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Law Is at Forefront Of Big Data Revolution The law industry may uphold some of Britain's oldest traditions, but it is proving revolutionary when it comes to the use of new technology, one expert has said. Fergus Jarvis of OC&C Strategy Consultants, writing for Information Age, said legal firms are driving big data adoption forwards as a result of necessity among its professionals.

He pointed out that the sheer volume of paperwork is one reason why new storage techniques have become essential. "Law firms collect and produce thousands of briefs, memos, pleadings and legal records and increasingly they are turning to big data techniques to extract more value from that information," Mr Jarvis commented. This means they can make case work more efficient, as well as carrying out research, pitch preparation and sales much faster.

Digitised storage is also making a difference to paralegals tasked with looking for precedents, the expert said. Cases can automatically be linked and quickly tracked down, instead of people having to trawl through piles of folders to find an example they only vaguely remember. Another area in which big data is proving worth its weight in gold is the sharing of documents and instant updating of information. "This ensures that, on key topics like competition law, lawyers can understand the latest case developments," Mr Jarvis remarked.

"Moving forward, law firms will be increasingly operating in an environment where the cases they are working on will involve the unravelling of huge data sets ‌ those who do not adapt and embrace the benefits of big data will quickly find themselves at a competitive disadvantage," he concluded. Earlier this month, Graeme Brown from Thompson & Brown Solicitors in Glasgow told The Lawyer his firm has gone completely paperless.

He reported that it has increased efficiency and productivity, plus employees are much happier that their information is sitting in a secure data centre instead of being held on paper. To see how big data could help you, why not give Storetec a call or check out the case studies on our website today? Storetec News/Blogs."". Law ‘is at Forefront Of Big Data Revolution’. Aug 7, 2012. Storetec.

Law ‘is at Forefront Of Big Data Revolution’