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FABRIC RUGS 28 Colorful Designs

for Crafters of Every Level

Karen Tiede

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Knitting Fabric Rugs AVA I L A B L E J U LY 2 0 1 5

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Contents Knitted Rugs: The Backstory 1 CHAPTER 1

Materials: The Heart of a Fabric Rug 7 CHAPTER 2

Color! Rules of Thumb 27 CHAPTER 3

Process: Rug-Making Nuts and Bolts 37 CHAPTER 4

Earn Your Stripes 49 CHAPTER 5

Tantalizing Tessellations 83 CHAPTER 6

Log Cabin Designs and Beyond 95 CHAPTER 7

Spirited Spirals 137 CHAPTER 8

Inspiration: Going Free-Form 159



Once I finished Brown and Gray Spiraling Square, I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if a spiraling square started with both light colors in the middle. The result was Green and Purple Spiraling Square, a rug in eight shades, from dark to light. The sketch at lower right shows how I tested the color shift to see how the different shades would align. I wanted to know where the dark would end up, based on how the


colors started in the center of the rug. As it turned out, starting with lights in the middle resulted in a dark border all the way around the rug, which I liked.

The rug was big enough that I let the four corners end on their knitted diagonal, rather than knitting triangles to finish the rug to square.


First Look: Knitting Fabric Rugs  
First Look: Knitting Fabric Rugs  

Take knitting beyond the sweater and add designer flair to any room in your home with "Knitting Fabric Rugs"! Discover Karen Tiede’s innovat...