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See this Online Only Story at Photography. MATTHEW BURDITT. Styling. DEANNA PALKOWSKI. Makeup / Hair. MARYANN RICHARDSON. Model. Ellyse - Top. Sunja Link. The Block. Skirt. Keller. Nouvelle Nouvelle.

See this Online Only Story at Photography. MAYA WASHINGTON. Styling. LEILA BANI - Makeup / Hair. SONIA LEAL-SERAFIM - using GIORGIO ARMANI cosmetics & TRESemmé HAIR CARE products. Model. EMMA - NEXT models. Leather jacket. TopShop. Necklace. Natalia Brilli. Gravity Pope Tailored Goods.


TLC* Vancouver is a fashion and style magazine that challenges the ordinary. We are dedicated to promoting and inspiring the people that make This Little City happen. TLC* Vancouver is published 6 times a year and can be found free at select boutiques, book stores, cafes, spas, hair salons and hotels in Vancouver. TLC* Vancouver is associated with If you are interested in having your products featured in TLC* Vancouver, feel free to sign-up and submit your stuff on


04.GIFTS - Fashion finds & gifts. Carmen Lam. 05.DESIGNER FEATURE - Sarah BackLund - Story. Lucy Hyslop. 06.FASHION - “Indochine” Fashion Story - Chris Haylett & Leila Bani. 14.FASHION - “For Me” Fashion Story - Jennifer Dickinson & Emily Gray. 17.GLOBAL - Unusual global concepts and objects found in other little cities. 18.FASHION - “I Wish” Fashion Story - Trevor Brady & Blanca Morris. 21.LOCAL - Unique local works, products and shops. 22.FASHION - “The Redroom” Fashion Story - Eydis Einarsdottir & Kah Li. 33.ARTS FEATURE - Kate MacDonald / Gordon Smith - Story. Ron Coldham. Marc Johns - Story. Carmen Lam. 35.MUSIC FEATURE - One Hundred Dollars - RC Joseph. 36.FASHION - “Pieces of me” Fashion Story - Maya Washington & Leila. 42.FASHION - “The Man” Fashion Story - Pooya Nabei & Anthena Pascal. 46.NOURISH - Eggnog Tiramisu - Chef Marnie Coldham. 48.FASHION - “Ellys” Fashion Story - Matthew Burditt & Deanna Palkowski.


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Photography. TREVOR BRADY. Styling. BLANCA MORRIS. Make-up. LUCYANNE - using MAC cosmetics. Hair & Props. LIZ DUNGATE - TRESemmé Hair Care - Model. GRACE V - wearing Leather Bow Tie. Blanca Barr. Dream. Printed in Vancouver by.





Michael Kors Watch. $595.




Ideas to make your holiday gift shopping less painful.

Nikon Coolpix S1000PJ. $499.95. The world’s first digital camera with built in projector features: music accompaniment, four-movie modes, and slide show options. With images projecting up to 40-inches in size, rejoice as days of hovering over people’s shoulders are over. Available at London Drugs and Broadway Camera.


Instead of wearing body glitter to emulate certain teen vampires, may we suggest the Michael Kors ceramic watch? Feminized by its crystal detailing, this watch will make you sparkle in the light – day and night. Available at Holt Renfrew.

100 Contemporary Fashion Designers Book. $65.95 Edited by i-D magazine’s Terry Jones, this photographic book features a heavy roster of A-to-Z contemporary designers that’s sure to put the Olsen twin’s Influence to shame. It’s the perfect gift for fashion-savvy followers; exclaiming, “this sh*t’s bananas!” may follow. Available at Chapters.

Comme des Garçons PLAY Sneakers. $158-$178. CdG’s PLAY collection prove that men really don’t wear their heart on their sleeve. The iconic heart-faced logo, designed by New York artist Filip Pagowski, make an everyday pair of sneaks unforgettable. (Also available in white.) Available at Roden Gray.

Valentino Shoes. $795. The current obsession with oversized bows should be worn with care. Avoid looking like a middle-aged Blair Waldorf by opting for these Valentino black bow pumps. The nude patent front will elongate your legs making you the envy of every social BFF. Available at Holt Renfrew.

Yves Saint Laurent Eye and Lip Palettes. $82 each. YSL has made retouching your make-up a lot easier with their luggage tag inspired lip and eye palette duos. Designed by Stefano Pilati, these limited edition palettes are the perfect companions for your handbags. Available at Holt Renfrew.

The Godfather Family Album Book. $1,980. The Godfather Family Album gives a comprehensive look into Coppola’s film adaption of Mario Puzo’s crime famiglia, the Corleones. Over 400-pages of behind-the-scene photographs and exclusive interviews, consider this coffee-table book an offer you can’t refuse. Available at Chapters.


Atmosphere Globe. $275. Because not all failed Vice-President hockey moms can see Russia from their homes, Atmosphere, the Denmark based company, has created a chic and functional world globe that makes finding your hometown less invasive than Google Maps. Available at Holt Renfrew.


SANDRA BACKLUND. Story. Lucy Hyslop

Discovering designer Sandra Backlund’s knitwear is not unlike walking in on a climactic ballet scene - all high drama and sweeping movement. Witness the actor Tilda Swinton wearing her surreal, wide-brimmed, 3D crocheted and knitted dresses in a fabled AnOther magazine shoot. Witness her high-octane collaborations with Louis Vuitton and Emilio Pucci – and her win at the Festival International de Mode & de Photographie in Hyeres, France, in 2007, where her Ink Blot Test work warranted words from Christian Lacroix, the jury’s president. “He said that he had never seen anything like this before,” the Swede proudly shares. “It was a great compliment.” It was also the perfect nod to her crusade for originality. “I cannot stand the ‘what is in?’ and ‘what’s not?’ conversation,” she vents. “Fashion is one of the most democratic art forms. People in general should be more self-governed when it comes to fashion - if you like something you know it, without anyone telling you to.” Schooled at Sweden’s Beckmans College of Fashion and Design and Umeå University, Backlund is less tailor, more sculptor. “I am really fascinated by all the ways you can highlight, distort and transform the natural silhouette with clothes and accessories,” she enthuses. “I like to consciously dress and undress parts of the body. I have always experimented with different materials and three-dimensional shapes, and the kind of knitting that I do is just perfect for that. Actually I do not feel like I chose knitwear; it just happened that way.” (Wonder if her dreams are vivid, and she will say only, “I guess so…”)

native land is working well for her. “Of course there will always be things even in your home country that you also dislike, but overall Sweden is a great country,” she surmises. “Safe, but still modern. If you want to you can have a pretty good life here and you will be given a fair chance to realize most of your dreams, just as long as you really know what you want.” Currently working with a manufacturer to produce the new collection so that it will be available in stores and the recipient of a much sought-after British Fashion Council’s New Generation (with Topshop) sponsorship, Backlund is keeping an open mind about the future. “I try not to worry - my plan is to continue to work hard, protect my origins and what I am good at, but still find a way to develop my designs and my company,” she says. “I am a searcher so I will never find myself reaching some kind of finishing line.” So it looks like we’re set to feast on Backlund’s furtive mind for many moons to come. Sweet... Sandra Backlund can sometimes (if she has the time) custom make garments on request. Interested buyers, please contact

Does that lead her to a vision for how people should feel wearing these clothes? “I don’t know,” she hesitates, before continuing her democratic theme. “Strong, confident, beautiful... I have no dream customer, but I would love to dress anyone who finds my work interesting.” A perfect day, naturally, will find the self-described introvert who only graduated in 2004 locked away in her Stockholm studio. “I improvise best during the night when others are sleeping and there is no phone ringing to cut the process,” continues Backlund, who picked up the basics of knitting as a child from her grandmother. Although she was chosen by Vogue Italia to do a collection for the Protégé Project in Florence and has exhibited in Miami, London, Moscow, Sydney and Rome, her 5


INDOCHINE. photography. CHRIS HAYLETT models. JAMES NEATE - lizbellagency. KIRA - John Casablancas International styling. LEILA BANI - THEY Representation ( stylist’s assistants. BREANNA HOLLER & LEANNE TRIGG grooming / makeup & hair. SONIA LEAL-SERAFIM - THEY Representation ( using GIORGIO ARMANI cosmetics and TRESemme´ HAIR CARE Products photographer’s assistant. MATT HAYLETT 54’ ketch and skipper - Vancouver Sailing Charters -

Coat. Obakki. Pants. Obakki. Boots. Fiorentini + Baker. Gravity Pope.





Military jacket. Dead Boys Club House. Plaid shirt. KZO. Roden Gray. Sweater. Wing + Horns. Roden Gray. Pants. Forte forte. Gravity Pope Tailored Goods. Grey fringe scarf. H&M. Boots. Fiorentini + Baker. Gravity Pope. Printed scarf. Fulvio. Gravity Pope.



Shirt. Mandula. Blazer. Mandula. Vintage scarves. Deluxe Junk Co. Vintage fur vest. Woo Vintage. Pants. H&M. Portrait painting of James Neate by David Burns.



Her dress. Mandula. Him// Sweater. Etro. Holt Renfrew. Shirt. Gary Graham. Gravity Pope Tailored Goods. Pants. Zara. Boots. NDC. Gravity Pope.



Shirt. Alexander McQueen. Holt Renfrew. Vest. Diesel. L2. Vintage blazer. Deluxe Junk Co. Pants. Obakki. Boots. John Varvatos. Gravity Pope.



Officer’s jacket. Dolce & Gabbana. Holt Renfrew. Pants. Burberry. Holt Renfrew. Boots. NDC. Gravity Pope. Umbrella. Private Label. Holt Renfrew.



Her dress. Obakki. Him// Vintage shirt. Deluxe Junk Co. Pants. Obakki.



FOR ME. photographer. JENNIFER DICKINSON stylist. EMILY GRAY makeup. BINKY BROWN hair. CREWS - model. FLYNN -


Dress. Elizabeth & James. Holt Renfrew. Jacket. Religion. Holt Renfrew. Fur stole. Pen & Aquarius. Earrings. Cathy B Jewelry. Necklace. Daniel Espinosa. Ring. Daniel Espinosa. Ring. Cathy B Jewelry.


Dress. Andy Thê-Ahn. The Bay. Collar. Pen & Aquarius. Clutch. Peter Kent.



Top. Orange. Leggings. H&M. Socks. H&M. Necklace. Cathy B Jewelry. Jeweled Headband. D.Caruso. Shoes. Christian Louboutin. Davids Shoes.





Sweater. H&M. Fur vest. Elizabeth & James. Holt Renfrew Leggings. H&M. Earrings. Daniel Espinosa. Bracelet. Daniel Espinosa. Ring. Laruicci.





Dress. Elizabeth & James. Holt Renfrew. Jacket. Religion. Holt Renfrew. Leggings. Model’s own.




“Fancy” Felted Wool Boot. $1011. Omelle.

Marnie with Stud Detail. $185.

7 balls of Peruvian Pima Cotton 8mm needles.

Leather Town Glove.

Motif Cubes. $26.

Rockwell Ring Part II. $255.

Zipper Cup. $43.

Lego Architure Series.

Jelly Watch. $190.

Wallet. $160.

Castor & Pollux Wallet.



Halona Scarf Kit. $149.

B5+10. Brooklyn. USA

Toy Watch. USA.

Macha Jewelry. London. UK.

Cha Cha.

Molla Space.

GLOBAL Submit your stuff for the Olympic Issue at

Hand Turned Cork Lamps. Benjamin Hubert Studio. UK.

Ever Calendar. $40.

Furni. Montreal.

Moleskine Monthly Planner Set. $43. Delight.



I WISH. photography. TREVOR BRADY styling. BLANCA MORRIS makeup. LUCYANNE - - using MAC Cosmetics hair. LIZ DUNGATE - TRESemmĂŠ Hair Care - model. GRACE V -

Hat. Wildhagen.



Necklace. Lemon Park.

Scarf. Larry. Obakki.



Bag. Tannis Hegan. Lark.



to see your product featured here, submit it at

LOCAL Six Shooter Dish. $85.

Cul de sak. Vancouver. - 604.812.7334

A&A Leather Keyring Pouch. $55. mooncruise*gallery. Gastown

AUM_Canvas Musette. $70. Red Flag Design. Vancouver.

Vintage Key Necklaces. $70 - $90. - 604.685.9575

BuenoStyle. Avail. Dream & Ingenue.

Saints N’ Angels. $82.

Messenger Bag. $499.

Illume Christmas Candles. $30.

Kite Wrap. $279.

Tweed Bubble Dress. $310.

Laureates Only. $45. Available at Dream.

TOODLEBUNNY Designs. North Vancouver. - 604.375.7400

Ken Diamond. Vancouver. - 604.669.4179

Submit your stuff for the Olympic Issue at

German Google. $26.

Restoration Hardware. South Granville St.

Rajboori Rangoli Euro Sham. $295 Provide. 529 Beatty St. Crosstown. - 604.632.0095

Vincent Park. 4278 Main St. www. - 604.879.6665

Coffee beans on the wire. $4.95 Hug and Kiss Designs. Surrey. - 604.507.0064

Adhesive Clothing. Vancouver. - 778.231.4930

Mono Clothing. Railtown.




THE REDROOM. photographer. EYDIS EINARSDOTTIR - Styling. KAH LI - makeup / hair.  RANDY CHARTRAND - TRESemmé Hair Care /  hair assistant. AIMEE COX - prop styling.  WENDY RUSSELL - model. TIERA SKOVEBY - NEXT Models.



Black lace cami and black satin jumpsuit. Nada. Peacock feather hairpiece. Alice Hart. Jewelry. Harriet Grey.



Blue dress. Marie Saint Pierre. Black vintage inspired hat. Alice Hart. Glove. Nada. Jewelry. Harriet Grey. Shoulder shrug. Stylists own.



Black and gold dress. Marie Saint Pierre. Jewelry. Harriet Grey. Black croc boots. Fluevog.





Black leather, lace and clear plastic bustier, lavender pajama pants. Nada. Black peacock feather hat. Alice Hart. Jewelry. Harriet Grey. Red bootie. Fluevog.



Black and gold dress. Marie Saint Pierre. Jewelry. Harriet Grey. Black croc boots. Fluevog.



Black lace cami and black satin jumpsuit. Nada. Peacock feather hairpiece. Alice Hart. Jewelry. Harriet Grey. Black platform. Mary Janes. Fluevo





Black peacock feather hat. Alice Hart. Jewelry. Harriet Grey.



zinc’d SHINY FUZZY MUDDY 10. 25 designer/makers featuring art, fine craft, fashion, textiles & accessories. Heritage Hall. 3102 Main Street. Vancouver. - 604.809.1661

Come in and get some “Signature Curls!”

zinc hair + academy. 768 West 16th Ave. Vancouver. - 604.874.2800

Oceania by My S. $89.

Wall Tattoos™ & Command-O: Laptop Tattoos™ by 425 West 8th Ave. / Cambie. - 604.568.4739

Joseph Rosenblatt Ladybutterflies 2008 Mixed media 20 x 60.5 cm $350. (framed)

ZILLION DESIGN contemporary furniture design

This holiday season...give the gift of art from the Burnaby Art Gallery Purchase before December 24th and we’ll gift wrap it for you. 604.297.4414 Burnaby Art Gallery. 6344 Deer Lake Ave. Burnaby. - 604.297.4422


Shadowbox Bookcase. $6800. Western Maple & Stainless Steel. 84”W x 94”H x 12”D. Available in custom sizes and wood types. Zillion Design. 716 E. Hastings St. Vancouver. - 778.895.6796


MARC JOHNS. Story. Carmen Lam

Talking in third person would be considered weird; Sesame Street’s infamous resident Elmo does it and it comes across as strange (watch him on late-night television and you’ll understand why). But, for artist Marc Johns, introducing himself in third person is really not out of the ordinary. The Victoria-based artist uses humour as the foundation for his illustrative work (easily confirmed by his ironic designer label series). “I can’t help but spot the funny and strange bits in life,” Johns explains. “The world doesn’t make much sense, so my drawings tend to reflect that.” A graduate in Fine Arts from Bishop University in Quebec, Johns prefers ink and watercolour as his main mediums, but it was his project from two years ago, drawing on paper towels and toilet paper in public washrooms that garnered him online attention: Urban Outfitters’ blogspot and Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter account. “It just seemed like a good public surface to draw on without defacing someone’s property,” says Johns. “I don’t think anyone had done it before, so that made it extra appealing.” Having illustrated for magazines like W.I.R.E.D and IdN, Johns’s work goes beyond the classic canvas: sticky notes, rattraps, paper towels, and (a potential project using) public sidewalks. With his first successfully published book released this year, amusingly titled, H is for Holy Crap, Johns has high hopes for the future. “In my dreams I’d love to illustrate David Bowie’s lyrics, line-by-line, and put them in a book – starting with Moonage Daydream,” replies Johns, adding, “Mr. Bowie, if you’re reading this, may I have your blessing?”

Kate MacDonald W Blimp Mixed Media Light Box 8 x 10 x 3 ½” $200

KATE MACDONALD. Story. Ron Coldham

After years of interviewing artists, it has become abundantly clear that the truly great ones can sum up their craft in a more succinct manner than any writer ever could. Painter Kate MacDonald most certainly fits into that category. “I would describe my work as realism amplified. Evolving,” MacDonald clarifies from her East Vancouver studio. “I’m inspired by the ordinary - lucky for me, there’s plenty to go around. There are as many and varied instances of beauty on the commute home from work as there are on a beach vacation; I suspect we miss the majority of them.” Fresh off the success of her acclaimed Last Meals series (a moving collection of paintings portraying the last meals of executed convicts), MacDonald’s latest work is a group of magnificent light boxes adorned with images of one of Vancouver’s most recognizable landmarks: the Woodwards Building. “Not being a native Vancouverite (MacDonald hails from New Brunswick), I never had the connection with Woodwards that many people profess to, however I found the W itself absolutely fascinating. The first box was designed prior to the redevelopment of the property when the building was empty. The W as a subject came first and was rapidly followed by an urge to relight it,” MacDonald explains. As for delivering her art pieces in an easily defined series or collection, MacDonald’s approach appears to bring an even stronger clarity to her work, without ever infringing on her audience’s imagination: “Working in groups gives me that much more opportunity to get it right. It also allows me to move back and forth between paintings in the same set without breaking focus to fine tune the individual pieces. I like to have paintings in the beginning, middle, and end stages all going at the same time.” Though some painters may shy away from such a bombastic creative process, MacDonald appears to relish in it: “My best work happens when I’m on edge or uncomfortable. The worst thing you can do to an artist is make them comfortable – they’ll take a nap.” So while MacDonald may not have completely adopted the laid back lifestyle when it comes to her work, it would appear that her latest artistic offering still seems to have sealed the deal on her west coast loyalty: “It’s taken almost twenty years of living in the city, but I think I’m ready to move here. Watch out Vancouver – I’m going to be more than a witness – I’m going to be a resident. I might even get a drivers license.”

GORDON SMITH. Story. Ron Coldham

A lot of talented artists end up quitting over time, trading in their palate and vision for the security of a steady pay cheque and the simplicity of life less examined. While still other artists, unfortunately, live a life of excess, ensuring their star burns out long before we reap the benefits of all they may have had to offer adoring fans. But then, every once in a rare while, an artist comes along that bucks convention by creating a long and esteemed career as a relevant creative force. After seven decades as an award winning, internationally acclaimed visual artist, West Vancouver resident Gordon Smith can lay claim to that rarest of artist existences. Born in East Brighton, England, Smith’s work has garnered him, among his many prizes and honourary doctorates, the Order of Canada (in 1996) and the Governor Generals Award in Visual Arts (in 2009). His work has adorned such prestigious mainstays as New York’s Museum of Modern Art, the National Gallery of Canada, the Victoria and Albert Museums in London, and the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. And starting this month the Burnaby Art Gallery will begin to exhibit a comprehensive look at Smith’s work, showcasing fifty of the artist’s nearly three hundred prints. It will be a rare opportunity to experience one of the most extensive creative footprints ever to be left on the collective consciousness of Canadian art.

BI 1968 54/65 Serigraph on wove paper 47.4 x 46.9 cm Printed by Blackmore Press, Montreal Burnaby Art Gallery 2008.3.52



coup salon. 524 shanghai alley. gastown / chinatown. - 604.688.2227

Be in the Feb Olympic “Local Vancouver” Issue. This size Ad $180.


Dogeared Healing Gem. $56. Dutchess & Harlot Bow Pendant necklace. $28. Cheap Monday Kajsa scarf with pin. $55. Cheap Monday Vince Scarf. $36. Vincent Park. 4278 Main St. Vancouver. - 604.879.6665

Black Onyx & Sterling Silver Necklace. Scarabelli Jewellery Design. Custom design by appointment.

108-525 Seymour St. at Pender. 604.649.4493

Season’s Greetings from dotted loop. Reworked Vintage Accessories available at Briers. Body Politic. Dream. Fine Finds. Forsya. Front and Co. House of Jewels. Portobello West Market. Tutta Mia. dotted loop. - 604.290.5999




Roughly every year or so, a music writer will actually get excited about music again. I am not talking about your fresh, young, yet-to-be-jaded music writers that want to love everything and are happy just to be going to shows for free and listen intently to each disc that comes across their desk. I am taking about the stale, old, don’t-givea-shit music writers who have to spin John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme while they write their reviews so as to pretend the artist they are supposed to be raving about is actually good. You know, music writers like me. But then, like I said, every once in a while a band comes along that makes you fall in love with music again. The band responsible for this writer’s most recent resurgence is Toronto’s One Hundred Dollars. Delivering honest, soulful country music with a distinct urban edge, One Hundred Dollars have been building a steady following of hayseeds and hipsters alike. Their debut full-length release, Forest Of Fears, is the stuff of which albums of the year are made: insightful lyrics, brilliant musicianship, a moving delivery tinged in darkness, and a deep understanding of the secret to great art – making it new. TLC* Magazine recently caught up with One Hundred Dollars’ founders Ian Russell and Simon Schmidt during their Canadian tour: TLC*. What happened to mainstream country music, and who’s to blame? $100. What happened is the same thing that happened to rock and to hip–hop and to food and to clothes - the supremacy of a particular aesthetic and production style, and its application as a rule to anything that is to be accessible to the broad public. The same spice from the same tree on everybody’s TV. New Country is simply pop. It’s senseless and soul-sucking for the poisonous weeds that it sows - but, it also protects authenticity from the devastation of the media. You gotta blame the people who are making the most money off it: the networks and the major labels. But it’ll all come out in the wash soon, while so much is already collapsing. TLC*. What inspires the creative process most for you? $100. The interconnectedness of all forms and ideas. You know, you see the same sickness, or beauty or idea manifested in all different parts of the world. TLC*. Best part about travelling cross-country in a van with six people? Worst part? $100. Best part = the six part harmony of our odour. The worst part = the six part

harmony of our odour. TLC*. Who are you listening to these days? $100. Ian and Sylvia Tyson’s Great Speckled Bird, Dolly Parton’s Jolene, Wu-Tang’s 36 Chambers, and Bob Dylan at Royal Albert Hall. And a wicked Townes Van Zandt tape Ian left in the band’s van. TLC*. Who inspires you as an artist and why? $100. Shary Boyle. She’s inspired me in terms of her discipline and focus. Her use of old media and materials to re-imagine people’s roles in history and society is aweinspiring. I feel a strong parallel in our respective creative projects, as we manipulate traditional forms. For Shary ceramics, and for me the country song, in order to breathe some new kinds of understanding into the world. TLC*. Who would be your all-time dream duet partner, living or dead? $100. Too hard a question. TLC*. Who needs to just shut the hell up? $100. Tom Flanagan. TLC*. Many of your songs seem to be inspired by heartbreak and darkness. Were life to get a whole lot easier, do you think you would still be able to tap into that place that makes your songs what they are? $100. That place is always in a person; if it’s there to begin with, you’re cursed and you can’t get rid of it. It’s deep in a critical mind, and it’s part of a larger sense of the world. Anyway, seems to me some of the darkest people are the ones who get what they thought they always wanted. TLC*. What is next for One Hundred Dollars? $100. We’re just finishing all these recordings for a series of vinyl 45’s we’re putting out all around the place, called Regional 7 Inch Series, and we’re writing new material for the next album. TLC*. One Hundred Dollars’ fashion style could be described as… $100. Thoughtless at its best, confused for the rest.



PIECES OF ME. photography. MAYA WASHINGTON - styling. LEILA BANI - THEY Representation - makeup / hair. SONIA LEAL-SERAFIM - THEY Represenation - using GIORGIO ARMANI cosmetics and TRESemmé HAIR CARE products model. EMMA - NEXT models.

Leather jacket. Top Shop. Multi strand necklace. Natalia Brilli. Gravity Pop Tailored Goods. Jeans. Stylist’s own.



Leather jacket. Top Shop. Multi strand necklace. Natalia Brilli. Gravity Pop Tailored Goods. Jeans. Stylist’s own.



Vest. Sessun. Bra. Moschino. Ring. Surface 2 Air. Hat. Uniqlo.



Onesie. Alexander Wang. Misch. Glasses. Robert Geller. Gravity Pope Tailored Goods. Scarf. A.P.C Boots. Dr. Martens. Gravity Pope.



Onesie. Alexander Wang. Misch. Glasses. Robert Geller. Gravity Pope Tailored Goods. Scarf. A.P.C Boots. Dr. Martens. Gravity Pope.



Vintage Versus. Gianni Versace Blazer. Stylist’s own. Skirt. H&M.



THE MAN. photography. POOYA NABEI styling. ATHENA PASCAL - THEY Representation ( makeup & hair. SONIA LEAL-SERAFIM - THEY Representation ( using GIORGIO ARMANI cosmetics and TRESemme´ HAIR CARE Products models. YANNICK & RACHAEL CHRISTINE - Richard’s International Models photographer’s assistant. FRANK JULIAN ROBERTS stylist’s assistant. CHIME GILDAY

Yannick// Cardigan. Obakki. Shirt. Obakki. Jeans. Naked & Famous. Boy’sCo. Boots. NDC. Gravity Pope. Sunglasses. Paul Smith. Eyes On Burrard. Rachel// Dress. Paul Smith Black Label. Gravity Pope Tailored Goods. Gloves. H&M. Black lace tights. H&M . Scarf. Fred Perry. The Block . Boots. Chie Mihara. Gravity Pope.



Pullover. Nom De Guerre. Gravity Pope Tailored Goods. Chinos. Cheap Monday. Gravity Pope Tailored Goods. Gloves. Flippa K. The Block.



Rachel// Faux fur vest. Rebecca Taylor. Holt Renfrew. Necklace. Jewliette. Sequined top. Forte forte. Gravity Pope Tailored Goods. Earrings. Jewliette. Yannick// Cardigan. Nom De Guerre. Roden Grey. Chinos. Cheap Monday. Gravity Pope Tailored Goods. Shirt. Wings + Horns. Roden Grey.

Rachel// Earrings. Chandelier. Jewliette. Faux fur shawl. Private Label. Holt Renfrew. Coat. H&M. Dress. Obakki. Yannick// Jeans. 7 For All Man Kind. Brooklyn Clothing. Boots. Zeha Berlin. Gravity Pope.



Yannick// Jeans. Nudie. Brooklyn Clothing. Plaid shirt. Obakki. Jacket. Nudie. Boy’sCo. Jazz Shoes. Repetto. Gravity Pope. Rachel// Skirt. Obakki. Body suit. Kostym. Gravity Pope. Vest. 3.1 Phillip Lim. Holt Renfrew Earrings. Jewliette. Boots. Zinda. Gravity Pope. Sunglasses. Oliver Peoples. Eyes On Burrard.



Earth Princess Journal. $14. Little Love Onsie. $26. Friends Tote Bag $17. (100% Organic Cotton) Sillyguts. Vancouver.

EGGNOG TIRAMISU. By. Chef Marnie Coldham

It was something out of a bad holiday movie. I headed out to try and finish my Christmas shopping and, after circling the parking lot for what seemed like an eternity, a nice woman carrying numerous packages awkwardly pointed to her car, gesturing that she was leaving. What luck! So I immediately turned on my indicator and waited patiently as the woman put everything away in the trunk, turned on the engine, fixed her make up, and found her favourite station on the radio. (Can an eternity feel longer than an eternity?) She finally put the car in reverse and turned the vehicle to drive past me, however she misjudged her turn and politely asked me to reverse a little. That is when panic set in as I saw another car racing towards my spot. The woman continued to have problems getting her little sports car out of the space that I could have easily parked a Winnebago in. But it was too late. No matter how much I honked the other car snuck in and took the parking spot. As the so-called “nice” lady just drove by shrugging her shoulders, I could feel my holiday spirit turn into something quite dark. I was about to get out and shove a piece a coal into the spot thief’s stocking when something stopped me. What, you ask? Was it because it is the time of year for goodwill towards man? Not a goddamn chance. It was because I knew I had eggnog tiramisu in my fridge, and if charged with aggravated assault, I would miss out. So before you venture out this holiday season I encourage you to make this dessert. Consider it an early Christmas gift from me to you... your stay out of jail free card, if you will.

SODA Hair Inc. 3395 Cambie St. (Cambie + 18th). Vancouver. - 604.872.1835

EGGNOG TIRAMISU 1 cup espresso (or 1 cup water with 2 Tbsp. instant coffee) 2 Tbsp. dark rum 1 Tbsp Kahlua 15 - 20 ladyfingers 2 cups eggnog 1 pkg (102g) instant vanilla pudding 1 pkg (250g) cream cheese, room temperature 1 cup icing sugar 1 1/2 cups whipping cream 2 Tbsp. icing sugar 1 tsp. vanilla ground cinnamon Place 4 martini glasses in fridge to chill. Add dark rum and Kahlua to the espresso. Pour into a small bowl and allow to cool. Using a kitchen mixer, whip together eggnog and instant vanilla pudding for 2-3 minutes and set aside. Then beat cream cheese until softened. Add icing sugar and whip until fluffy. Set aside. Whip together whipping cream, icing sugar and vanilla until mixture reaches stiff peaks. Add half to cream cheese mixture. Fold in whip cream until well incorporated and cream cheese is soft. Break 4 ladyfingers in half and submerge pieces into the boozy espresso mixture. Place dipped ladyfingers into martini glasses. Add a couple spoonfuls of eggnog pudding into each glass and, with the back of the spoon, spread pudding to cover ladyfingers. Place another layer of dipped ladyfingers and then top with cream cheese mixture. Add yet another ladyfinger layer and then an eggnog pudding layer. Finish the top with a generous amount of whipped cream. To garnish sprinkle the top with ground cinnamon. Chill overnight to allow flavours to develop. Notes. If you do not have martini glasses (Honestly, who doesn’t.) then layer in coffee cups so that they look like lattes. Or borrow a large trifle bowl or punch bowl from your Mom. (Moms always have trifle bowls and punch bowls).

I was conservative with my addition of alcohol to the espresso. However, if you like to become tipsy from your desserts, just add another couple of generous tablespoons of rum to the recipe. (Then you’ll have the courage to tell your guests what you really thought of their crappy ‘Secret Santa’ gifts.) Happy holidays!


Gordon Smith Winter Pond 2002 A/P Etching on wove paper 72.3 x 78.4 cm Printed by New Leaf Editions Burnaby Art Gallery 2008.3.34

Gordon Smith: The Printed Pictures December 8, 2009 - March 7, 2010. Reception: Saturday, December 12, 1-3pm. Talk: January 17, 4:30pm

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TLC* magazine December GIFT issue  

TLC* Vancouver is a fashion and style magazine that challenges the ordinary. We are dedicated to promoting and inspiring the people that mak...

TLC* magazine December GIFT issue  

TLC* Vancouver is a fashion and style magazine that challenges the ordinary. We are dedicated to promoting and inspiring the people that mak...