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Friday – 10:20 pm

‘Hey guys, how about watching a movie tomorrow?’ Guy 1: No man, its weekend and I wanna take rest. I’m not coming. Guy 2: Movie? I don’t wanna watch any movie. Guy 3: Lets watch it here in our house. ‘Damn it, you people are just machines. Lazy idiots,’ he looked quite frustrated as he said this, ‘okay, I’m gonna go myself to the multiplex and watch the movie tomorrow.’ --Site opened--select movie---select seats---payment gateway--ticket generated---sms received-‘What’s the name of the movie you are gonna watch tomorrow? Asked guy 3. ‘What does that have to do with you? I ain’t gonna tell you the name.’ Bipin, a software engineer, lives with his friends Varun, Akshay and John at an apartment in a metropolitan city. Bipin being a die hard fan of Christopher Nolan couldn’t resist himself from watching the movie ‘Inception’ which hit the screens on Friday. As Friday was a working day, Bipin decided to watch it as early as possible | September 2013 | 74

on Saturday. He booked the special morning show which starts at 9.00 am at a popular multiplex in the city. Varun, even though he likes Christopher Nolan, did not wish to accompany Bipin as the show was early in the morning and he wanted to sleep till noon. Akshay was not interested in movies and John always prefer to watch movies in his laptop rather than heading to a theatre. Finally Bipin decided to head to theatre by himself to watch his favorite director’s movie. Saturday – 6:30 am ‘Good morning, you’re up so early today,’ John asked Bipin who saw him walk towards the bathroom. ‘Good morning John. I’ve a movie to watch,’ said Bipin who then took the toothbrush in his hand and headed to the wash basin that lay outside the bathroom. ‘Inception, right?’ John said as he put his blanket aside. ‘Yes it is,’ Bipin replied as he put the toothbrush into his mouth. John got up and went into the bathroom. After spending ten minutes, he got out and it was Bipin’s turn. Before entering the bathroom, Bipin realized that he had no towel.

Sept 2013  

Piyush Jha, Suparna Rijhwani, Oswald Pereira, Neelini Sarkar, Jhumpa Lahiri, Yatin Gupta, Manjulika Pramod, Ismita Tandon Dhankher, Athul De...

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