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“The next ten years, business will change more than it did in the previous fifty” Bill Gates



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Hello To the seventh edition of Harlow Stories Magazine. “The Secret is to Change the focus of your energy, not on fighting the old but on building the new.” - Socrates.

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“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” Andy Warhol


October 2018

This issue is themed ‘CHANGE’. Reacting to change in business has always been crucial, and as said before in this magazine, with the shadow of BREXIT looming large and no one – the Powers that Be included – seeming to know the terms of the departure, the future seems particularly changeable. For those of us who trade abroad these are uncertain times.

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That said, we are really excited about the changes happening in Harlow - both as a place to live and a place to do business. The development of our Town has been documented (in-part at least) over the past six editions and we’ll continue that over the months/years to come. Harlow is becoming a vibrant city with help from the ‘Discover Harlow’ rebranding, which you can see more of by visiting www.discoverharlow.co.uk. Exciting stuff!

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And, naturally we need to be embracing change as we move forward towards Brexit and beyond. But then again – successful busineses always have embraced change, haven’t they?

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Welcome Welcome to the September edition of the Harlow & District Chamber of Commerce magazine. Thanks to everyone who has come along to our meetings this year. We have had a variety of speakers talking about different aspects of the town. The next meeting in October will concentrate on the new housing to the north of the town. Our meetings are free to members. We are looking forward to the Harlow Business Awards dinner which takes place at the Manor of Groves on October 4th. This is always one of the highlights of the year. October also sees the announcement of the winners of this year’s Harlow Architectural Design Awards. There are trophies for winners in the Residential and Non-Res categories. We are keen to attract more local organisations to the Chamber of Commerce. With over 200 members, we are ideally placed to introduce people in the business, voluntary, education and public sectors to each other. Details of our monthly meetings and some other local events can be found on our website calendar. We are involved in a number of exciting initiatives underway in Harlow. I hope to be able to say more about them in the next edition of Stories. IAN HUDSON General Manager, Harlow & District Chamber of Commerce www.harlowchamber.co.uk Tel: 07817 778870


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Joining is a great opportunity to increase awareness of your organisation, find out what’s happening in Harlow and to get to know and understand local businesses. You’ll also get to meet business owners and people in all sectors.

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True Measure


E WERE SADDENED TO HEAR the news that Sir Charles Kao passed away on 24th September at the age of 84. Harlow, amongst many other towns and cities, has a lot to thank Kao for. His pioneering work in optical fibre technology has completely advanced the telecommunication systems across the world. After completing his high school years in Shanghai, Kao and his family moved to England in 1952 where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree. Kao excelled and went on to achieve a PhD in Electrical Engineering whilst working at our very own Standard Telecommunication Laboratories in Harlow. It is there that Kao did his

ground-breaking work as an engineer and researcher working alongside George Hockham and Alec Reeves. Kao and Hockham’s invention of fibre optic cabling in 1966 has truly changed the world of optical communications forever. The discovery has enabled many modern inventions such as broadband internet; something many of us couldn’t live without. In 2009, the Standard Telecommunication Laboratories were renamed to Kao Park in his honour. It is now considered the ‘home of discovery’, and Sir Charles Kao’s position as the industry leader is guaranteed for many years to come.


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“If you really look at it, I was trying to sell a dream … There was very little I could put in concrete to tell these people it was really real.” CHARLES K. KAO


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Dear Reader Putting the brakes on hospital car parking charges What a start to the new term here in Westminster! I kicked-off September by paying a visit to the Prime Minister’s front door. Alongside FairFuelUK, a campaign group for motorists, and two charities, CLIC Sargent, which looks after children with cancer, and Headway, which supports those with head injuries, I delivered a petition to bring an end to hospital car parking charges in England. We now have over 27,000 signatures. I launched the campaign back in 2014 and have since been working hard, campaigning the Government to abolish this draconian charge.

Rt. Hon. Robert Halfon MP Working hard for Harlow, Hastingwood, Matching, Nazeing, Roydon and Sheering & Chair of the House of Commons Education Select Committee

Just outside of Harlow…

Why am I so passionate about scrapping hospital car parking fees? I believe that they are a stealth tax on the sick, on the vulnerable, on families and on our hard-working NHS employees. CLIC Sargent’s ‘Cancer Costs’ research shows that, on average, families visiting their children undergoing cancer treatment spend between £44 and £37 on hospital car parking. Headway has supported families forking out more than £1,500 in parking fees in just 15 weeks! Such extortionate costs add to their stress in an already very worrying time. I am so proud to live in a country where our national health service is free. I have witnessed firsthand the remarkable work of the incredible employees at Princess Alexandra Hospital, both as a patient, and in my capacity as MP for Harlow. Up and down the country, the NHS staff deserve every penny of their wages. Yet, we impose this stonking, additional tax for those that choose to drive to work, which is so often due to a simple lack of adequate public transport. Many people’s response - the Government’s included - is, how much will scrapping the charges cost, and where will the money come from? But there is money available! Only recently, did Theresa May announce £20 billion additional funding to the NHS each year. Or how about dipping into the £1 billion that the Health Department have previously identified could be saved by better hospital procurement?

Stansted BNI > Meets every

Thursday at the Novotel at 6:15 for a 7am start. This is a friendly group which turned over £2.2m of business between its members last year. If interested please contact Steve Chew at steve@magnificentstuff.net

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Despite NHS guidelines brought in in 2014 to ensure a fairer system for hospital car parking fees, it’s just not working. 47% of hospitals across the country, have actually increased their charges! If you, too, would like to scrap hospital, I’d love to see your support.

Stories and the HDCC continue to

Please sign my online petition today at: www.petition.parliament.uk/petitions/219650. Perhaps you know someone who has been affected by overwhelming hospital car parking charges - it’d be great to hear your stories. As ever, send me an e-mail at halfon4harlow@roberthalfon.com.

recommend it to all in business –

Let’s see how far we can take this, and make a real difference to millions of lives.


And the Award goes to...

Bear in mind that with the exception

Heart4Harlow is an extraordinary organisation that does so much for our community. I am delighted that they link up with businesses in Harlow and are making sure that all those that work so hard for our community are rewarded in their annual Community and Business Awards. These awards showcase the best of Harlow’s young people, the best businesses, and the best community organisations, as well as some remarkable individuals. We have a Heart for Harlow. We’re proud of Harlow, and as Nishall Garala says, we should Big Up Harlow! Congratulations to all of this year’s award winners!

Very best wishes, Robert

be massive advocates of business networking and we would highly to grow your connections and little black book, to share ideas and to

of the Chamber, a number of the groups below operate a ‘one member per business type’ policy, so it’s always best to make contact before turning up. Remember to always take business cards and prepare a brief sixty second presentation if needed. A lot of these groups will have ‘Power Teams’ or similar groups, where members of related industries work and communicate closely together. It’s often worth

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a number of events throughout Harlow: www.harlowchamber.co.uk/events. For more information, contact us on 01279 271104.

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Wednesday at the Park Inn Hotel at 6:30 for a 7am start. BNI networking follows a strict agenda designed to maximise results – a formula that has proven itself over many years. If interested please contact Robin Stretton at Robin@bnisoutheast.co.uk

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on the last Friday of the month at the Harlow Arena (HTFC). This is an informal meeting with no need to book – just turn up with loads of business cards and enjoy the (free) lunch with other Harlow professionals at it’s excellent new venue.

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Networking meets at Miller and Carter in Harlow. This women-only event meets at midday one Tuesday each month. More information can be found at www. wibn.co.uk/groups-members/harlow/

Stansted Business Breakfast > Included here as a number of Harlowbased businesses are involved. Informal and friendly networking group, meeting at the Radisson Blu Hotel at Stansted Airport every second Friday at 7am. Contact Eric Chorley on 01279 324837 PAYN > A new group, begun in

Harlow and expanding rapidly. Meets at the Queens Head in Churchgate Street. Contact Chris Bedwell at chris@chrisbedwell.net

Recommended: Meetup & Eventbrite >

These are fantastic resources for info on the latest and closest events, they even select relevant gatherings based on your personal interests.

Facebook > An odd concept for

a recommendation for business networking but a couple of groups do stand out, notably Networking Herts and Essex www.facebook.com/ groups/NetworkingHertsandEssex/ and Networking Cambridgeshire www.facebook.com/groups/ networkingcambridge/, both of which avoid advertising and are run by the marvellous Kim Wallis.

getting to know these people in the group most closely associated Rt. Hon. Robert Halfon MP


to your industry.

If you would like to list an event or business networking opportunity in the next issue of Stories please get in touch: info@magnificentstuff.net


CHA N GE “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”

An era where technology and society are evolving faster than businesses can naturally adapt

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In our sector, we have to consider possible changes affecting social media, email marketing, website development, app expansion and so much more! I have found that by focusing on just one platform at a time, the developments are a lot less daunting. So, my advice is to make a plan to ensure you tackle each task efficiently and prioritise those critical to the success of your business.



My colleagues and I are always sending each other invitations to training days, seminars and workshops in order to better ourselves and our skills set. Additional support and training is key in any industry. Make sure you and your employees have access to the tools needed to improve skills; both tech-wise and for practicality! If budgets are limited there are thousands of free courses, videos and tutorials available online – always worth a look!




FIRST CAME ACROSS THE TERM ‘Digital Darwinism’ a year or so ago when researching new technologies that Magnificent Stuff could take advantage of. I was shocked to see just how many new digital systems and developments there were in our industry alone!

We try to attend as many workshops and seminars as we can to keep us in ‘up to speed’ but the truth is, it is a challenge for all (with extremely busy agendas) to learn and adapt to the changes in line with the developments the digital world keeps throwing at us.

Tom Goodwin, the Head of Innovation for Zenith Media, coined the term to describe how the digital movement is changing businesses for good. As a marketing agency, we have always had to keep on top of these new developments for the benefit of our clients.

We are only human. We like routine. We thrive on having an organised timeline. It is extremely important for us as a business to plan ahead, like all businesses. However, how can we plan months in advance when systems and regulations are evolving all the time? Dare I say, for example, GDPR!


Nevertheless, in order to keep one step ahead of our competitors we have had to view these changes as opportunities and embrace them in a positive way rather than completely freaking out. I have compiled my 3 top tips for other businesses who find themselves struggling to adapt to Digital Darwinism. They are working for us as a business and we are very pleased with where we are heading:

In order for us to stay motivated, we have got ourselves into the habit of implementing regular updates together. We often work remotely and so having these meetings by phone or online ensure everybody is on the right track and at the same level in terms of meeting client needs. This also highlights areas which need more attention from us as a business and stops progress from reaching a grinding halt. It also enables us to share skills and learn from within the business. Technology is developing all the time therefore we should be too, to understand and adapt if need be.

Rebecca Hartgen Account Manager, Magnificent Stuff

HIROPRACTOR DR MIGUEL Gutierrez Martinez and his team have seen an incredible transformation over the past year, since opening a new clinic at the Greenway Business Centre in Summer 2017. Miguel was already a familiar face on the Harlow health scene. A favourite of body builders and local athletes, (as well as musicians and dancers as part of his work with the casts of various West End shows), he was working from a small room in a local gym. “My Ripped Gym family were a really important part of my journey. I outgrew the space, but I wanted to bring that sense of community to my own business.”

resources, systems and sleep! Luckily I am Spanish and good at grabbing afternoon naps!” It is a testament, not just to the clinical expertise of Miguel and his team, but the passionate support they receive from their clients.

“That’s probably been the nicest part of our growth, being able to help so many more people to active pain free lives, and getting amazing feedback! We have the best clients in the world, they are so generous in their praise.”

The transition into the new space has been a labour of love, with a team of 8 now working 7 days a week. Many of the team started as patients, and two have embarked upon their own Chiropractic degrees, while still working at the clinic! It seems the ‘Pied Piper’ has inspired more than just his patients, who come with pain, often long term and chronic, and leave with a new lease of life. “We make people better, and we support many of our clients long term who want to take preventative steps to good health. Our clients are an amazing, motivated positive force and when they see what Chiropractic combined with the other disciplines can do they embrace change.” Since moving to the UK in 2006, Miguel carved out a solid reputation but always had ambitions to grow into a standalone multi-disciplinary business, leaving behind a successful career as part of the Europe wide Halsa group. “I never stand still! You have to keep changing, growing, adapting. As a team, we learn something new every single day. I surround myself with people who can teach me things, and are as ambitious as I am to be part of something that can change the health of Harlow for the better.” The growth of the new clinic has exceeded expectations and challenges the (well-established) competition. “I always had ambitions to grow my clinic and we have worked incredibly hard this past year- it has certainly challenged our

Miguel’s long-term business goals are all about change. “I want to change the health system as it is. Dentists and opticians don’t fight for patients because they have set boundaries around what they do. However, many Chiropractors are trying to do soft tissue work and Physiotherapists are trying to do Spinal manipulation, instead of concentrating on what they do best.” He says that the problem is that they don’t like to work with other people, and Miguel wants to change that. “I want people all with the same focus -that the all-important thing is to make a person better. If we can get people working together, everyone will get better results.” The MGM Team had an outing recently to see their client Robin Parsons in his Michael Jackson persona, at the Harlow Playhouse. Has anyone said it better than Jackson, wonders Miguel, about the impact of change… “It’s gonna feel real good, gonna make a difference.” Lucky Harlow!


SME Funding


hange can be an unsettling time for businesses. It can present a variety of challenges, as well as opportunities. During these times, it can be easy for business owners to become distracted and take their eyes off their cash flow.

“City branding isn’t about inventing something; it’s about discovering what is already there.” he said. “City branding isn’t about inventing something; it’s about discovering what is already there.” Authenticity and an alignment of both message and town policy is key. As Torres points out: “If a city’s big idea is to brand itself as a party town, a law forcing bars to close early would contradict that. The resulting confusion weakens the overall brand.” The rebranding of a place is a tricky one, which is probably why according to consulting firm K629, 86% of them fail. The reason for this is actually fairly simple – councils think that a new slogan and a marketing campaign is all it takes. However, to rebrand properly takes synergy between town planners, councils and the people who actually live there in order to work. It is a slow process but one that Harlow seems to be embracing with gusto.

As more towns and cities are rethinking what they mean to residents and outsiders we look at how to rebrand successfully


RANDS USED TO BE SOLID, RELIABLE things; they were consistent. However, as brand names have become signifiers of so much more than the products they sell, things have changed. Take Amazon as an example. It started off selling books now you can buy Persil from its website via its voice-activated virtual assistant while watching a show that it has produced through its own streaming device. Same with Netflix. What was once a DVD rent-by-post service is now a streaming


service and major film and television-series maker that has reshaped and disrupted the film world so much that its model has sparked an industry-wide conversation about the way films are distributed and premiered. This need to represent more to consumers than a single product or service has made brands an agency for change and an example of how to mutate and revise what they mean to consumers. It is a model that is starting to be used by towns and cities, such as Harlow, who are

looking to reposition themselves in a bid to restore civic pride in existing residents and to attract new ones, by actively reaffirming the unique qualities that make it a desirable place to live. Speaking in an article on CityMetric, the UK website dedicated to urbanism and city living, José Torres, founder of Bloom Consulting, a consulting firm specialising in nation and city branding, pinpointed the most successful strategy for town or city rebranding: “There is something special about every city,”

Since Sir Freddrick Gibberd’s bold vision of a town that blended the urban with the natural, Harlow has had a reputation for being a modernist beacon of what suburban living can be. While the public sculptures and brutalist buildings are still a draw for some, now it is time for the town to be more ambitious about the way it is represented and thought about. In keeping with Torres’s view that you need to focus on the unique, Harlow is rediscovering why people move there focusing on its art scene, its incredible science pedigree – something that is set to be even more of a draw when Public Health England relocates there – as well as its new housing including the ambitious Harlow and Gilston Garden Town, which will contribute 10,000 new homes to the north of the town.

All these unique aspects will be drawn together to reposition Harlow as a dynamic creative place to live and work and allow it to create partnerships with its twin neighboring cities of London and Cambridge to attract new people to the town. These sorts of changes are necessary for any brand, including a town, to thrive. However, in order for these transformations to occur it is the internal elements that drive the external change. In a company that would mean ensuring employees are on board and fully understand the direction the business is going in, what the vision is and how they can be complicit in affecting that change. When it comes to a town, it’s the residents that need to be on board. If you make a location a great place to live, it will also become one that outsiders will want to visit. Make residents happy and you automatically have the best marketing campaign possible – word-of-mouth. Civic pride is a powerful emotion – one that makes people want to talk about where they live and encourage others to move there too. Just as every brand these days aligns itself with a certain lifestyle proposition, with which it leverages its products as a way to unite like-minded people who unwittingly become advocates for the brand, so towns wanting to successfully rebrand need to win over the hearts and minds of its residents. Because no marketing campaign or clever slogan is more powerful than people sharing their stories about the place they are proud to call home. Mark Welby MW Studio www.mwstudio.uk

One of the reasons that businesses can fail is lack of cash flow. There are many different funding options for a business to consider from hundreds of different lenders, including overdrafts, loans, invoice finance – all with different terms, fees and options. Your bank should always be the first port of call for finance as they will be the cheapest option, aside from friends/ family. They are the most risk adverse lenders and can take a few weeks to process a request to borrow money. ‘Fintech’ or alternative lenders can provide loans within 24 hours, but this will be at a higher cost. Some lenders have hybrid overdraft/invoice finance products that give the business invoice finance style funding without the admin burden or customer interaction. Existing assets (vehicles, plant and machinery) can usually be refinanced to release cash – even vehicles over 10 years old. Retailers can borrow against the future takings from their card machine – this is a very fast source of cash, but is expensive when compared to other options. If a director has frozen company pensions, then these could be used to release cash into the business. This carries additional risks, but can be a tax efficient way of supporting a business. Also if a business owner has sufficient equity in their residential or investment property, then secured loans can be arranged at sensible interest rates*. All credit will be subject to application and approval by the lender, the interest rate and fees will usually reflect the perceived risk of the transaction. Grants may be available, which don’t need to be repaid – but these are not quick fixes. Some grants require the client to match the funding provided, others are just straight gifts of money for specific purposes. Henry Audley-Charles, SME Funding Ltd – henry@smefunfing.uk * Your home is at risk if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or other loan secured on it.


Kao Park


OVER THE LAST FEW MONTHS, KAO PARK HAS continued to develop. Virgin Care has joined Pearson and Bellis Homes in the Kao 2 office building meaning that the office space there is now 85% occupied. The Data Centre has signed up their first user and they have also worked to bring more fibre optic carriers to the site. This network is also available to tenants on the Science Park and so we are able to offer unrivalled internet connectivity.

Harlow Science Park

Photography courtesy of Mark Welby

CONSTRUCTION WORK HAS FINALLY STARTED on site in September 2018 for the first two buildings. One is a 30,000 square foot building, known as Nexus, providing high quality office space between 2,500 and 10,000 square feet. It will also provide a café facility that will be open to the public and act as a marketing suite for the wider Science Park development. The second structure is Anglia Ruskin University’s Medical Technology Innovation Centre which will provide incubation space for businesses op909-in the Med Tech sector.

Construction is underway at the Harlow Science Park and the new Harlow Place branding is rolling out too. Andrew Bramidge, Project Director, of the Enterprise Zone & Interim Head of Planning for Harlow Council summarises the latest developments from onsite.


Landscaping work is also to take place on the Science Park during October and November with tree and shrub planting along the verges. The site will also see the final phase of the required archaeological excavations in the south of the site before development of that area commences next year. Initial, trial excavations have revealed some evidence of Iron Age and Bronze Age settlements as well as possibly a road from the Roman period. Further excavation will be undertaken from October to February 2019 to clarify the extent of this prior to development.

“Harlow Science Park is all about change – delivering a different environment, quality of space and amenity, but above all changing the perception of Harlow as a place of innovative business” ANDREW BRAMIDGE // PROJECT DIRECTOR HARLOW ENTERPRISE ZONE

Templefields HARLOW COUNCIL HAS NOW IMPLEMENTED planning restriction in the Templefields Enterprise Zone around River Way to prevent the automatic conversion of industrial and commercial properties into residential. Over the last couple of years the Council has become concerned at the spread of these conversions across the town which have occurred following national legislation by the Government. This allows residential conversions to take place without the requirement to obtain planning permission. Harlow Council has now acted to protect employment space in the Enterprise Zone at Templefields by putting in place an exemption from the national legislation. With effect from 24th August, any property owner of Mark Welby in thatPhotography area will courtesy now have to seek full planning permission to undertake a residential conversion. The Council is now considering whether this process can be used in other parts of the town.


THE HARLOW STORY At the heart of the new place branding initiative for Harlow is a strong narrative that sums up the key elements of our town – location, culture, history, future aspirations and community. These elements are supported by a coherent and professional visual identity which is being rolled out by a growing team of Ambassadors.


HE STORY EMERGED FROM concerns that Harlow’s voice wasn’t being heard above those of other towns and cities in the South East and that Harlow did not have a simple story explaining what it is trying to achieve as a place. The approach to develop the story was to understand what makes Harlow special, competitive and different to other places and bring this all together in a new narrative that every organisation and individual across the area can tell and be part of. Most importantly this was a story based on the perceptions and views of stakeholders, so it reflects what they see as important for Harlow and the opportunities it can exploit. Harlow is fortunate to benefit from a prime location, with great rail links to London, excellent road connections including the nearby M11 and Stansted Airport just to the north. With a long-standing reputation as a hub for science and innovation, it was


the birthplace of fibre optics. Harlow is well known for its fabulous sculpture collection and is expanding with major housing schemes and the relocation of Public Health England. With London on the doorstep the town is poised for exciting growth and development. The story is based around three themes which represent the distinctiveness of Harlow and will set it apart in the future: colour, culture, sculpture Harlow is a Mecca for those who enjoy public art, especially sculpture. It is a living gallery of important works of art by Barbara Hepworth, Auguste Rodin, Henry Moore and Elizabeth Frink. It is also home to a vibrant creative and cultural scene using popular venues such as the Gibberd Gallery, Parndon Mill and Harlow Playhouse. There is an ambition to build on this creative gene, to animate space and to attract more people to live in and visit Harlow.


They will create a different, ‘place led’ perspective to the promotion of Harlow, bringing the views of business, education, arts and community to the table in an independent way. Their only agenda is help to attract investment, jobs, visitors and talent into the area whilst enhancing the pride many have of their town.

Harlow Ambassadors For Harlow to succeed, we need to get as many people and organisations as possible believing in it and telling and selling its story. The Harlow Ambassadors are literally a salesforce for the town and everyone can get involved!

The science of change Harlow was the birthplace of fibre optic communications which laid the groundwork for the evolution of the internet. Science research and life sciences have always been important for Harlow and the phased relocation of Public Health England to the town highlights that this knowledgeled activity will shape the future of the town supported by other supply chain businesses and the Enterprise Zone. Harlow will become ‘science central’.

Lifestyle: Local and London Harlow is set to benefit from the ‘overheating’ of a crowded and less affordable London. Thousands of new homes will transform the town centre and the local economy. There is a great range of places to live including the forthcoming Harlow and Gilston Garden Town. Harlow is astonishingly green with fantastic facilities from Town Park to Lee Valley Country Park. Harlow is a great value, brilliantly connected location under 30 minutes from the greatest city on earth! The Harlow Story was launched in June at The Playhouse with a number of high profile organisations and businesses pledging their support. John Keddie (Chair of Harlow Place Board), Chris Snow (Harlow Arts Trust), Michael Beard (Public Health England), Rob Wilkinson (Countryside Properties) and Eugenie Harvey (Harlow Council) took to the stage to describe


why the story was important for their organisations and for the economic prosperity of Harlow. The story was enthusiastically received – but this is just the start of the journey!

Place Board Putting Harlow on the map and communicating what a great place it is to live and work in, as well as the fantastic opportunities it has, is not a one-off job. As a town we have to stand up and be counted and that means working alongside the council and other key organisations to get the message out. To help do this

a Place Board has been created who will be the ultimate guardians and champions of the Harlow Story and our new town marketing approach. This is led by Dr John Keddie who was previously Vice President Global Operations for GlaxoSmithKline in Harlow and who also chairs the Enterprise Zone Board. He, and a small group of key players who are enthusiastic about the town, have come together to provide leadership for this initiative and ensure that the Harlow voice is heard at county level, within the Local Enterprise Partnership and as a vital element of the UK’s Innovation Corridor.

Every two months there will be an Ambassadors Meeting where you can learn about what is happening in Harlow and the wider area from those that are making it happen. The role of the Ambassadors is to relay these messages to their networks and contacts when they are asked: “What’s going on in Harlow?” This is the most powerful and impactful way of marketing the town. We had our first meeting on the 27th September at the Rugby Club where the audience heard from Allies and Morrison about the action plan for the town centre, and Kimberlee Perry, an international entrepreneur who has formed and developed her business in Harlow. The event was very well attended and the feedback has been very positive. Another key part of the Ambassadors programme is holding the meetings in different venues around the Harlow area so those attending can get to see organisations they may know nothing

At the heart of the new place branding initiative for Harlow is a strong narrative that sums up the key elements of our town – location, culture, history, future aspirations and community.

about, and learn how they are putting the town on the map. If you’re interested in attending, let one of the Place Managers have your details so you can be included on the invite list.

Tools to help tell and sell the Harlow story Whilst word of mouth is brilliant at getting our stories out, there are various things you can access that will help your organisation and help Harlow. We have a new forwardlooking story for Harlow which has been developed into a storybook. You can perhaps, use some of the words and ideas in how you describe your organisation and the Harlow it is based within. The place website www.discoverharlow. co.uk is a developing resources the job of which is to act as a reference point for anyone promoting the town. Why not add it to your email footer? The website will also allow you to access the stunning photography that has been specially taken to illustrate our new story, you can download it and it’s free! You can also use the fantastic Harlow showreel as part of your promotional activity which visually tells our story in 90 seconds, it’s informative and inspiring! To help communicate the Harlow Story we have also created a visual identity that represents the town in a very contemporary way, you can see this being used on the website, in the storybook and on the showreel. It celebrates our scientific past and future, our businesses and our art and creativity.

How to get involved Sharon Summerfield and Carole Hudson have been appointed as Harlow Place Brand Managers and will work with businesses, organisations and the community in telling and selling the Harlow Story or the Ambassador’s scheme, or get involved with the growing number of organisations who are contributing to this important work, please contact DiscoverHarlow@harlow.gov.uk and follow @discoverharlow


Harlow Time Credits How amazing would it be to receive credits as a ‘thank you’ for helping out in your community? Well, this is exactly what Harlow Time Credits provides.


E ARE ALL GUILTY OF complaining about things in our community yet not taking the time to help make things better. Now that Harlow Time Credits is officially underway, you can earn and receive credits to put towards something you would like to do in your community. Whether you would like to go swimming, learn a new skill, visit the theatre, watch a football match; there is so much on offer when spending your credits. Money will no longer be a limiting factor when wanting to enjoy activities within Harlow, as you can pay with your Time Credits.

Lesley is a retired teacher and earned Time Credits for helping out at woodwork classes organised by Medway Ethnic Minority Forum. Lesley gifted some of her Time Credits to her friend Pierre, a retired engineer with a love of history, so that he could join her on the trip.

Lesley’s experience with Medway Time Credits:

Pierre loves exploring the history of Britain. He is registered blind and also has a hearing impairment, leaving him mostly housebound. Opportunities like the Time Credit spend trip make a huge difference, not just for the information but for the companionship.

It was a day of new experiences as old friends Lesley and Pierre joined a group of people from Medway to spend their well-earnt Time Credits. They decided on visiting The Household Cavalry Museum and Banqueting House in London.

to lots of audio books at home so the London trip was unusual for me.” For Lesley, the Medway Time Credits network and the connections it offers is what she values most. Through the network, she met a Tai Chi teacher who offers classes in exchange for Time Credits and Lesley would like to learn this next. Pierre concludes, “It was a new experience for me that I enjoyed and I would recommend it to anyone else.” He’s now considering what he can offer to the community – his qualified experience in reflexology or aromatherapy, perhaps.

“I thoroughly enjoyed our day out, I listen Harlow Time Credits aims to engage local people in activities that meet community need, reduce social isolation and enable people to learn new skills. Currently Spice are reaching out to local businesses in Harlow interested in offering opportunities for people to spend Time Credits. If you want to explore what you could offer, get in touch with Caroline Murray to find out more! carolinemurray@justaddspice.org 07480754929 www.justaddspice.org/programme/ harlow-time-credits


E LYS E M A R KS I M A GIN G Elyse Marks has bought a breath of fresh air to the photography scene in Harlow since moving here a year or so ago


E FIRST CAME ACROSS ELYSE’S work at a wedding at the Manor of Groves Hotel and loved her style straight away. It was important for us to have headshots taken which conveyed our business outlook; fun, friendly and enthusiastic but of course professional at all times! When browsing through Elyse’s portfolio, it was clear that she had an eye for detail and listened to her clients’ wishes carefully. Unless you are a model or a celebrity, having photographs taken can be very daunting! We were the same. Elyse made us feel relaxed and confident in front of the camera and helped us ‘think outside the box’. We have had two photoshoots with Elyse now, and both times her professionalism and approach to the task at hand has been outstanding.

Elyse’s work includes everything from weddings and events to corporate shoots, celebrations and family shoots. On the day of your shoot, she will be friendly, professional and subtle. Her background lies in theatre photography which means she brings a creative eye to every image she captures creating a dynamic, interesting and most importantly, useful image to you. Browse Elyse’s portfolio here: www.elysemarksimaging.com hello@elysemarksimaging.com 07932 038 165


FANNY GALOR E THE INTERVI E W Fanny Galore is bold, bright and beautiful. She makes Harlow roar with laughter and is changing the pace of entertainment in the area.


OU HAVE ACHIEVED SOME amazing things in your career so far, congratulations. Tell us about your beginning in drag?

Well, Fanny has got IBS. I’ve had a few near-misses before going onstage...... I never wear white now! Sorry, but you did ask! What is a typical day like for you? Is it all show business and glam? I normally like to lay back on my 4 poster bed in my red silk nighty sipping tea from a bone China mug! Oh *sighs*, who am I kidding? After I’ve dropped off the kids, I like to watch This Morning whilst eating a bowel of Coco Pops. Sorry to disappoint.

Times have certainly changed for the better and people appear to be more open with the idea of drag! What’s the biggest difference you have noticed from when you started to now? There is so much more drag on main stream television recently and it has certainly opened peoples’ eyes. From Rupaul’s Drag Race in the States to Courtney Act winning Celebrity Big Brother in the UK. It’s a real art form and I think people appreciate it more nowadays. I’m not sure Harlow would have been ready for Fanny Galore 10 years ago but now everyone is loving it! Can you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up? Was show business always on the agenda? I had always loved to perform from an early age and would always make up dance routines and sing. I always wanted to be the centre of attention - I guess that’s a ‘middle child’ for you! If Fanny wasn’t in show business, I think she would probably be married to a rich old man and live in a villa in the south of France being fed grapes whilst watching TV shows like The Real Housewives of Cheshire on repeat.

I don’t go by big achievements. I just love to see people laughing and smiling and having fun


Have you had any disasters on stage or backstage? If so, how did you overcome it?

Well, yes I’ve had a wonderful career but Fanny Galore is just getting started! I trained from a young age in dance and was lucky enough to be able to attend a full time musical theatre school after I had finished my GCSEs. Fanny’s not too good at the old education, but she can kick her legs like Bonnie Langford! After leaving college I was a professional dancer and appeared on stage and television until I had to hang up my dancing shoes. After this, I saw an advert in the Stage newspaper for a new member to join a troupe of drag queens… I auditioned, got the job and the rest is history!

Which famous personalities do you admire and why? I love Joan Collins ‘cos she’s glamorous and dignified and knows how to work a pencil skirt! She can be a bit bitchy, just like Fanny, but she does it with a smile. How do your family and friends react to Fanny Galore? Do they come and watch you on stage? My partner and friends are always coming to my gigs and have seen me perform a zillion times so I’m surprised they find it funny at all now! My brother and sister have seen Fanny a few times and my Mum and Dad are always talking about “their Fanny” to quite frankly anyone who will listen! God love them! They recently came to Afternoon Glee at Harlow Playhouse and dad got a bit emotional and said how proud he was of me. I’ve performed at Wembley Area and Buckingham Palace where I met the Queen and Dad never batted a bloody eyelid, then I dress up in a wig and heels and he gets totes emosh (totally emotional, FYI)! When people come to see your show, Fanny Galore’s Big Night Out, what can they expect? A fun packed night of Fanny fun with my gorgeous dancing girls and my lovely boys, Dick and Roger. There’s games galore, singing and dancing and a fanny-tastic disco after at the lovely Cliffs Pavilion in Southend. You can take a look at their website for dates!

“I love Joan Collins ‘cos she’s glamorous and dignified and knows how to work a pencil skirt! She can be a bit bitchy, just like Fanny, but she does it with a smile”

What’s your biggest achievement in your career so far? I don’t go by big achievements. I just love to see people laughing and smiling and having fun and when they tell me after that they have needed a good old laugh it makes me feel like I’ve helped them in some small way. Are there any big plans for Fanny Galore in the future? I would love for Fanny to make it big of course! Get Fanny on TV I say. What’s the best bit of advice you’ve ever received? Don’t eat yellow snow! Do you have a favourite quote? ‘If the skirts get any shorter’, said the fairy to the gnome, ‘there will be a lot more cheeks to powder and a lot more hair to comb!’ You can find dates for Fanny Galore’s Big Night Out by visiting www.southendtheatres.org.uk. facebook.com/fanny.galore twitter.com/RealFannyGalore


PB INSPIRES Working in partnership with Visionpath, Price Bailey Chartered Accountants set up a new corporate social responsibility programme, PB Inspires, with the aim of inspiring, supporting and encouraging employees of the future.


ESEARCH STUDIES HAVE FOUND THAT as little as four employer interactions with schools can have a substantial impact on a student’s engagement with education and future prospects. As a result, students are equipped with a better idea of what they want from their future, greater career prospects and earning potential. Since 2016, Price Bailey have partnered with a number of local schools, including St. Marks West Essex Catholic School in Harlow, providing knowledge, coaching and advice to a broad range of individuals. Many of the Price Bailey’s apprentices and graduates play a vital role in running these sessions as they are able to easily relate their recent experiences of applying and moving from school to apprenticeships, university and the work place. PB Inspires primarily works with students in the age range of 14-18 years, in secondary schools and sixth-forms. Some 400 students have partaken in the events with 85%

“I learnt the importance of listening as a leadership skill, rather than just directing a group” feeling like they have learned new skills for the future and 150 hours of workplace experience gained. Events to date have included: • upSKILL Enterprise days • careers carousels • career coaching sessions • CV and covering letter workshops • mock interviews

When asked about PB Inspires Paul Bartlett, a Director based in the firms Bishop’s Stortford Office, said “Not only is the PB Inspires programme a passion for many of our employees but there is a strong belief that we are able to convey knowledge and experiences that we wished we had access to when we were in school.” There has been lots of positive feedback from the students who have taken part in the sessions. One participant said “I learnt the importance of listening as a leadership skill, rather than just directing a group” with another saying “as well as learning about how the business world works in relation to income and costs, we also improved our soft skills such as teamwork and communication”. The programme offers dual benefits as there has been very positive feedback from the Price Bailey staff that have taken part. Wesley Pearson, who joined the firm as a graduate trainee in 2017, said “it gives the students the opportunity to speak to people independent from their parents and teachers and it was good to see the students learning as they went along. It’s a great feeling being able to give something back to the wider community”, Price Bailey received national recognition for the PB Inspires initiative when it won the ‘Outstanding Community Engagement and Contribution’ award at the British Accountancy Awards in 2017, but the firm is not resting on its laurels as the 2018/19 PB Inspires programme has just been finalised so that they can continue adding value to the work force of the future! To find out more about Price Bailey or PB Inspires please contact Sharon Whelan sharonw@pricebailey.co.uk


C H A N G I N G L I V E S IN H A R LOW With support from the Safer Harlow Partnership, two local entrepreneurs have set up a project helping 8-12 years olds escape gang culture


F YOU’VE BEEN WATCHING BBC LOOK East or listening to Heart FM or BBC Essex over the past month or so, chances are you’ve heard of the ‘Changing Lives In Harlow’ scheme.

The project is supported by the NHS and by Essex Police, and both the Harlow Rugby Club and Kazen Kai Martial Arts are already lines up to help the children with sessions.

‘Changing Lives in Harlow’ is a Community Interest Group aimed at preventing children, aged between 8-12, from getting involved with gangs or other violent activities. It was founded earlier this year by David Simmons (Flick Trick Sports) and Ben Doyle (SK Sports Academy).

The children are transported to and from the GPCA by those wonderful chaps at Harlow Community Transport.

“The concept is to prevent youngsters from getting involved in anti-social behaviour through a mixture of sport sessions, mentoring and educational workshops,” said Mr Doyle. “The sessions began last month at the Great Parndon Community Association (GPCA) in Staple Tye, and are every Tuesday and Thursday between 3 and 6pm.”

Funding for the project was secured via the Safer Harlow Partnership. The project is further sustained with help from ABN Security Systems Ltd, Alisped International Forwarding and Cleanbrite UK Ltd – to whom Changing Lives In Harlow are very grateful.

ABN Security www.abnsecurity.co.uk Alisped www. alisped.it Cleanbrite UK www.cleanbrite.co.uk Harlow Community Transport www.efcommunitytransport.co.uk Flick Trick Sports www.flicktricksports.com SK Sports Academy www. sksportsacademy.com Harlow Rugby Club www.harlowrugby.club Kazen Kai Martial Arts www.kazenkai.com

To contact Changing Lives in Harlow please contact David or Ben on 07756084357.



“What Kao did in Harlow transformed the world and provided a backbone for the internet... he was the father of fibre optics.”