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Harlow Stories - Issue 1

James Ecclestone

The Grown Up Chocolate Company It is hard to imagine that this rather small and nondescript unit is home to a confectionery business that is manufacturing anything between 80 – 100 thousand chocolate bars per week. And these are not ordinary chocolate bars either. Imagine if Jimmy Choo was a chocolatier or if Ralph Lauren gave up making frocks and turned his hand to praline and nougat? Something like that. The owner, James, took Harlow Stories on a brief tour of the premises complete with lab coat and hair net. If you’re a chocoholic like me it was like dying and going to Heaven – gently churning vats of white and dark chocolate, slabs of chocolate bars and mouth-watering ingredients everywhere.

2013 and now employs a dedicated staff of 25. ‘Chocolate needs to be created in very controlled conditions,’ explained James, ‘It’s imperative that humidity isn’t allowed to affect the product. When we moved here we needed to be able to purchase the unit freehold because of the alterations that are necessary to create highquality chocolate. We invested £167k alone just in insulating the walls and ceilings.’ Harlow itself offered some advantages, primarily the relatively inexpensive building costs. ‘We needed to be close to our markets in London too,’ James added.

The processes are honed to perfection as you might expect from a company that produces 2.3 million chocolate bars a year for Virgin Atlantic alone.

The Company is ambitious, with 25% of its produce is currently exported but this looks like a figure likely to rise. ‘The idea behind our Grown Up Chocolate bars is that they are reminiscent of the bars we ate as children but reimagined for Grown Ups only’.

The Grown Up Chocolate Company relocated in Harlow from Enfield in

I can’t remember the chocolate I ate as child tasting quite that good…

If you’d like to get in touch with the Grown Up Chocolate Company you can call the offices on

01279 430293 or visit the website



07723 024865


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