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TRAFFICKING OF PEOPLE Our goals are to raise awareness about trafficking, connect with key counter-trafficking groups, to provide victims with support, allow their voice to be heard, and be a served as a catalyst for positive change in the fight against modern-day slavery. We respond to victims’ needs in four ways:

LEGAL REFERRAL & SOCIAL ASSISTANCE We partner with specialised service providers such as leading human rights law firms, counsellors and temporary housing, together with our own case management services and expanding social assistance, in order to provide wraparound services for those recovering from exploitation in Hong Kong.

OUTREACH Twice a week our outreach services connect with people who are underserved and never been rescued. Due to the hidden nature of human trafficking, victims are often isolated, afraid, and at risk. Outreach allows us to provide oneto-one emotional support to victims and gather information about human trafficking, which we can further communicate to the wider audience.

NETWORK BUILDING Human trafficking is an organised crime, and in order to make progress organisations need to collaborate to achieve common goals. We partner with interested frontline organisations to exchange information and discuss possibilities.

PUBLIC EDUCATION We provide training and informational materials in both English and Chinese to help build capacity for identifying and responding to victims of human trafficking.



停止 人口販運 STOP. 為停止人口販運(Stop Trafficking

of People) 的英文縮寫,是葡萄藤社區服務 中心旗下的反人口販運組織。我們透過與香 港社會大眾、非政府夥伴組織、地方和國際 政府部門及相關人士攜手合作,堵截香港的 人口販運問題。我們的目標是提高本地市民 對人口販運問題的認識、與主要的反人口販 運組織連繫、維護受害者的權利和成為廢除 現代奴隸制運動中的催化劑。我們從四方面 回應受害人的需要:

法律轉介及社會資源援助 由於香港現時的司法制度尚未涵蓋 人口販運的範疇,受害人在尋求 法律意見時困難重重。我們旨在填 補此缺口,將倖存者轉介到能為其 解釋自身權益和提供法律援助的團 體,並致力透過伙伴團體為倖存者 予以心理輔導、住屋等需要。

外展工作 我們透過外展接觸被販運人口中未 曾被關顧或救援的人士。因為人口 販運本質上不見光,受害人往往被 隔離。外展讓我們能夠為受害人提 供一對一的情緒支援,同時進一步 網羅相關資訊,傳遞予公眾。

機構連結 人口販運是有組織罪行,各相關組 織必須緊密合作才能有效達至共同 的目標。我們伙拍各志願機構,交 換資訊並商討合作的可行性。

提供訓練和出版文宣 我們為前線及公眾提供中英語的訓 練和資源,提升大眾對辨識並回應 人口販運受害人的意識和能力。


STOP. organizational brochure // 機構簡介單張  

This organizational brochure gives you a brief introduction to the four programs STOP has been operating since October 2015.

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