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Since everyone likes to save money and garden storage sheds can cost quite a bit, it might be tempting for you to try to economize where you should not. The cheapest price is not always the best option. In the case of garden storage sheds it can end up costing you a lot more in the long run than any initial savings could justify. One of the first questions you should ask yourself is whether you want a shed that will last for years or is it a structure that you plan on using as a temporary storage solution. The only time that the cheapest might actually be the correct selection is for something that does not need to last very long and will be taken down after a relatively short period of time. In any other situation, you will want to look at the value you expect to receive from the storage structure and the features that you need it to have in order to protect whatever you will be housing inside. Will you be using the storage building to protect gardening tools and supplies, lawn mowers or farm implements? Think about the value of the items you need the shed to protect and then balance that against the price of the storage unit. How much could the garden storage shed save you in terms of wear and tear, protection from the elements and security from theft or vandalism? If you are planning on using the shed as an office for your business, that adds a completely different set of requirements to consider. The question of security for office equipment and important documents and files comes into the picture. Depending upon the weather conditions in your area, you may well have to insulate the structure and consider things like heating and cooling. Use as an office would also suggest that you would want a heavier grade of construction material than would be appropriate if the unit was intended as solely a storage building. You may be very attentive to the design of your garden shed, especially if you have spent a good deal of time, effort and expense in landscaping and the general appearance of your garden. In that case, you will probably want a more sophisticated design that fits in with the surroundings or possibly even matches the design and style of your home. You will want to be able to look at the storage unit as an attractive addition to your property, and definitely not want to worry that it might look out-of-place. For most purposes, you will want to do your planning ahead of time and think about the impact that your garden shed will have. Whether it will be just a simple storage building, a playhouse for your children or an important part of your income when used as a business office, you will probably end up spending more than you originally intended. But, after all is said and done, you will be more pleased with the final product. Garden storage sheds are becoming more popular every day because they are so flexible in their

uses and they can solve a wide variety of problems for almost anyone. Spend the time and effort to plan well and you can expect your garden shed project will be a success.

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