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“Due to the Senator’s Inaction, the Moratorium on Hydraulic Fracturing in New York Didn’t Pass. As a Result…” • A few property owners made a short-term “profit.”

• Many elected officials received donations from the gas/oil industry, as payment for betraying their constituents. • Roads throughout upstate New York were ruined by hundreds of thousands of heavy trucks hauling water and toxic waste. • Groundwater throughout Western and Central New York was polluted with carcinogens and other toxins. Adverse health effects became common. • Tourism, one of New York’s largest industries, declined dramatically. Upstate New York, once associated with clean air and relaxation, became known for the smell of industrial pollutants. • New York farmers lost the majority of their business. Consumers wouldn’t buy produce potentially contaminated with carcinogens from hydrofracking. • The water supply for the 14 million people of New York City, once known as the cleanest in the world, became something to avoid. The City was forced to spend tens of billions of dollars to build a filtration plant. It proved insufficient. • Property values fell in key regions across the state, including NYC. Companies, faced with excessive tax increases for now-necessary water treatment plants and lost revenue, left the state. • The drilling jobs proved temporary, and most went to out-of-state workers. When the resource was fully exploited, the jobs disappeared, and rural communities became even more impoverished. • The Senator left a legacy of shame.

Don’t let this be you, Senator. Call Senator Sampson NOW! Tell him that you will vote for the Thompson moratorium Bill (S8129) and to bring it to the floor for a VOTE.

Don't Let This Be You, Senator  

pdf to send to all Democratic Senators in NY.