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Racing Post Targeted By Cyber Attack The Racing Post has admitted being the target of a cyber attack on its website over the weekend that was aimed at committing a major act of financial fraud. During what the paper called a "sophisticated, sustained and aggressive" attack on Saturday and Sunday (November 23rd and 24th), hackers managed to gain access to a database and took the details of thousands of customers.

It has responded by promising strong measures to prevent repeats and urged people to change their passwords if they use them on other sites, but insisted no credit card or bank details had been compromised, as these were not stored on the database. The company said the passwords have been encrypted, but it is feared the hackers will break the code in time. Speaking to TechWeekEurope, Racing Post editor Bruce Millington said: "[The number of those affected] would be a six-figure number. It's basically anyone who has ever registered or transacted with us and has had to log on."

He went on to claim that the paper was playing safe by suggesting people should be prepared for a "worst case scenario", suggesting others might seek to minimise the potential impact of cyber attacks instead of being honest. "We’ve tried to be really open here. I believe that other companies, when this sort of thing happens, they tend to say as little as possible," Mr Millington alleged.

Whether that claim is justified or not, the problems faced by the Racing Post are not unique and the incident emphasises the need for good cyber security, particularly among firms holding customers' financial details. Because of the close association between racing and gambling, the data held by the website might have been attractive to hackers because it might potentially give them access to a number of online gambling websites, particularly when the password is the same for them. Other significant breaches recently included that of Loyaltybuild, a customer loyalty scheme website in Ireland, where hackers managed to steal details on around 70,000 customers.

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Racing post targeted by cyber attack