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Your ActivExpression Device Explained





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Hot Keys: Use these to select options displayed on screen.


On/Off button: Press and hold this button to switch the device on or off.


a/A/1: Toggle between lower case, upper case and number input.




Menu/Symbol key: Use to register the device and to access a range of character symbols.




Activexpression: first steps The Activhub is needed to communicate between Activexpression devices and your computer. Make sure therefore, that your Activhub (pictured on the right) is plugged in before using Activexpression. Insert the Activhub into a USB socket on your computer. A green light will flash on the hub to show that it is working. Activexpression devices are registered on the Activhub, so you can take the Activhub to another computer and use the same set of devices without reregistering them.

Optional tips for the best use of the Activhub Connect the USB Activhub to the 1.8m (6ft) cable, place in the holder and position in clear view of the devices. Raise the antenna.

Register a complete set of Activexpression devices In this section you will be shown how to register a full set of devices, deleting any devices you currently have registered. Devices are registered on the Activhub, so make sure your Activhub is plugged into the computer. 1. Open the ActivInspire software, in the Browser bar on the left- hand side of the screen, click on the Voting Browser icon 2. click on the Device Registration icon. 3. The Device Registration window will now open. Click on the Activexpression section in this window, three options will appear, click on the Register option to register your devices with the Activhub. 4. In the Device Registration box, choose how many devices you want to register by clicking on the up/down arrows at the right-hand side of the number box. 5. If you check the box Allow Expression end user naming your students will be able to name their devices. You can specify the name length and characters in the appropriate boxes

Register a complete set of Activexpression devices (cont’d) 6. Click on the Next button and read out the instructions on the Device Registration screen to your students (see the student device registration instructions below) . Once all your students have registered their devices, you will be automatically returned to the main device registration screen. 7. Click on the Done button in the bottom right-hand corner of the Device Registration window. 8. Congratulations you have successfully registered your Activexpression devices and are now ready to start using them. Student device registration 1. Press and hold the on/off button (see diagram on page 1) to switch the device on. 2. Press the Menu /Sym button at the bottom right of the device. 3. Three options will now appear on the devices screen. Press the hotkey next to the Register option. 4. Using the appropriate hotkeys, type the PIN code displayed on the Device Registration screen (see screenshot above) into the device. 5. If device naming has been specified in the registration process, the student will now have the option of naming their device by typing a name using the keypad. The keypad works just like a mobile phone. Use the a/A/1 button at the bottom left of the device to change case. 6. Press the Send hot key to finish registering the device. When all devices are registered they appear in the Device Registration box.

Add more Activexpression devices to your current list If you don’t want to delete the currently registered devices, you can add more devices by simply repeating all the steps in the above section.

Rename Activexpression devices In this section you will be shown three ways to rename the devices  The students rename their devices  The teacher automatically renames all devices  Rename individual devices Please note: To rename the devices, the Activhub must be plugged in to a computer and the relevant devices switched on and registered. Open the ActivInspire software and click on the Device Registration icon in the voting browser to bring up the Device Registration window. The students rename their devices 1. In the Device Registration box, right-click ‘Activexpressions’. Select End User Name. 2. Students are then prompted, on the device, to input and send the new name. The teacher automatically renames all devices 1. In the device Registration box, right-click ‘Activexpressions’. Select Auto Name. 2. In the Auto Name box, enter a prefix of up to 12 characters. Click OK. All devices registered on the Activhub will be given the prefix plus a number, e.g. A1, A2, A3 etc. Rename individual devices To rename individual devices in the ‘Device Registration, Window. 1. Select any individual device and click on Rename. The existing device name is displayed in a box which you can edit. 2. Type in the new name and Click OK. Now turn on the Activexpression device which in turn will communicate with the Activhub and receive its new name.

Activexpression votes Instant Responses This section will show you how to gain a response from your students on any question you want. You can vote on a completely blank flipchart page, or in response to any question or statement that is on display. With the Activhub plugged in and all the Activexpression devices registered: ActivInspire Software 1. Open the ActivInspire software. 2. Click the ExpressPoll icon on the Main Toolbox. The Wonderwheel will appear onscreen. Click on it. 3. Six voting options and one Actions option will now appear: Text

Multiple Choice


Sort in Order

Likert Scale Select an option.

True-False Actions

Further options depend on the type of vote you have chosen. 4.

When the voting controls appear, the vote begins.

Activexpression Devices 1. Switch on the devices. 2. Read the Activexpression device for further instructions on the vote. ActivInspire Software When all the votes are collected, the results are displayed in the Votes Results box. 1. In the Votes Results box, click the drop-down arrow to see a range of ways to view the results. Close the Votes Results box and the Express Question menu.

Using the Insert Question Wizard You can use the Insert Question Wizard to create preset question pages before your lesson. When you do this, you only have to click the Start/Stop Flipchart Vote button to start the vote and the software will do the rest. Open a flipchart page. 1.

Click the Insert menu command From the dropdown list, choose the Question... option (see screenshot on the right).


The first page of the Insert Question Wizard will appear (see screenshot on the right). Choose the question type, choose the number of options and check either the Insert new question page or Add question to the current page. Click the Next button to go to the next options. Please note: Further options depend on the type of question you select.



On this page you can choose a design template for your question page by clicking on the thumbnails or you can choose not to use a template by unchecking the Replace the page content with a new design checkbox. Click the Next button and explore further options until you are prompted to finish. Please note: To add another question page to your flipchart, click on the Next Page button on the Main Toolbox and repeat the above process.

Using the Question Wizard voting flipchart in class Once you have created the voting page/s using the Insert Question Wizard you are ready to use the flipchart in your classroom. ActivInspire Software 1. Click the Start/Stop Flipchart Vote button

on the Main Toolbox.

Activexpression Devices 1. When the devices are switched on, the answer options appear onscreen. 2. Read the instructions onscreen for further response options.

ActivInspire Software 1. When all the responses have been received, the vote ends and the results are displayed in the Vote Results box. 2. In the Vote Results box, click on the drop-down box to view a range of ways to view the results. 3. Click the Paste Votes Results icon to paste the results onto the flipchart page. 4. Click the Close button to close the Vote Results box.

Other Features Access Voting Results When a vote has taken place and the Votes Results box has been closed, Click the Voting Browser, then click on the Voting Browser icon (circled in the screenshot opposite). Click on the Results Browser button, then click on one of the options in the list to reopen the results. Using an Activstudio Voting Flipchart in ActivInspire Voting flipcharts created in Activstudio can be opened in ActivInspire. Please note: Once opened and saved in ActivInspire, flipcharts cannot be reopened in Activstudio. Using ExpressPoll with Other Programs or Webpages You can ask ExpressPoll questions with any other program or webpage open. 1. Start ActivInspire. 2. Click on the ExpressPoll icon on the Main Toolbox. 3. Minimise ActivInspire, note that the ExpressPoll icon remains visible. Or alternatively 1. Click on the Windows Start button 2. Click on the All Programs option on the Start Menu 3. Browse the list for the Activ Software folder 4. Click on the ActivInspire\Express Poll option

Creating a Class Database and Assigning Students to Devices In the Voting Browser: 1.

Click on Assign students to devices. The ‘Assign students to devices’ dialog box opens.

The student names and ID have to be placed in this dialog box from a database file. Names can be imported from a database with the file extension .edb or .csv, or you can generate and export a class database from within ActivInspire. 2. 3.





Click on Edit Student Database. The ‘Edit Student Database’ dialog box opens. Add a class to Box A (see screenshot above). a. Click on Add Class. The ‘Add Class dialog box opens. b. Enter Class Name and Teacher Name; Notes are optional. c. Click on Submit. Add students to Box B (see screenshot above): a. Click on Add Student. The ‘Student’ dialog box opens. b. Enter Name, Forename and Student ID. c. Click on Submit.

Back in the ‘Edit Student Database’ dialog box: 5. 6. 7. 8.

Highlight the class. Highlight the student name you want to assign to voting devices. Click arrows to add or remove students to or from Box C (see screenshot above). Click on OK The ‘Edit Student Database’ dialog box closes, and ActivInspire returns to the ‘Assign students to devices’ dialog box.

Students displayed in this box can be assigned. If the number of students is greater than the number of registered devices, a warning is displayed. If you want to register more devices before assigning students to devices, select Top-up Registration. The ‘Device Registration’ dialog box opens. For details, see Registering devices. In the ‘Assign students to devices’ dialog box: 9.

Select Assign Devices – Device PIN numbers appear in the dialog box. On the Activexpression devices a prompt is also displayed on the screen.


Each student has to enter the correct PIN numbers:  ActiVote devices – press voting buttons  Activexpression devices – press the hotkeys next to the onscreen options

The ‘Assign students to devices’ dialog box shows devices assigned, highlighted in green. Now, when you select Named Voting, the Voting Browser displays student names.

For further information on using the ActivExpression handsets please contact: The Professional Development Team 01282 440232

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