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Introducing the Store51 Contents Initiative

a Store51 Web Limited Project

This Information pack is specially designed for authors. We do this with the sole intention of providing further understanding of the Store51 Contents Initiative. To initiate a discussion on how to get your book involved, you may use the contact information on this page or at the back of this document.

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give it a life!


INTRODUCTION Having successfully translated your ideas into a published book, or currently and passionately working with the single aim of accomplishing just that, as a first time author or simply adding another title; is enough a fact of your deep and well coordinated desire to ultimately influence the entire human race for the better. At Store51 Contents Initiative, we understand the essence of imparting an idea with a life, which is to passably communicate growth and development through the expressed words and related actions, with general applications or affecting only specific group of people or issues. All efforts so far in producing your book are evidently not mere fascinations, but much more of a response to the divine call going out to us all, to reach out to others one way or the other. The call in question is also a further proof that there is a book in the form of a sparkling idea in each one of us. We only need to give it the life it deserves. We consider this as what you are already doing working to see your book out there all over the world. Giving an idea a life is not an undertaking without identifiable pains. Notwithstanding, it is only profound enthusiasm just as you have demonstrated so far that can, in actual fact, dissolve these pains with brilliant effectiveness. And, In this regard, we conclude you are worth a great deal of appreciations. In addition, we want to congratulate you with absolute sincerity to have come this length with your book project. The fundamental truth is that we have seen a lot of similar attempts among potential and even published authors, both in the past and this passing moment, started but not completed, not even close to the requirements to have a successful book out there in the immediate neighborhood. This prevalence in the book making community makes it seem almost normal to start and not possible finish any book project. As demanding as writing your great book must have been, so are the labors required to reach those you have it in mind for with satisfactory results. The latter requirement is not only demanding, it is as well wearisome. Not only time consuming, it is equally money consuming. If



you had ever seen authors going around bookstores to drop their books, that is if at all you have not done so yourself, you will immediately understand, and be able to explain it to anyone else, how enormously frustrating it could really be getting books sold in this part of the world, even with the slightest success. The cost of printing always demands deliberate carefulness in the company of exhaustive calculations, particularly when working within a tight budget. As unfortunately as it may sound, 4

almost all self published authors, and even publishing houses, work within very tight budgets at all time. This is a simple wisdom, more especially when one cannot be utterly sure of the volume of sales to expect no matter how strategic and sophisticated the marketing campaign is going to be. The aforementioned situation has made it not easy for a self published author to simply sit and look, while having his printed materials equally lying somewhere in the store room doing nothing, considering the investment and the possible profit they could have made from getting them sold. A deeper feel of this circumstance will no doubt reveal something really wrong that has to be corrected. It is not about how amazing the work or the author is, it is all about having an impactful and a successful book in the market with global reach. Getting things done through the traditional Publishing House has not really helped many authors, in actual fact; the entire process has become increasingly daunting. Something many authors have abandoned, preferring going all alone to help their book get out there through self publishing, and ready to accommodate the enormous financial implications along with the uncertain marketing. But good ideas and books like yours are meant for the entire world and not for the few well wishers who simply want to buy your book to encourage, and not because they really see the relevance of doing so. And, on the other hand, where one is actually finding it so difficult to effectively reach even the just few around, how much more demanding it is to connect with the entire globe. This is a conundrum the Store51 Contents Initiative has come to resolve, particularly with the Nigerian authors like you.

give it a life!


One fact we should also quickly emphasis here is5 that having globally successful books is not only about having outstanding marketing and sales strategies in place; obviously, these are part of the entire processes, but we should not as well forget that good marketing can sell bad product just only once. Good product with bad marketing cannot also go far no matter how relevant it could be to the target users. With a good number of gained experiences working with authors and publishers from all part of the world, we can authoritatively tell you that the global success of your book fundamentally involves six solid and superior processes, consisting of Publishing, Marketing, Sales, Payments, Support, and Participation. These aforementioned processes, as they affect the book making industry at the global level have been the core subjects of our researches for many years. The powerful and unique plans and strategies derived from these researches to get things really done are what have accordingly culminated into the Store51 Contents Initiative. More importantly, these derivations are alive and right here to benefit your true yearnings to impart the world with your message. The Store51 Contents Initiative is engineered from group up to specifically accomplish six established intentions in collaboration with you as an able author. These objectives are; 

To redefine and elevate your book with the sole intention of making it more relevant and indispensible to your target readers from all part of the world.

To make your book forever available and accessible for purchase to these target readers using the best of contemporary Internet and Web Technologies.

To guarantee and ensure satisfactory patronage of your book from all over the world through innovative, highly effective and efficient online marketing & sales strategies.

To accomplish the aforementioned objectives without the usual high cost of fulfillment for you to put up with as a self publishing author.

To ensure that both you and your readers are sufficiently protected and pleased, both in the short and the long term.



To facilitate global participation among your readers, just as much as you and other authors, through online Discussions, Questions & Answers System, Opinion Polls, Interviews Sessions, along with other related events.

With the Initiative, having a new publication to push to the entire globe with speed, or something already in the marketplace but requires contents re-engineering makes not much of difference, the solution is applicable to both. Right from the publishing stage to the associated 6

participation; all you will get are risk free steps specifically designed to deliver rewarding experiences to all stakeholders. The Store51 Contents Initiative offers every author a global platform for publishing, marketing, sales, payment, support, and constructive participation among the target readers. The Initiative considers specific requirements or solutions in the following categories of publications; 

Journals & Magazines

Newsletters & Newspapers

Books & Booklets

Brochure & Product/Services Information

Catalogues & Pricelist

Documentations & Manuals

Reports & Whitepapers

Business Plans & Strategies

Personal & Corporate Identities

Creative marketing & Sales Materials

It is time to give your impressive idea the life it so deserves, it will be too bad someone else did just that immediately before you step out to fulfill the calling. Let’s get started right away!

give it a life!


For reasons associated with limited space, we can only state in brief the core features of the Store51 Contents Initiative here. Details of the features are accessible through other publications, and are made available and accessible after necessary subscription. We look forward to receiving any request for further information in respect of the features stated; we will be willing to also answer any other related requirement relating to issues not specifically stated below.

Publishing: The first on the list of our intention with the Store51 Contents Initiative is “to understand and elevate your book with the sole intention of making it more relevant and indispensible to target readers from all part of the world”. We want to accomplish this through publishing feature. The publishing process includes; 

Ideation: The Ideation process is particularly designed for books at the idea stage, and generally for already published materials requiring concept re-engineering. As much as the author is the only one to make the decision to go with the process after our professional advice, it is worth noting that the process will substantially help in accomplishing greater lucidity and effectiveness of the idea you want to get out to the world.

Ideation covers areas like idea sourcing, idea research, idea application, idea development, and idea advancement. Issues relating to the relevance of your book considering the target readers are well established and perfected.

Many successful international authors do have the ideation process as the most fundamental process they start and or go through with each of their materials. Some even recognize the process as the primary key to the success of their books.



You may not ignore this stage; it is the point where everything gets started from.

Authoring: If you had the right idea but not the time to crystallize this idea in the form of a book, memoir, auto-biography, or in whatever form of publications you want to have it, then, we can equally help you accomplish simply that, and in no time.

8 With authoring, we work with you either as a co-author or a ghost writer. You provide the idea you want to make available to the entire world through series of interviews and questionnaires to be conducted; then, we implement the authoring in your own style and expressions.

Proof Reading: One of the surest ways to fail with a book project is to publish the wrong, outdated, or incomplete ideas. This kind of mistake natural kills the aspiration even before the book gets to the shelf. Just like what the Ideation process does to get a book started, the Proof Reading process takes both an intensive and extensive depth into your already prepared materials with the aim of researching and crosschecking your facts and references against existing standards and available truth.

Proof Reading your materials, particularly by our associate experts in the field you are writing, will go all ways to fulfill the much desired impact you want to accomplish with the materials.

Copyediting: Even if there were accurate ideas, it is unfortunate it is not enough to command the kind of respect required to make your book internationally successful. Almost everybody can imagine how heartbreaking having good ideas wrapped up in bad language could be. No book or publication is 100% accurate with language; however, common


give it a life!

typographical, lexical and grammatical errors could dissolve dazzling enthusiasm 9 sometimes.

In this regard, total and adequate attention will be paid to every single word and statement presented in your book, line by line, paragraph by paragraph, and chapter by chapter. What you will surely have at the end of the process is a professionally prepared material ready to make the entire world a better place to be with errors.


Settings: Getting your settings right is a proof you know your target readers to a considerable length. It is about presenting your ideas within the context of their tradition, religion, profession, and general make up among other considerations. To make your materials more internationally viable, there is a need to have it prepared within the context of the environment you want to reach outside your current location. The more reason we see some books having American version, Asian version, and European version just to mention but popular ones.

A good setting for your book makes it possible for your readers to easily identify with the idea since you are seeing things through their own eyes. The intention is to work with you in creating other versions of your materials for a true global reach.


Personalization: Your book can be effectively personalized to each buyer/reader. Personalization is not only a good marketing strategy; it equally helps in having your books accepted with a deeper sense of devotion. Contents Personalization is like writing an entire book just for one person. Personalization makes it possible for the readers to be personally addressed at strategic points within the contents by their names and even sometimes with their images. Personalization is great for children books and general motivational materials.



Customization: To give your book a further reach, we can adequately customize the material for people with special needs. A good example is to have a standard written book customized as an Audio Book for people with impaired sight or completely blind. Customized contents are getting popular and are in very high demand, particularly in the United States, Japan, and in Britain.

10 

Translations: Since the goal is to have your books on a global platform, there is absolutely no way we can avoid not having it rendered in other languages. This will help marketing, and further strengthened acceptance among your readers from other part of the globe.

Adaptation: You can equally have your book adapted for TV and stage drama, or for documentary and movie production.

Indexing: Indexing your book is a great endeavor to ease your reader particularly when in search of a given idea or statement within your book. Conducted research in this area shows there are people who even start reading right from the index section of a book. We will painstakingly take and include the entire index of your work at the concluding section of your book. The effort is an integral part of making good reader’s experience possible. More importantly, good reader’s experience is very instrumental to repeated and referred purchases.

Identification: Primarily for the purpose of distribution, we will secure the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) for your book immediately before it goes into the market. And if required, we will get it from the United States or Britain. ISBN from the just mentioned countries is mostly required for selling on sites like Amazon and the rest. Store51


give it a life!

Contents Initiative equally has her own11 numbering system being used at our Online Media Store.

Interior Layout: The interior layout of your book is a sublime source of drive, inspiring your readers to continue reading from chapter to chapter and page to page. The fact is that many authors do not realize the importance of having great layout for their equally great contents materials. With the Store51 Contents Initiative, we pay substantial effort to produce greatly inspiring layout for the interior part of your book just like we do with every other aspects of the Initiative.

Cover Design: Creating a world class back cover design is not only for marketing purposes, it equally gives the first impression. It is just natural that captivating cover design for your book will pull people back to pick it up, even if it is just to read the information at the back.

Funny as it may be, people tend to see the cover design even before the title of the book right in front. This is what we know very well with our researches in this regard. While the interior layout drives them to move from page to page, more than any other reason, it is the cover design that pulls them to pick the book up in the first place.

No matter what the subject of your material may be, we will ensure it is enveloped in great cover design with global appeal.

Legal Aspect: To merely include the copyright information on the inner part of the front cover is not enough a legal covering you need for yourself and your book. This is an aspect we do not take simply for the name. We will take the right step to secure proper copyright protection for you, so as to guarantee your absolute ownership of the work.



Distribution Format: The Distributions of your book will be in both electronic and hardcopy formats. Popular and standard eBook extensions like PDF (with FlippingBook Technologies) and related mobile format will be supported. The alternative hardcopy format will be available for purchase all over the world in soft cover, hardcover, and leather bound cover.


It is important to quickly note here that you do not have any financial obligation to fulfill in the production of your book in any of the aforementioned distribution format with the Store51 Contents Initiative. Not even a Kobo is required from you in this regard.

Contents Protection: To prevent content copying and piracy, the electronic version of your book will be secured using the finest contents security technologies. We understand this aspect as the usual fear of many authors considering e-publishing; however, also with our contents activation and buyers’ registration systems in place, the need to be worried is completely removed.

Marketing: We operate on the bases of what we belief. And what we belief is that marketing is all about targeting and fulfilling these targets. Our intention is to find the perfect target readers for your book, and then, promote the book within this target market with all available resources at our disposal. Doing this will permit us to accomplish our second objective, “to make your book forever available and accessible for purchase to well selected target readers using the best of contemporary Internet and Web Technologies”. To actually get this done, we will be implementing the following services as part of the Initiative; 

Market Analysis:


give it a life!

Understanding the perfect market for your 13 book is like defining one’s destination before the journey gets started. Gone are those days when contents are sold hoping they will meet the need of some people. This “hope” idea has been responsible for many authors printing many copies of their books but has not been able to get them sold.

It is true meeting needs is the primary reason for publishing; however, it does not really fit into good design anymore not knowing exactly whose needs are being fulfilled. Our hard work in this regard will include adequate Market Sourcing and Market Research.

And, if your book were specifically developed for a not so popular group or interest, then, making the right step towards reaching this small group also starts with the aforementioned sourcing and research. We will leave no stone unturned in identifying your target readers along with every other relevant information that will facilitate reaching them through the best approach.

The ideation process is done along Market Analysis.

Competitive Positioning: Many a time with a properly conducted Market Analysis, there are a whole lot of discoveries of data and information that can and will strategically reposition the author and the book for greater exploits if well utilized. With the Store51 Contents Initiative, we will make every new discovery, particularly valuable to you and the book, available at no extra cost. We are going to do this with the sole intention of helping to you to properly and fully tap into the benefits and advantages of participating in the Initiative.

Package Development: With new discoveries as aforementioned, you are obviously set to update or upgrade your ideas and book. And, this is one other area the Initiative can and will play a good



role. We will help in packaging or repackaging the book (as it may apply) for both existing and new market penetrations.


Branding and Brand Management: There are many benefits of impressive branding. Taking your book to meet the entire world is not only the reason you cannot joke with this aspect, branding also makes it possible to have your book stay with the world. The idea of branding is far beyond what


we have seen many authors understand it to be. The same may apply to you; however, we will effectively and efficiently brand you for greater impacts.

Branding in it simplest explanation is about bring your uniqueness, and that of your book to participate in fulfilling our marketing objectives. Our target is to make your brand effective in driving in the passion for your book among your readers.


Price Administration: One of the fundamental considerations shaping the price of any product is the cost of production. With the Store51 Contents Initiative, and unlike the traditional ways of doing things in the industry, you have no worry about fulfilling the cost of producing any copy of your book, whether in the electronic or the hardcopy versions. We will get things done through the new Print on Demand Technologies.

However, you alone will need to decide the amount of profit you want to make on each book. Though, there are many things to put into reflection as well when making this decision; however, we will be willing to help you make a very good one at the end.


Distribution Channel: Outside our own in-house developed Distribution Channels for offline purchases in selected countries, we have equally partnered with the Ingram Distribution Network to


give it a life!

make your book available and accessible 15to a wider range of readers from different part of the globe.

The Ingram Distribution Network is in actual fact the biggest book distribution channel in the world. As soon as the final production of your book is ready, it will be immediately available and accessible to the entire world for purchase through own distribution channels and the Ingram Distribution Network. For the Ingram aspect, you may need to note the requirement for ISBN issued either in the US or Britain. The usefulness of this is enormous, particularly after implementing your book using other settings.


Marketing Campaign: Effective and efficient marketing campaign is one of the most significant aspects of the Store51 Contents Initiative. Using all available resources, we will embark on highly innovative and strategic online marketing campaigns, solely designed to make your book a worldwide success. Below are stated a number of the strategies that will ensure the results we are looking for with your book; o Designing, development, and deployment of a dedicated and fully featured Website for the author. Also to incorporate all related information about the book and how to buy. Apart from being the first point of call for your target readers seeking for more information about you or your book, the Website will equally serve as a platform for readers’ participations through discussions, blogging, questions & Answers among other related activities concerning your book. The benefits of having this platform are much.

The professionally designed and developed Website will come with personalized domain names and email addresses. You can even offer your readers free email accounts under your Website if you so wish. o Display and sales of your book on Store51 Online Media Store and well over 3000 Online Book outlets including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.



o Availability of your book for purchase through the aforementioned Ingram Distribution Network. o Cross and up selling strategies at Store51 Online Media Store. o Opt-in Email Marketing reaching well over 70 Million repeated book buyers. o Search Engine Optimization for both the Author’s dedicated Website and your book page on Store51 Online Media Store. The Search Engine Optimization will essentially improve the search engine ranking of these sites, making it easy for


people to locate them when searching for related information or data on Google and other major Search Engines. o Using Google Adsense o Social Marketing on Social Websites like Facebook and Twitter. This is one of the fastest traffic generating strategies for online sales. o Authors’ Showcase on Store51 Web Portal. o Direct Marketing to Organizations, Institutions, and Governmental establishments through our in-house local Distribution Channels. o Posting of reviews of your book to well over 750 related online book forum/discussion boards from different parts of the world. o Promotional activities like bargain purchase, purchase discount, shipping discount, hot deals, volume discount among others. o Banners and links exchange o SMS & Voice Marketing Campaigns 

Affiliate Marketing The Affiliate Marketing Program allows anyone from any part of the world to join in promoting your book while at the same time making money from doing so. Affiliate marketing is the primary key to the success of many books and such online stores like Amazon.

We do encourage authors to take on the offline marketing within their locality and according to their financial strength. Offline marketing could be done through;

give it a life!


Press Release

Book Reviews in other publications

Book Launching

Promotional Material

Print & Electronic Media

Public Specking



We currently do not offer the above offline marketing.

Sales: Our core sales strategy is built on the accomplishment the Marketing as described above will deliver. In actual fact, this will further help us to fulfill the third aspect of our objective with the Initiative, which is “to guarantee and ensure satisfactory patronage of your book from all over the world through innovative, highly effective and efficient sales strategies”. We will manage the sales of your book through; 

Sales Representation: o Leads We will welcome and furnish any enquiries concerning you and your book with the right response through our online Lead Management System. If required, we will send out a personalized letter to introduce you and your book, to groups, associations, organizations, institutions, and governmental establishment showing particular interest in bulk purchase of your book. o Proposal: To further drive the sales of your book to a logical conclusion, we will develop and send out proposals if requested to potential bulk purchasers just as mentioned above. o Negotiation: At your request, we will successfully negotiate any deal that will subsequently lead to the sales of the book in bulk.


o Legal: Where also required, and at your request, we will enter into and execute all legal requirements to have your book sold. 

Order Fulfillment o Catalogue Management o Price Administration o Quotations Management


o Invoicing | Billings o Payment Systems o Contents Delivery 

Authors’ & Readers’ Protection o SMS e-Product Activation o Web e-Product Registration

Dispute & Resolutions o Representation o Litigations

Payment: What you get sometimes is not what you put in. the Store51 Contents Initiative makes it possible for you not to put in any fund into the printing or the preparation of your book, as a matter of fact, we prohibit this. However, you stand to gain all the benefits from selling the copies of your book. With this arrangement, we are able “to accomplish the aforementioned features without the usual high cost of fulfillment for you to put up with as a self publishing author”. Apart from this, which is our fourth objective, you will also be able to; 

Have access to real-time sales monitoring & reports through the Web and SMS.

Withdraw your profit to your Bank Account using the Web and SMS. You can actually withdraw profit even from the sales of an item of your book.

Have access to global withdrawal of funds using Masters or Visa Debit/ATM Card. The cards may also be used to make purchases online.

give it a life!


In-House e-Wallet, Mobile, and Card Payment System. 19

Support: It is not enough to have your book sold to the entire world; the need to respond with promptness to the requirement of your readers is as well huge. As a result, it became our conclusion the Initiative will not be complete without the Support feature. Our Support system is designed for all stakeholders including the authors.


The Support feature of this Initiative will help us accomplish the fifth objective. Store51 Support Center is made up of the following; 

Information Desk o Frequently Asked Questions o Knowledge Base System o References Center o Wiki System

Help Center o Automated Assistance o Ticket System o Remote Assistance o Help by Appointment

Communication Center o Chat o SMS o Call o Email o Fax

Experience Central to; o Have access to test contents during the production of your book o Have access to trial contents as a marketing strategy


o Give feedback to conducted survey concerning your book o Make suggestion concerning the idea you are trying to convey o Share their testimonies on the impact of your idea o Return your book if not satisfied with the contents o Report any experience of abuse

 Notifications o Newsletters


o SMS Alerts  Download Center  Resource Search

Participation: The Participation aspect of the Initiative makes it possible for your readers to actively participate in; 


Questions & Answers

Opinion Polls






The Readers’ participation feature will be implemented on your dedicated Website.

give it a life!


The Store51 Contents Initiative has a number of benefits for you the author and your readers. Some of these benefits are stated below; 

Your idea and book are fully and professionally developed to meet international standards considering the fact that it will be sold across international borders.

Your book will be made available and accessible for purchase 24/7 and forever through the Internet and related Web Technologies.

Highly impressive publishing services with the ability to fulfill your intentions as an author.

Highly effective and efficient marketing and sales strategies to drive in the desired and sometimes required huge financial revenue.

Copies of your book are distributed in both electronic and hardcopy versions. The electronic versions of your book are distributed using contemporary security standards to prevent contents copying and piracy. Each purchase requires activation and registration for it to be useful to the buyer. Other security features also apply.

There is absolutely no other financial implication for you to fulfill outside the signup fee for your preferred package. You will never have to pay a dime for the printing of any hardcopy of your book.

You are personally involved in the entire production process. We will notify or send alerts at each stage of the implementation through email and SMS.

Professionally designed and developed Website for you and your book. The Website comes with your own personalized domain name and email addresses. 

The Initiative puts you in direct relationship with your readers. As a matter of fact, you will know each person that has purchased your book. We will regularly update their contacts and make same available for you at all time.



Your readers are satisfied with the opportunity to participate on your website. They can equally receive further or other services from you through the system.

Your book will be sold at thousands of online book outlet from all parts of the world.

Online and real time sales monitoring. There is no need to wait for the month to end to access your money. You can even withdraw your profit from the sales of just a copy of your book.


Access to your money at any ATM location anywhere in the world using Master or Visa Debit Card. We will send the card and related information immediately before your book goes online and ready for purchase.

You will be making as much as 40% from the profit of the sales of each copy of your book. The remaining percentage covers our own effort and related commissions for sales coming through the affiliates program. 

Up to 20% discount each time your order for your own book. Though, there will be a 10% reduction in the 40% you make normally with this purchase as aforementioned.

With the entire process largely manage by us; you will have enough time to concentrate on your next books.

You have the opportunity to receive invitations, like speaking engagement, from all over the world in respect of your book. The nature of these invitations is endless.

give it a life!



The attempt here is to help you further realize the good intentions of the Store51 Contents Initiative. We will look into the advantages of the project over other possibilities. 

World Class Services Basically because we work with highly talented and dedicated professionals from different parts of the world as associates, we are able to deliver world class services particularly in the areas of publishing, marketing, sales, and fulfillment.

Low cost of services: Most of the services we offer are bundled as a single package; this idea has essentially reduced the cost of sign up for the services. And where an individual service in required, you can be assured the cost will never create a hole in your pocket. In actual fact, our low cost over high quality policy has really helped in fulfilling the dreams of many authors.

Fast delivery In most cases, we do re-engineer and deliver already published authors within a period of two weeks. For new books, the usual time of delivery is three weeks. Where required, we also offer accelerated delivery for an extra charge.

Deeper market reach We have better access to readers’ community all over the world. We currently reach well over 70 million opted-in email contacts from different part of the globe.

Account Management We provide a real time and online account management consoles for authors signing up for the initiative. Through this console, issues relating to the project, marketing, sales, and fulfillment are adequately supervised and fulfilled.

Fanatical Support We are very fanatical about providing up to the minutes support to the authors. And because our associates spread across the globe, we are literarily available 24/7/360.




Authors’ Community We provide a platform for potential and already published authors to meet online every day. This effort alone can provide the right avenue for growth through peer relationship.


give it a life!



Not all authors have the same requirement, just as much as not all books are the same; as a result, we have designed different packages to fulfill these diverse requirements for authors and their book projects. We equally have individual services available for those who do not require any of the available full packages. 25

For New Books & Existing Books Basic Package ($240) $125 Season Discount

Publishing  Detailed Proof Reading of contents  Extensive Copyediting of contents  Elaborate Book Indexing  SCIN ( S51 Content Identification Number)  Book implementations in Electronic & Hardcopy Distribution format 

Contents Protection against copying and piracy

Impressive Interior layouts (up to three reviews)

World class Cover designs (up to three reviews)

Marketing 

Extensive Market Analysis for the book

Working with you on price management

Worldwide Distribution Channels

Online Marketing Campaign o Dedicated Website (Personal) o Selling on Store51 Online Bookstore o Cross and Up Selling at Store51 Online Bookstore


o Email Marketing (up to 5 Million Contacts) o Search Engine Optimization o Social Media Marketing o Authors Showcase of Store51 Online Bookstore o Open for Affiliate Marketing o Direct Marketing to organizations, institutions, and governmental agencies o Promotional Activities like bargain purchase, discount purchase


Sales, Fulfillment, Experience, and Participation As described in the features

Standard Package ($380) $210 for Season Discount

Publishing: Everything in Starter package including; 


Contents Settings (up to 2 locations)

Translations (up to 2 languages)


Marketing: Everything in Starter Package including: 

Dedicated Website (Corporate Version)

Selling on Amazon and in over 3000 online book outlets (requires ISBN issued in the US or UK)

Email Marketing (up to 10 million contacts)

Google Adsense worth 50 USD

SMS campaign to 2000 phone numbers in selected countries

give it a life!


Forum Posting of book review (up to 450 27discussion boards)

Banners & Links Exchange

Sales, Payments, Support, and Participation As described in the features

You may also request for the following individual services; Publishing Services: 



Proof Reading








Legal Aspects


Distribution format

Interior Layout

Cover design


Marketing Services 

Marketing Analysis

Dedicated Website




Email Mail Marketing

Distribution Channels

Forum Posting

Banners & Links Exchange

Google Adsense

SMS Campaign

Selling on Store51 Online Bookstore

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing

You may request for quotations for other types of publications like journals, magazine, reports, and documentations among others,

give it a life!



Discounts We offer discount each time you order for more than one package or selected services at a go. We give up to 10% discount.

Installment Payment: Payment for the implementation comes in two installments. However, we give further discount of 5% if you decide to make the full payment when making the initial payment.

 30 Days Money Back Guarantee We have a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee for the packages. If you are not satisfied with the result you get within 30 Days of marketing your book, we will return your payment less the cost of third party services we will not be able to cancel. 

Affiliates Introduce four fully paid authors and get your own book published for free under the Basic Package. You may even decide to have the cash if you are not finally ready to publish.



GETTING STARTED Getting started with the Store51 Contents Initiative is absolutely risk free from start to finish, you having nothing to forfeit but everything to gain by giving it a trial. The procedures are systematic; they are stated below; 30


Initial Discussions After receiving and going through this document, you may initiate an initial discussion by reaching us using the contact information given at the end of this document, or through our representative. Thereafter, we will schedule one of our associate to meet and discuss your book.

The essence of this initial discussion is to properly discover and understand the book. It will also help in getting the requirement and specifications to get it out on our platform. You may be asked to complete a couple of questionnaires during this discussion. The aim is to use them to further provide you with the best solution that will ensure the success with want to accomplish with your material.

The initial discussion requires has no financial implication for you to fulfill. It is a free consultation.


Making Initial Payment: The choice and decision to get started with the Initiative are yours to make. However, after these basic requirements are in place, we will require a part payment to be made to get started.

Confirming your decision, we will immediately prepare and send the Invoice and Payment Instruction to you by email.

give it a life!


Welcome Package


With the confirmation of your initial installment, you will receive the following edocuments within hours in your email and the hardcopy version within a period of two weeks at your doorstep. The hard copy will be shipped directly from our office in the UK.

At this stage, we mark the commencement of the implementation of your book project. The entire process will not be more than two weeks with your prompt responses in submitting all related requirements. Documents to be expected include; o A Welcome Letter o Account Information o Receipt for the initial installment o Detailed Information for the preferred Package o List of required materials for the book and your Website o Submission Guidelines o Implementation Schedules o Project Timeline o Project Contract & related Agreements 

Submitting required items We require prompt submission of all needed materials in accordance with the Submission Guidelines. The need to keep to the Implementation Schedule and Timeline is enormous. This will obviously help in fulfilling our intentions without delay.

Submission of all documents should be done through the Store51 Project Center. The Center also provides the means by which you can also monitor the progress of the project. Related credentials to login and participate in the implementation are included in the Account Information as aforementioned.



Initial production After receiving your submissions, our project team will get to work immediately. Collaboration in all aspects of the project will in actual fact accelerate the implementation. You will be actively involved through notifications and alerts by email and SMS.

32 You can as well login from time to time to see the progress of the works.

Review of proofs You have the opportunity to review all the implementation to be fulfilled. You may request modifications or corrections; surely, we will be glad and eager to effect the changes as many times as it is required, and within the given period of time for this stage.

Inclusion in Coming Soon listing As soon as the review of proof is perfected, we will include your book in the Coming Soon List (CSL), to be displayed on the Store51 Online Media Store and other associated online stores.

Final production The final production stage is where the book and also your Website are actually completed. At this stage, we will input every other required data and information, while at the same time make other fine tunings. The copy of your book to be derived at this stage is exactly what will be made available to the entire world for purchases and reviews.

Final approval


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With the final production of your book33 in place, a copy will be sent to you for final approval. And with your final approval, the book is literarily ready for the world. The copy to be sent to you is meant for keep.

We will immediately include it in our book catalogues and pricelists. The book status will also change from Coming Soon List to Latest List. 33 

Final Payment Just before the book eventually goes to our Online Media Center, and before the marketing campaign commences, we require you make the remaining installment. Invoice and related information will be sent to you to facilitate this last action to get your materials out.

With the payment confirmation, your book and the Website are activated for us to commence proper marketing campaign.


Placement for Marketing This is the final step required to start the marketing campaign. We will place your book in our Online Media Store and other associated Online Book Stores from different part of the world.


WE ARE NOT ALONE That a tree cannot make a forest is an obviously understatement. Accomplishing the magnitude of success we have in mind with your project, naturally and essentially, requires we work in collaboration with others. To this end, we have strategically teamed up with highly talented, motivated, and dedicated individuals, groups, associations, and organizations from all over the 34

world to ensure we fulfill our intentions. Our collaborators play roles such as Associates, Partners, Distributors, and Affiliates. 

Store51 Associates: These are specialists working with us on specific projects. Many a time we are involved in projects that require the input of a specialist or consultant in the subject in question. Associates involvement usually is in the areas of Ideation, Authoring, Proof Reading, and Copyediting among other areas. We also do call on our Associates when there are many works to be fulfilled within a very short period of time considering our workforce. In this situation, our personnel are assisted to promptly conclude the works at hand.


Store51 Partners: Our Partner provides us with all required resources to ensure your project is established with success. We have partners in different areas of our operations supplying state of the art services and products we use every day. Some of these partners even act as backbone for most of our operations. Partners are particularly involved in our operations in these areas among others; o Media o Events o Education o Manpower o Business o Financial

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o Technologies 

Store51 Distributors: We are currently building a highly motivated network of distributors of for our contents all over the world. This particular network is in-house; however, we will not stop at anything short of making it one of the largest for the distribution of contents all over the world.


The distribution network consist of bookstores and book brokers selling both online and offline.

Apart from the in-house distribution channel, we have equally networked with the Ingram Distribution Network to create a true global reach for our authors and their books. The Ingram Distribution Network is currently the biggest in the world for contents distribution.


Store51 Affiliates: Our Affiliates brings buyers for your book. This is to complement our own massive and consistent marketing campaign to ensure your book succeeds in the market. Affiliates are paid commission for each sale they bring in.

Outside the aforementioned, we maintain capable teams of staff in various aspects and at different stages of our operations to guarantee world class output at all time. Our process of selecting workers has made it possible for us not only to be good at what we do; we are also very fast at getting things done efficiently. You may refer to our main Website to see the list of some of our major Associates, Partners, Distributors, and Affiliates.


AVAILABLE RESOURCES The process of having your book project on the Store51 Contents Initiative starts with what you are already doing now – to understand what it is all about. This will in actual fact help you in making the decision on committing yourself any further. 36

To make the entire process a great experience for all parties, we have been able to put a number of services and resources in place to facilitate the procedures as discussed above. One thing is definite; you will be involved in the entire development from start to finish. Some of the resources for the implementation of your project are stated below;

Store51 Contents Main Site: We make available our main Website to provide you with all the data and information you need to get started and complete your book project with us. Our Website is also a good source of latest news, events, and offers you can take part in. all necessary registration and payments you will be making in respect of your project are as well done through our Website. The official Website for the Initiative is at We suggest you spend enough time to know more about us and the Initiative by visiting on a regular basis.

Project Center: The Project Center is an online Project Management Portal where the actual implementation of your project takes place. Our staff, associates and partners login from different part of the globe to perform selected roles that will make your book the most impressive. The system also provides you with the platform to participate and or monitor the progress of the implementation. The Project Management Center is located at

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STORE51CONTENTS You may request a demonstration account to further your understanding. 37

Store51 Media Center: The Store51 Media Center is made up of four aspects. These are; 

Media Store where your books are actually sold to the world

Media Portal where selected portion or pages of the book are also sold to the entire 37

world. 

Media Library is an Online Library System. Access to it is by subscription. Your book is placed in the library to generate extra income each time someone open and read.

Media Locker is a digital locker we provide all our authors and readers. It is a place where you can keep your materials to avoid lost or damage. Contents kept in our digital locker are safe.

Our digital locker is particularly useful for the authors. Many a time when working on existing books, we have to do the typesetting for some of these books again since the initial electronic copies are lost

We have invested enormously to have world class Digital Asset Management and Protection System in place. You may visit the aforementioned resources through the following address; 1. Media Store:

2. Media Portal:

3. Media Library:

4. Media Locker:


E-mail Marketing Center: The email Marketing Center is an online email marketing platform for reaching the entire world. Marketing data and Information concerning your book are sent out to millions of potential


buyers from all over the world through this center. The platform has the capacity to reach 50,000 contacts per hour. The Email Marketing Center is located at You may request for a demonstration account to see how your book will be propagate to the entire world through this wonderful system. 38

SMS/Voice Center: The SMS/Voice Center is where we reach millions of book buyer work worldwide through their mobile phones. We have heavily invested to put this up basically because we understand the great benefits.

Affiliate Center: The affiliate center is provided to allow anyone with the desire to promote your book for commission on each sale. The center is fully integrated with the Online Bookstore. Participating in the affiliate program is absolutely free. The affiliate center is located at We will be pleased to have you signed up for the program. We offer up to 10% affiliate commission.

Sales Center: This is where everything concerning the sales of your book is manage, we also co-ordinate our relationship with other stakeholders from this center too. Just like on other system, an account will be created for you on this platform, to be able to monitor the sales of your book online and in real time. Our sales center is located at

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STORE51CONTENTS Payment Center:


Everything as describe in the features concerning the Payment happens here. The Payment Platform is designed to allow you to conduct related financial transactions even beyond the scope of your involvement with the Initiative. You may start to operate your Payment Account at 39

Support Center: Both you and your readers are supported through this center. Every issue concerning your experience with us and that of your readers are treated as a matter of urgency. No matter how trivial your requirement is, we do take upon ourselves to get things done with brilliant promptness. Our support center is here at

Community Center: Store51 Community Center provides a platform for all our stakeholders from all part of the world to meet and get to know one another. We have created Stakeholders’ Network in different categories. You may sign up as with any of these networks as it applies. Store51 Community Center is at


REACHING US As much as you can reach us directly so also you can do that through our representative. We have strategically partnered with Wisdom Publishing House in Nigeria to bring the benefits and advantages of the Initiative closer to the Nigerian authors. Our contact information is at the cover page of this document. The contact information is given below. 40

Wisdom Publishing House 17, Bajulaiye Road, Kalejaye Bus-Stop Shomolu, Lagos. t. +234.706.665.5727 e.

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