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History Mystery

h Nayak

turns. Sprinkle conspiracies or riddles or a treasure hunt and finally garnish with an earth-shattering climax. Your bestseller’s ready, a potential one at least. Bon Appétit! Most Indian readers believe that it was Dan Brown and his damned codes that spoiled us all but the blame must also be shared by our own homegrown riddler Ashok Banker. Banker’s retelling of our mythological and historical legends along with his crime thrillers paved the way for much that was about to come. Tales of Atlantis and Lemuria have thrilled many. And so have mysteries like Foucault’s Pendulum by Umberto Eco that fused the Knights


nikita singh, sreemoyee piu kundu, adite banerjie, sandeep das, parthajeet sarma, sayarth nayak, seeta bodke, himani agarwal, sneha sundaram...

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