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d shot eyes, It’s something he knew that like giving he hadan made idea of how ecision.a food item tastes. Is the salt ok? Are the spices enough? Have all the vegetables been added? And so on and so forth. So what all does a ‘good’ book reviewer do? A good book reviewer never gives out the story but rather talks about what makes the story good, bad or ugly. Even if he doesn’t like a story, he should give detailed information on what was bad. I believe that writing an ethical review is one of the most important things as far as book reviews are concerned. One needs to mention the strengths and weaknesses rather than be too biased negatively or positively. These days with the proliferation of social networks like Twitter, Facebook etc. as well as websites like Flipkart, Goodreads, Amazon etc., book reviewers have become even more important. As soon as a person reads a book, he / she immediately posts a review or writes few lines about it on any of these sites. And this has the potential to go viral among his / her followers as well as other people around. These sites also offer the opportunity to rate a book from 1 star to 5 star. More importantly, there are a variety of debates, some

of them really heated up which begin among people on these websites. There are those who vigorously defend their favourite authors or books. It becomes a source of pride for them. But then it’s not all hunky dory in the book reviewing world. There are quite a few book reviewers out there who are paid to write great stuff or really horrible stuff about a book. These online sites also offer the opportunity for manipulating the ratings and reviews of a book. Now these are things one can’t really control. It is like part and parcel of the book reviewing game. Book reviews (Both good and bad) are a great way to generate eyeballs for your book in the market. It gives a sense of intrigue for would be readers as today not many go and buy a book without skimming through its reviews. Paid reviews maybe fine until it becomes known to a prospective reader that it was paid for. Honestly, I don’t follow any particular book reviewers. But rather, as I mentioned earlier I check various online portals, social networks as well as blogs which pop up in Google search results before going for a book.

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