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RELATIONSHIPS IN BUSINESS “The key to business success is winning and keeping customers. And the key to winning and keeping customers is, and has always been, relationships.” - Steve Tobak, Author of Real Leaders Don’t Follow

Back in 2014 we set up Magnificent Stuff, like most businesses we had one obvious, over-riding focus “Where do the customers come from?” Now for us, as a predominantly digital marketing agency, one would think that the answer would be rather obviously, ‘on-line’. However, even in this age of seemingly all-consuming internet usage it takes time to establish a digital presence. As our business has grown over the past 2 years 90% of our clients have evolved from recommendations and referrals. These referrals often come out of the blue – from a chance meeting or an introduction from a business associate who has met a third party who might need our expertise. Likewise, one of our biggest clients, a global automotive organisation, have built a multi- million pound business without any sales or marketing function, based entirely upon relationships and recommendations. The learning from our very short story is that relationships are as fundamental to the success of large established, global organisations as they are to SME’s and start-ups. In this article we have made it our business to curate some great tips on relationships in from HDCC members and loyal supporters.


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