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Rain - Boon or Curse by Devika Parekh The wait was long this time, As we were waiting for the drops Finally, it arrived, With lots of hope and joy First, it was pleasant, But then something went terribly wrong Puddles to pools, And then it led to a storm Soon things started to worsen, But still, the rains won't stop Zeus had shown its darker side, No prayers would stop the downpour Now the entire place was filled with water, Cats and dogs raining, Everything was in the water Was this something that we had prayed for, I still fail to understand Is rain a boon or a curse?? 46



Devika Parekh is a homemaker, a writer and a blogger from Ahmedabad. She perceives that writing is the reason she lives peacefully. She has also contributed in a few anthologies. of body text @devikaparekh

@MeriKalamse http://devikaparekh.


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