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urope’s art scene is cooking. Especially in Zagreb. The Croatian capital is busy reinventing itself again – though it’s in no big hurry to do so. Which is just what you’d expect from a city so famous for its low-key vibe. Zagreb is like a large and cosy living room, a young city with an eye for beauty, always open for trying out something new. “Here everyone knows everyone, even if it’s only by sight,” says Zlatko Stefan, Marketing Assistant at ARCOTEL Allegra, who of course knows many of Zagreb’s young artists such as Domagoj Rogina. The 27-year-old graduate of the Zagreb Art Academy is taking us to Jabukovac to show us his realm: a studio on the outskirts of town, with lots of space for large works and creative ideas. A place for discussion, experimentation and production. Here we also meet Mia Marković, a 25-year-old artist and Zagreb native who especially likes to experiment with different materials. But her main preference is oil on canvas – lots of it and lively to boot. That perfectly describes the young art scene in Zagreb, home to an exceedingly lively and committed artistic community. Croatia is probably not the easiest place for the creative crowd, but Domagoj and Mia are convinced that the art scene will change the city and its people for the better – making them more cosmopolitan and open for new and perhaps crazy ideas. The scene inspires the city and the city, in turn, is a source of inspiration for many young creatives, all of whom have the same goal: to land their own show in the Croatian capital. We leave the art studio behind us and meet Grgur Akrab in Zagreb’s old town. Grgur is a member of the Croatian Association of Fine Artists and has already exhibited his works in many of the city’s big-name galleries. Along the way, he shows us the shops he and many other artists prefers when buying the colours and tools for their works. Asked who he sees as the great masters in art history, he starts philosophising about the works of Vincent van Gogh, Francisco Goya and El Greco. For him, that’s art of a magnitude that can never again be attained. Grgur is currently working on a fantastical project series on the fascinating dimension of vases. Together we check out the 51st Zagreb Salon at the Croatian Association of Visual Artists (HDLU), where a work of his is on display. We then wander over to Pikto Galerija near Branimir Centar for the opening of an exhibition of works by students of the Academy of Fine Arts. Pikto Galerija gives art students a chance to present their works to the public, organise exhibitions and network within the Zagreb art scene.

Domagoj Rogina (27), Kunstakademie Zagreb Mia Marković (25), Kunstakademie Zagreb +385 95 3999 842 Grgur Akrab (28), Croatian Association of Fine Artists

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STORiES by ARCOTEL Herbst/Winter 2016/17