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Alexi Romano Python The Story of Skip

Once upon a time there was a god in Heavens who loved watching the other gods create and who was recording them creating with his camera.

All was well and he was a happy god until one day he noticed a planet recently created which looked like a little blue gem.

He decided to take a closer look at the planet and so he dove down in the planet atmosphere,leaving a firery trail behind. Landing with a loud bang and making a huge hole in the ground, he thought: "Man, my sibilings are gonna kill me when they see this!" and lost consciousness.

When he woke up, he was shocked by what he saw: beautiful male and female creatures surrounding him. He was so shocked, both by their number and by how stunningly beautiful they were, that he jumped up and started flying back home.

In midway tho, he turned around and changing his appearence to blend in better, he decided he wanted to get to know those creatures better. He landed in a forrest quietly, not very far from the crater he made on his first landing. He started walking in the general direction of the impact site hoping the creatures were still there. After what seemed like eons he finally heard their voices. He hid behind a rogue rock and started listening. He couldn't understand a word they were saying but when he focused some more, their thoughts invaded his mind. They were all thinking about what they just witnessed and they were angry at eachother for making the god leave. That made him jump from his hiding place, forgetting he had changed appearence, and run to them. He decided to reveal himself to them and when he got closer he was spotted by two very beautiful females. They started yelling and all the males went in defense formation, making a circle around the females.

He , reluctantly, shifted back to his god appearence and they recognised him. He spoke to them telling them he means no harm and he revealed his plans.Then he changed back to his human appearence. (Yes they told him they call themselves "human". ) After more talking they started going back to their village and he followed them.When they got there the elders of the village came out to greet him. When they saw him, they imediately went on their knees in front of him but he told them to stand up because he's not there to be worshipped. They rose and one of them thought:" Oh crap, my heart skipped a beat when i heard him in my head!". That made the god

laugh and when they they call him , he said: skipped a beat when

asked him how should "Skip, because your hearts you met me."

The next morning Skip started exploring , doing the thing he always did : taking pictures with his camera. When he got back to the village he started doing the same with all the humans he encountered. They were affraid he's taking their souls but when he showed them the pictures they were in awe. This kept happening for a while on a daily basis.

After a few weeks the humans started asking him questions about his camera and his "magic". He responded to all of them and soon they began wanting to own a camera too. Skip made one for each of them and started teaching them the "magic of photography". One of their assignments was to take pictures of him and, using their imagination to make the pictures show how they were really seeing him.

That is how this book was born and who wrote it: one of his "apprentices". To be continued?

Story of Skip  
Story of Skip