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Transformational Effectiveness & Alignment Methodology .


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HILS SERIES High impact leadership seminar .

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PEAK SERIES Peak Performance & Personal Transformation

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Executive Coaching & Customized Leadership Development Programs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


DTC Discover the Coach


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TRS SERIES Trust & Relationship Selling


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Organizational Transformation, Team Alignment, Leadership Development



At Stop At Nothing, we believe that human beings are the most valuable asset of any company.

These companies will consistently outperform their competitors over time and cultivate a culture of sustained excellence.

We believe that everyone has an intrinsic desire to learn, grow and improve. We all want to make a positive impact in the world -- the ripple effect.

At Stop At Nothing, we partner with our clients to create self-awareness based programs for leaders, teams and organizations that have a phenomenally powerful impact.

We believe that companies that provide the opportunity for their people to grow will have engaged, productive and intrinsically motivated leaders that will figure out how to make the company successful. Wildly successful.

Our programs and services are transformational.

Stop At Nothing - realize your potential, live your dreams and make a difference.

Unlocking the Potential of Leaders, Teams & Organizations



TO IGNITE THE POTENTIAL OF LEADERS, TEAMS AND ORGANIZATIONS SO THAT THEY CAN INNOVATE, INSPIRE AND THRIVE IN A RAPIDLY CHANGING AND COMPETITIVE WORLD. Stop At Nothing facilitates powerful, positive, organizational and individual change that enables our clients to achieve breakthrough results in a minimal amount of time.


Organizational Transformation, Team Alignment, Leadership Development



ORGANIZATIONS We offer transformational engagements in which multiple services are cascaded throughout the organization to maximize the ripple effect of positive change and growth. • Organizational Transformation


TEAMS Our customized process increases openness, trust, and collaboration among team members, enabling breakthrough performance and healthy bottom-line results. • Transformational Effectiveness and Alignment Methodology (TEAM)



INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT We have a range of seminars and services that provide leaders with the tools for continuous PEAK growth and development.

AWARENESS PERFORMANCE + + • Peak Performance Seminar BUSINESS ALIGNMENT • Executive Coaching and Customized Leadership Development Programs RESULTS • High Impact Leadership Series

• Discover the Coach Seminar

TEAM DEVELOPMENT • Trust and Relationship Selling Seminar




Unlocking the Potential of Leaders, Teams & Organizations





Organizational Transformation, Team Alignment, Leadership Development

Our most transformative engagements provide employees at all levels with the opportunity to wholeheartedly embrace the leadership team’s vision for success. Generally, we facilitate this holistic adoption through a series of learning activities that start at the top, followed by custom-designed programs delivered to downstream levels and functions with the company. •

The leadership team uses the Transformational Alignment and Effectiveness Methodology (TEAM) to achieve solid alignment around a compelling and actionable vision of the desired culture—one that supports superior results and healthy morale.

Concurrently, each leadership team member creates their own personal vision for leadership excellence by attending High Impact Leadership Seminar (HILS).

During (or shortly after) the defining leadership team experience, Stop At Nothing facilitates an agreement on how to cascade the vision to the rest of the organization.

Generally, that involves use of the TEAM at the next level down, allowing that critical Senior Management group to assume shared responsibility for leading in a way that supports successful transformation. Those individuals would also attend the HILS to deepen their personal commitment to and fulfillment of leadership excellence.

For the remaining levels, we customize our Peak Performance (PEAK) training methodology to support those employees so they can understand the vision and their responsibility in making it work— every day, in a way that produces tangible effects.

It is also common during transformational engagements for our process to identify certain skill-gaps within organizations. To address these gaps we offer the following seminars: • Trust and Relationship Selling Seminar - Sales, Communication, and Influencing skills • Discover the Coach Seminar - Coaching skills

Unlocking the Potential of Leaders, Teams & Organizations





Organizational Transformation, Team Alignment, Leadership Development

Our Transformational Effectiveness and Alignment Methodology (TEAM) helps executives harness people power to drive peak performance and healthy bottom-line results. Unaligned individuals and teams within an organization

Empowered teams and individuals with a shared vision, fully aligned strategically and behaviorally



Take stock of true underlying perceptions and realities forming the culture

Our Transformational Effectiveness and Alignment Methodology (TEAM) combines practical tools and expert facilitation to empower leaders and their teams to effect meaningful change, through the following four carefully orchestrated elements:

Knock down barriers between levels, departments and team members

Assessment: Our data collection approach uncovers the underlying communication, leadership and teamwork dynamics that are often glossed over in traditional surveys.

Eliminate “us-them” behavior and attitudes

Awareness: Our experienced facilitators use the insightful data to promote direct discussion about challenging obstacles and issues to achieving peak team performance.

Unlock potential for creative, highintegrity and high-performing teams

Rapidly increase trust to allow deeper, more transparent communication

Alignment: Our facilitated TEAM session is where it all comes together. Team participants experience full-alignment around the links and gaps between intentions, behaviors and actual impact. Action: Our participants leave with concrete team and individual action plans to build on strengths, address weaknesses and provide real-time, on-going feedback to each other. The result is a deepened commitment to behaviors and actions that will ensure the team’s success.

Unlocking the Potential of Leaders, Teams & Organizations



Transformational Effectiveness and Alignment Methodology

TEAM leverages people power to drive peak performance and healthy bottom-line results. TEAM can be customized for a range of different organizational situations, including: •

Desired Culture Change

Cross-functional “Bridge-building”

Strategic Alignment and Execution

Change Management Initiatives

Annual Kick-Off Meetings

Maximizing Output with Constrained Resources

New Leader Assimilation

Work/Life Balance Objectives

Good to Great (Desire to reach the next level!)

Employee Survey Improvement Initiatives

Challenged Team / Dysfunctional Team

STEP 1: OBJECTIVE-SETTING How we get aligned with the sponsoring executive Executive teams employing this process typically include a senior level leader with his or her direct reports. Because of its direct positive impact, many organizations have cascaded this process down through several levels of management with highly effective results. Leaders are often mystified about how to effectively drive change after reviewing the results of internal efforts
to gather cultural or employee satisfaction feedback. 
TEAM builds on internal organizational efforts by getting underneath the stated issues to understand the true nature of the leadership behaviors that create useful or non-useful work cultures. Stop At Nothing’s experience and methodology for gathering direct and useful information enables us to find the behavioral root causes of cultural strengths
and weaknesses, as well as leadership strengths and weaknesses. Our consultants work intensively with each senior team to fully digest and respond positively to the organizational feedback. The result is an executive team that is more empowered with the gift of reality to better realize their positive intentions to create a powerful and effective work culture. During this critical first step, our consultant meets with the sponsoring leader to explain the process, establish desired outcomes and coach the leader on how to effectively announce and support TEAM going forward.

STEP 3: AWARENESS & RESULTING ALIGNMENT How we get leaders to understand and accept the data The data gathered through interviews drives the agenda and forms the basis for the leadership team development retreat, which typically lasts two to three days. Our experienced facilitators guide the leadership team through the feedback and team development process. This helps them put together plans to tackle key issues, including sensitive ones, that managers and employees often spend much energy avoiding. It is often these behavioral issues that make or break team or cultural effectiveness.

STEP 4: ACTION How we ensure meaningful and long-lasting change The resulting action plan is a clear commitment from the leadership team on how they will lead the organization as a team, and how they drive their aligned vision of the ideal climate into the daily operations of the organization at all levels. Typical TEAM outcomes include, but are not limited to: •

Team excellence vision—specific behavioral agreements and values

Individual growth plans


Action plans to resolve any team performance gaps

How we create insightful data

Plan to communicate the behavioral commitments and improvement actions to key stakeholders

Ways to sustain team growth and learning

The process involves one-on-one anonymous interviews with management and a random cross section of employees at various levels. We customize our interview process to meet the unique needs of each organization we serve. Questions are often geared to uncover the underlying communication, leadership and teamwork dynamics at play inside the organization, including issues around openness and trust. In addition, we gather individual leadership and teamwork feedback for leadership team members. The resulting report provides clear and objective feedback on the true perceptions of the strengths and weaknesses of the organization and its leaders, the behaviors that drive particular perceptions, and the impact those perceptions have on performance.

The team implements its action plan with consultation and guidance from the Stop At Nothing consultant, who schedules follow-up actions appropriate to the team needs. Most teams schedule follow-up retreats and individual consulting to monitor and strengthen their commitments. Used in conjunction with this process are our individual leadership and development seminars including: •

High Impact Leadership Series (HILS-1, HILS-2, TLC, TLC-Advanced)

Peak Performance and Personal Transformation (PEAK-1, PEAK-2)


Organizational Transformation, Team Alignment, Leadership Development

TEAM Details Length:



2.5-3 days, dependent on client objectives

Offsite, determined by the client.

All TEAM initiatives are designed with client input and followed by a proposal, timeline and fee schedule submitted for client review and approval.

“The Stop At Nothing experience allows for an unparalleled level of honesty and understanding among colleagues, which powers team performance.” Zoran Novakovic Vice President 
Fortune 100 Financial Services

Unlocking the Potential of Leaders, Teams & Organizations





Organizational Transformation, Team Alignment, Leadership Development

Stop At Nothing believes that the strength of an organization lies in tapping into the full potential and uniqueness of each leader, who in turn inspires and influences others across his or her organization. We offer several programs that enhance leadership potential in specific ways:


Leadership Focus

High Impact Leadership Series (HILS)

• Self-awareness of leadership strengths/weaknesses • Personal responsibility and accountability

Peak Performance and Personal Transformation Seminar (PEAK)

• Understanding interpersonal dynamics

Executive Coaching and Customized Leadership Development Programs

• Goal Achievement

Discover The Coach Seminar (DTC)

Coaching and Communication skills

Trust & Relationship Selling Seminar (TRS)

Sales, Communication and Influencing skills

High Impact Leadership Series The High Impact Leadership Series (HILS) is a carefully designed sequence of programs that enable continuous growth and development. Each program builds upon previous learnings providing the insights, tools and behavioral change necessary to meet each participant’s unique challenges within various stages of their personal and professional life.



Renewed sense of clarity and personal responsibility for individual and team performance

Small group environment in a relaxed setting provides individual attention and coaching

Deepened understanding of leadership strengths and weaknesses

Comprehensive action plan to ensure direct and immediate followthrough and implementation of key learnings

Diversity of participants across industries, companies and cultures enriches the learning experience

Enhanced accountability for driving business results

Experienced facilitators with leadership/management backgrounds ensure real-world leadership application

Realizing true leadership potential

Diagnostics, feedback and experiential exercises reveal patterns affecting leadership performance, stress levels and overall quality of life

A comprehensive action plan drives future vision into the now

Unlocking the Potential of Leaders, Teams & Organizations



High Impact Leadership Seminar-1

HILS-1 is a self-awareness based leadership program that enables individuals to create a powerful developmental road map employing pragmatic tools that can dramatically enhance organizational impact and accountability.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND Each HILS-1 group draws CEOs, senior executives, directors and managers from different organizations, industries and nationalities. This kind of diversity in a small group setting of 8-10 participants helps to create a rich and supportive learning environment. Many organizations send their entire leadership team through the program, one person at a time, to help create a dynamic and learning organization.

CORE FOCUS: GROWING FROM THE INSIDE OUT The best leaders are those who consistently strive to increase their emotional intelligence and leadership impact. They inspire and influence others across organizational boundaries in order to succeed in today’s rapidly changing, performance-oriented culture. HILS-1 helps executives understand the underlying dynamics of their behavior, which in turn frees them up to make lasting changes in areas most important to them, both professionally and personally.

AWARENESS. ACTION. ACCOUNTABILITY. HILS-1 provides each executive the opportunity to deeply explore the internal and external reality of his or her leadership strengths and weaknesses. The

participants discover thought and behavior patterns that enhance and/or block maximum performance and peak experience as a leader. The intensive feedback process utilizes diagnostic and leadership inventories, as well as small group interaction. Proven, yet non-traditional techniques are used to generate deepened self-awareness and insights that prepare the leader for the action-planning phase of the seminar. Each executive develops a comprehensive action plan to drive his or her future vision into the “now,” with an emphasis on behaviors that produce effective results. Included in this plan are values, goals, a personal purpose in life, leadership commitments and a specific approach to work/life balance questions. Executives leave with a renewed sense of clarity and personal responsibility for their individual performance, as well as for their teams. This deeper understanding of their true sphere of influence supports, aligns and helps drive change within organizations.

EXPERIENCED, REAL-WORLD FACILITATORS Each HILS-1 session is led by facilitators who have real-world, successful line management experience in the business world prior to joining Stop At Nothing. In addition, they have extensive consulting and facilitation experience working with Fortune 500 companies, small and medium-sized businesses, non-profit organizations, as well as family-owned enterprises.

HILS-1 Program Details Class Size:



Limited to 10 participants. One participant per organization may attend each session.

Amelia Island, Florida or Charlottesville, Virginia.



Multiple sessions available throughout the year.

5 days, Monday through Friday. Includes some evening work.


Discounts available for corporate commitments of 9 or more executives per year.


Organizational Transformation, Team Alignment, Leadership Development

“HILS has given me unshakable confidence; knowing that if I stay true to my mission and purpose, I can lead our organization to overcome whatever challenge there is in our path.�

HILS Series

Ryan Chandler VP, Business Development Colonial Group, Inc.

Continuing Development

Executives that choose to continue through the series recognize that leadership growth is an ongoing commitment and investment in excellence. Each program in the series builds upon the last, further developing and strengthening authentic leadership power. Leaders benefit from accumulated life and leadership experiences gained between programs. Many find that 9-12 months is sufficient to fully integrate the self-development tools previously acquired and look to further expand their knowledge.

HILS Continued Details








Class Size

Limited to 14 participants. More than one participant per organization is allowed.

Limited to 14 participants. More than one participant per organization is allowed.

Limited to 10 participants. More than one participant per organization is allowed.


5 days, Monday through Friday. Includes some evening work.

5 days, Sunday through Friday. Includes some evening work.

5 days, Sunday through Friday. Includes some evening work.


Jekyll Island, Georgia

Madison, Virginia

Sedona, Arizona


Offered 2-3 times per year.

Offered once per year.

Offered once per year.


$7,000 for each program (Tuition includes lodging and meals)





Online at or Call 904-249-4410

Unlocking the Potential of Leaders, Teams & Organizations



Peak Performance & Personal Transformation-1

Effective leaders have the courage and the tool-kit to create positive results in a variety of situations. They also have a road map to guide them in making practical decisions. This intensive 2 1/2 day seminar in peak performance and personal transformation guides participants to: •

Take personal responsibility for their decisions, actions and results

Uncover new levels of self awareness

Create a vision for personal and professional growth

Find a pathway to drive personal visions into reality

WHO SHOULD ATTEND Since every employee and every organization benefits from personal improvement, this seminar is effective for people at all levels of the organization. Several companies have had all employees attend—from the CEO to the front line. Others have incorporated this seminar into an overall organizational development program.

Participants in PEAK return to higher levels of teamwork and cooperation, as individuals consistently become “part of the solution” and they become more comfortable in expanding their competencies. As each individual grows, the organization increases flexibility, depth and effectiveness, which in turn creates bottom-line success for customers, employees and shareholders.


KEY OUTCOMES: PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. INCREASED EFFECTIVENESS. Peak performance begins with taking personal responsibility for behaviors and results. It is the process of pulling together all the specific components of what we want in the key sectors of our life. It is increasing awareness of our impact of behaviors on our self and others. It is creating a vision of the ideal for our life and career, and developing the insight to find the pathway to drive personal visions into reality. This highly participative seminar blends lecture, reflection and interactive discussions to form a cognitive and experiential learning environment. A key focus is learning the cause and effect relationship between beliefs, thoughts, feelings, actions and results.

PEAK is customized to the industry, mission and behavioral values of an organization. The Stop At Nothing facilitator typically works with groups of 20 to 25 over a 2 1/2 day session at a location chosen by the client. Many clients choose to offer this program multiple dates throughout a year to accommodate the organizational demands. In addition, organizations with more than 300 employees may want to consider the economics of the train-thetrainer approach, in which Stop At Nothing facilitators train and certify trainers in the facilitation of the Peak Performance & Personal Transformation program.

PEAK Program Details Class Size:



20-25 participants.

Selected according to client objectives and convenience. Offsite is preferred.

All customized programs will be designed with client input and followed by a proposal, timeline and fee schedule submitted for client review and approval.

Length: 2 1/2—3 days.

Dates: Agreed upon according to availability.


Organizational Transformation, Team Alignment, Leadership Development

“PEAK was the most powerful development program I’ve taken. It has solid scientific bases that help you explore yourself in detail and support your efforts to change.”

Angelina Lacroix OD Specialist Grupo Salinas, Mexico


Peak Performance & Personal Transformation-2

After experiencing the benefits of the PEAK-1 program, many organizations desire further development work and choose to offer the PEAK-2 program. This continuation course deepens the work of growing the selfawareness and effectiveness of the leader. The program focuses more on experiential learning, situational leadership, dealing with stress and advanced stress management techniques, such as identifying related trigger points and behaviors. Experiential learning helps participants take theoretical models and apply their learnings to everyday situations and find practical solutions. This program includes live feedback and coaching to help further implement lessons outlined in the course.

Unlocking the Potential of Leaders, Teams & Organizations


“The uniqueness and effectiveness of the Stop At Nothing programs are based on the creation of environments where participants can explore their personal leadership abilities at a depth never before achieved.� Kevin Heineman VP, Software Development Fortune 100 Technology Company


Organizational Transformation, Team Alignment, Leadership Development

Executive Coaching & Customized Leadership Development Programs In addition to its program offerings, Stop At Nothing offers four areas of customized consulting services. In different ways, these programs seek to dramatically accelerate executive leadership development by: •

Deepening awareness of the leader’s strengths, weaknesses and impact on others

Adjusting interpersonal and communications skills to match the needs of the organization

Addressing real-life business challenges

THE EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM (ELDP) The ELDP is designed for the leader who desires a one-on-one approach, providing in-depth support to increase personal awareness and drive behavioral changes. The process is customized for each leader, but typically starts with information gathering through interviews with colleagues, bosses and subordinates, and review of 360˚ assessments or existing feedback reports. Additionally, professional diagnostic tools are administered, including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, FIRO-B, DISC and/or Hogan Personality Inventory. These sources provide a rich database of behavioral feedback and perceptions.

EXECUTIVE COACHING Stop At Nothing Executive Coaching services allow leaders to target key behaviors that will enhance their leadership skills. The focus is customized to meet each leader’s needs, but often include the following areas: •

Leading organizational change in a meaningful and lasting way Resolving interpersonal or team conflicts

Deepening personal awareness of communication and interpersonal behavior impacts

Creating personal feedback loops to keep behavior changes on track

The data is compiled in a report and reviewed indepth with the leader as part of three intensive days of one-on-one coaching. The coaching focuses on helping the leader gain awareness of his or her core strengths and weaknesses and the impact of those behaviors on others.


With the foundation of deep awareness, the consultant guides the leader through an action planning process that drives commitment to behavioral changes. Followup mentoring and coaching sessions are scheduled as determined by the coach and participant.

Implement feedback loops to sustain a permanent learning environment

Align feedback systems with performance appraisals

Customize 360˚ feedback systems to maximize effectiveness

Stop At Nothing can provide additional management and organizational consulting services that address broader organizational dynamics and systems needs, including projects that:

Details All customized coaching programs will be designed with client input and followed by a proposal, timeline and fee schedule submitted for client review and approval.

Unlocking the Potential of Leaders, Teams & Organizations



Discover the Coach

KEY FOCUS Proven skills to raise performance Improving organizational performance is accomplished by increasing management and leadership effectiveness. Discover The Coach is a program designed to teach managers and leaders proven skills to raise performance levels within their teams. Leaders set the cultural tone and pace of any organization. When leaders are able to transform their style from being the boss to being the coach, results improve dramatically. Achieving excellent organizational performance is a result of individual performance. It requires a proactive stance in acknowledging performance gaps, and a willingness to address behavioral issues that drive negative performance. Additionally, when organizations can adopt a coaching culture, performance improves.

For coaching to be effective, the responsibility for change must stay with the coachee. When leaders provide too much feedback and advice, the responsibility for performance evaluation and improvement remains with the leader. This takes away from the personal responsibility of the employee to self-evaluate their performance and change. Effective coaching combines observing, listening, questioning, and feedback, and helps the coachee gain insight to help find the best solutions. This process empowers the coachee to think at higher levels and take personal responsibility.

THE GROW MODEL This program uses the GROW Model as the cornerstone to transform leaders into coaches and help create a coaching culture inside organizations.

A coaching culture is present when all members of the culture fearlessly engage in candid, respectful coaching conversations— unrestricted by reporting relationships—about how they can improve their working relationships and individual and collective work performance.

GROW Model

This program begins with the foundational beliefs of managers and leaders on how to lead people and how to get people to perform. Improving performance requires that managers be aware of their strengths and weaknesses as a coach. Often, leaders provide feedback, but do not coach.

REALITY: During this phase, coach and coachee identify the current reality of the goal at hand. This can be the reality about a situation, a relationship, skills, capabilities, requirements, or experience, as it relates to the goal.

Coaching is a tool that teaches employees:

GOAL: Teaches leaders /coaches how to help employees effectively define goals and objectives for the coaching conversation.

OPTIONS: Once the reality is defined, it is time to discuss all possible options or solutions that address/solve the issue. WAY FORWARD: Defines the path, action plan, and accountability plan.

How to think differently

To use their full potential

To be more self-aware of their capabilities and skills

To self-evaluate and improve their own performance

Discover The Coach Seminar Details Class Size:



16 participants

Selected at participating company or offsite location.

All customized programs will be designed with client input and followed by a proposal, timeline and fee schedule submitted for client review and approval.

Length: 2 days

Dates: Agreed upon according to availability.


Organizational Transformation, Team Alignment, Leadership Development

“As a result of the Stop At Nothing experiences, we are able to help our folks to understand each other better and that has fostered a more positive and collaborative atmosphere in our organization.� Steve Fisher Mid-Market Leader Westfield Insurance

Unlocking the Potential of Leaders, Teams & Organizations



Trust and Relationship Selling-1

Learn to sell faster—with more fun and less stress—by employing the professional sales approaches and techniques presented in this program: • • • •

Building trust and rapport Accessing a client’s true, sometimes hidden, needs Differentiating approaches to individual preferences Understanding and overcoming sales barriers



This seminar is primarily for professional, corporate and relationship-based selling environments where repeat business and referrals form the foundation of success. Seasoned veterans and new salespeople will benefit from a deep understanding of the psychological processes in today’s buying and selling cultures.

Reflective listening

Mental preparation and rehearsal

Sales goal achievement

MBTI and DISC personality profiles

Building confidence

Assessing true needs


Overcoming resistance

Closing techniques

Today’s successful salespeople understand that building rapport and trust with each client or customer is critical to the sales process. Manipulative, or “technique-based,” sales processes no longer work with today’s sophisticated customers. Understanding an individual’s unique needs, personal preferences, and buying process is what differentiates the leading sales people today.

Defeating call reluctance

Value-added and benefits selling

Sales creativity

Success ratios

This seminar uses an introspective, analytical and psychological model of sales, which provides participants with the critical skills necessary to succeed in competitive sales environments. The highly interactive seminar utilizes powerful tools such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), a personality assessment, as well as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a behavior-based change process. These tools can heighten participants’ self-awareness and show them how to effectiveley “read” prospective customers and provide a consultative sales approach in a variethy of critical situations.

TRAIN-THE-TRAINER Organizations with more than 250-300 employees may wish to consider the economics of the train-the-trainer approach. To be trained in the facilitation of the Trust and Relationship Selling Seminar, qualified trainers must be prepared to meet the rigorous requirements for certification, as this material has significantly more depth than typical training programs.

By employing the models and tools learned in this program, attendees significantly increase critical sales activities such as cold calling and prospecting. Additionally, by understanding and overcoming the restraining effect of “call reluctance,” they will be able to put their new skills to work rapidly. Many of our participants report a substantial increase in sales after attending the program.

Trust and Relationship Selling Program Details Participants:



Intact sales groups

Selected at participating company or offsite location.

All customized programs will be designed with client input and followed by a proposal, timeline and fee schedule submitted for client review and approval.

Class Size: 15-20 participants


Dates: Agreed upon according to availability.

2 1/2—3 days


Organizational Transformation, Team Alignment, Leadership Development

“Attending Stop At
Nothing programs results
 in people experiencing 
their professional careers 
in a more personally empowering way, which results in a greater contribution to the organization, and greater potential for the individual and organization over time.” Howard Halle
 Executive Vice President Wells Fargo


Trust and Relationship Selling-2

Many organizations choose to offer the TRS-2 program to further the development of graduates of TRS-1. This second-level program allows participants to deepen their understanding of the concepts of TRS-1 and practice advanced rapport building techniques. Experiential learning helps participants take theoretical models and apply their learnings to everyday sales situations to find practical solutions. This program includes live feedback and coaching, as well as group exercises to help further implement lessons outlined in the course.

Unlocking the Potential of Leaders, Teams & Organizations


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