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Derby School Brings in Cloud Computing and Online Hosting A school has been able to streamline its IT infrastructure by bringing in cloud computing, digital document storage and online hosting for its paperwork. Noel-Baker Community School, a comprehensive secondary, was keen to find a new method of helping students to learn in a more engaging way, as well as allowing the IT team to respond to pupil and teacher demands more effectively.

Consequently, the managers decided to implement a scalable, automated system that means educational materials can be delivered across the premises in an instant whenever they are required. It also means IT staff have more time to work on new projects, as they are free from the general 'housekeeping' tasks that were eating up their office hours before. Thanks to the new technology, students can open documents to complete work at any time and upload it without having to visit a particular classroom, while teachers can quickly log in to access the lesson materials they need without carrying them from place to place.

In addition, the online hosting and document scanning solutions have the facility to display paperwork outside school premises, so nearby educational institutions and charities can benefit from additional resources. The project has been implemented to coincide with the school campus being rebuilt, making for a truly futuristic place to learn and work. Lee Jepsen, networking manager at Noel-Baker School, said: "We are now providing the foundation to help teachers and students teach and learn in a far more effective way."

Lots of council organisations are relying on new technology to modernise their day-to-day operations and also save taxpayers' money. For example, the Gloucestershire Echo recently reported that Cheltenham Borough Council is implementing a new downsizing plan from 2014 onwards that will see services shared with neighbouring authorities and office space reduced. This will require document scanning solutions and a facility to call up paperwork online so that it can be viewed by all the staff who need it.

Private businesses can benefit too though – give us a call at Storetec to find out how. Storetec News/Blogs."" Derby School Brings in Cloud Computing and Online Hosting’. Aug 20, 2012. Storetec.

Derby School Brings in Cloud Computing and Online Hosting