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There are many homeowners who want a wooden garden shed for storage or use as a workshop/craft room but are afraid they don't have the necessary skills to build a wooden garden shed. Most people do have the necessary skills to undertake a project of this type, only basic woodworking knowledge and tools are required to build a wooden shed in your backyard. As with all building/woodworking projects good preparation goes along way into making the task easy. Step 1 - The Plan and Planning: First you need to decide on the size and type of wooden shed you are going to build, keep it simple, get yourself a good set of plans, make sure you have enough space to construct and erect your garden shed. You will need of course some decent hand tools and maybe some power tools (these are not essential but will ease the work load) eg saw, hammer, screwdrivers, cordless drill, woodworking square, trestle/workmate, measuring and marking equipment, etc. One important thing while on the subject of planning, please make sure to check if you require any Planning Permission from your local government before you commence construction or you could end up with the situation that my neighbour did, he erected a 16' x 12' Summer House / Log Cabin without permission, they made him take it down. Step 2 - The Base: For many not knowing what to do for the base for the wooden garden shed is the biggest problem to overcome, the simplest method on firm ground is to level the area and then place concrete blocks at intervals to build your wooden garden shed base, a more elaborate method and more costly is to excavate the area, lay a hardcore substrate and then pour concrete to give you a solid base to build on. This is dependent on the type of ground, wether it is firm and well drained or if it is wet and boggy. Step 3 - Materials: It is worth spending time and effort in sourcing good quality timber for your wooden garden shed, you may have to pay more for it but you will recoup this in the years to come. A good timber merchant should be able to supply you with better quality timber than the diy superstores. What to look for! if the wood is wet and wrapped in plastic, avoid, good timber should dry, without any twists, shakes or splits and without too many knots. Your timer merchant should be able to deliver your materials for you. Step 4 - Construction: Read the instructions that come with your garden shed plans, you will be surprised how many people don't bother to read instructions until it goes wrong! Make sure all your tools are sharp and in good order, remember this piece of advice "use the right tool for the job". Double check your measurements and marking out, use a square and spirit level. When cutting long lengths of timber ensure it is adequately supported, this will help prevent splitting along the grain. Use the correct fixings (see plans) plain steel will rust very quickly. Step 5 - Finish: Now you have built your wooden shed there is one task left, the finish (paint, stain,

varnish, etc.) However you choose to protect your wooden garden shed from the elements, time spent now in the preparation and execution of this task will pay dividends in the future. A good finish will last a long time. Step 6 - Maintenance: As with any wooden building keeping your garden shed in a good state of repair will mean it will give you many years of service. Last but not least - Health and safety: More people are killed and injured in accidents within the home than in industry, please take care! The use of personal protective equipment is essential when using power tools, cutting composite materials, using adhesives and coatings, etc. Get help when lifting heavy items. Please take time to read safety notices on the instructions.

Enjoy building your Wooden Garden Shed. For many more woodworking ideas, tips and how to's go here.

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==== ==== For More Information About Wooden Garden Sheds, I Highly Recommend that You Visit This Link Right Now: ==== ====

Introducing Wooden Garden Sheds  

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