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Data Solutions: Recovery and Back-Up ___________________________________________________ It would not be wrong to state that most people who use their computer daily have had the nightmare of going through loss of data. Most of us store data about our personal lives like pictures of our friends and family, music or other items of personal interest; we also store data concerning our work and business information. Data can be lost by many means like a hard drive crash, breach of security, the data is deleted by mistake, the file got corrupted and deleted by scandisk, file is deleted by another program or the file is password protected. Whatever the reasons maybe the experience of losing data is a very frustrating and sometimes devastating, especially if the file lost is work related. Some people do not take the trouble to protect their data due to the cost and time involved for securely backing up their data. But if you think about it- it only takes a few minutes to back up your data by using data storage devices but recovering your lost personal and business files-if you had not safe-guarded them- would cost you more money and not to mention, the loss of your personal files and productive time.

Data can be stored in many devices like tape drives which are affordable but not the most reliable as many people have complained about data loss. Other storage media are called digital audio tape (DAT) drives- they are a bit more costly but they have more speed and capacity of storing up to 16 GB of data. One storage device that is getting popular these days are removable disks, they are able to store data with high speed and are convenient to use for dingle system backup. Another option for storing data is by using Magnetic Optical Drives it uses optical lasers and magnetic tape technology; many people use this as they are more reliable than DAT drives.

One of the best methods to avoid compromised data security is to have some safety measures in place. Some of these safety measures include encryption, firewall protection and anti-virus software. For an encrypted file to be read, you must know the password to decrypt it. Depending on your needs for data security, nowadays there are lots of software programs and services to choose from. A few software programs are able to provide both antivirus and firewall protection for the security of all your data. Now let us see your options for data recovery when your hard drive crashes. The first thing you should try is to use data recovery software; this may come with your computer or can be bought afterwards. But there are some risks in using this kind of software for data recovery as your original files can be overwritten. If you cannot retrieve your lost or deleted data yourself, then it is best to call a professional IT company providing data recovery services, to retrieve your important files. Some of them offer home services but the service fee may be higher. Some data recovery service providers can also help you retrieve your lost files via the internet and will also charge you less. You can avoid all these problems by performing regular backups and some basic computer maintenance. It is advisable to do a full backup using an appropriate storage device on a regular basis.

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It would not be wrong to state that most people who use their computer daily have had the nightmare of going through loss of data. Most of u...