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Storage Software Use ‘Continues To Expand’ New data has indicated that a growing number of companies are making use of data storage, as providers of the software have seen their revenues rise. A study by market intelligence firm International Data Corporation (IDC) revealed that global storage software returns rose 4.1 per cent in the second quarter of 2013 compared with the previous three months, to $3.5 billion (£2.2 billion).

IDC research director Eric Sheppard commented: "Data protection and recovery software, and storage and device management software were the two biggest sources of growth this quarter. "Once again, organisations continued to invest in storage software that improves the resiliency and operational efficiencies within their storage infrastructure." The study found the storage and device management revenues rose 9.1 per cent to $674 million, while data protection and recovery income increased by 8.9 per cent year-on-year to $1.3 billion.

Such figures indicate that companies across the world are realising the numerous benefits of using software-based paperless storage methods, which use up less space, boast the ability to retain data even in the event of disasters such as floods, fires, hacking and data theft incidents, and safeguard against the loss of paper documentation or the destruction of computer hardware.

The capacity of organisations to save money in the longer run by investing in storage software now may be another reason many firms and public sector bodies are increasingly doing so. The impact on the bottom line can help firms at a time of ongoing economic weakness and help them stay lean, efficient and competitive as the financial climate improves. For government bodies, money saved could help to ease the strain of austerity. This latter benefit was listed as a very good reason for Whitehall to go paperless in a report by the Policy Exchange think tank, published last week. It said such a move could save ÂŁ70 billion by 2020, as well as provide better and more accessible services.

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Storage Software Use ‘Continues To Expand’