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“You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right. If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you’ll never stick it out.” Steve Jobs REAL STORIES ABOUT REAL PEOPLE IN BUSINESS


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Hello This issue is themed PASSION. Not because we’re publishing close to Valentines Day, but because since working on this magazine the passion and enthusiasm that we’ve witnessed in the Harlow business community has been quite remarkable.

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style”. Maya Angelou


January 2018

2017 has been an amazing year for our town. In December planning permission was finally granted to Public Health England for their development of the National Science Hub on the site of the old GSK buildings in the Pinnacles – signaling the start of a development destined

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to bring many thousands of new jobs to our Town. Also Anglia Ruskin University have confirmed the construction of their ‘MedTech’ Business

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Innovation Centre on the Enterprise Zone Site off London Road. At Kao Park, Pearsons will be joining Raytheon and Arrow, which is fabulous news, as it was thought that they might be leaving Harlow for good. The quality of the office space at the Enterprise Zone is one of the factors that have convinced them to stay. The first of 3 Data Centres has also been constructed at Kao Park taking advantage of the excellent broadband

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facilities that Harlow has to offer. Harlow’s location on the London/Cambridge corridor is very beneficial in attracting and retaining businesses in our area – and this can only be helped with the agreed construction of junction 7a of the MII. The proposed development at Gilston has been studied at length by East Herts Council, which has identified the site as a ‘potential site for new housing’.

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So, huge developments. And developments which are beneficial to all of us who are in business. Keep the passion up. As always we love to receive feedback from readers and any ideas and suggestions to help us spread the Stories messages are gratefully received! We hope you enjoy Emma, & Steve from Magnificent Stuff

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Welcome Welcome to the New Year edition of the Harlow & District Chamber of Commerce magazine. I can’t believe it has come round already. Thanks to everyone who came to our Christmas lunch on December 15th. Andrew Bramidge form the Enterprise Zone and Michael Veasey from Anglia Ruskin University gave us lots of information about the Science Parks and Meditech campus. Planning is well underway for the 9th Harlow Business Exhibition on June 14th. Over half the Stands have already been taken. You can see who is exhibiting at We are also planning for the Harlow Business Awards which will launch in April with the Community and Business Awards dinner taking place at the Manor of Groves in early October. We’re keen to attract more local organisations to the Chamber of Commerce. With over 200 members, we are ideally placed to introduce people in the business, voluntary, education and public sectors to each other. Details of our monthly meetings and some other local events can be found on our website calendar. IAN HUDSON

Join the HDCC! The Harlow and District Chamber of Commerce is where local business, public sector, education and voluntary communities come together for mutual benefit. Joining is a great opportunity to increase awareness of your organisation, find out what’s happening in Harlow and to get to know and understand local businesses. You’ll also get to meet business owners and people in all sectors. If you are not sure about joining the HDCC why not come along to a meeting to experience what we are all about? We welcome visitors and you will be able to network with other Harlow businesses (bring along plenty of business cards). The application form can be found at join-the-hdcc

General Manager, Harlow & District Chamber of Commerce Tel: 07817 778870



“Having worked in and around Harlow for the past 20 years I am delighted by your magazine for the Harlow Chamber of Commerce. It is refreshing that you have managed to keep it free from advertising, and purely ‘content-based’. Helping Harlow based businesses be the best that they can be online is what we do. It’s exciting as the Town has upbeat optimistic businesses with whom we work and who are ideally placed for business reach up and down the London/ Stansted/Cambridge corridor, and even further online. Working with such enterprises makes the future look bright for the town and the area as a whole. Yours faithfully

Simon Thomas Digital Sensei, Toucan Internet


Daniel Hassall


Michael Casey

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Love the new style of the magazine Chaps, and particularly the Entrepreneurs feature. I think it’s great that local companies can be represented without paying for the editorial. You must have quite a queue! Keep up the good work. Looking forward to attending the Chamber of Commerce networking events in the New Year!

Henry Audley-Charles SME Funding

Having worked at Harlow Sport Centre for many years I’ve always felt a close affinity with the town. Indeed, the qualifications I took at Harlow College led me in to Osteopathy 20 years ago. I love the magazine and wish you loads of luck in highlighting the town and its many benefits!

Hazel Williams The Osteopath


Dear Reader

Just outside of Harlow…

Image courtesy of Marketing at Harlow College

I’m proud to see that Harlow has been used as a case study in the Government’s new Industrial Strategy. With a new Enterprise Zone, the imminent move of Public Health England, a new M11 Junction (7a) and now the expansion of Harlow College, we really are unstoppable. On the day the Government launched the Industrial Strategy, it was an honour to join

Business Networking

Minister Claire Perry MP at the ground breaking of the new Stansted Airport Technical College. It will be run by Harlow College, one of the best Colleges in England and I have

At Harlow Stories we continue to

every confidence that it will be a great success.

be massive advocates of business networking and would highly

Rt. Hon. Robert Halfon MP Working hard for Harlow, Hastingwood, Matching,

The new College will offer training in aircraft and airport engineering, business studies,

recommend it to all. Please bare

logistics and supply chain management, asset management, hospitality and customer

in mind though, that with the

service. It will provide fantastic opportunities for young people in Harlow and across

exception of The Chamber, a number

the region who will be able to get the education and skills they need to get jobs,

of the groups below operate a ‘one

security and prosperity for their futures.

member per business type’ policy,

Nazeing, Roydon and Sheering & Chair of the House of Commons Education Select Committee

so it’s always best to make contact I’d like to say a massive well done to Harlow College, Stansted Airport, SELEP, Essex

before turning up.

County Council and Uttlesford District Council for all the hard work they have put in to make this project possible. I worked hard to lobby the Government to secure the

Remember to always take business

funding needed and I’m delighted the new College is now well on its way to being

cards. A lot of these groups will have

completed for September 2018 when it will start enrolling students.

‘Power Teams’ or similar groups, where members of related industries

I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and I wish you all the best for the New Year.

work and communicate closely together. It’s often worth getting to

Very best wishes,

know these people in the group most


closely associated to your industry.

Rt. Hon. Robert Halfon MP


Harlow and District Chamber of Commerce > The HDCC promote

a number of events throughout Harlow: For more information, contact us on 01279 271104.

Harlow BNI > Meets every

Wednesday at the Park Inn Hotel at 6:30 for a 7am start. BNI networking follows a strict agenda designed to maximise results – a formula that has proven itself over many years. If interested please contact Robin Stretton at

Harlow Professionals > Meets on the last Friday of the month at the Football Club. This is an informal meeting with no need to book – just turn up with loads of business cards and enjoy the (free) lunch with other Harlow professionals. WIBN Harlow > Women in

Business Networking meets at Miller and Carter in Harlow. This women-only event meets at midday one Tuesday each month. More information can be found at

The Queen’s Head Networking Group > Meets (surprisingly enough) at the Queen’s Head Public House in Churchgate Street on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Friendly group with no fees to pay (only your drinks and meal if you chose to have one). Contact Mark Dradey at

Stansted Business > Breakfast included here as a number of Harlow-based businesses are involved. Informal and friendly networking group, meeting at the Radisson Blu Hotel at Stansted Airport every second Friday at 7am. Contact Eric Chorley on 01279 324837. BeCollaboration >

Run by Harlow based business owner, Jill Tiney, BeCollaboration meets around London, Herts, Essex and Surrey. For more information visit

Recommended: Meetup & Eventbrite > These are fantastic resources for info on the latest and closest events, they even select relevant gatherings based on your personal interests. Facebook > An odd concept for

a recommendation for business networking but a couple of groups do stand out, notably Networking Herts and Essex groups/NetworkingHertsandEssex/ and Networking Cambridgeshire networkingcambridge/, both of which avoid advertising and are run by the marvelous Kim Wallis. If you would like to list an event or business networking opportunity in the next issue of Stories please get in touch:


PA S S IO N All it takes is a bit of The only way to do great work is to love what you do Steve Jobs

‘umph’ and energy


ASSION ISN’T ONLY IMPORTANT when launching a business; it’s important when doing business. Always. Whether you are a small startup company, or a multi-million pound organisation never forget your passion.   Starting a business is something that occurs every minute, every day, every hour. People start businesses to make some money, right? Unfortunately when the focus is purely on making money, the business is likely to result in failure. This idea however, is transferable. If you are working in a business area that doesn’t excite you then instead apply yourself to a sector which you are passionate about. Being passionate helps your personality shine above the rest.  Look at the business from another perspective... instead of seeing all the cracks and failures try to focus on the good (which is often your USP). Being miserable


I converted my shed and shelved it from top to bottom in cheap mdf – this meant I could ‘hold’ as many as 500 books. I specialised in ‘pre-isbn’ or ‘antiquated’ books – those that held the most value – and soon the


£200 a week became £300 then £400… I’d generated an income, a living wage, out of items other people had thrown away. I was shocked – and believe me I was very passionate about it! With a friend I incorporated the business as FNM Books Ltd. We rented a warehouse and set out to buy up all excess, pre-1971 books in London and Essex, at one point we had over 70,000 on the shelves. All rustled up from nothing – the immediate outlay was negligible – of course the premises and logistics turned out not to be. In 2010, or there abouts, I met with a chap called Arthur Maxfield who was doing the same thing down in Worthing, Sussex.

He invited us down to his place to see how his operation worked. I was greeted by 60 articulated lorries, two facilities the size of Wembley and 300 staff. Arthur was passionate too. His company? World of Books Ltd. Passion alone will not make you as successful a businessman as Arthur Maxfield, of course. There’s determination, logic, bravado, wit, intelligence, management skills. But… …it’s a damn good start… Steve Magnificent Stuff

“It was clear that they didn’t want to be there” “Why are they a point of contact for ANYone?! Zero personality” “Talk about ‘team spirit’; this team were practically non-existent!” Don’t put yourself in the firing line for comments like these. All it takes is a bit of ‘umph’ and energy to create passion. Remember: what doesn’t challenge you, doesn’t change you. It is good to have tests and trials to remind you of the purpose of your place in business. Boo Hartgen

“E nthusiasm from staff and customers makes your life easier but their ability to sustain interest can flail around over time unless you keep reminding them about your vision and the passion for your service or product” Ed Pearson

Get ‘motivated’

It’s your business. Your idea, your USPs, your creation. But is it your passion too? N 2007 I BEGAN SELLING BOOKS ONLINE. It was only a few a day at first but it generated a couple of hundred pounds a week – which was a lifesaver at the time. Of course, the stock was finite, and within a few moths the money started to dry up us the books were sold. In a (faintly rare) moment of clarity I sourced a new supply – I approached as many charity shops as I could find in the East End and took their excess stock for a donation…and, blow me, I had my very own cottage industry!

both as a boss and an employee is draining for those around you; this can have a dreadful effect on your customers, too...

F “T here is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living” Nelson Mandela

EW ARE QUITE SO PASSIONATE ABOUT their business as multi-level marketers. Companies like Forever Living, Ounique and Isagenix are often the simplest way for many people to enter into business for themselves. As an example of shear enthusiasm in business, their business ‘partners’ are often the best examples: “What motivates me is being in an industry that means I get to help give animals (my passion) and humans a healthier life and give people the opportunity to achieve what they might never have thought possible. I am passionate about being there for people who want to turn their lives around, or who want to run their own business, be able to support their family and buy that dream car or go on a luxury family holiday or two.

There is no feeling that can beat the satisfaction that you have played a small part in helping them get to where they want to be. This is one part of my business. The other, that I am equally passionate about, is talking to people about the 100% natural & organic products that we sell that help both humans and animals. As a dog lover I know that people want the best for their pet. I am able to provide the best by being part of a well-established, successful company.” Suzanne Corgan



inspiration for one of the most important technological launches of 20th century – the Apple Mac.

T H O R O U G H LY MODERN MINDS Modernism changed the way we think, live and create. MW Studio takes a look at some of its manifestations


T’S HARD TO THINK OF A MOVEMENT that has so drastically transformed thinking across so many disciplines as Modernism. From art and design to buildings and architecture, those involved in its dissemination ripped up the rather ornately decorated rule book of the 19th century and replaced it with something clean and democratic. It is there in the lush functionality of Charles and Ray Eames’s iconic lounger; writ large in the beautiful brutalism of places such as the Barbican and literally written in the typographical forms of Helvetica or the logos of companies such as Bloomingdale’s. However, it wasn’t just Europe and its educated elite that was in thrall to this new design language, this was a movement for the people.

It was this idea that inspired one Joseph Eichler. Eichler was an influential US post-war real estate developer who was responsible for erecting great swathes of tract (or cookie cutter) housing in California. Although this was housing for the people, Eichler believed it should still have both form and function.

In order to achieve this he took modern architectural elements from custom designs and created the now-iconic ‘California modern’ housing style, which owed a massive debt to famed modernist architect Frank Lloyd Wright. These examples of clean, elegant design didn’t just provide a great place to live, it was also the

Steve Jobs’s childhood home was an Eichler construction and it was the combination of great design and mass market appeal that Jobs wanted to emulate when it came to his Apple products. “I love it when you can bring really great design and simple capability to something that doesn’t cost much,” Jobs is on record as saying. “It was the original vision for Apple. That’s what we tried to do with the Mac. That’s what we did with the iPod.” Jobs was passionate about design, but like Eichler, he was driven by a desire to bring what he perceived of as good design to the masses. With first Harmut Esslinger in the 1980s and then British designer Jony Ive he pioneered an engineering and design aesthetic that immediately set Apple apart making it the brand of choice for those working in the creative industries.

incarnation of her name that subsequent appeared on a thousand Topshop dresses. Barnes was born in Harlow in 1970; a child surrounded by the Modernist vision of one Sir Frank Gibberd. Inspired by the likes of Le Courbusier, Mies Van Der Rohe and FRS Yorke, Gibberd, the son of a tailor form Coventry, made his name as an architect when, at just 23, he designed Pullman Court in Streatham Hill. Rendered in concrete and steel, this phenomenal-looking building was Bauhausinfluenced and, being communal, seen as a new and innovative response to London’s housing shortage.

“J obs was passionate about design, but like Eichler, he was driven by a desire to bring what he perceived of as good design to the masses”

As Massimo Vignelli, graphic design legend and designer of the New York subway map, said in a rare interview with Fast Co Design magazine: “Apple made the right kind of computer for the communication field. IBM made the PC, and the PC was no good for communication… Apple, thank God, got the intuition of going after that market, and so in 1990 they came out with a computer The emphasis on the flat in his buildings that we designers could use.” earned Gibberd the moniker of the “flat architect” leading to his co-authoring a If modernist environments can have book on the subject “The Modern Flat” an effect on the subsequent aesthetic with FRS Yorke. If Pullman Court made preferences of its inhabitants then it isn’t Gibberd’s name then it was Harlow that too much of a leap to suggest that the cemented his reputation as a visionary. contemporary construct of Harlow has Harlow was created as part of the New influenced Paul Barnes’s typographical Town scheme, which was a governmenttrajectory. Named by The Guardian as led initiative to reduce the population of one of the top 50 designer in Britain, he is London by creating outlier towns specifically responsible for the sparse sophistication of designed to appeal to new families. Givenchy’s logo and he collaborated with Peter Saville on Kate Moss’s brand back Like Eichler before him, Gibberd wanted to in 2007, devising the alluringly feminine blend urbanity with nature in his plans for Harlow. Nowhere is this more evident than in The Lawn, which has the honour of being the first housing tower block in the UK. According to Elain Harwood’s tome charting the rise of Modernist architecture in Britain “Space, Hope and Brutalism” it was “inspired by the slender tower or point block [which] had its origins in Vienna, Berlin and Budapest”.

a south-facing balcony looking out onto the flower-bed ringed meadow on which the block is situated. Although time has revealed some of the flaws in Gibberd’s vision – he thought most people would cycle not foreseeing the rise in car ownership – Harlow remains a testament to his revolutionary ideas and the passion he had, like Eichler and Jobs, for design as something democratic that should be woven into the fabric of every day life; not something that could only be experienced by those with money or position. It is apparent in the modern three-storey iterations of townhouses – designed for families but in a totally revolutionary way – that curve along Orchard Croft. It is there in the pieces of public art from the likes of Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth that pop up in the most surprising communal spaces and in the proliferation of nature from the Water Gardens to the footpaths and cycle tracks that run alongside old hedgerows. More powerful than that though, Harlow also stands as proof of one of the central tenets of Modernism – that good design in all its forms is for the many not the few.

“M odernism released us from the constraints of everything that had gone before with a euphoric sense of freedom” Arthur Erickson

The innovative butterfly-shaped plan means that each of the four flats per storey have



Hidden Gems


Since learning about the industry the more passionate I have become about sharing it with others. Network Marketing is one of the fastest growing industries; There are 100’s of companies out there and its about finding a consumable product that you believe in, with a compensation plan that

is going to reward you for your hard work and efforts. In May 2017, I was introduced to a company that was brand new to the UK. It was pure coincidence that it fitted in with my passion and background of health and fitness. As a busy Mum I am so grateful to have found a business that I love and that I can fit around our busy family life. It is a vehicle for me to build a business over the next 3-5 years, which will then give us the



lifestyle that I want for our family. Positive inspirational people surround me and I feel truly aligned with a company that is changing people’s lives. Network Marketing offers an opportunity to people from all walks of life. I believe every parent should look at the opportunity to build a business around busy family life and create financial security.” Jo Collins


ITHOUT PASSION AND enthusiasm, very few small businesses will succeed. Anyone who thinks that working for yourself is an easy gig, think again. Sometimes it can be lonely, no one to bounce ideas off, no one to ask you if you want a cup of coffee, the constant need to market yourself can all take their toll.

Benjamin Franklin

er at W s e en Th ard G 5 02 A1

The Gibberd Gallery

How I make a

“I f passion drives you, let reason hold the reins”


Joseph Campbell

you love and believe in WAS FIRST INTRODUCED TO NETWORK Marketing 7 years ago. At that time I was just looking for something I could do that fitted in around having 3 young children and bring in a bit of extra money each month. This certainly ticked all the boxes.


d sR den Hay

Just do what


“P assion will move men beyond themselves, beyond their shortcomings, beyond their failures”

But I wouldn’t change it for the world. Why? Because I’m passionate about what I do, I enjoy making life easier for other small business owners. Helping them to see the wood from the trees, taking away the things that are holding them back from growing their business. Recently, I spent a day with a client in her home office. When I arrived, she said that she hated going into the room, not because

there was anything wrong with it, but just because it was full of ‘stuff’ that she no longer knew what to do with. By the end of the day and after some ruthless shredding, she stood at the doorway and said she couldn’t believe it was the same place. Not only that, she was looking forward to starting work in it the next day. That’s why I do what I do. It may not be saving lives or finding a cure for cancer, but I do make a difference to people if only in a small way, and that really matters. Lisa Dellow A Virtual Presence Online Business Support


ARLOW TOWN IS BURSTING AT THE SEAMS WITH exceptional sculpture. The history of sculpture in Harlow extends back to 1953, and now its collection has grown beyond 90 pieces. Sculpture has played a big role in the development and history of Harlow, and the local Harlow Art Trust has recently signified its intent to focus on sculpture as Harlow positions itself as a ‘sculpture town’ At the heart of the connection between sculpture, the Harlow Art Trust and the local community is the Gibberd Gallery. Its mission is to; “become a regional inspirational focus for the visual arts and raise the focus of Harlow and its acclaimed sculpture and permanent watercolour collection”. Although the 90 pieces are located around the Town, without question, central to the sculpture town vision is the Gibberd Gallery. Opened in 2004, the Gallery is positioned in the centre of Harlow, acting as a reference point for locals and tourists alike. Overlooking the Water Gardens, the Gallery is a pillar of culture and is a frequently visited attraction within the town. The Gallery is home to the important collection of British watercolours donated to the town by Sir Frederick Gibberd in 1984 as well as numerous other pieces and periodic exhibitions. The gallery is available to hire for events and small exhibitions throughout the year, plays host to education events, talks and seminars. The intent of the Harlow Art Trust, who manage the Gallery, is to ensure that it retains a relevance in the art and cultural development of Harlow. Information on exhibitions, events and ways to get involved with the Gallery can be found at As Harlow begins to become more renowned for being a sculpture town; using its rich history and tremendous existing pieces of sculpture. The Gallery is positioned to further become the foundation of the arts and culture within Harlow. The Gallery and the Harlow Art Trust are keen on establishing relationships with local business; as well as the Gallery, the Harlow Art Trust has Apps, Tours and Trails. If interested in building a relationship with Harlow Art Trust and the Gibberd Gallery, and gaining access to its unique assets, then please contact


Harlow Science Park



HE INFRASTRUCTURE WORK ON THE SCIENCE Park site is proceeding to plan, despite minor delays caused by snowy weather in December. The central spine road will be largely complete by the end of January 2018 alongside with the installation of power, gas and water supplies. During February, the landscaping work along the road will be undertaken and fibre optic cabling installed on the site. Upon the completion of this, it is hoped to be able to open the east-west Link Road from the A414 to London Road to the public, providing another direct route from Newhall to the A414.



Chinese-born Hong Kong, American and British electrical engineer and physicist who pioneered the development and use of fibre optics in telecommunications, at the Kao Park site.


2018 will see the most exciting phase of the Enterprise Zone so far, with plans moving into real delivery. Work is now moving forward at some pace on both the main sites – Kao Park and the Harlow Science Park, with the first Data Centre building now complete and a contractor now appointed to construct the first two buildings on the Science Park. The completion of the infrastructure work in February 2018 will also enable the commencement of construction of the first two buildings on the Science Park. The tender process is now underway for the main construction contract for these two buildings and a contractor will be appointed in January ready for work to start in late February/ early March.

Kao Park


NEW TENANT WAS WELCOMED TO KAO PARK in December with the arrival of Bellis Homes, who have taken space on the Ground Floor of the Kao Two building. Bellis Homes are a luxury housing developer and an expanding local business. They have moved to the Enterprise Zone to establish their new headquarters building and help move the business onto the next phase of its development. More information about the company can be found at

The promotion of Harlow Science Park received a major boost when one of the UK’s leading property industry journals, ‘Property Week’ produced a two page article on the development, demonstrating that it has now received national prominence. A number of leads have been generated through this and some potentially promising discussions are now underway.

The first data centre building is now complete at Kao Park. The picture shown here was taken in December just as the final cladding was installed. As well as improving the aesthetics of what is essentially a large box, the screens also have a role in deflecting sunlight from the building and thereby improving its energy efficiency by reducing the reliance on air conditioning. Photography courtesy of Mark Welby


CHARLES KAO developed the use of fibre optics in telecommunications

The development team is also looking at other elements of the wider development of the Park – a potential children’s nursery and a series of five buildings focussed on the needs of small high end manufacturing companies e.g. electronics components. Consideration is also being given to a business focussed hotel on the site and some soft market testing of this concept is now underway.

x30 2009




Terabits of data per second over a distance of



CSER · The charitable needs in the local area. · Local charities that have been nominated ·

Harlow Multi Cultural Food and Family Festival

A final shortlist is then sent out and based on a voting system we then fairly pick who has the majority vote. This has always worked really and creates a real buzz within the centre, making the customers on site feel totally involved in the process and ultimately results in everyone in Greenway giving really enthusiastic support for each of our charity events.

Supporting local charities

Promoting Social Cohesion & Community Involvement Join us to celebrate the uniqueness of a Multi-National cohesion and the promotion of community spirit at our Food and Cultural exhibition Fun Day in June 2018. The event promises to have a range of attractions, networking opportunities, business exposure and a relaxed atmosphere for the whole family. To register your business space or stall, please contact the event organisers on 07800 839 033 or email for further details. We are also looking for volunteers to support this special event.


that may be close to the hearts of staff and customers alike. The specific traders on site (some of our centres have charities as occupiers of units/suites).


T’S A NEW YEAR WITH ALL ITS NEW opportunities. One of which may be the chance to engage with or support a local cause or charity. Here at Stories we love to highlight the fantastic work going on in the community and hopefully we can give businesses a little nudge towards putting something back into Harlow and the surrounding villages. Ever since The Greenway Business Centre ( Greenway-Business-Centre) was opened nearly 14 years ago, it has been an active part of the local Harlow community, partnering businesses in their growth and supporting local causes.

As Lorraine Lee, Greenway Business Centre manager explains, she has always been passionate that the choice of charity to support should be a collaborative affair, bringing together centre staff and the Greenway customers to decide where their fund-raising efforts should go. We asked Lorraine why she takes such a unique approach in involving her customers to do their bit for good causes. So why does Greenway Business Centre choose to support local charities? Within Harlow, we have a lot of requests from various charities for our affiliation, and we look at these with three primary aims:

· For Greenway Business Centre to be

recognised as a ‘good neighbour’ in the community. · To ensure CapitalSpace as our overarching company is regarded as a responsible company with good integrity. · For us as a team to have a really good awareness of the local Harlow community and what’s going on in the area.

An intrinsic part of our philosophy is not just to be a company operating within the local area, but to really build business relationships and to be a partner to SME’s within Harlow area and to be recognised for our support of the local community – both from a business perspective, (with our offer of high quality, managed and supported office space), and from a local community perspective, to be an active participant in our local district. So how do you choose the charities that you are to support each year? Choosing our nominated charity at Greenway has always been a collaborative effort and something that is always supported really well by the businesses that we have within the centre. Based on the charity requests that we have had in the year, we first write to all of our customers with a short list, but also ask for their own input to put forward their nominations or to vote on the suggested choices – once we have all of the feedback, we carefully considered the choices based on the specific circumstances of the local area. Among the criteria we consider are:

Which charities have you supported in the past? This year we supported the Haven House Children’s Hospice which again was chosen collaboratively by all the staff and the customers of the centre alike – it’s a great local Essex charity doing amazing work with children, and was a clear winner from our customer feedback in 2017. We held a big summer event to raise money for them and as this was everyone’s charity, the amount of support we got from those in the centre was incredible – stands, services and prizes were donated for free, as well as time and resource – Almost all of the businesses here stopped for a couple of hours to make sure the day was a real success. It was touching to see how committed everyone was to raising funds and all in all the day raised over £1000 for the charity. Is this something you look to continue? Definitely – we always purport to be more than a provider of space – and something as small as involving the businesses onsite in the choice of charity for the year really brings us together as a unit – and makes the Business Centre feel like more of a community than just a disparate group of companies than happen to be located in the same place.

An intrinsic part of our philosophy is not just to be a company operating within the local area, but to really build business relationships and to be a partner to SME’s within Harlow area and to be recognised for our support of the local community

Our intention to be an inclusive business and an active community presence will continue, and to this end, we are looking at this time to get the charity nominations from our customers for the New Year. Long may this continue. If you have any ideas or nomination please contact Lorraine on 01279 408100

Above: The Greenway Business Centre


Entrepreneur Why are your patients so passionate about you and the clinic? You have some incredible reviews! Simple – because I make them better. We make them feel very comfortable and we offer something different. Plus, people like coming to our place because they get greeted by a hug! In this country people don’t hug as much as they do in Spain! You work with your best friend – How did you meet Paul? When I started working in a Chiropractic Clinic he was one of the very first patients I ever treated. He was fascinated that I could not speak English and had the patience to correct me – from there we became best friends. Now he’s training to become a Chiropractor and now I’m teaching him! He was my first friend in this country, he’s my Brother.

Tell me about your passion for music. My passion for music is my driving force for everything. It’s what’s kept me sane while away from my family. I have been a musician since I was 8 years old and even now I keep the first room that I used to rent as a clinic as a dedicated music room. When I play music there, I’m back where everything started – It’s a beautiful circle. Before it I had nothing and I needed it to make a living, and now it’s my toy room! I think that’s the perfect sign of being a passionate entrepreneur – Having the ability to turn your first business into your play room!

Reach Miguel and understand more about his passion

Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time? With 5000 branches, all over the world! And still giving out hugs!

Below: MGM Clinics supporting Harlow Carnival 2017

DR MIGUEL GUITIERREZ MGM Clinics MGM Clinics’ Chiropractor and Clinic Director Dr Miguel Gutierrez Martinez sat down with us to share his passions, and what drove him to open his new Clinic at the Greenway Business Centre in the Summer.


What are the most important things in your life? My family, my music and my work. What I do for a living – finding a quick way of making people better. I’m passionate about people’s health and wellbeing issues – when people come to me, their problems are mostly generated from one part of their body. I want to simplify the healing process and get everything ‘connecting’ so we can answer their questions simply and effectively and get them recovering in the best way. That’s why we all work together in the clinic, so when the Chiropractor is working on the spine to increase the proper functioning of the nervous system, the Physio or Sports Massage therapist work in tandem with them on the muscle structure. This way we collaborate to speed up the recovery of the patient.

You have very strong friendships, not just in your personal life but also among your clients. Tell me about those. In a way, because I am so far away from family in Spain, the clients become an extension of this... I believe that family is the most important thing in ones’ life, and I try to care for my patients as if they are a part of it. I make sure that I get to know who they are and spend some time with them – and those kinds of feelings of trust develop, which also helps in their treatment.



VENDEN PAPERS STARTED IN 1943 WHEN my great grandfather Frank Ovenden and his business partner Stanley Everard opened the doors of their stationery company Everard Ovenden & Co Limited, in High Holborn, London, where they supplied local businesses with a fine selection of writing papers, envelopes and kraft wrapping paper. Over time they established themselves as a leading paper supplier to the city of London. Outgrowing several premises, they relocated in 1968 to larger premises in Epping where they continued to service London and the surrounding areas for the next 40 years. In 2012 with James now in charge, the company marked a significant milestone in their history by relocating to a 94,000sq foot warehouse here in Harlow in preparation for more ambitious growth. James says that being a paper merchant is well and truly in his blood and that he is very honoured to continue the family tradition and work closely with the Hayward family in taking Ovenden Papers forward.

Everyone is encouraged to take responsibility for what they do and to do it to the best of their ability. Our culture focuses on collaboration.

T HE OVEND EN’ S S TORY 2018 marks a big year for the Ovenden family as they celebrate 75 years in business. We spoke to James Ovenden, Managing Director of Ovenden Papers to find out how it all started, his plans for the future and what motivates him as a business leader.


“This is a fantastic industry to be part of and continuing the legacy of Ovendens is a great privilege and one that motivates me every day. As the fourth generation of Ovenden to lead the company, I want to ensure its ongoing success and continue to build on the strong foundations that my father Michael laid down during his time at the helm. As a company, we collectively take a lot of pride in what we do and continually strive to give our customers the highest level of service.

“Being an independent family run business we are very flexible and agile in the way we go to market. This gives us a great advantage with our customers”

Today, Ovenden Papers is the leading independent paper merchant in the South East of England supplying a wide range of papers, boards, envelopes and other products to the commercial print sector. With offices in Harlow, Ipswich and Croydon, the company has seen continued growth by consistently providing printers with an exceptional choice of materials at competitive prices, all held locally for same day, or next day delivery. “Being an independent family run business we are very flexible and agile in the way we go to market. This gives us a great advantage with our customers. Like us, our customers are continually looking at ways to diversify and to generate new revenue streams and we are here to help them do that. Over the next few years we will continue to develop these new markets while continuing to serve our existing customers with our traditional product and service offer. With one eye on the future, James and his young management team are keen to develop the digital side of the business. “We want to ensure that our customers are able to trade and communicate with us in multiple ways that suit their style of doing business. We aim to becoming a seamless extension of their business and by working closer with them in a variety of ways we can provide them with an even greater level of customer service.” Find out more about the Ovendens Paper story and their passion in business

Everyone is encouraged to take responsibility for what they do and to do it to the best of their ability. Our culture focuses on collaboration. From the Chairman, my uncle Nigel, through to our delivery drivers, we have an openness about the way we work and we all share in each other’s success. This has created a really positive working environment and having strong lines of communication plays an integral part. Over half of our 84 members of staff have been with the company for over 15 years and together we make Ovendens. It’s a simple philosophy that has served us well for 75 years.”


Life Stories

Town Chaplain’s letter STORIES HAVE THE ABILITY to bring people together to celebrate achievements and inspire people to pull together for a better future. This magazine helps us to rejoice in the good things of Harlow, also address concerns and visualise a better future. Sometimes stories are used to create and nurture division; these stories feed on Greed, Ignorance and Hatred resulting in conflict and misery. However we have just celebrated the Christmas story that brings allsorts together. Mary and Joseph had nowhere to call home and had to be rough sleepers in a stable. The Shepherds are seen as the unsociable class on the fringe of society while the wealthy and wise men complete this small and diverse community in the well-known story. Faith, hope, love, justice and peace are the stuff that creates a beautiful community and the stories we share together in 2018 will help us celebrate the progress that is being achieved in the town and build our faith and expectation that the best is still to be. Robert Findlay (Heart 4 Harlow Town Chaplain)

“I became a Christian as a wee boy and God has called me to try to make the World a better place according to my resources and opportunities”

ROBERT FINDLAY Town Chaplain In the business, faith and cultural circles of our Town, Robert Findlay is a ubiquitous (if slightly short) figure. His dedication and passion for the people of Harlow is palpable and contagious. Harlow Stories met with him in Esquires at the Water Gardens over coffee and buns…

So Robert, were you always in the Church? I was, aye. After studying Theology at Spurgeon’s College, I was called to my first church, Lindsay Park, in North London, where I remained for 9 years. After that I was in Ipswich, at Stoke Green, where I was minister for 22 years. Baptist minister, that is. And so, what bought you to Harlow? Well, I could have carried on at Ipswich until I retired, but at 55 I thought: ‘If God has a bigger calling for me now, then I’m up for it!’ When the opportunity arose for the role of ‘Workplace Chaplain’ in Harlow, I leapt at the chance. Workplace Chaplain? Yes, originally the role was simply as chaplain to the many factories and assembly lines in Harlow. However I wanted the role widened to take in the community as a whole, to include arts, culture, civic authorities, business, education, health and well-being.


How did that go down with the Bishop? (Chuckling) Well, he described me as a ‘problem’. He was pleased by the description of the vision that God had given me but as a Baptist Minister the Diocese of Chelmsford doesn’t recognise me as a cleric, so he asked me how I’d feel to be known as an ‘Anglican Lay Worker’. How did you respond? I told him that as long as he offered me the position I didn’t mind what he called me, so long as it was polite! You were that keen on the role? Definitely! I firmly believe that Harlow is a great place to be and a great place to be doing business, and as Town Chaplain I have the opportunity to bring the business, civic, cultural, religious and educational aspects of our town together.

And Heart 4 Harlow? Yes, it’s going well. Heart 4 Harlow is an expression of churches partnering together and with the wider community for the good of Harlow and the surrounding villages. We have a very busy calendar, including the annual festival, of course. We also put on the Heart 4 Harlow Community and Business Awards Dinner, each year, in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce. You have recently been made chair of the very same Harlow and District Chamber of Commerce, a body with whom you’ve worked closely for many years – how do you see that role? I want to continue the excellent progress that the chamber has made in showing that it is not just a small club concerned only with its own members, but that it exists for the community as a whole. And Harlow’s future? I think Harlow is a terrifically exciting place to be in business at the moment with our very favourable position in the London - Stansted – Cambridge

corridor, which is one of the major reasons we were able to attract Public Health England to the Town (along with the excellent cabling and infrastructure, of course.) The Enterprise Zone is one of the major reasons that Harlow has just been mentioned as an example of national good practice in the Government’s Industrial Strategy, published in November 2017. If we consider junction 7a of the M11, and Anglia Ruskin University joining us then the future is clearly bright. Robert, Thank you very much for your time. Nice coffee. God Bless. Robert lives in Roydon with his wife of 39 years, Chris. He has five children and seven grandchildren. He remains Scottish.



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“Harlow was one of the first and most successful of the new town projects, being both relatively uncontroversial and unusually unified and architecturally distinguished in its physical plan” (Aldridge, 1996)



Stories Magazine Issue 5 - Passion  

This issue is themed PASSION. Not because we're publishing close to Valentines Day, but because since publishing this magazine the passion a...

Stories Magazine Issue 5 - Passion  

This issue is themed PASSION. Not because we're publishing close to Valentines Day, but because since publishing this magazine the passion a...