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Data Centres ‘Heading For Major Modernisation’ Large-scale modernisation is to be a prominent feature of the data centre industry in the next few years, technology analysts Gartner have said. Presenting a report on the issue at the London edition of the Gartner Data Centre Summit 2013, the company listed eight factors that it believes will be decisive in shaping the way such facilities develop.

Research vice president at Gartner Rakesh Kumar said the forces of change will be unleashed as the world emerges into a new period of economic growth, with social media, mobile, cloud and data all playing a part. He explained: "Historically, data centres have been viewed solely as service delivery centres in which cost and risk must be balanced. Agility, a critical third variable, will become increasingly important in future." He defined agility as the speed at which an IT organisation can act in response to changing needs, such as the increased use of social media or the introduction of contactless payment.

Modernisation of facilities is a key element in the development of data centre infrastructure. At present, their capability is constrained in many cases by the fact that greater usage requires more power and cooling. This would impose an unsustainable cost on much of the current technology, but new, emerging technology designed to deal with this issue offers managers a better solution. The deployment of more energy efficient technologies will be closely related to this, while other factors in the future transformation of data centres will include investment in better delivery tools for asset management and data security, a more balanced model of architectural topology and delivery, the making of disaster recovery strategies a core activity, managing change through data analysis, a shift to more systems like windows and a culture of continual change.

Discussing these issues, Mr Kumar said: "Individually and taken together, they will determine the appropriate level of risk, cost and agility that data centres will carry and provide for the business." Making data centres greener is something Facebook has been seeking to do, with vice-president of site operations Thomas Furlong telling Computer Weekly a range of measures using new technology and different cooling systems has helped increase energy efficiency by 38 per cent and lower costs by 24 per cent.

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Data centres ‘heading for major modernisation’  

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