edwards Annie Elder Shaley Epperson Shayla Farley Lorin Feiden Rebecca Frazee Katherine Gardner Rebecca Giancana Linsey Gilroy Mercy Githara Stephanie Glasper Joanie Gleason Shannon Good Erica Grandon Elyse Hawthorne Johna Herrera Sandra Hohner Maggie Holmberg Chelsey Huddleston Saige Huninghake Mary Jones James Jordan Leia Karimul Bashar

Olivia Kennedy Kaylen Klocke Cathy Kofoid Kerry Kurta Elizabeth Louden Madeline Luther Holly Martinez Crystalee Masarik Faith May Cathryn McClelland Emily McGinnis Brittany Miller Hannah Moore Melissa Naff Angela Nguyen Lisa Nguyen Thuy Nguyen Sarah Nichols Jordon Oldfather Cynthia Orser Emily Padilla Janice Paslay Kelsey Pearson Courtney Pfau Kristen Potter Kaitlin Pukach Jennifer Quintanilla Melanie Rettele Amanda Rice Randi Richards Ashley Sampson Kayla Schmidt Breann Sherbert Kristen Skillin Kayla Smith Erin Stephan Sharon Tarbutton Elizabeth Taylor Amanda Tofflemire Madelyn Tong Michelle Tran Mackenzie Turner Taylor Weishaar Jordan Whitehead Auston Whitmer Erin Whittington Beth Whitworth Whitney Williams


Stormont-Vail Foundation Allied Health Scholarships Tedra Hett Logan Johnson Jonathan McIntire Kelsey Thiessen Seth Tutera Katherine Weaver Erin Wiltz

2013 Stormont-Vail Foundation Honor Roll  
2013 Stormont-Vail Foundation Honor Roll  

The 2013 listing of donors, tribute gifts and scholarships of the Stormont-Vail Foundation, Topeka, Kan.