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ICO Study Shows Carelessness Still Causes Data Loss Carelessness with potentially sensitive data is still one of the main reasons for it to get lost or fall into the wrong hands, according to a damning new study by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). The organisation has published a document detailing data breach incidents between the beginning of April and the end of June this year. It found that there were 335 such cases, with 175 of them coming about because personal data had been 'disclosed in error'.

Enforcement group manager of civil investigations for the governing body Sally-Anne Poole said this category covers "everything from emails being sent to the wrong people to information erroneously included in freedom of information responses, but invariably they can be described as careless". There were 42 incidents in which paperwork was lost or stolen, 29 that came about because of hardware such as laptops being mislaid and 27 due to technical security failings. In other examples, personal information had been accidentally uploaded to public websites or left on devices that were disposed of.

The ICO study also broke the data down into separate industries, which showed that health and local government were the worst offenders. Ms Poole said this "won't surprise regular readers", although she advised caution on being too critical. "The stats can be a little misleading here: the NHS has their own rules that oblige any potential data breaches to be self-reported, while local government has similar guidelines. That means the two are always likely to be near the top of this table," she pointed out.

Interestingly, schools and solicitors or barristers also performed badly in the report. It comes after the ICO recently revealed that it had imposed a ÂŁ75,000 fine on the Bank of Scotland for accidentally sending faxes featuring sensitive information to the wrong numbers. The organisation's Stephen Eckersley warned that "shoddy" data practices are not acceptable and the case should act as a warning.

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ICO Study Shows Carelessness Still Causes Data Loss