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What I like: 1. The storyline

3. The courtroom scenes 4. Many interesting twists and turns 5. The mystery throughout the story has sustained. What I didn't like: I could identify a few words that are not really a part of the actual English Vocabulary, but they have evolved during conversations among the people. If these words have not been included, it would have been much better.

Book Title: The title 'The Mogul' is unique and interesting. Based on the author's previous work, it's not very hard to guess that this book might be a political thriller. Language and Grammar: Fine language and good grammar are sued, with few glitches. Characters: Every character in the story seemed to be pretty interesting and gave a feeling like watching a visual -fiction thriller. Narration: The beautiful narration in the first person is a definite hook point where the reader doesn't lose interest in reading the story.






2. The narration in the first person

Book Cover: The cover is a beautiful image of a man seeing the bird's eye view of the city from a window. The author's name and the title are embossed and it feels quite good when the reader actually feels it.

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