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Technical Director

Storm FC

Disciplined standards / honesty / trust / consistency / compassion / faith / to parents and oďŹƒcials punctuality / empathy / communication / two way / right to be heard / equality / Leadership


Investing in our youths future

Family centered / / patience / success / Hardworking / enjoyable / fun positive / leadership / experience / committed / individual needs / community work / morals / values / learn to win & lose with respect








Safe environment / Awareness Fair positive challenging environment / Family orientated / Approachable / Friendly

Kernow Storm FC is a full service soccer organization. Storm FC has practice locations throughout the south of the Metroplex (I20 and south) and west in Weatherford. Incepted in 2004, Our objective is not only to instil a love and passion for the game, but to encourage a family feel atmosphere to create memories and learn within a positive, safe environment. Storm FC offers our families and their players the opportunity to grow with us, as we prepare the young athletes for their next chapter in life, whether that be playing in college, trying to make it in the profession as a player, making sure they can navigate through the college process or to join the work force. Would you like your child to grow in a positive environment? to think of others? be active in community affairs and projects? opportunities to improve their decision making and make better choices? learn to live a healthy lifestyle? Be responsible and have good manners? Learn to not give up? gain social skills and make life long friends? to be a good student? and most of all to become great citizens as they navigate life, with integrity, honesty, faith, high self esteem and conďŹ dence in their own ability and life? We take pride in what we do best and watch our players and families grow into fantastic young men and women. We hold centrally an age appropriate curriculum with a solid belief in our long term player development model but to combine our soccer organization with producing the complete person by the time they graduate our club. We hope to see past players them return to the organization in a coaching or administrative capacity at a later date.

Storm FC way

Creating value through our behavior of positive and safe experiences

Storm FC is a responsible and caring organization. It takes pride in preparing youngsters for their career post Storm FC, whether that be in Soccer, college or directly into the working world. We take pride on preparing these players to be outstanding, proud and responsible citizens. Parents are a much valued part of our success. parents have a vital role to play in the development of the players, something we recognize and incorporate within our approach. We believe Storm FC has a responsibility to provide the very best education for your child, from coaching to developing character, leadership, values and having a positive experience.


We deliver an age appropriate curriculum which helps in developing confidence. “The difference with Storm FC is that they have a true calling to serve others. Thats what makes us special” ~Susan Strnad

Emotional Connection

Create an attachment to each other, the community and the clubs values not just the results of a game. Our approach to this leads to players staying longer which in turn allows the club to better teach the long term goals and players goals to create success in both their soccer careers and beyond graduation from Storm FC.

Sustainable Value 1. Character Development 2. Social Growth 3. Communication Skills 4. Leadership Skills 5. Team Building Skills 6. Risk Aversion

Creativity We want our players to be in charge of their development & urge thinking to find solutions to problems and situations.

Character Our driving force at the center of every practice, event, game, & club activity builds character on the basis of Faith, Honor and Respect (FHR). Members who embody character development will succeed with self belief, willing to serve others, discipline, pride, work ethic, loyalty, respect and leadership qualities.

Competence Competence in not only individual soccer skills but also learning team competence and instilling positive social actions such as, as well as health, decision making, interpersonal skills, which includes developing good habits for nutrition and exercise to maintain fitness.

b clu in me s ti yer pla

Most clubs are only interested in 1 player at the top

development LEAGUE

Investing in our youth in a holistic approach is our passion, motivation and our key responsibility.

Storm FC has partnered with US Club Soccer League company PrimeTime Sports to create a Southern Clubs Development League (SCDL) for players and teams 5-10 Years old. This matches with our long term development player pathway in which we can continue the development in the right way according to our club playing philosophy and instilling a knowledge of the game that will create players with good decision making and understanding of roles and responsibilities within a system of play within various phases of the game. The SCDL will be managed by PrimeTime and US Club Soccer will insure the players in the league, with league being played at the Storm FC training facility in Waxahachie.

For every 100 players that begin their Youth career at a club with a Pyramid development philosophy Fig. 2: Typical models of player development from the majority of local soccer clubs.

Most local clubs have copied professional organizations in showing a pyramid development model. In our opinion this shows intentions that they are only looking for the best to keep, Here at Storm FC we care about every kid and that our job as coaches is to coach and improve the players and teams over their career with us.



Storm fc Model

A player centered approach incorporating all aspects for youth development of life skills

Storm FC as mentioned on the previous page feel that the popular pyramid model doesn’t put the SOCCER PLAYER at its core, rather, it keeps promoting the “take the best and drop the rest” message. We want to grow the love for the game and keep as many families engaged in the sport for longer. We still keep our player and team development models as our core business, after all we are a soccer club! but we do approach our soccer activities in a different way. We incorporate a family environment teaching things such as sustainable values, leadership skills and community volunteer projects to work on. Here a few key components of our club the following pages will explain more.

4 Corner Approach

“Storm has taught my boys discipline commitment and responsability, we feel that storm is more than a club it’s family.” ~Jennifer Azua

Fig 3: The Four corner approach

Storm FC Player Development Pathway Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4


Junior Academy



Initial Stage

Basic Stage

Phase 5

Phase 6

Phase 7

Pre-Elite/Comp Pre-College/comp/Elite


Intermediate StageAdvanced Stage Specific Stage Performance Stage Retention Stage

Our aim is to provide the best platform for players of all abilities to embrace and progress from. Our model shows that on delivery of an age appropriate curriculum we can develop our young players the correct way. We look far into the future to maximize long term development over short term gains and “instant winning”. We combine values, discipline, respect, faith and confidence to create players who are successful in life not just on the soccer field but in our community and their life. As outlined above and below we have pathways for all of our families from learning the fundamentals (KickStart FUNdaMINI’s) to our elite City FC program. As the player grows so we grow with them. Our College program caters not just for the person who wants to play in college but also for those parents and families that need help navigating their way through the college process. Our future plans is to have a program in place for players to play a higher level for longer, up to U23 age. After that players can return as coaches and pass on their experiences to the new families just starting their journey with us.

Phase 7 Retention

24+ Years

Retention Reinvesting past players to become key coaches for the future College Studies; College to play; Enter the work environment; Compete on National leagues

Phase 6 Pre-College/comp/Elite

18-23 Years

15-18 Pre-Elite/Comp Years Phase 5

Phase 4 Competitive

Phase 3 Academy

Phase 2 Junior Academy

9-10 Years 6-8 Years


College Selexion program; Player Combines for NSCAA, MLS, USL, NASL, NPSL, etc.; Showcases

Elite Competition College Prep. - National Series Comps Storm FC & City FC Train to win Stage Super Y League/eNPL/NPL

11-14 Years

18mo-6 Pre-Academy Years Phase 1

Education Under 23 League Coach Active for life Stage

To prepare players for High School Selection and Elite play

Training to compete Stage




Pre-Select Academy

Storm Development Academy CORE TRAINING 360 PLAYER I.P.D Player Program


Training to train Stage

Junior Academy

Development Programs

Basic Stage

KickStart FUNdaMINIs Fundamentals Stage

Fig 5: Storm FC Player pathway model

- Pro Camps 2 - iD & PDP Camps - Community work - Pro Camps - Skills Sessions - Community work - Motor Learning - Fundamentals - Mini Leagues - Skill Acquisition - Fundamentals - To love the game

EDP, EDL & Centers

focusing on player development such as motor muscle, movement and coordination

Storm FC mission is to create a love for the game through learning and by having a curriculum based Long Term Player Development Pathway from the moment they join our organization to the time they graduate. The EDP targets our phase 1-3 on the Player Pathway Model, (PDP) this is fundamentals stage through training to train stage. The programs focus is on developing motor movement, coordination (eye - hand - feet), correct bio-mechanical movement of basic soccer skills, leading to developing skills enhancing an affinity and comfort for players to be creative and confident on the ball. Storm FC’s FUNdaMINIs program is the fundamental stage to the EDP initiative, The FUNdaMINIs program is held at various EDC’s (Early Development Centers) and will eventually be available in every community that we have a presence in. Other EDC’s that will follow our EDP curriculum are local schools, day cares, mother days out, nurseries and churches. EDC’s will host EDL’s (Early Development Leagues), Where 3v3 leagues are encouraging the use of skills attained. These that be in

locations offer our curriculum to community youths would not normally contact or familiar with our programs.




Having fun in a safe environment

Our Kickstarter FUNdaMINI’s program is designed for 18 months through Under 6 players. Our kids in this program are learning movement and fundamental body skills, such as eye hand coordination and improving motor skills, all while learning through a fun age appropriate curriculum. The program has a practice once a week followed by a non coached scrimmage/game. Teams from each week may change according to an attendance. and no scores are kept. The parents are involved at the end by making a perimeter for the “pitch” and let the ball rebound back into play to maximize the time for the kids to touch the ball. Our aim is to keep the games 3v3 at max. Our older players that are participating in volunteering give their time to the program each week. Storm FC start the process of instilling core values from the FUNdaMINI KickStarter phase. Sign ups and practices are available throughout the year. Each session is once a week and combines a 30 minute “Practice followed by a game of about 15-20 minutes. We want all kids to be playing and not having kids sit out. Parents and families can help to make up the perimeter of the game field for maximum touches the kids get on the ball. Goal scoring from the earliest age is promoted in any goal (we may setup for a game numerous goals for maximum success) and we aren't worried about direction, as the players improve and they get older so we will apply more soccer orientated rules. First and foremost we want the players to acquire a love for the game, and to be successful.

Jr. Academy Introducing core skills and principles for ages U7-10 to increase conďŹ dence

The program for players aged Under 7 through Under 10 is called our Storm FC youth academy. Players in this program may choose to continue to play recreational soccer in addition to academy or choose to play academy only. The difference between the recreational programs and our academy is that academy teams can be created through players choosing to be on the team, opposed to having to be drafted. Players in the academy program will have well organized structured practices with professional coaches with years of experience. Players can join at any time and if there is space on the teams roster then they can be added. The seasons are similar to recreational leagues with the fall season starting around labor day and ending around Halloween time. Spring season starts typically in early February. The academy teams practice continuously through the year and can compliment league play through weekend tournaments off season Storm FC has an age appropriate curriculum to guide the young soccer players through their academy years in preparation for competitive play. Academy games are currently on Sunday afternoons to allow those players playing recreational to fulďŹ l their Saturday games. Sign ups take place in July of each year and players must get an academy form signed twice a year by their city of residence soccer association (there is a fee for this outside of Storm FC). All programs are open to boys and girls.


Competitive play is for players aged U11-19.

Our competitive program starts at under 11 and extends to Under 19’s. Teams in the club range from playing in Arlington each week to other teams playing in the classic level divisions in Frisco and North Dallas. Our teams practice a minimum of twice a week with games on the weekends. Registration to join a team starts July 1st of each year with open practice in the month of June, however, players may join at any time if the team roster has space and the player is a free agent (not signed for another competitive club). We suggest not missing June if you want to make one of our teams The season for league games are September May. indoor play during the off season from league. through June 30th, this is the period of time the The amount of tournaments and indoor and team.

Most teams are active in tournaments or The competitive year for each player is July 1st player is committed to the team. would be down to the coach

Players are encouraged to participate in program and earn volunteer hours. The programs in the community to help our players

our Futbol in the community club has developed many serve others.

Our club looks at every team formed coaches have a plan set out to convey philosophy, principles of the game throughout the players career.

as a long term project. Our the Storm FC way and the and player/team goals

Our club has a age appropriate curriculum for our full potential. The club also offers skills and GK skills

teams and players to reach their nights to help hone their skills.

Storm FC strives to expose all our players to as many the past years we have developed partnerships Rangers FC, Partick Thistle FC and taking teams to all of this helps with experience and character building.

soccer experiences as we can. Over with Xara, Aston Villa FC, Glasgow England to play in tournaments,

City FC is the elite league division of Storm FC organization. The City FC teams are comprised of Storm FC players from Under 11 through Under 19 age groups. City FC competes at the USL (United Soccer League) Super Y League and the US Soccer Clubs NPL & eNPL Red River Conference. League games are in addition to the players main Storm FC rostered team. Games are played from Kansas to South Texas, depending on the league. Players must play for Storm FC in order to qualify to play for a City FC team. The Super Y League is a summer league U11-18 with Nationals at IMG academy in Florida each December. NPL plays from Labor day through February with Nationals in July.

ELITE SUCCESS For players wanting the next level of play (premier/elite) our club is a founding and driving member of City FC. City FC teams are created through tryouts with other affiliate clubs of City FC.. This gives our players lofty goals to succeed on the national scene. Teams available from Under 11 through U19 for Super Y League (USL) and U13 through U19 for NPL Red River (US Club Soccer), however, we will be holding camps through Storm FC and City FC to help players from Under 8 to achieve the required level of play. City FC is in addition to the team you play for in Storm FC. So you first tryout for your Storm FC team once you have made that team you can then try out for the elite/premier City FC squad if you want. You can learn more at

Storm FC ‘95 Boys National Champions

Storm FC ‘95 Boys National Champions Storm FC ‘00/99B Runners Up

Storm FC ‘95 Boys National Champions


Storm FC ‘00/99B Regional Runners Up 2015



2015 - 2016 - 2017

City FC ‘02 Boys City FC ‘00/99 Boys City FC ‘98 Boys All National Finalists

City FC ‘03 Girls National Finalist

City FC ‘05 Boys National Champions 2017

City FC ‘02 Boys (’16, ‘17) City FC ‘00/99 Boys (’15, ‘16, ‘17) City FC ‘98 Boys (’16) City FC ‘01 Boys (’17) City FC ‘02 Girls (’16, ‘17) City FC ‘03 Girls (’17) City FC ‘04 Boys (’16) City FC ‘01 Girls (’17) City FC ‘00 Girls



CORE TRAINING 360 PLAYER I.P.D Player Program 1 - Player in-game decision making 2 - Speed of play 3 - Creativity with and with out the ball 4 - Body shape, position and quality when first receiving of the ball

Individualized core training. phase related attainments to produce the total 360 player

Innovative Player Development program (IPD) is designed to encourage freedom of expression and decision making, exploration creativity through street style non systematic coaching soccer. This program focuses’ on phases 2 through 4 on the Player Development Pathway (PDP) Model. Through our experience we know that large fields create fatigue, limits fantasy and stifles creativity where as small sided fields develop talent through repetitive confrontation and scenarios. Play in reduced spaces help increase decision making and stimulate creativity. This program aims to create players who love the ball and are confident while in possession. Incorporating our Street Soccer 5v5 program players will solve challenges and situations through the sequential progression theory. Games will be offered through our street soccer 5v5 initiative, where no pressure free play and absolutely no coaching where player led rules are in abundance. Players are not assigned to teams but scrambled together per session by the players, problems will be solved through repetitive scenarios during the free play as they occur. Skills 11 is the Storm FC signature moves per phase PDP.








SKILLS 11 1 - face to face 1v1 2 - side to side 1v1 3 - attacking diagonally 1v1 4 - Back to opposition 1v1


Staying at cutting edge coaching methods and modern techniques sets us apart from other youth clubs

Storm FC’s Bio Banding program is at the forefront of player development from the phase 4 level. This level is where growth differences is at its greatest, we also monitor phase 3 players within the PDP model. Bio banding is offered in 6 week blocks throughout the year and group players according to growth and maturation stages opposed to chronological age. Methods used to group players are either using current height, weight and PHV, the other is predicting PAH using the Khamis-Roche Method. In layman’s terms players are matched based on physical attributes and maturity, this will allow players to develop more confidence and ability to compete with similarly matched players for aerial ball winning, typically like for like pace competition and players not getting bullied of balls. We have found teams constructed using the new USSF mandated calendar year guidelines can have very different biological age differences (for ex. strength, height and speed) this can last for several years, at which the player that is late maturation suffers through regular team training and competition. The program utilizes station skills followed by a small sided tournament style games (5v5, 6v6, 7v7 depending on numbers in program). Future plans include holding a club and local community BioBanded tournament that would match players according to maturation and not calendar year.


COACHES Our coaches experience and knowledge are key to our organizations PDP model

Storm FC has coaches with experience from some of the best leagues in the world as well as coaches that are club home grown. Our coaches invest thousands of hours over the lifetime of each team, with our Player Development Pathway model ensuring that the club coaches are teaching the club philosophy, playing style and player understanding of the game. The organization encourages our players to return as coaches from college as they understand the “Storm FC way”. We currently have three club home grown coaches that have shown great understanding with their teams improving each year. We also have coaches that see the value in our club philosophy & the player development pathway & curriculum all of which creates fantastic coaches and teachers of the game. We also have coaches that have coaches at the very top of the English and Scottish Pro league youth academy teams. These coaches also have a responsibility to help our club coaches with their personal coaching growth. Our coaches are all licensed either through, The FA (England) Scottish FC (Scotland) USC (United Soccer Coaches) USSF (United States Soccer Federation) & LaLiga (Spanish). Storm Fc’s technical director, Antony Penna, has over 25 years of professional coaching experience, his understanding and playing philosophy has been collated over 2 years into a coaching manual only available to our club coaches. Our organization is very active in supporting our coaches to further their knowledge and understanding by encouraging them to attend coaching courses, seminars and club continued education led by the Technical Director, Antony Penna.



PRO CAMP SERIES Every Year we host a number of professional UK club camps, ranging from our FREE community day camps to our Professional Camp series that include clubs such as Partick Thistle (Scottish Premiership), Rangers FC (Scottish Premiership), and Aston Villa FC (English Championship). These camps since 2017 have been changed to Pre season team camps, included in your child’s annual club membership.

Our camps are instructed by professional coaches from their prospective clubs, Aston Villa we had the Womens Superleague head coach Joe Hunt, and Tom Evans, the boys premier league coach. We have also had Karl Fellows also with the womens team. Rangers we had Alan Kernaghan (Rep. of Ireland and Manchester City Defender), from Partick Thistle, Head of youth Scott Allison and Joe Malcomson of the Thistle Weir Academy.

Glasgow Rangers FC camp oered the chance for our players to be selected to visit the Rangers FC Training facility in Glasgow. We have sent four players over the past years to experience what its like to train as a professional or academy player in the Scottish premiership. We have a partnership with both Rangers and Partick to send our coaches over for a week long coaching experience along with a boys team who will train at the centers and compete in the Glasgow Cup.


in futbolthe community

Creating partnerships with like minded organizations who share our values

Storm FC has worked hard to introduce an opportunity for our players to give back to the community. Our club has players from many different cities. The club has structured Five categories under which we perform our community programs:

Health & education Social Inclusion Disability Community JB6


Programs in place include, working with Sims Elementary in partnership with US Soccer Foundations “Kick it Forward”, The Christmas food drive in partnership with the salvation army of Ellis county, Summer School supply drive with the foster homes in Ellis county, Partnering with All Nation Soccer ministry to give soccer equipment to mission trips in Haiti, JB6 October leukemia awareness program, Community Free Soccer Camps, one of our players created cleats for a cause to send to South America. Storm FC Futbol in the Community aims to build better lives through soccer. We use the power of sport to deliver a variety of inspiring programs in our community. We aim to play a key role in our community to build stronger lasting relationships. Our works aim to “build better lives through soccer” as we continue to pioneer innovative, engaging and inspiring programs that consistently achieve amazing outcomes. On average we engage over 1000 young people each year in a variety of different programs and activities.


JB6 is a program to honor a past player who passed away from Leukemia on the 10th October 2009. Jonathan was a member of our ‘92 boys team and is greatly missed. The club honors him by wearing pink jerseys and giving out leukemia awareness wrist bands at games in month of October. We have also introduced the JB6 award at the banquet for a senior who demonstrates excellence in areas such as school, community and club involvement.

get involved

Our Motto is, From Far we come together, together we will Suceed

Whether you are looking to play, coach, partner or just want to find out more about our club, City FC program, or community program, then give us a call. You can find our contact details on the next page or by visiting our website We have more detailed information available. Ask for our “Charter of Quality: Framework for our Players

Development Pathway and Elite Performance Model.” Our multi faceted approach to success is not measured on the field alone, but considered as or more important are:

Values, character building, life skills development, motor skill development, decision making, and instilling a love for the game, each other, ourselves and our community.

“Storm FC is about teaching our young people to win, lose and care about others, as well as working hard to benefit from ethics and values.” ~Susan Strnad

Investing in our youths future through long term planning

Super Y League NPL Red River Casey Rone






Jr. Academy



Elite Leagues

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iD Talent Programs

Storm FC Club Brochure 2018  

Brochure for Storm FC players families

Storm FC Club Brochure 2018  

Brochure for Storm FC players families