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Stop Trafficking of People (STOP.) Tina Chan, Project Manager of STOP. Highlights Laying groundwork for a new project is always tough. This past year for Stop Trafficking Of People (STOP.) has been challenging yet there have been many accomplishments. STOP. has witnessed its growth internally with our first fulltime Project Manager, Tina Chan, being hired in late April. Tina is responsible for overseeing daily operation, strategic planning, and implementation of the project. We have also seen growth in the work we do. In July 2015, we re-launched our bilingual website (www.stophk. org) to reflect its current focus. We believe that storytelling is the most effective way to form connections between trafficked persons and the public. Hence, our website offers Hong Kong’s first stories platform of human trafficking survivors. Alongside the website, we also launched our social media platforms – committed to provide the public up-to-date human trafficking news.

Therefore, in our newly established legal assistance referral system, we bridge the gaps between trafficked people and legal bodies, ensuring that they are not excluded in our justice system. Challenges All the work mentioned cannot be accomplished by one single organisation. Collective power has therefore become crucial. A lack of manpower unfortunately is still one of the challenges we are facing. Plans and Hopes In the coming year, STOP. is excited to announce a set of bilingual workshops to be held at our church. Our hope is that The Vine congregation will be equipped and empowered to engage with the issue and ultimately be part of the movement and make an impact in their circle of influence.

Absence of an anti-trafficking law in Hong Kong makes it harder for trafficked people to seek justice.

Launch of STOP’s website received local media attention


STOP. Annual Report 2015 // STOP. 2015 年度報告  

This brief report gives you a glimpse of projects STOP. initiated in the past year. For more information, visit

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