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Fire incident demonstrates benefits of data storage

Disaster recovery is often cited as a particularly good reason for companies to have their documents stored remotely and digitally, such as through means like document scanning and the use of microfiches.

However, a recent incident showed that this principle can even apply to the data centres themselves. There was a fire at the Internet Archive's San Francisco Scanning Centre, which caused extensive damage to the building where digitisation takes place. One can imagine that had there been a mass of paper records stored at the site, these would merely have fed the flames.

On this instance, however, the building hosted digitised information, including the Wayback Machine, an archive of internet content containing around 364 billion pages. In a blog post, the company noted that "no data was lost" in the incident, although some physical material that was yet to be digitised suffered damage. Of the physical materials that were lost, however, around half had already been saved in electronic form.

The blog noted: "This episode has reminded us that digitising and making copies are good strategies for both access and preservation. We have copies of the data in the Internet Archive in multiple locations, so even if our main building had been involved in the fire we still would not have lost the amazing content we have all worked so hard to collect." In the event, that building was left intact, but the company has issued an appeal for $600,000 (ÂŁ375,400) to repair or replace scanning equipment, while the scanning building will need to be repaired or possibly even rebuilt.

The number of UK companies seeking more off-site safe data security storage facilities may be set to increase as office space is squeezed by growing output and staffing levels brought about by the economic recovery.

According to the latest ICAEW/Grant Thornton UK Business Confidence Monitor, UK business optimism is now at a ten-year high and the British economy is set to be the strongest-performing in the advanced industrialised world by the end of 2013

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Fire incident demonstrates benefits of data storage