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So you have decided to build a wooden shed to store those important tools or to provide some much needed space for your hobby. Like most people who share your idea, you will likely be excited at the prospect of getting the extra space but are not quite sure how to proceed. Is it going to be a kit from a store or are your going to build a wooden shed yourself? Like anything that you build yourself, you have the opportunity to get something you really want that fits your requirements without having to make the compromises inherent in buying a kit from a store. However building your own shed is too complicated, right? The truth is that most people can actually build their own shed if only they knew how and were empowered with the confidence to act on their knowledge. Not only that but the DIY route oftentimes results in significant savings over the shed kit option. Imagine having a shed that actually fitted your own personal specification but didn't cost the earth? I readily acknowledge that it is all very well deciding to build a wooden shed yourself but most people don't know where to start. Well don't worry because there are really only 5 easy steps to building a wooden shed no matter how complex the design or large the size is. 1. Use a good set out blueprints to generate ideas while you brainstorm your needs. Many people make the mistake of turning up at the supply store without a plan of what they are going to do does it surprise you that these are the projects that run over budget and can cost more than a kit? Planning is vital so don't go running before you can walk. Critically assess what you might want the shed for both now and in the future and use blueprints to help you scope out a budget based on that. Your shed plans should contain detailed confidence-giving guidance and not just a schematic with some measurements. You want step-by-step instructions so you can maximise the benefit of your planning process as well as on the build. Oh and get colour plans - it is so much easier to visualise the completion of the project when it looks more real and will give you move motivation to see the project through to the end. 2. Scope out the site where the shed is to be located. Is the site level? Is the ground the shed is to be located on suitable? This element of the project does not need to be over-engineered and many people are put off building their own shed because of the extra work entailed in setting foundations. Many times a smaller shed can be built on relatively quick and simple strip foundations. What foundations are suitable will vary by design and the advice you will need on this will again be included in your shed plans. The advice here is don't go cutting corners and have your shed founded appropriately but at the same time don't feel bogged down by this phase of the

project. 3. Visit the supply store only when you have planned your project having used your shed plans. While at the supply store make sure you are using your plans to purchase materials so that you stick to budget and you are not relying on memory of dimensions and quantities. You would be surprised by the number of people who make a game-time decision on what they need only to find that they have over-purchased or worse bought the wrong materials. It figures that these folks tend to have the projects that run over budget! 4. Follow the instructions in your plans to the letter. Since you will have bought plans which include detailed instructions on how to build a wooden shed and these plans have been prepared by experts, put your trust in them and don't try and take a short cut. Again, this is a common source of problems on shed (and other timber) projects. Learn from others who do this professionally follow the instructions and your life will be a lot easier. 5. Use a preservative even if the timber is pressure treated and coat the timber before construction. Many people purchase treated wood and do not preserve the timber before starting work. Once built the shed will be impossible to fully treat with preservative because not all the timber will be visible once the project is screwed together. Another tip is to lubricate the screws with a little grease - this will aid entry of the screw into the pilot holes you have drilled and will mean that you get your project completed more easily. If you follow these 5 easy steps it will actually be a lot easier to build a wooden shed than you initially thought. Good luck!

Hank T Williams has years of experience in construction and is a timber project specialist. You can visit our site for more inspiration and ideas.

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