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Saravana Kumar Murugan Whose code this is, full of bugs? Why would I fix this at this time of the night? Is it because of, who I am or the D-word? Which window this is, hangs at half past noon? When life sleeps, I sit like an owl pressing ctrl and f9, to fix the bugs, and save changes. My phone blinks, now and then, That says my lovely wife is waiting, Deadline or Dinner I ponder, and I go back to C# to save my ass. Bed and she would be waiting, soft and deep, but I have a call to report: if I fixed the bug or not? And much to do before I go home.

Saravana Kumar Murugan is a senior software engineer by profession, a blogger by passion, and a photographer by choice. One of his short stories ‘The Last Date’ is published in a book: Kaleidoscope, an initiative by Springtide. He is currently working on his first novel, which he is hoping publishing before this year end.

Balance in life is what I want, But ass on fire is what I catch, on call for hours, and in chat I live a life, without any life. | September 2013 | 79

Sept 2013  
Sept 2013  

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