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Hybrid Cloud Tipped To Be New Trend The use of the 'hybrid cloud' is one of the emergent trends of cloud computing, an expert has said. Gil Allouche, the vice president of marketing for Qubole and a trained software engineer, wrote in IT Portal that the majority of firms who use the cloud choose to use several providers, rather than a single one. This is because they believe some functions are suited better to one than another, with a mixture of public and private infrastructure as a service clouds.

However, Mr Allouch noted: "This amount of cloud sprawl has led to concerns about whether businesses can track their resources and spending effectively and maintain expertise on every cloud they are using." This, he stated, is leading to a reassessment of how firms are using the cloud and the result is the hybrid cloud, where a single provider is used instead of several, but the service still includes both a public and private cloud.

Mr Allouche listed this as one of five trends taking effect in the area of cloud computing. The others include big data analytics, with this being available to companies of any size and various technical problems of the past becoming more easy to solve, while service providers have now developed safety scanning services that are much cheaper than a whole application testing program, making them easier for small and medium-sized businesses to afford, so they too can use the cloud with sufficient security.

He also identified increased use of games and a growing emphasis on reliability as being prominent among the latest developments. One of the largest organisations to use the cloud is Cern, which is preparing to make use of extra storage space provided by a Hungarian firm when its Large Hadron Collider starts operating again in 2015, its head of infrastructure Tim Bell has said.

He noted it is generating 35 petabytes of data a year with its extensive study of the experiments being carried out, which are measured by cameras and a range of other instruments.

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Hybrid cloud tipped to be new trend