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The Rise Of Right Wing Populism by Sankha Ghosh (Image Source - Politico Europe)

With US President Donald Trump approaching election year and Prime Minister Modi starts off second term with a bang or Boris Johnson becoming new Prime Minister of Britain – the pathologies of right wing resurgence marks a stark similarity across borders. Not only these countries, the right wing populist and nationalist governments are in power in Brazil, Turkey, Israel, Hungary, Poland. In some other countries like Canada, Australia – the established right wing parties are following the populist trend. These transition of resurgence of right wing populist politics signals major shifts in electoral behavior. Interesting fact is that the voters are responding to similar promises and displaying similar sentiments. Though the scenarios may vary - the basic pattern remains the same. Just like the extreme “Republicanism” and madness




Boris Johnson

"The rise of right wing populism in Europe was more about positioning nationalism and immigration as a threat to the country. Boris Johnson helming Britain to his “promised” Brexit is only a confirmation to that." SEPTEMBER 2019

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